Just Walk On By

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Just Walk On By

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Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. Anger is conceptualized as an instinctual drive Hall, and Blacks are often stereotyped as angry and out of control with regard to their feelings and emotions Franklin, Anger and its manifestations have been widely documented as a response to racism related experiences Wade, Johnson and Greene found that for young Black men who were faced with a number of race-related anger-provoking situations; their feelings of anger were suppressed because of fear of negative consequences. He gives the reader that same sense of alienation that he felt at that moment; because of his skin color people automatically treated him different. Through this personal way of speaking he reached not only the white women, but black men, and American society as a whole.

Staples makes the entire situation feel as though it were happening to you at that very moment; and that, no matter how hard you try, there is no changing the American way of discrimination. Staples also touched on situations that pertain to every audience mentioned above. The internalization of anti-black sentiment from the outside world thus begins to shape the black American experience. Double consciousness also creates an element of conflict within the black American, as they struggle often unsuccessfully to reconcile their identity as a black person and as an American citizen. By including Ras in this fashion, he creates a stereotype view of the Black Race. These oppressions can lead to very intense psychological issues.

Throughout this paper there will be discussions on numerous angles of the psychological issues homosexual black males are being faced with on a daily basis. In addition to psychological issues homosexual black males develop; we will discuss how gender masculinity and appearance has a major influence over discrimination among these males. To discover our identity in a world where discrimination occurs on a normal basis makes it hard for some people to accept who they really are.

I tried to find somebody. The book is designed to break the common misconceptions imbedded in a majority of peoples minds over how a black man lives his life and why he in a sense "does what he does," "thinks what he thinks," and "acts the way he acts. Although many of them are still existent and quiet prevalent, Duneier sought to try and break these misconceptions in hopes to try and bridge the gap, which has for so long been expanding between blacks and whites.

Slims Table, appears to be written in a two-fold manner, in that Duneier tries to explain and debunk two different, yet equally important ideologies that have long since been associated to the black working class. Both of these essays deal with race, appearance, and self-acceptance, but the authors write about them in different ways. When looking at the similarities and differences together, the points of these essays have a much stronger message about how to deal with discrimination.

These essays seem to have different stories, but both have many apparent similarities. Crafting their voices towards their attitudes on the discussion, the authors interest the reader to accept the topic. Having knowledge about dumpsters, he also adds humorous irony to his discussion. The main purpose of an article is what the reader should learn from it. Staples uses many rhetorical devices in his writing to help the reader understand his point of view. He uses rhetorical devices such as onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and diction.

Diction is a tremendous part of this article. The main idea of this article is the fact that blacks are perceived as a violent and disastrous people, and this, in turn, puts them in danger. Staples uses a detailed imagery to illustrate the stereotype of individuals based on black people. In the article, the author portrays the poignant events that black people face and uses pathos to describe his melancholy of people judging him by his skin color.

He attracts the focus of audience towards the main idea of this article by using onomatopoeia as well as diction. Unit 1. Co-teaching 1 reflection. Independent Reading Project. Othello Digital Writing Workshop. Lesson Plan 1: Introduction. Essential Question: What is the difference between how the author perceives himself and how others perceive him? Circular flow Essential Question: What impact does beginning "Just Walk on By" with a climax have on the story as a whole? How does Staples illustrate his message through his word choice? Instructional Strategy: Each student chooses a phrase five words or less that best describes the assumptions made about people of color in the first two paragraphs of the story.

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