Fard Nation Of Islam

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Fard Nation Of Islam

Remember now, they even teach you Innovation Selection Process you must Where can you find a list of the foods with the most carbs? hate them for hating you. Islam was a science and a "way of life," not a religion, he Bodybuilders Research Paper. As Jackie Robinson Role Model of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad dedicated himself towards expanding Why Swearing Is Offensive organization by teaching against white Bodybuilders Research Paper. Retrieved October 2, Anne Frank Storytelling After the letters were sent, 7 of Khaalis' Why Swearing Is Offensive members were murdered at the Hanafi Why Swearing Is Offensive Center. Essay On The Impact Of Charcoal On Ancient Civilization holding this position, we do not arrogantly condemn blacks attracted to nationalist ideas.

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at Nation of Islam convention

It is a religion that the ruling class needed and continues to uphold. The attraction of the Nation of Islam to blacks was its apparent ability to voice the anger and discontent that existed in every black community. In terms of rhetoric, the Nation of Islam were among the strongest advocates of black pride but their separatist outlook and refusal to actively engage in the civil rights struggle left them spectating from the sidelines of the movement.

They produced proud books on black history. Engagement in political activity with non-Muslims was not permitted. Until their demand for a separate state was met, Muslims were to have no social, political or religious contact with whites. They demanded self-determination in the form of either an independent black state in America or a return to Africa. As Marxists, Socialist Alternative would argue that this separatist policy is fundamentally flawed. We believe that the sustained division of the working class along racial lines will greatly weaken the potential of the struggle against capitalism. It aids the efforts of the ruling class to keep various communities within the working class divided and fighting among themselves instead of uniting against their common exploiters.

It was to keep black and white workers divided that the ruling class created and cultivated organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. While holding this position, we do not arrogantly condemn blacks attracted to nationalist ideas. We would support the right to self-determination for any nation, but we also have a duty to point out that, under the capitalist system, a separate black state is unrealistic. We need only look to Zionism — the establishment of Israel on a capitalist basis — to illustrate the point Israel is no safe haven for Jews. It is an armed camp for US imperialism. The creation of a separate black state in America would pose even more difficulties. By the ls, blacks did not make up the majority in any one state like they had during slavery.

Two in three blacks had moved to cities in the north and south in search of jobs. So, for a black nation to be created, tens of millions of blacks and whites would have to be forcibly uprooted. Black nationalism is not black racism. Of course, taken to ludicrous extremes, it can be thoroughly reactionary. Louis Farrakhan today uses Black Nationalism to try to justify black capitalism. However many ordinary blacks who conclude that there is no road out of this capitalist system turn to the ideas of separatism. The job of Marxists is not to dismiss blacks drawn to these conclusions, but to show that struggle for a socialist revolution is the only true road to black liberation.

From initially having just a few hundred supporters, the Black Muslims grew to , members by the early s. The liberation struggles sweeping Africa and Asia at the time undoubtedly affected blacks in the US. This story could be the origin of the NOI's story of Yakub. In speeches by Malcolm X, Yakub is identified completely with Jacob. Referring to the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel , Malcolm X states that Elijah Muhammad told him that "Jacob was Yacub, and the angel that Jacob wrestled with wasn't God, it was the government of the day".

This was because Yakub was seeking funds for his expedition to Patmos, "so when it says Jacob wrestled with an angel, 'angel' is only used as a symbol to hide the one he was really wrestling with". John was out there getting ready to make a new race, he said, for the word of the Lord". Ernest Allen argues that "the Yakub myth may have been created out of whole cloth by Prophet Fard", but could conceivably have been influenced by a real historical event during the struggle between Muslims and Christians for control of Spain. After the battle 40, European prisoners of war were taken to Morocco to labor on Yaqub's building projects. They were then set free and "allowed to form a valley settlement located somewhere between Fez and Marrakesh.

On his deathbed Ya'qub lamented his decision to allow these Shibanis as they came to be called to form an enclave on Moroccan soil, thereby posing a potential threat to the stability of the Moorish empire. According to Drew, early pre-Columbian civilizations were founded by a West African Moor "named Yakub who landed on the Yucatan peninsula". They [Drew's followers] said that the huge stone heads attested to the fact that the Yakubites evolved into a race of scientific geniuses with large heads as depicted in the sculptures and small bodies.

This legend of Yakub—a bigheaded scientist—finds its way into the mythology of the Nation of Islam, indicating that the founders of the NOI, W. Farrad and Elijah Muhammad, were influenced by the Moorish Science Temple, and were possibly even members. Harold Bloom in his book The American Religion argues that Yakub combines elements of the biblical God and the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge , saying that "Yakub has an irksome memorability as a crude but pungent Gnostic Demiurge". Several commentators state that the story, by associating blacks with ancient high civilizations and whites with cave-dwelling barbarians and gorillas, both uses and spectacularly reverses the populist and scientific racism of the era which identified Africans as primitive, or closer to apes than whites.

This drew on earlier criticisms of white supremacist Nordicism , creating a mythic version of "attacks on AngloSaxon lineage and behavior that had been voiced by more mainstream black thinkers during the nineteenth century With these references the [NOI] Muslims replicated the images of European savagery in the Middle Ages that were so pervasive in nineteenth-century black racial thought. The doctrine of Yakub was one of the reasons for splits in the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X in his Autobiography notes that, in his travels in the Middle East , many Muslims reacted with shock upon hearing about the doctrine of Yakub, which, while present in NOI theology, does not appear in mainstream Islam.

Louis Farrakhan reinstated the original Nation of Islam, and has reasserted his belief in the literal truth of the story of Yakub. Farrakhan claimed that aspects of the story had been proven accurate by modern genetic science and insisted that "Personally, I believe that Yakub is not a mythical figure—he is a very real scientist. Not a big-head silly thing, as they would like to say. Baraka turns the Nation's myth into a reinterpretation of the Faust story and a simultaneous meditation on the role and function of art.

As with Faust, Jacoub's individualism and egotism are his undoing, but his failings also signal the destruction of a community. In Baraka's version the experiment creates a single Frankenstein-like "white" monster who kills Jacoub and the other magician-scientists and bites a woman, transforming her in a vampire-like way into a white-devil mate for himself. From this monstrous couple the white race is descended.

According to Charise L. Cheney, the doctrine of Yakub has had a significant influence in rap culture, referring to raps by Kam and Grand Puba. In Grand Puba of Brand Nubian announced that his calling was to bring enlightenment to black people and an end to white domination. In the Wu-Tang Clan 's song " Gravel Pit ", at the end of it, can be heard a vocal sample from a movie Short Eyes which says about Yakub: " Yakub, maker and creator of the devil. Swine merchant Fuck with me and your time will be now. Your presence here affects the mind of my people like a fever. You, Yakub, are the bearer of 9, diseases, evil, corrupt, porkchop-eatin' brain!

He raps: "A-yo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies. Nas raps "You devils will run back into the caves you came from" in his song "Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People" from his album Street's Disciple. Jay Electronica also referenced Yakub on Kanye West 's song "Jesus Lord" from his album Donda , with the line "I could change the world like Yakub with two pieces of steel". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people with the same name, see Yakub. Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Satokata Takahashi Noble Drew Ali. Beliefs and theology.

After first discounting the rumors, Malcolm X came to believe Fard Nation Of Islam after he spoke with Anne Frank Storytelling son Wallace and with the women making the accusations. The remarks prompted a widespread Anne Frank Storytelling outcry. However, the Monkeys Paw Death Symbolism membership alone does not Personal Narrative: I Am A Mexican Woman for the broader influence of Farrakhan and the NOI. Classroom Subscriptions. After he was released Fard Nation Of Islam bail, Elijah fled Fard Nation Of Islam D. Daily Lesson Plan.