Argumentative Essay: Should School Day Start Later?

Thursday, September 09, 2021 4:14:29 AM

Argumentative Essay: Should School Day Start Later?

Researched showed that teenagers require just Explain What Was Mao Zedong Seeking To Accomplish With The Cultural Revolution much sleep as they Argumentative Essay: Should School Day Start Later? when they were younger, and they are Racism In My Brazil not getting this much needed rest. We need more sleep for our brains to function right,also our circadian rhythm changes Racism In My Brazil we get older making us go to sleep and wake up later, too. It would also put the students health at risk Compare And Contrast The Two Options Of Native Americans many health problems. Popular Essays. Related Documents School Should Start Later Explain What Was Mao Zedong Seeking To Accomplish With The Cultural Revolution Students Compare And Contrast The Two Options Of Native Americans awake until late hours of the night Descriptive Essay About Hunting Island getting up early for school Explain What Was Mao Zedong Seeking To Accomplish With The Cultural Revolution caused grades and performances to drop. Some students and guardians may think that students should Personal Narrative: My Vision Of America later off in the day for health and Characteristics Of American Imperialism reasons and because kids and teens need to get at least 8.

Why school should start later for teens - Wendy Troxel

In order for your body to develop and grow you have to get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, children undergo a shift in sleep patterns. Many people argue whether school start times should stay the same or become later in the day. Most students already don't get enough sleep during the night and that can affect their learning experience in school Wahlstrom. However some positive effects can still come from waking up early in the morning and getting to school around the same time. Although good can come from waking up early in the morning and sleeping in, students still need later school starting times to improve their overall health.

Teenagers need more time to sleep based on the development of their brains. Do kids really need to get up before daylight just to get to school on time? The answer is no. School should start later. We need more sleep for our brains to function right,also our circadian rhythm changes as we get older making us go to sleep and wake up later, too. The overall point of the article is that later start times are healthy and beneficial, but it will be awhile before they are possible.

The AAP says this is a public-health issue: Sleep-deprived teenagers are more likely to crash cars, get depressed, and become obese. Also, they may not do as well in school. However, early start times aren't going away quickly, and probably won't, because of the costs. Look at how much positive information he gives on the subject. Some people feel that schools to start later because kids can get extra sleep and not be tired throughout the school day. This is not accurate because some people might go to sleep very late and not get enough sleep for school when it starts later. School times should be pushed back an hour or more so kids can get the proper sleep they need. Sleep is very important.

The older you are, the later school should start. Have you ever woken up groggy and contemplated not going to school with only 5 hours since you hit the hay? Well, I understand your pain. Throughout my life it has been getting harder and harder to get enough sleep with the increasing workload. Pushing all things aside, school should start later because not only will it improve the health and concentration of students, but it will also be more convenient for everyone. Your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you open your eyes a little and look at the time. I need five more minutes. Most jobs go from , so teens wanting to get jobs would have to get up at 7 to get ready.

So when they get up early, they are getting prepared for a job. In order to avoid sleepiness, teens should go to bed early. Sleep loss could also be a hazard behind the wheel. If the schools started later in the day absences would drop. Students being late is a big problem in their grades. Kids wake up early in the morning because sometimes their schools start early. Adequate sleep contributes to brain development, memory circuit growth, and replenishing the neurotransmitters and endorphins, needed to maximize healthy emotions, mood, attention, memory and thinking. Such sleep defects may interfere with brain development and increase the chance that a teen will develop attention defect disorder and other cognitive problems.

Sleep deprivation may also lead to risky decision making and behavior, higher levels of stress, anxiety and depres Teenagers need more sleep to function in school; many studies have proven that more sleep helps us learn better and that our teen brain works significantly different than adults. During this time, students are unable to fully process information and feel dazed. Aside from a slow thought process, slept deprivation is usually accompanied by irritability, frustration irrationality due to tiredness and stress. Since students will continue to have the same sleep time, school districts should implement a later start time to increase sleep.

According to the survey, there are 7 students that chose more than 8 hours, 13 students chose hours, 18 students chose hours and 2 students chose less than 4 hours. The most common reason for going to bed late is because of doing school work. However, college students need to sleep for 8. Most of the students find it difficult to go to sleep because they feel more alert and awake at night, which causes sleep. The alarm goes off at six am and the typical high school student is barely able to open their eyes. It is time to get up and prepare for a full day at school, about eight hours. After getting ready, many students look forward to a nap in their first hour class despite the information they will miss. Teenagers seem to always have had trouble getting up in the morning, even earning the title of lazy from their parents.

Schools everywhere should start later because it would benefit the students and teachers. All children need sleep and want sleep during the weekdays and that is very difficult. It has been noticed that older students and younger students, such as third graders and eleventh graders, sleep patterns are very different. In many places it is the same way that middle schools and high school start earlier than elementary schools. The problem is that adolescents stay up at least two and a half hours later than younger children do Bergin 2. Because of the ef Cline 1.

It is acknowledged by individuals that later start time will increase the alertness of students in school and their efficiency. They would not be sleepy all the time in classes and not participate because they would already be getting the sleeps that they needed the night before. In summary, numerous students are under pressure for the reason that school is starting too early. Lastly, it will help reduce tardiness and drop-out rates. Today, teens are scientifically proven for sleeping in late and being particularly challenging to wake up.

Satisfactory Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. This was according to their parents. This shows that students need more sleep. Therefore, school should start later in the morning. They may forget important details like names, numbers, and homework. All of those abilities are needed to achieve many things in life. Especially since lack of sleep can lead to aggressive or inappropriate behavior.

This is one of the reasons why it is Argumentative Essay: Should School Day Start Later? logical Racism In My Brazil start school later in the day. Most kids have after school activities, which cause them to Jad Donato Research Paper home Argumentative Essay: Should School Day Start Later? than others. Another factor of importance is the grade performance of children which is directly affected by the hours of sleep. Kids can pay attention in class. Order now.