Argumentative Essay: The Decline Of The Music Industry

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Argumentative Essay: The Decline Of The Music Industry

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In the late s, a few FM stations adopted top 40 formats that leaned towards adults who did not want to hear the same 30 songs repetitively but also did not want to hear easy listening music featured on Middle of the road radio stations. They mixed in oldies with their current product and only played new music a few times an hour. These radio stations were often referred to as "gold" stations. Some AM radio stations also began to employ this format. There were also syndicated music format packages such as Drake-Chenault 's "Solid Gold" format, frequently used on FM stations that needed separate programming from their AM sisters due to then-new FCC rules on simulcasting , that functioned as a hybrid of oldies and the adult-oriented softer rock hits of the day.

The popularity of the movie American Graffiti is often credited with helping to spur the s nostalgia movement of the early s. Most of these "Solid Gold" stations began to either evolve into other formats or abruptly drop the format altogether in the late s and early s. Most AM gold stations simply flipped to other formats. In the early s many AC stations began mixing in more oldies into regular rotation and aired oldies shows on Saturday nights. Gradually, beginning in , both AM and FM stations began changing to full-time oldies formats. These stations played strictly music from to , focusing on the — era. By , most large and medium markets had at least one, usually FM, oldies station. This period also saw the rise of syndicated radio shows specifically aimed at an oldies format.

Most of these shows were three hours long and featured much of the same music from the s, s and s that was in rotation at affiliate stations. All but a few of these shows had ended their run by the mids, though Bartley's ran into the late s and eventually returned in the late s while Clark's show continued until his stroke and in reruns until From to several solid gold stations evolved into full-time oldies stations by eliminating current and recent product while also gradually eliminating s songs and limiting s songs substantially.

After that, they played it once an hour between 11 pm and am, until They also continued to play between one s song every couple of hours to as many as two per hour day and night. They indeed played more s music than any other notable oldies station. At the same time, WCBS-FM featured slightly more pre songs than the average station playing as many as five of those per hour. Oldies stations continued to be late s based throughout the s. Most AM oldies stations also disappeared by the early s except in markets where there was no FM oldies outlet. The format fared well with no end in sight. Beginning in the year , oldies stations began to notice that their demographics were getting older and harder to sell. Still, at that time only a few stations dumped the format altogether.

But most continued to hang onto the format initially. Since around , stations have begun to limit selections from the s and early s. At the same time these stations began playing songs from as late as and even a few s songs. They also eliminated the overnight currents and recents at the same time along with some speciality shows. In , many oldies stations began dropping pre music from their playlists, since the earlier music tended to appeal to an older demographic that advertisers found undesirable—hence, the addition of music from the s and early s. WCBS-FM canceled their "Doo Wop Shop" program and began playing only one pre oldie per hour; by , there were fewer than 50 songs from the s and early s in the regular rotation.

Many stations have since dropped the oldies format because of low ad revenue despite high ratings. Some [ who? By the mids, as the phrase "classic hits" came to entail a format centered around late s disco -era and s pop, dance and rock format, the phrase "oldies" had come to entail a s to mids format that centered mostly on soft rock and easy listening akin to the old MOR format , examples including WRME-LD in Chicago. Of the most played songs on radio as of May , only four of them are from before , and three of them also benefit from being aired on classic rock stations as well as oldies and classic hits. The oldies format remains one of the most popular formats on radio in markets where it is still active.

They still play one or two pre songs an hour during the day and as many as 4 an hour at night. However, KFRC had already evolved its format and positioning to classic hits at the time it changed to "Movin". But KFRC was not gone for long. On May 17, , with Free FM hot talk format failing on But KFRC was not back for long either. On October 27, , KFRC now only airs on But KFRC came back again. KZQZ , which airs in St. Louis, Missouri and began playing oldies in March , has held onto the traditional oldies format, playing a wide variety of top 40 Billboard hits from the s, s, and early s.

Non-commercial WXRB , Jones Radio Networks , Waitt Radio Networks and Transtar Radio Networks also offered hour satellite-distributed oldies formats; since those companies have integrated into the Dial Global corporation, the networks have merged into one, Kool Gold. Satellite Music Network offered "Oldies Radio;" Oldies Radio survived until its acquisition by ABC but has since rebranded as Classic Hits Radio under current owner Cumulus Media Networks , focusing on music primarily from the s and s, with some limited s music. The True Oldies Channel was conceived on the concept of avoiding the drift into s and s music that the oldies format was undergoing in the first years of the 21st century.

Eventually, by the end of the network's terrestrial run in , it had taken a hybrid approach, with both s and s music being featured at the core of the network, with some limited s music included. In North America, satellite radio broadcasters XM and Sirius launched in and , respectively, with more than a dozen oldies radio channels, with XM offering separate stations for each decade from the s to the s, and Sirius doing the same for the s through the s. In November , following a merger of Sirius and XM, the two services shifted to a unified group of "decades" channels, with the playlists for most cut back to reflect a more conventional style of oldies programming. Music Choice similarly offers an interruption-free oldies station which covers the s and s, primarily from the rock and roll era as well as decades channels for the s through the s.

A number of Internet radio stations also carry the format. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the magazine, see The Oldie. For the Ukrainian writers, see H. For the Anne Murray song, see Golden Oldie song. For the Focus album, see Golden Oldies album. This article has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. How to write a word essay on who is jesus christ and what is his mission to the world. Essay about knowledge in malayalam Essay about one of your extracurricular activities. Essay on environment protection in english. How can i write an academic essay exemple de dissertation philosophie sur l'art diwali essay lines, research paper help india. Essay about how to be successful in your life career goals and objectives essay, starting a research paper with a story.

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