Analyzing Pinks Candle Experiments

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Observations of a Candle Lab

Volume of sample on any portion of plate is known. After incubation, colonies appear along line of spiral. If colonies on a portion of plate are sufficiently spaced from each other, count them on special grid which associates a calibrated volume with each area. Estimate number of microorganisms in sample by dividing number of colonies in a defined area by volume contained in same area. Studies have shown the method to be proficient not only with milk 4 but also with other foods 7, Check stylus tip angle daily and adjust if necessary. Use vacuum to hold microscope cover slip against face of stylus tip; if cover slip plane is parallel at about l mm from surface of platform, tip is properly oriented. Liquids are moved through system by vacuum.

Clean stylus tip by rinsing for 1 s with sodium hypochlorite solution followed by sterile dilution water for 1 s before sample introduction. This rinse procedure between processing of each sample minimizes cross-contamination. After rinsing, draw sample into tip of Teflon tubing by vacuum applied to 2-way valve. When tubing and syringe are filled with sample, close valve attached to syringe. Place agar plate on platform, place stylus tip on agar surface, and start motor. During inoculation, label petri plate lid.

After agar has been inoculated, stylus lifts from agar surface and spiral plater automatically stops. Remove inoculated plate from platform and cover it. Move stylus back to starting position. Vacuum-rinse system with hypochlorite and water, and then introduce new sample. Check sterility of spiral plater for each series of samples by plating sterile dilution water. They should not be excessively dry, as indicated by large wrinkles or glazed appearance. They should not have water droplets on surface of agar or differences greater than 2 mm in agar depth, and they should not be stored at Reduced flow rate through tubing indicates obstructions or material in system.

To clear obstructions, remove valve from syringe, insert hand-held syringe with Luer fitting containing water, and apply pressure. Use alcohol rinse to remove residual material adhering to walls of system. Dissolve accumulated residue with chromic acid. Rinse well after cleaning. To check total volume dispensed by spiral plater, weigh amount dispensed from stylus tip. Counting rule of After incubation, center spiral plate over grid by adjusting holding arms on viewer. Choose any wedge and begin counting colonies from outer edge of first segment toward center until 20 colonies have been counted. Complete by counting remaining colonies in segment where 20th colony occurs. In this counting procedure, numbers such as 3b, 4c Fig.

Any count irregularities in sample composition are controlled by counting the same segments in the opposite wedge and recording results. Example of spirally inoculated plate Fig. Two segments of each wedge were counted on opposite sides of plate with 31 and 30 colonies, respectively. The sample volume contained in the darkened segments is 0. To estimate number of microorganisms, divide count by volume contained in all segments counted. See example under Fig. If the number of colonies exceeds 75 in second, third, or fourth segment, which also contains the 20th colony, the estimated number of microorganisms will generally be low because of coincidence error associated with crowding of colonies.

In this case, count each circumferentially adjacent segment in all 8 wedges, counting at least 50 colonies, e. Calculate contained volume in counted segments of wedges and divide into number of colonies. When fewer than 20 colonies are counted on the total plate, report results as "less than estimated SPLC per ml. Report results of such plates as laboratory accident LA. If spreader covers entire plate, discard plate. If spreader covers half of plate area, count only those colonies that are well distributed in spreader-free areas.

Compute SPLC unless restricted by detection of inhibitory substances in sample, excessive spreader growth, or laboratory accidents. Round off counts as described in I-D, above. January Authors: Larry Maturin ret. Peeler ret For additional information, contact Guodong Zhang. Conventional Plate Count Method Spiral Plate Method References Conventional Plate Count Method Equipment and materials Work area, level table with ample surface in room that is clean, well-lighted foot-candles at working surface and well-ventilated, and reasonably free of dust and drafts. Guidelines for calculating and reporting APCs in uncommon cases Official Methods of Analysis 3 does not provide guidelines for counting and reporting plate counts, whereas Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products , 16th ed.

Use the following guide: Normal plates Select spreader-free plate s. Count all colony forming units CFU , including those of pinpoint size, on selected plate s. Record dilution s used and total number of colonies counted. Plates with more than colonies. When number of CFU per plate exceeds , for all dilutions, record the counts as too numerous to count TNTC for all but the plate closest to , and count CFU in those portions of plate that are representative of colony distribution. See ref. Spreading colonies are usually of 3 distinct types: 1 a chain of colonies, not too distinctly separated, that appears to be caused by disintegration of a bacterial clump; 2 one that develops in film of water between agar and bottom of dish; and 3 one that forms in film of water at edge or on surface of agar.

When it is necessary to count plates containing spreaders not eliminated by a or b above, count each of the 3 distinct spreader types as one source. For the first type, if only one chain exists, count it as a single colony. If one or more chains appear to originate from separate sources, count each source as one colony. Do not count each individual growth in such chains as a separate colony. Guy would no doubt get a few styling tips from his celebrity fashion stylist wife Jules.

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