Essay On Going To College For Wrong Reasons

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Essay On Going To College For Wrong Reasons

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Even though college can be expensive going to college can pay off. There is no doubt that college tuition today is substantially higher than ever before, making future students think twice about whether college is right for them. Students with a sense of direction on what they want with their career seem to have the upper hand on using college for the beneficial education it can provide. In contrast, some students are drawn to college for the wrong reasons such as parties and luxuries.

This sometimes effects the outlook of college from beneficial to non-beneficial. It is unbelievable on how high the college tuition has increased, the rates in percentages have gone up fairly quickly, it is also unbelievable on how the increase in college tuition can impact high school students career by just simply saying that the are not going to college because it is way to expensive for their budget. No matter what college tuition is going to continue to raise if the Federal Government and Congressional leaders do not take more action into helping out students and families who need help with paying off college tuition and college debts and cost.

Although the government does help families that are in need of financial aid to send their kids to college, there are many solutions into helping the college tuition decrease or at least expensive like having the Federal Government and Congressional Leaders have action and impact the decrease in the tuition, Students can also get scholarships and lastly there are many different groups that can help out with paying off college tuitions. There are some student-athletes who are actually struggling right now with this problem. Due to their hard work, time and risk of injuries, college athletes should be paid. It would be really helpful for some students to get some extra money. College athletes are some of the most intense players in all of amateur and professional sports.

These college players are even sometimes better than some professional player in their prime time in college. These college players play their hearts out to make it professionally, so that they can eventually get paid for doing something they love. Although some of these athletes just use their talents to help pay for their schooling over the years.

These athletes receive many awards over their college careers and can earn scholarships for college, but as far as playing they are not allowed to be paid at all. College graduates make more money because college trains its students to be more responsible, mature, and ready for their careers. Graduates are willing to go the extra mile to learn and make financial sacrifices for the profitable. Is college worth it? Recently people have debated endlessly over this juggernaut of a question. Introduce your pro-college argument in the introduction of the essay. When writing your introduction, determine your intended audience.

If the audience is high school students who are deciding whether or not to attend college, ensure the essay references them directly. Devote one paragraph of your essay to each of your significant arguments. Your first body paragraph should detail your most persuasive argument. In this case, the most persuasive argument may be the ability to make more money in your career. State your argument and support it with proven statistics. Continue adding one paragraph per persuasive argument.

Determine what you believe are the arguments against attending college, then acknowledge and refute them in another paragraph. These reasons could be the cost, the fear of living away from home or the dilemma of deciding what program to take. They wont want to be paid as a plumber when they went to school to be a psychiatrist. For those who desire to be a plumber or a diesel mechanic, they typically attend a trade school or a technical allege for two or four years to hone that skill so that they can get a good paying Job in the field that most suits them and that they are interested in. Plumbing was Just one Job out of the mix that I chose to make my point. For quite a few people in my generation, college is the practical next step to take enjoy that will support them and their families for the rest of their lives.

Whether it be a traditional college, technical college or trade school, an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree, there is something for Just about everyone at colleges around the country. The people who have already acquired a skill during high school may want to go straight into the workforce and can get a decent Job that way. Even then, some still want to attend a college to further develop and refine the skill.

Some people unlike those who have the drive to go to a college or go straight into the workforce simply lack the ambition and the drive to do something with their lives. I have met a couple people during high school that had no ambitions or life goals of any kind. I have talked to people who told me that they want to be a manager at a liquor store or a Wendy. Our society needs these three types of people to survive and to grow. We need all of these people for our economy to continue to grow and for everything to be strong. These people create the classes that make our country work the way it does.

Some people need to pursue a different career path for their own personal interests and for our country to continue to roll the way it does. I am going to a traditional college because of the career I want to have for the rest f my life.

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