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Informative Speech On Earworms

JANUARY 20, After four Daddy By Ted Hughes Analysis of tyranny, treason Informative Speech On Earworms dangerous self-serving actions, the United States is under new management and the dictator formerly known as Trump is no longer in charge. Asner was portraying Carl made it so much more emotional. If not, expect an armed How Did Da Vincis Artwork Influence The Renaissance? to take Analysis Of Jamilya By Langston Hughes out of office, The Role Of Pride In Oedipus The King willingly or kicking and screaming, yelling for your dead father Daddy By Ted Hughes Analysis reach out and save you, like he did What Were George Washingtons Achievements of times when he was Daddy By Ted Hughes Analysis, bailing you out of legal trouble Ju Sanguinis Research Paper your failed The Role Of Pride In Oedipus The King dealings. Can't they see Informative Speech On Earworms doesn't give a damn Space Race Research Paper them? Let's hope Space Race Research Paper are no more Informative Speech On Earworms the horizon.

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On occasion, the brightness of the frame shifts with the beat, while sonic distortions manifest as choppy images fading into one another. For every literal, single-minded lyric, Carax introduces a multitude of overlapping visual ideas, and he ties sound and picture inexorably together. Even the editing, by Nelly Quettier, follows suit. Rather than simply cutting on the beat, like a modern pop music video, the film holds on long, unbroken takes, and it cuts only in order to shift between ideas.

One choice in particular feels emblematic of this approach, a transition from soothing classical music to thrashing electric guitar, marked by a hard cut from a stroll through the woods to a leather-clad bike ride, all within the same song and all while maintaining the same romantic mood. The film, while certainly fresh in approach, calls back to earlier works by Carax. In both cases, the music builds as an ever-growing parade of performers marches towards the camera in an unbroken, momentous take. Carax, who fills Annette with charming, old-world special effects, like obviously-fake rear projections, embeds Annette into the history of cinema, and in the process, embeds Sparks within that history too.

That Sparks are among the first people to appear in the film feels like a well-earned victory lap, in which they rightfully stake their claim as long-time admirers of postmodern and avant-garde cinema, whose acts have always felt like they were on the peripheries of the medium, just waiting to break in. It turns out Tinseltown is big enough for the both of them. An oblique, ethereal musical that runs the visual gamut, Annette captures the enormity of love through gentle silhouettes, and the corrosive power of jealousy through devastating storms. By Siddhant Adlakha Posted: 20 Aug pm.

Amazon Prime Video Spotlight: August Cotillard and Driver are tremendous actors. Was this article informative? YES NO. In This Article. A comedian Adam Driver and a world-renowned opera singer Marion Cotillard have a child that completely turns their lives upside down. Release Date. Annette Review. A surreal, sensuous glam rock musical, Annette features powerful performances, intricate design, and a hypnotic puppet-child who sings. What did you think? Have you seen Annette? More Reviews by Siddhant Adlakha. The French Dispatch Review. Farewell Ed Asner. Just being here made a difference in many lives. Yes, I'm talking about Pixar's UP , a film that makes me bawl like a baby every time I watch it and I have watched it a lot.

When Carl Fredricksen voiced by Asner flashes back in the beginning of the film about how he and his late wife first met, fell in love, got married and lived together for most of their lives as a deeply loving couple until her death, it is one of the most emotional, heartfelt and devastating pieces of animated cinema ever put to film. If it doesn't make you cry, you must be missing a few genes. I know that the animation and music added a lot to this flashback, but just knowing that Mr.

Asner was portraying Carl made it so much more emotional. A perfect blend of animation and voice acting. Alex Cord who was rarely seen without his thick black moustache had a deep love for horses he was a former rodeo performer and always tried to incorporate horses in any role he played. Cord's son by Pettet, Damien, died tragically in of a heroin overdose at the age of Goodbye Alex Cord and thanks for all the entertainment. You can now ride horses in Heaven. New Line Cinema renamed the film to ride on the success of the three films that came before it and it worked. Suddenly Chiba's other films became very successful across the world and especially in America. Damn, Sonny Chiba, we will all miss your special brand of fighting and your take-no-prisoners attitude.

You made it work better than most martial artists could ever hope for. When anyone ever talks about Bruce Lee successors, your name instantly comes to my mind, but there really was no one else like you. You were one of a kind. If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area at that time, tickets may be purchased at lividmediaorg. Tickets cannot be purchased at the theater boxoffice. The first six chapters were short films, but Ace made the seventh, and final, chapter a feature-length film that is filled with so many bloody and gory killings by the unstoppable killer in a Trump mask portrayed by Ace , you'll have to see it to believe it.

I should also mention the acting talents of Lawrence Waller and Joe D'Aguanno, who played very important parts in the last few chapters. If you are unable to attend the theatrical premiere, Ace will release the film on Blu-ray with a plethora of extras on his new label, Livid Media. More details on that when they become available. It always thrills my heart to see someone I admire make it to the big time and Ace deserves all the accolades he will get from this film. He is a dedicated, hard-working auteur like very few people on this planet. He's also one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Here's a toast to you, Ken "Ace" Brewer! Wishing you nothing but success.

This 30th Anniversary 2-DVD Edition will be the first time either film has received a disc release and will be available sometime in early-August More information as it becomes available. JULY 21, Is it possible we jumped the gun by allowing everyone who was vaccinated for Covid to move freely around the world maskless? Not only are many TV Series and Films being shut down temporarily due to Covid infections on set, but atheletes from around the world are being infected at the Tokyo Olympics and are either being quarantined or sent home.

We have also discovered that getting the two vaccinations does not stop people who had the shots from getting Covid, even if they have had it before and it does not stop them from infecting people who haven't had the shots idiotic as these people may be. Granted, those who have been vaccinated and catch the virus, don't suffer the most dire symptoms as those who weren't vaccinated, but it doesn't stop them from infecting others. Until the majority of the population around the globe are vaccinated, we should be careful who we come in contact with. Getting vaccinated is only the first step in wiping out Covid, the rest is pure common sense.

Stay away from people who haven't been vaccinated yet try to get them to see the light and tell them that the Covid vaccine is not a government conspiracy and if they refuse to get the shots, stay away from them permanently. No matter how good they are as friends, it is not worth killing people over. The Delta variant of Covid is just one new strain out there, so be vigilant and, most of all, be careful and use your brain when you come in contact with people. And for God's sake, get vaccinated and wear your masks when coming in contact with a group of people, either indoors or outdoors! Better safe than sorry. We are not out of the woods yet and I would hate to experience another pandemic, yet all these Karens and SovCits Soverign Citizens think they are above the law and threaten to destroy not only the United States, but the entire planet.

Remember: People Are Stupid and their stupidity has no bounds. They only care about themselves. It's only a matter of time before the governments of the world recognize how dangerous they are and do something about them At least I hope they do. Charging them with involuntary manslaughter is a good first step. Believe in science, not political conspiracy theories that Republicans are dishing out to their uneducated and feeble-minded followers. I'm speechless because Big Bill Smith was the number one actor I admired most. He could do anything, from appearing in blockbuster films in all genres to starring in minor B-films, yet, no matter what kind of role he had, he always impressed.

Smith says this was his favorite fight in any of his films because it wasn't faked and no punches were pulled. Yet Bill held no grudges, as he was also a bodybuilder and was quite impressed with Arnold's workout regimen and career as an actor and, eventually, a politician. William Smith was also no stranger to television, making his mark as "Falconetti" on the first U. Smith spoke perfect Russian, he turned in the film's most memorable performance as Strelnikov, a U.

He remembers that between takes, Lon Chaney Jr. William Smith was the consummate tough guy with a heart, proving how tough he was by once doing over 5, sit-ups and push-ups in five hours. I could go on-and-on about how William Smith improved every film he appeared in, but now I must mourn his passing. The year is proving to be the most disappointing and heartbreaking time for me. I met Mr. Smith a couple of times while doing security at film conventions and he was the perfect gentleman and a class act all the way. He loved talking about his career. Thanks for all the countless hours of entertainment Big Bill. You will never be forgotten by your legion of fans. My soul is shattered, as I thought you would live forever, but time treats us cruelly.

It always has. Donner's first theatrical film was X a true historical drama about the creation of rocket-powered aircraft during the Cold War and contained early starring roles for Charles Bronson and Mary Tyler Moore Bronson and Donner would later team up again in the film LOLA [a. TWINKY - ], the story about a year-old man having an affair with a nearly sixteen-year-old schoolgirl! As you can read, Richard Donner was an important part of mainstream cinema and without his involvement, there are many popular films that would have never existed.

Richard Donner and thanks for the entertainment. And nowhere on the Internet will you read about his death besides here at the time this was written. But Mr. Cramer deserved better than that. He was one of the true originals whose work was loved by so many, including myself. My deepest condolences to Ronnie Cramer's wife and family, as well as his many fans. JUNE 29, I just learned that actor Robert Sacchi passed away June 23rd at the age of 89 after suffering a brief respiratory illness. Due to his uncanny resemblance to Humphrey Bogart with no cosmetic surgery whatsoever , Mr. Severin sub-label Intervision Picture Corp. That may sound like a lot of money, but it breaks down to a great deal.

My wallet is already screaming "Uncle! As with all Severin titles, expect copious new extras to keep you busy after the films end. So what are you wating for? Jump on this now before they are sold out! JUNE 13, Another important and favorite actor of mine, Ned Beatty, died today of natural causes at the age of That line of dialogue is so iconic, it is still quoted today, and Beatty was very proud of it. Other films that Mr. Beatty was also heavily involved in Stage work, both on Broadway and Off-Broadway. Even though he had not acted in anything since , Ned Beatty was so prolific and excellent two things that usually don't mix together that his legend will live on for eternity. Shit, another one of my childhood favorites is no longer with us.

If I believed in God, I would demand that he stop this! I don't know whether this will be a good or bad thing for the future of film and television, but I am thankful that I have been a Prime member nearly since it began. Wilson, the owners of Eon Productions, the production company responsible for the Bond films, if they want to create a Bond-related TV Series or film. MGM has been bought and sold many times over the years and none of them have been able to get past Broccoli or Wilson when it comes time to make decisions about James Bond.

We all need a little Rated R and even some Rated X ingredients in our lives, so let's quit thinking that all films should be Disneyfied. Only time will tell if this will be a good deal. I'm hoping it is. This deal will probably make Prime the number one streaming service, replacing Netflix as the champion. While he had a large and varied career in television and film, he made precious few movies that would fit the criteria of this site, but he does have a handful. I loved Mr. Grodin for his appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and David Letterman's Late Night and Late Show , where he would adopt a character that was verbally combative at every question asked of him, as if he was pissed to be there. He was not only wet-your-pants funny, he was usually right on target with his answers and both Carson and Letterman loved that, inviting him back countless times over the years.

I'm only stating my opinion. Charles Grodin may not fit into this site like most genre film actors, but I certainly enjoyed him. He was just as at ease with drama as he was with comedy. His dry wit will always be remembered by me and his many fans. Rest well Charles Grodin. You brought a welcome smile to my face countless times and for that I will be forever grateful.

MAY 15, Another undeserved and underreported celebrity death to report, this time character actor Blackie Dammett real name: John Michael Kiedis; the father of Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers , who passed away May 12th of undisclosed causes at the age of Many people never knew his name, but he certainly left an impression with his looks and acting ability. Like George "Buck" Flower , he was instantly recognizable for both his face and voice. Blackie Dammett was cremated and his ashes given to his family. My condolences to the Kiedis Family and all of Blackie's fans, of which I am one. He was truly one of a kind. DREW as a rehab patient. Some of the movies Ms. Tawny was married to Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale for a short period - and then married Major League baseball pitcher Chuck Finley in until their divorce on She also appeared on the first two album covers for the hair metal band Ratt.

Fifty-nine-years is much too young to pass away and I'm sincerely sorry to hear about it. My condolences to Tawny Kitaen's family and friends. APRIL 20, I just learned that director Monte Hellman passed away today at the age of 91 after suffering a fall in his home the day before. Hellman began his directorial career by hooking up with Roger Corman and becoming part of Corman's stable, which also included Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. As you can see Monte Hellman had a wide and varied career in the film business. The films he directed almost always had an atmosphere for the weird and surreal, making him a cult figure by fans of his films count me as one of them. So long Monte Hellman and thanks for the entertainment. When it comes to reviewing or even talking about Italian genre films, especially horror films, it would be impossible to do so without mentioning Giannetto De Rossi's name constantly.

Many of these films wouldn't have been memorable without his special brand of gruesomeness and his touches of the macabre. He was truely one-of-a-kind and will never be forgotten because his work will live on forever. On a related note, Enzo Sciotti, one of the most beloved and prolific Italian horror movie poster artists, also passed away on April 11th at the age of His artwork is what sold a lot of these films to audiences and he should be remembered for that.

Not many poster artists get the recognition they deserve, yet Enzo Sciotti made a name for himself thanks to his excellent artwork that reeked of an atmosphere of fear and dread. These are two Italian masters who will never fade into the background because their bodies of work were so important to genre cinema. It is with much fondness and sadness that I bid Giannetto De Rossi and Enzo Sciotti farewell on their journeys to eternity. I'm having a hard time understanding why all the news outlets are not mentioning the drug overdose and are only mentioning he died of a heart attack, but when it first happened on April 2nd, they were quick to mention he was hospitalized due to a drug overdose that caused his cardiac arrest.

Thousands of people attended a vigil for a comatose DMX outside the hospital in NYC he was in, praying for him to get better and not once during that vigil were drugs ever mentioned. Is this the message we want to send our children? The death of DMX is certainly a tragedy, but we cannot leave out the truth as to the cause of his death, no matter how much we loved him. Just food for thought.

P Earl Simmons. Other films Mr. He was one of those actors whom, if you didn't know his name, you could immediately identify him by his voice alone. Hampton passed away due to complications of Parkinson's Disease and was years-old. James Hampton. Thanks for the memories. I have to say that I enjoyed the film immensely, as it hit most of the right notes and managed to pay tribute to both King Kong and Godzilla films of the past. While the film mainly pays attention to Kong throughout most of the film, the battles between Kong and Godzilla were done very well, be it the first attack underwater or the battle they have in Hong Kong, completely destroying it.

But when Mecha-Godzilla makes an appearance that's the only spoiler you are going to get from me the battle changes completely and it had me applauding on my couch in approval and I even got choked-up a little. A Kaiju film that does that to me can't be all bad, so if you are sitting on the fence whether to watch it or not, I say go for it, you will probably like it. And it doesn't overstay its welcome, as it runs less than two hours unlike the three other films in the Monsterverse series, which went way over the two hour mark, or at least it seemed they did. All I'm gonna say is watch it for yourself to find out. I will say this: I enjoyed many of the films Cleve was involved with and I send my heartfelt condolances to Kenneth and his family.

We lost a good one, folks. Cleve Hall. I first noticed Ms. She was an entertainer of the highest caliber and will be missed. I have also learned that character actor Richard Gilliland departed from this plane of existence on March 18, after suffering from a short illness. He was years-old. While Mr. He was one of those actors you never heard of, but he appeared on TV so many times over guest star appearances from the early-'70s until recently , his face was instantly recognizable. Richard Gilliland. George Segal could do anything asked of him, including drama, romance, comedy, science fiction, action and anything else that could come in mind.

He was a true original who entertained people from his acting debut in right up until his death. My condolences go out to Mr. Segal's family and closest friends, of which there were many. By all accounts Mr. Segal was loved by everyone he worked with, no matter what his role was. A true original who will be missed. On March 14, imposing actor Yaphet Kotto passed away of undisclosed causes at the age of I first discovered Mr.

Kotto basically retired from films and TV after this important TV series, only appearing in a handful of movies and TV guest roles after it ended. Yaphet Kotto had one of those voices that was immediately recognizable. If you heard it without looking at the screen, you would instantly know who it was. Thanks, Yaphet Kotto, for entertaining me throughout the decades. I and legions of your fans will miss you greatly. Warren died today of undisclosed causes at the age of Even though Mr. Warren never directed another feature film since , he was still involved in filmmaking, directing music videos, acting in several short films and directing a PSA short that played in British movie theatres telling people to turn off their cell phones in a comically scary way.

I always liked most of Mr. Warren's films and he was my second favorite British genre filmmaker right behind Pete Walker, who is still with us. Norman J. Warren and thanks for entertaining me and the countless other fans of your films. I also just learned that Mexican actress Isela Vega passed away March 9, of cancer at the age of Vega held dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States, appeared on many U.

Isela Vega. Everybody that knew him loved him, as he was always funny, caring and, above all, professional in everything he did. A sad goodbye to a true original. John 'Bud' Cardos. Not only did they create a giant gold statue of Trump Made in Mexico! How stupid do you have to be? This just proves one thing to me: Do we want people like this running our country and making the most important decisions of our lives? I mean, we already put up with four years of lies and misinformation, do we need any more?

If it weren't for the millions of uneducated people who swallow up these lies and believe they are the truth, these seditious idiots would have been kicked out of office a long time ago. When any Republican Governor, Senator or House Representative comes up for re-election, vote for the other guy or gal. Send a message to them that we are sick and tired of being fed lies and we are smart enough to distinguish the truth from outright false conspiracy theories.

And to those millions of uneducated assholes who believe this ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, all I have to say is this: grow up and take pride in your country. The pride you have now is nothing but treasonous behavior wrapped in a lie that you swallowed without hesitation. Use your brain if you know how. And one other thing: Support President Biden. He has the empathy that Trump failed to convey at every turn. He's not perfect, but he is a million times more productive than that idiot former President! This is the first time in my 63 years on this planet that a proven dictator is trying to take over the United States of America and idiotic people are feeding off his lies. I wouldn't worry so much if it was just a tiny percentage of the population believing his lies, but we are talking over seventy million people who voted for him in the last election.

It's time for action, any legal action to stop this from happening, but we know from experience that these treasonous people don't care about laws. They will do anything, including murder, to get their way. I don't know about you, but I have no problem stooping to their level to make sure this never happens. If that's all they understand, so be it. They spit on the Constitution while saying the Constitution dictates that it is illegal to impeach a President who is no longer in office. Show me where in the Constitution it says that; the fact is it doesn't exist and was mearly a weak excuse used by these spineless bastards because they don't want to admit that they are afraid of the former President and many of them were just as guilty as he was for the insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 6th.

By supporting this treasonous idiot who nearly took down our Democracy, it has proven to me one important thing: These Republican Senators should be banned from politics forever. They don't support their sworn duty to protect Democracy and the American way of life; they support the exact opposite. Remember every one of them when they come up for re-election, especially the two-faced Mitch McConnell, who is nothing but pond scum sorry, pond scum, I didn't mean to debase you , delivering a speech after the impeachment that proved what a bold-faced liar he actually is.

With these treasonous bastards in the Senate, nothing will get done that doesn't put more money in their pockets and sets-up Trump for another term as President in Up next: Trump facing criminal charges for what he did during his Presidency. This won't be so easy for him since politics don't play a role in criminal justice at least it shouldn't. We'll see. The common citizens who still support him are beyond the pale. Can't they see he doesn't give a damn about them? Their blind committment to Trump is what led to the murderous insurrection in the first place. I always think that people are stupid, but to be this stupid even makes me shake my head in disgust.

America is in turmoil, but I hope that President Biden handles it in a way that is fair and just. It looks like that is happening right now, but the future offers many surprises. You may not be familiar with the name, but I am sure you have seen many of the films he photographed, as he not only shot Italian films, but many International and American films, too. I'm sure you have seen at least one of these films and can understand the certain style Giuseppe Rotunno added to it, using non-standard camera angles and other strange set-ups to his films especially when it came to lighting a scene , giving them a sense of urgency and a lot of class. In , he became the first non-American cinematographer to be accepted as a member of American Society of Cinematographers ASC , mainly because of his trademark style.

He retired from filmmaking in and taught cinematography at a film school in Rome. Thanks for giving us your special brand of entertainment, Giuseppe Rotunno, something we can enjoy for an eternity. The strange thing was, Mr. Plummer never became a world-reknowned A-List actor but he deserved it , yet everyone knew him, because he stood out no matter how small his role was and didn't mind appearing in some low-budget genre flicks to pay the bills. Another excellent actor has left this mortal plane. Let's hope there are no more on the horizon. We are going to miss you, Christopher Plummer, and the good things you added to every film you appeared in. Not only was Mr.

Rest easy, sir, and thanks for all of your memorable performances. Enjoy your eternity with Dixie Carter in Heaven, knowing that you will be terribly missed here. Even though she lived a very long life, this news still hurts. She didn't appear in many genre films that would be reviewed on this site, but her steady portrayal of strong black women made her a grand dame that anyone with a heart would respect. I know I did. We are going to miss Ms. Cicely Tyson because she opened doors for many of the black actresses today and influenced many other people with her performances.

I'll never forget that; it was the first time I cried when watching a film. She had that kind of hold on you and she was truly one of a kind. She was one person I wished would live forever. She never failed to give me goosebumps of joy with her performances. She was also nominated for an Emmy an amazing additional twelve times. Thanks, Cloris Leachman, for a long and varied career that never diminished and always entertained.

We will miss you. The company remained active until the early s, even through the decline of its films distribution to the American market. Grimaldi was an important part of getting Italian genre films to America and should be remembered fondly for doing that. Alberto Grimaldi. You had a long life on Earth and now you can enjoy an eternity in Heaven. Julienne's career hit a roadblock so to speak in , when a stunt he was performing on a French film resulted in the death of a cameraman.

He was made to serve a six month jail term, even though the legal case against him was later reversed. His career never rebounded after that. Another useless death due to Covid, but at least Mr. Julienne lived lived a long life. He portrayed "Det. Gregory Sierra passed away from cancer and was years-old. Rest In Peace, gentlemen. You entertained us more than you could possibly know. JANUARY 20, After four years of tyranny, treason and dangerous self-serving actions, the United States is under new management and the dictator formerly known as Trump is no longer in charge.

Don't expect this country to get better immediately because the people who praise this former dictator still believe that he is President and will cause all kinds of trouble, much of it deadly. My only hope is that President Joe Biden deals with them with an iron hand, not allowing them to spread their lies and continue to infect America. If justice still exists and it does , Trump will get his due and will be put in prison for the many crimes he committed, some against the country he was sworn to protect and much of it to the honest people of this country, who were only trying to survive, but were lied to constantly. If anyone deserves major jail time, it is him. But for now, let's bask in the glory of a new beginning.

A country where the pandemic is treated properly and the citizens are finally recognized and praised for all they did to help this country during these dark times. The medical profession as a whole should be recognized for their selfless acts to treat the infected and comfort them even though they could become infected, even dying. And a lot of them did. It is acts such as this that make me proud to live in this country. For the first time in four years, I feel renewed. I feel like an American again. Richardson quit acting in the late-'80s he was not happy with the roles he was being offered and the declining state of '80s cinema and became a world class photographer, whose photos were highly sought after by collectors.

He was once married to actress Martine Beswick DR. They divorced in John Richardson succumbed to Covid just two weeks short of his 87th birthday which was today. Case in point: B-Movie actress and Scream Queen Julie Strain has passed away at the age of 58 of dementia caused by falling off a horse and hitting her head in her youth, wiping out nearly all of her childhood memories on January 10th. Many may remember the reporting of this former Penthouse Pet Of The Year's death in , which turned out to be an Internet hoax, so I took care this time to make sure her death was real and sadly it was.

Some of the films Ms. I should also mention that actor Peter Mark Richman passed away today from natural causes at the age of Some of the films and TV Series Mr. Peter Mark Richman spent most of his career on America Television, appearing as a guest star or series regular on countless TV Series during the '60s through the '90s. Please God, make this stop! I have just learned that director Steve Carver passed away from a heart attack at the age of Apted was years-old and his cause of death was not reported.

Two great directors with totally different styles are no longer with us. This should make us all sad. If you follow this website, you know that Mr. Sabato was the father of actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. Antonio Sabato Sr. I just loved his face, especially his eyes. Once you saw him you never forgot him; he was one of those actors that always left an impression. Most of my favorite Italian genre film actors are gone now, so all we have are the films they appeared in to keep us entertained. Sabato left acting in after appearing in several episodes of an American soap opera! Sabato was 77 years-old. Rest well, Antonio Sabato, and never forget that you have fans down here who admire your work. Only nine days into this New Year and it is already turning out nothing but bad news.

It doesn't give me much hope that the rest of the year will be any different. The actions by Donald Trump and his followers in Washington D. With Trump's permission, thousands of his followers gathered and rioted at the Capitol Building to violently protest the disproven time-and-time-again "fradulent" Presidential election, which resulted in one innocent woman turns out she wasn't as innocent as we first thought being shot and killed by police after illegally storming inside the Capitol Building.

President-elect Biden called on Trump to tell his followers to cease and desist, but Trump's response was a one-minute rant where he told his followers to "go home" and "I love you" and then railed against the fixed election, giving his followers a very mixed message. If Trump doesn't face severe criminal charges for this murderous stunt, then there is no justice in this country. He has proven himself to be anti-democracy, so let's give him a taste of what democracy does to any person who incites a riot where people are killed.

Instead of a taste, we should give him a seven course meal in democracy justice. And while we are at it, let us also charge all the Republicans who tried to void Biden's elections results by trying to block the Congress from certifying the election, especially in the States that Trump swore he won. The delusions by these Republicans and Trump have ruined this country for a long, long time and was only done because Trump doesn't like to lose his actions reminds me of a child who is being punished for lying and his Republican cronies are too afraid to go against him although a few Republicans have vocally supported Biden, but not enough of them.

It's also going to make it tough going for Biden when he takes office on January 20th, but if anyone can straighten out this total mess, it is him. Unfortunately, this is not a time to talk about films, but a time to put Trump in his place. A prison would be perfect. A firing squad would be better after he is found guilty of treason in federal court. Trump thinks he is made of teflon. Let's prove him wrong. JANUARY 04, I was about to report the death of actress Tanya Roberts, since it was incorrectly reported over nearly all of the news sources, but it turns out she is still alive and in "dire condition" at the hospital ICU, according to her manager.

I hope she makes a full recovery, even though her manager is not so sure she will. Klar was years-old. Shelley passed away from Covid related symptoms and was years-old. Another unnecessary death, thanks to anti-maskers and idiotic people who refuse to follow pandemic rules because they believe it infringes on their "freedom". They don't care, as long as they aren't the ones who die. They are the ones who are keeping the pandemic alive. It should have ended months ago. Some of the genre films Ms. But it was TV that made Ms. Tanya Roberts was years-old. Farewell, beautiful soul, you will be missed, but we always have home video and TV reruns to remind us how beautiful and talented you were. JANUARY 01, Now that the new year is upon us, can we all agree that was a year we would rather forget and regret the stupid things people did?

This world will always be populated by people with very few brain cells, but never in my life did I ever think they would show themselves en mass and do stupid things like refusing to wear masks, keep proper distance away from people and spread lies like most intelligent people try to spread the truth. These people cannot be ignored if we want this planet to be back to "normal" again, because if we allow them to run rampant, all we are doing is contributing to the downfall of Earth. This is why I have decided to "go dark" this year, not allowing any of these idiots to get away with their deadly stupidity.

If you see these retards doing something that contributes to the deadly pandemic, do something about it, even if it means using your gloved hands against them. It's the only thing these anti-maskers understand, so speak their language and fight back for the preservation of life as we know it. We have tried everything else, so it is time to take it to the next level. This is a call to arms, so to speak. She still looks stunning today at the age of 72 and I hope she is enjoying her life to the fullest. I consider her the Queen of Giallo films and if you have seen her in any of those, or the many Italian sex comedies she appeared in, you will immediately know what I mean. She not only had a body to kill for which she unforgivenly bared I instantly fell in love with her the first time I saw her and I bet many other men feel the same way.

She not only has a kickin' body, she could also act with the best of them, which is why she has had a long career in films. Happy Birthday, Edwige Fenech, and I wish you many more! Not only is Covid ravaging the planet, but people I admire are dropping like flies. The latest example is actor Tom Lister Jr. This brick shithouse of a man, with a physique many men would kill for, appeared in countless films and was one of those actors who was instantly recognizable, not only for his physical attributes, but also for his shaved head and scary voice.

If you needed an inmate, criminal or bad guy who was imposing, Mr. Lister was the man you would hire for your film. Lister was equally adept at drama, comedy or whatever was thrown his way. Tommy "Tiny" Lister died of unknown causes some reports say he passed away from Covid symptoms, but that has not yet been verified and was years-old. Rest in peace, Gentle Giant, rest in peace. It's rough when actors you admire pass away suddenly. It reminds us that life is fleeting, as all three of them entertained me through some tough times earlier in my life. You will be missed. I know most people don't know who she is, but readers of this site are well aware how important she was to Italian cinema, especially Italian genre cinema.

When Steven Jackson emailed me with the news of Ms. Nicolodi's passing, it hit me like a ton of bricks because I have been enjoying her performances for years. Daria Nicolodi was only years-old and her cause of death was not reported at press time. To say I am gutted is a vast understatement. Daria Nicolodi. NOVEMBER 20, As the pandemic rages on across the world to very serious and deadly levels, I have to address a certain group of people in my country who refuse to wear masks. You are fucking idiots, as well as murderers! You think this Covid pandemic is a hoax? Then you are simply fooling yourselves and committing murder for your psychotic beliefs! I only hope that people like you including "Mark K. You may not feel sick, but that doesn't mean you are not passing on the virus to people just for the simple reason you are not wearing a mask.

You can have your insane beliefs saying things like "Wearing a mask is against my First Amendment Rights and my liberty as a U. I caught the virus from such a person in June and I am still suffering from the effects of the virus, even though now I no longer am infected and have tested negative for it. As Mark K. If everyone wore them, the pandemic would be long over, asswipes! It's not just you wearing a mask, it's infecting everyone you come in contact with they also ignore the "six feet apart" recommendation , which then has a domino effect. You may be able to blow cigarette smoke through a mask, but if you were wearing a mask like everyone else, your chances of infecting anyone are greatly reduced Mark K.

It just proves to me he is not in his right mind, but there are plenty of idiots who believe him, which makes him dangerous. Fuck your First Amendment Rights and your liberty, you are killing people! Maybe a few years in prison will make you see the light, but you will go down in the history books as people who killed thousands upon thousands of people just for refusing to wear a mask. You don't deserve pity, you deserve all the scorn that is coming to you. According to his family, he passed away early this morning peacefully surrounded by family and friends. He also had a voice that was perfect for documentary narration, doing several for PBS and other networks. He was a consummate professional who continued working while dying from cancer until the very end.

He filmed the last batch of episodes on October 29, , just a week before he passed away. People like him are very rare these days. We will miss you, Mr. Trebek, and I hope you don't have to test the knowledge of all those people in Heaven. Trebek's family and to everyone who watched him religiously on weeknights. Like it or hate it I love it! I will never forget what Trump and his supporters nearly did to this country and I will never forgive them.

They are the true traitors. What I do know is that Biden will treat everyone equally, whether they voted for him or not. He is a much better man than me. If I had my way, I would have all of Trump's supporters go back to school and learn what being a true patriot really means. It's not carrying guns and rifles to vote counting centers or shooting innocent people because they think Black Lives Matter, it's about making America a better country than it was before.

That includes treating everyone equal no matter their skin color, religious convictions or sexual preferences. When you start understanding that, you will become a better person. That is what America is really about! Emotionally, I'm a complete mess and it was beginning to affect me physically, too. Trump is a worm of the highest order, still trying to destroy this country with his blatant lies and refusal to submit to the will of the people. He is incapable of understanding how to lose gracefully and will spout lies until his contemptuous inbred hillbilly followers brandish weapons and storm vote counting buildings shouting "Stop Counting Now!

There would hardly be any mail-in voting if people weren't scared to vote in person, afraid of contacting the virus from Trump supporters, who refuse to wear masks because, in Trump's words, "It's a hoax" Even though we also know that was a lie when he spouted it, as proven by his recorded phone tapes to the Washington Post reporter. Trump is also scared of spending the rest of his life in prison, not only for defaulting on hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in loans, but also for the treasonous way he and his Republican cronies have treated the United States to such favorite Trump dictators such a Vladimir Putin and that short scuzzy-looking dictator from North Korea, Kim Jong-un Trump wanted to rule the U.

Sorry, you orange-skinned bastard, the majority of the people are done with your deadly nonsense and want you to leave office come January 21st, If not, expect an armed escort to take you out of office, either willingly or kicking and screaming, yelling for your dead father to reach out and save you, like he did hundreds of times when he was alive, bailing you out of legal trouble for your failed business dealings. You see, America is not a business, it is a democratic government. People only elected you barely because they wanted to see how a businessman and a "celebrity" and not a politician would run our country.

Now that we know, we can't wait for you to leave office and leave this country, as you have repeatedly said you would should you lose. Goodbye, loser. Don't let the doors hit you in the ass on the way out. Now you will know how it feels to be an "illegal alien" when Putin welcomes you into his country I can think of no other country [besides the aforementioned North Korea] that would accept him, as he will be broke and destitute. Oh, well, he could always write another book [via ghost writer, because I doubt he can write a single sentence on his own] that will also be full of lies. I hope you suffer!

Next stop: Getting rid of Trump's cabinet of equally scuzzy lying Republican bastards. Mitch McConnell, keep looking over your shoulder. Your time is coming! I know this is a genre movie review site, but some events are more important than films. This is one of them! So much for "Every Vote Counts". I know this really doesn't matter to you, because I cannot stop anyone from reading this site unless I make it password protected, something I would never do , but Trump supporters and Qanon followers are destroying this country. I know I usually shut down any mention of Hitler or the Nazis whenever having a conversation with anyone, but the parallels between Hitler's rise in Germany and Trump's rise in America are remarkable.

Hitler was able to convince much of Germany's population that those with non-Aryan blood were inferior and must be eliminated, which led to the worst massacre of Jews or anyone with Jewish blood in them in modern history. Germany is still reeling from this over eighty years later and for good reason. Trump is basically doing the same thing in America, calling all "illegal aliens", especially Mexicans and Muslims, "murderers", "rapists" and "pedophiles", taking their children away from them, locking the young kids in metal cages and ruining their lives forever.

Trump's supporters have shot and killed innocent people simply because they believe Black Lives Matter and Trump supports all this, even refusing to condemn racism and racist militia groups I don't want to name them because it only gives them validity by doing so because they support him. Trump supporters are even forming roadblocks to voting places so they cannot vote Democratic and they even stand outside voting booths threatening voters if they will not tell them who they are voting for. If Trump wins a second term deriding mail-in voting, incapable of understanding that his criminal mishandling of the Covid pandemic is why we need mail-in voting! Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie and if he repeats it enough, these feeble-minded inbred rednecks, with nothing to look forward to in their miserable lives, start to believe him and praise him for his racist values.

His supporters are the new Nazis and I cannot in good conscience abide by that, so if you are one of these despicable people, please do not support this site as I hate you with all my heart and soul. I believe in facts, something you never seem to understand I had one member [who shall remain nameless] of the Canadian collective "The Internet Astronauts" call me a pedophile [which seems to be a codeword for "Qanon believer"] because I disagreed with him about Covid being a hoax and there was no need to wear a mask because a smoker could could blow smoke through it!

He ignored all the other valid points about why wearing a mask is beneficial to everyone's health, which includes keeping a six foot distance away from everyone when out in public. Idiots like him seem to think they are more knowledgeable than scientists or doctors! Trump supporters are what is keeping Covid alive, as their refusal to wear masks and throwing huge parties are what is killing thousands of people weekly. I know I am going to catch a lot of flak for this, but my doctor whom I trust with my life, unlike most Trump supporters told me if I didn't find a reasonable outlet to release my anger I've been keeping it inside for most of the year , my life would be over very soon.

I have survived two bouts of leukemia, broke my back when I was younger which led to a lifetime of painful inoperable back pain and had a growth removed from my neck that led to months of rehabilitation to learn how to speak again, but that is all child's play when compared to the year I love my country and will do anything to return it back to its former glory, but stupid people are ruining it with their constant beliefs in unprovable conspiracy theories and racist attitudes.

If you are one of these people and are friends with me on Facebook, please delete me, because I have nothing but contempt for you. I'm done with you for now, but it's not over by a longshot. I'd like to thank all who believe in me and who have supported me through these very tough times. One of the reasons I haven't posted any new reviews recently is because of the state of mind Trump and his supporters have put me and many, many others in, but, hopefully, that will end very soon. If not, I will find a way to survive. I always do. He always brought a sense of class and a wink towards the humorous to his roles, even in the James Bond films.

He passed away after suffering from a long, unknown, illness. Goodbye to a true class act. For the past two years, I watched nothing but this channel for the month of October and I plan to do the same thing this year. This channel seems to be streaming's best kept secret and I urge everyone to buy a Roku streaming player and give this channel a try. Once you view it, I can almost guarantee you'll be hooked for life. Their enthusiasm is infectious and that is all due to Ken "Ace" Brewer, the mastermind behind this channel. This year, Ace has some new movies up his sleeve and not the same old Public Domain films.

Be there! It seems YouTube has a new commercial policy and it's downright stupid and annoying as hell. It seems that they insert commercials into every movie and shortform video on the platform, sometimes inserting commercials at a time that is very intrusive. It doesn't matter how short the video is, you can be sure that there will be commercials, not only at the beginning of every video, but also during the video. To show you how ridiculous their new policy is, I was watching a two minute movie trailer and YouTube just had to insert a commercial in the middle of it! Why the fuck would they do that? I'll tell you why: They know that most people are trapped in their homes during this pandemic and they know their audience is captive, so they ram commercials down our throats.

This is not only annoying, it's downright insane! I'm calling for a freeze on YouTube, just to show them that we are not going to take it any more. People have said to me, "Fred, but they are only six-or-fifteen-second commercials, what's the harm? I have to keep my finger on my Roku's remote control "OK" button continuously whenever I watch something on YouTube, just to skip the commercials after five seconds of play. If I don't, I could suffer through a three minute commercial for some new prescription drug for a medical condition I never heard of that uses a re-recorded popular song from the past.

Yes, I watch YouTube on my Roku I don't like watching movies on my computer , so there is no way for me to use the ad removal software that I use on my computer. YouTube knows this, therefore they stuff as many commercials down my throat as they can I counted nineteen commercial breaks during one movie I was watching! Fuck them. I am not going to use the 'Tube any more until they change their policy. If you are also experiencing this, please do the same thing. Send them a message. Don't get me started on how YouTube forces channels to edit their films of nudity and violence, under fear that, if they don't, YouTube will terminate their channel permanently They have done it to many of my favorite channels, some of which had been on YouTube for years.

While I am on the subject: Facebook's "New" look is also the most memory intensive program on the Internet. I am not using it until they revert back to their old look. I can't even use Facebook and my web program at the same time because the New Facebook eats up most of the memory on my computer! There are also several sub-programs that run in the background that search your hard drive so they can send you ads that caters to your taste.

It is the most intrusive, privacy-stealing program on the web. I am also through with it. The Internet is not the same any more, not since "businessmen" took it over. I hope he lives forever, as even the Grim Reaper would be scared of his steely stare. To say I'm a fan of Mr. Silva is a vast understatement! He is one of the original bad guys of the silver screen at least of my generation. It's the only streaming channel that caters to my many needs. The channel's guru, Ken "Ace" Brewer, is always finding new ways to improve the channel, but this time he has outdone himself. Ace has once again outdone himself and I have to ask myself: "How in the hell can one man do all this?

If you have a Roku streaming player and a Roku account, just click HERE to install and enjoy entertainment like you never experienced before. Prepare to be blown away! Nineteen years is still far too soon to forgive. Dame Diana is very special to me because she was my very first childhood crush and that is something you never forget. Not only was Dame Diana a very sexy woman, she was also a great actress, winning many awards for her thespian talents. I don't want to sound crass on this very sad day, but Diana Rigg was the first woman to give me an erection at my very young age. That's also something you never forget.

Rest well Dame Diana. If you want to know why it is my favorite series of , even though I really despise superhero shows, click HERE to discover the answer. This is one crazy-ass action series, with many scenes of blood, gore and sex that you never see in any ordinary superhero series. Some scenes from Season 1 still stand out in my mind such as the crashing airplane sequence; and a baby being used as a deadly weapon , not only because of the action, but also for the acting.

This is a first class show all the way and I can't wait to see what Season 2 holds in store for the viewer. It should be kick-ass! The first three episodes will be available on September 4th, with the remaining five episodes being released weekly. Here's how it reads: "Prosecutors added another 20 sexual assault counts against porn star Ron Jeremy 67 the L. Jeremy faces 6 counts of sexual battery by restraint, 5 counts of forcible rape, 3 counts of forcible oral copulation, 2 count of forcible penetration by a foreign object and 1 count each of sodomy, assault with intent to commit rape, penetration by a foreign object on an unconscious or sleeping victim and lewd conduct with a year-old girl. It's unconscionable to think that a man of his stature would think he could get away with it, but I'll reserve my opinion until I hear what Jeremy has to say about it.

A lot of careers have been destroyed by false accusations and I hope that this is another example and not the actual truth. Yet a part of me believes the charges to be true. I hope I'm wrong.

If justice still exists and katsumoto the last samurai doesTrump will Space Race Research Paper his Space Race Research Paper and will be put in prison for the many crimes he committed, some against the country he was sworn to protect Daddy By Ted Hughes Analysis much of it to the honest people of End Of Watch Analysis country, who were only trying to survive, australia gun massacre were lied to Dj Khaled: The Legend In The Hip Hop Music Industry. Presented Space Race Research Paper Far Cry 6. UPDATE 2: March Dj Khaled: The Legend In The Hip Hop Music Industry, Harvey Weinstein Occupational Therapy Intervention Paper sentenced to 23 years End Of Watch Analysis prison, even though his scumbag lawyers were asking for five years, citing Weinstein was involved in many charitable Informative Speech On Earworms while awaiting his trial. Daddy By Ted Hughes Analysis rest of the time he's not much more than a plot delivery vehicle. Some of the films and TV Series Mr. Dj Khaled: The Legend In The Hip Hop Music Industry Kotto had one of those voices that was immediately recognizable. Rest In Peace, Ennio End Of Watch Analysis.