Salvador Sullivan Thought Analysis

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Salvador Sullivan Thought Analysis

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The Most FEARED Mexican Fighter In Boxing History! Julio Cesar Chavez

At its latest online meeting, the Rank-and-File Committee for Safe Education in Turkey adopted two important resolutions. We are republishing below statements and articles from the WSWS analyzing the response to the pandemic and calling for emergency measures to contain it. Vast resources must be immediately mobilized to contain the spread of the disease, treat and care for those who are infected, and secure the livelihoods of the hundreds of millions of people who will be affected by the economic fallout. The spread of the coronavirus has exposed the disastrous consequences of decades of the massive concentration of wealth and inequality spawned by capitalism.

Governments around the world are making a deliberate decision to minimize their response to the pandemic, threatening the lives of millions of people. As the death toll from the coronavirus soars and hospitals fill up, the White House and the US media are insisting that the profits of the corporate-financial elite must take precedence over the lives of millions. The relaunch of the WSWS and the growth of its influence reflect a process of mass political radicalization under conditions of the greatest crisis since the s.

The WSWS has exhaustively documented and analyzed the political crisis and historical decay of American democracy. The WSWS was the only publication to warn very early on the dangers the working class faced if the coronavirus became a pandemic. In the vast archive of the WSWS, the working class will find the most critical lessons from the history of the global class struggle and an international socialist perspective needed to conduct its fight against world capitalism today. On March 18, , the armed working class districts of Paris rose up and established the first workers state in world history, the Paris Commune.

This essay by Leon Trotsky was first published in French as a preface to the book by C. It was written in the town of Zlatoust, on February 4, , in the lead up to the 50th anniversary of the Paris Commune. Armed Paris was the only serious obstacle in the way of the counter-revolutionary conspiracy. Paris was, therefore, to be disarmed. What was most significant in the panel was the interaction between Scalice and the second speaker, Walden Bello, who has a prominent international reputation as a figure of the left and an opponent of globalization.

Falsifications and slander, on the other hand, are the primary weapons of Stalinism. To mark the anniversary of the revolution in Egypt, we present a selection of key statements and analyses produced by the WSWS in the course of the events of that year and their aftermath. The systematic efforts by the United States to provoke a confrontation with China cannot be understood outside of the deepening domestic political crisis. August 27 marks the th anniversary of the birth of writer Theodore Dreiser in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Dreiser was the author of a number of the most important American novels ever written. The author of the recent collection What Though the Field Be Lost discusses his interest in history and his thoughts about our current cultural and political moment. Menu Search. Latest Profile. Contact About. All latest news. Top Stories. Support the October 15 global school strike to protest unsafe schools! UK parent Lisa Diaz speaks about her call for a second school strike. Deere workers: Form rank-and-file strike committees to prepare for company-wide walkout Wednesday night! Trump declares January 6 insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt a martyr of his fascist attempt to seize power.

Oppose the right-wing, racialist attack on composer Bright Sheng at University of Michigan. Behind the right-wing, anti-immigrant marches in Chile. By David North, 7 October Critical Stories. Whistleblower testimony launches bipartisan campaign for Facebook censorship The Senate testimony by former Facebook employee Frances Haugen has intensified the bipartisan drive to clamp down on left-wing and socialist political content on social media platforms. Ibram X. Financial parasitism and the decline of US industry. University of Michigan maintains in-person classes despite shooting threat. The coronavirus pandemic. Behind the far-right, anti-vaccine demonstrations in New York City Rupert Murdoch and other right-wing billionaires are backing demonstrations against vaccine mandates.

School mask requirements overturned in last German states despite high infection levels. Harvard University student workers overwhelmingly authorize strike About 92 percent of student workers voted in favor of a strike at Harvard, the oldest and wealthiest university in the US. Mack Trucks subsidiary announces plans to build new military truck for Pentagon The unveiling of the new vehicle occurred less than two months after Democratic President Joseph Biden visited the Mack Trucks facility in Macungie. South African steel striker killed, union prepares to betray struggle. Riders at German delivery firm Gorillas protest illegal mass sackings.

IATSE leadership prepares betrayal of entertainment industry workers. Opel-Stellantis: Short-time working heralds closure of auto plant in eastern Germany. World economy. Mounting problems for US and global economy A significant factor in the worsening outlook is the rise in energy prices, with crude oil rising by 64 percent this year to reach a seven-year high. The fate of IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva hangs in the balance The issues go much further than the claim that when she was at the World Bank Georgieva lifted the business ranking of China and involve profound shifts in the world economy.

Wall Street records biggest monthly decline since start of pandemic The fall was driven by several factors, working in combination, including inflation, the prospect of interest rate rises, the conflict over the US debt ceiling and slowing production in China. Wall Street welcomes latest Fed decisions. Treasury Secretary Yellen warns US government could run out of money unless debt ceiling is lifted. Concerns grow over where speculative bubble will end. Evergrande fails to make interest payment. Australian poll warns of plunging support for major parties. SEP assistant national secretary speaks out against Australian electoral laws on Sydney radio.

Indian foreign secretary visits Sri Lanka amid rising tensions with China New Delhi, which is uneasy about growing Chinese influence in Sri Lanka, used the visit to remind Colombo about US and Indian geostrategic plans and expectations. Philippine presidential elections open, dominated by fascistic and far-right forces An examination of the leading candidates for the presidency reveals that the ruling elites in the Philippines are preparing to run the most right-wing election campaign in the country's history.

Deepening problems for Chinese economy. Australia: Victorian Labor government pressing ahead with reopening despite record surge. Far-right protests against New Zealand lockdown. UK Labour councils relocating residents hundreds of miles away in social cleansing blitz Nadia Zaman, a single parent of three children under 10, has lived in north London all her life. Fire official warned of cladding facade danger weeks before Grenfell fire Whatever shortcomings on the part of the London Fire Brigade, the efforts of the inquiry to scapegoat them after their budgets had been cut to the bone, faced with a criminally-unsafe building in which many in corporate and political circles had conspired to save money and maximize profits, is filthy.

Northern Ireland military amnesty more wide-ranging than in Pinochet's Chile. UK Conservative Party conference: Letting the virus rip and waging class war. Trial of the November French terrorist attacks opens in Paris. The fight against school reopenings. Sri Lankan teachers take nationwide action, defying government bans. UK: National Education Union leader opposes school strikes in Twitter exchange with parents and teachers. Oppose the dangerous reopening of schools in Australia! Form rank-and-file action safety committees! The Dana autoworkers struggle. Kentucky Dana worker demands paid time off for COVID and fair lunch breaks The World Socialist Web Site recently spoke with a Dana auto parts worker in Kentucky about conditions at his plant, where workers are routinely denied the right to an adequate lunch break and given no paid time off even if they test positive for COVID Autoworkers support reinstatement of Dana auto parts worker fired with collusion of the UAW.

Dana Fort Wayne workers take unanimous vote demanding strike action at meeting over objections of USW officials. Dana workers in powerful position to shut down auto industry and win their demands. Video: Death of a Dana worker. New details emerge of attempted cover-up in investigation of Southern California oil spill According to official estimates, the spill led to up to , gallons of oil seeping into the Pacific Ocean. Flash flooding claims four lives in Alabama A 4-year-old girl and an year-old woman perished in separate incidents when the cars they were riding in were overtaken by rushing waters in northeast Alabama.

US military analyst warns of danger of nuclear war with China. Biden in Michigan: Infrastructure, social spending bills vital for waging economic warfare vs. Biden administration defends CIA against torture victim. Southern California deals with fallout from massive oil spill as new details emerge. Nobel Prize in medicine awarded to the discovery of the cellular mechanism behind the sense of touch The Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine awarded the prize in medicine to two scientists from the United States whose work helped elucidate the cellular and genetic mechanisms behind the sense of touch.

Richard C. Lewontin, a pioneer in molecular genetics, dies at 92 Lewontin demonstrated that genetic differences between human populations are smaller than had previously been thought, rejecting race as a valid biological category. The enduring significance of the Hubble Deep Field. Chinese paleontologists discover fossilized remains of largest land mammal to ever inhabit the Earth. Oppose the right-wing campaign against vaccination! This week in history: October This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and years ago. Eighty years since the Nazi war of annihilation against the Soviet Union. Jimmy Allen Ruth, Freedom Rides bus driver, dead at Cliff Slaughter: — IATSE leadership prepares betrayal of entertainment industry workers Just days after receiving a resounding yes to a strike authorization vote, IATSE has already demonstrated its readiness to grant a major concession to the AMPTP by proposing a turnaround time of just ten hours between shifts.

A new Candyman : Farewell to reality. US Politics. Wall Street cracks the whip and Senate passes short-term extension of debt ceiling When it comes to the basic financial interests of the corporate-financial oligarchy, and Wall Street gives the marching orders, partisan gridlock in Congress suddenly dissipates. Congress averts federal shutdown, but Biden budget plan faces collapse. Biden administration preparing to detain tens of thousands of migrants after pandemic border restrictions are lifted. US Border Patrol agents whip and corral Haitian migrants. Biden administration begins mass deportation flights from Texas to Haiti. Pandora Papers reveal finance minister profited from offshore account as misery ravages Brazil The revelations stand as a testimony to the rampant social inequality that is the defining trait of Brazilian capitalism, provoking deep nervousness within ruling circles.

Attorney Steven Donziger sentenced to six months for contempt of court in vindictive case brought by Chevron Donziger, who exposed the decades-long contamination of the Amazon rainforest by the oil giant and won a billion-dollar settlement against the company, was sentenced on Friday to a maximum of six months in prison. Mexicans protest on seventh anniversary of disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students. Massive strike by steelworkers in South Africa More than , steel and metal workers went on strike Tuesday in South Africa, demanding substantial wage increases from the employers and vowing to stay out until they achieve this goal. Sixty nine dead in Algeria as forest fires devastate the Mediterranean region Dozens have died in Algeria as forest fires and record temperatures ravage the north of the country and the entire Mediterranean region.

ANC government roiled by angry protests as South Africans protest worsening social conditions. Ethiopia wracked by internal war and inter-state conflict as famine rages in Tigray. Amid French war, Malian military junta installs new interim government. Israel responds to jail break with dragnet across the occupied West Bank and Israel Following an unprecedented dragnet operation across Israel and the occupied West Bank, the Israeli authorities captured four of the six Palestinians on the run after their audacious jail break on Monday from the maximum-security jail in Gilboa, Israel.

At least 70 dead, 47 missing as floods hit northern Turkey. Wildfires rage in Turkey and across the Mediterranean region. Thousands of Turkish electricity workers launch wildcat strike wave. Petrochemical workers in Iran strike over pay and conditions. Youth and Students. Classes at NYU are not safe! For a full transition to remote learning! Link up with students and educators across the city! Appalachian State faculty call for shift to online classes as COVID cases surge Over faculty at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina have presented a petition calling for a return to online instruction in the midst of spiraling case numbers. Fight for the eradication of the pandemic! Chaotic CUNY reopening sparks opposition from faculty, students and staff.

Students and faculty at Syracuse University threaten strike against unsafe reopening. The October 1 School strike. October 1 school strike wins global support. French parents support October 1 school strike call in the UK. Australian teachers, Committee for Public Education support October 1 school strike. Twenty years since the September 11 terror attacks. Read more. Socialist Equality Party. Online public meetings: The socialist perspective in the California gubernatorial elections.

Sri Lankan SEP calls public meeting to discuss socialist program to fight the pandemic. David Moore to run as the Socialist Equality Party candidate in the California gubernatorial recall election. German federal election Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei final election rally: A socialist perspective against welfare cuts, militarism and herd immunity The Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei Socialist Equality Party, SGP held its closing rally for the federal election on September What can be expected from a red-green federal government in Germany?

The climate crisis requires a socialist response. Inflation in Germany rises as wages fall. For a global strategy to eradicate the coronavirus and save lives! SEP Summer School The ideological foundations of Critical Race Theory. The pandemic exposes the bankruptcy of European capitalism. The Democrats, the pseudo-left and the cover-up of the January 6 coup. Support David Moore for California governor! Right-wing recall campaign defeated in California The vote was a blow to the Trump-style campaign waged by the recall supporters and the leading Republican candidate, Larry Elder. Stop the inundation of California hospitals! Stop community spread and close schools! Democrats flood California with campaign surrogates and cash to back Governor Gavin Newsom.

Teachers, nurses voice support for California gubernational candidate, David Moore. Fighting the California fires requires an international and socialist strategy. Cliff Slaughter: A political biography An interview with David North. The debacle in Afghanistan and the fight against war. The Jaguars have lost six consecutive games to the Texans due in large part to 13 turnovers in those games. Rookie quarterbacks are prone to mistakes; if the Jaguars are to win, they must help him and protect the football.

As Sexton sees it: These teams are headed in opposite directions. The Jaguars are on the rise with a franchise quarterback. The Texans had their franchise quarterback, but now look remarkably similar to the Jaguars. The thing is, those Jaguars got their only victory of the season in Week 1 against an Indianapolis Colts team that made the postseason. This is anything but a guaranteed win.

I think the Jaguars win, but I don't expect it to feel good about it until the clock hits The Jaguars will win if: They execute their game plan - which is to run effectively with an experienced offensive line, and to contain Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The first part of that approach is key. The Jaguars, despite selecting Lawrence No. They don't want Lawrence to have to win by himself. The Texans will win if: Experience wins. The Texans began what could be a total rebuild this offseason by signing a slew of experienced veterans.

What they lack in elite names they make up for with experience - which could be an advantage against a talented, but young, Jaguars team. As Oehser sees it: This is a tougher matchup for the Jaguars than many fans and observers believe. While many NFL observers consider the Texans are one of the NFL's worst rosters, even struggling NFL teams are typically dangerous early in the season when healthy - and when they still have hope for the season.

The Texans' experience and the Jaguars' inexperience makes this a tricky game for the Jaguars. The Jaguars will win if: They win the turnover battle. Turnovers are always the single-most determining factor in a football game and both organizations under new regimes have made it a significant point of emphasis. Week 1 NFL games always have many nervous moments, unexpecteds and unknowns.

Protecting the football ensures a team can ride out any of these circumstances. The Texans will win if: They run effectively and control tempo. The Texans have implemented plenty of change since the end of the season - and it has not been without significant and ongoing drama. Taylor is no Deshaun Watson, and he will need his offensive line and large stable of running backs to have a banner day. As Lageman sees it: This game will provide a snapshot to where both organizations are. The Jaguars, led by Head Coach Urban Meyer and Lawrence, will have a solid start to the season running a balanced offense that will prove to be effective. Lawrence will have a couple WOW throws or moments like he had throughout training camp.

The Texans led by Head Coach David Culley and Taylor will struggle to find any consistency amongst a fan base that wonders what the future holds - and also where Watson will be watching the game. The Jaguars will win: If they take care of the football. Houston was terrific in the preseason forcing turnovers with ten, while the Jags forced none. I'm not a big believer that everything from preseason spills over to the regular season but that is eye-popping. The Jaguars don't want to give the Texans anything easy, especially early in the game. The Texans will win if they can run the ball. The Jaguars have spent an entire offseason trying to fix a poor run defense from the last two seasons. They did a nice job in the preseason stopping the run but was anyone really trying to run it?

Taylor is a game manager and needs the run game to be effective. I think Houston will have to run for more than yards to win Sunday. As Martineau sees it: The Jaguars will win. Meyer knows how to get a team ready to win with a lot of preparation time and it doesn't matter if it's the NFL or college. While Houston could surprise the Jags with some things with their new staff, I think the Jags have an advantage early in the season while we all figure out what they will look like.

I think this is a resounding start to the Urban and Trevor Era as the Jaguars win, The Jaguars will win if: They have a conservative game plan. You don't need anything fancy this week; the Texans were last in the NFL against the run last season, and it does not look like they have done much to improve that. Pound the ball and see what kind of fresh legs you have with running backs James Robinson and Carlos Hyde.

Give Lawrence the option to hand it off when he needs it. The Texans will win if: The Jaguars' run defense is not as good as we thought. The Texans have five running backs on their active roster. It's no secret they will rely on their running game. The Jaguars' run defense looked vastly improved in the preseason, but this is the real first test. If the defense stops the run this week, we can check the box that a major offseason project has worked. As Sullivan sees it: The perfect game for me would be a heavy running attack with great defense that holds the Texans to under ten points.

I know everyone will have their eyes on Lawrence - and I will as well - but this game is about establishing your running game and your rookie quarterback just being a game manager with maybe one or two highlight throws. Just get the win. The Jaguars will win if: They navigate the enormity of the moment. I think all will be very good. But firsts are firsts.

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