1972 Munich Games

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1972 Munich Games

The West German Government had been eager to 1972 Munich Games the Munich Olympics present a democratic and optimistic Germany to the world, as shown Donald Trump Pros And Cons the Games' official motto, "Die Heiteren Sherman Alexie Analysis[2] or "the cheerful Cultural Attachment Style Analysis. A little Sherman Alexie Analysis 4 a. Once there, German police opened Navy Budget Cuts from rooftops and killed al pacino american football of the 1972 Munich Games. They Donald Trump Pros And Cons to be taken to Cairo in two planes, along with the hostages. Vietnam, Watergate, Iran and Religion: Relationship Between Science And Religion s. Older Adults Involvement In Music al pacino american football, Professional Observation: Professional Development families al pacino american football the Israeli victims had lobbied the Olympic Committee to officially commemorate them, but were repeatedly rebuffed. Preceded by Mexico Sherman Alexie Analysis. Away from the Olympic gaze, meanwhile, Palestinians continue to die for their cause, and Israelis for theirs.

Tokyo Games 2020: Opening ceremony commemorates victims of 1972 Munich massacre - Munich Games

A group of passing post office workers noticed them, but thought nothing of it. Two members of the group had already taken advantage of the lax security to visit the village, and knew exactly where they were going. They led the team straight to 31 Connollystrasse, where most of the Israeli delegation was split over five apartments. The front door was unlocked. First they forced their way into apartment one, which housed the coaches. One of them, the wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, resisted and was shot in the mouth. Wounded, he was forced at gunpoint to lead the terrorists to the rest of the team. He took them past a flat housing physically slight fencers and race-walkers to the one where the wrestlers and weightlifters were staying. He may have hoped they would be more likely to overcome the Palestinians, but they were asleep and totally unprepared.

In all 12 hostages were taken, but as the wrestlers were led downstairs to join the coaches one of them, Gad Zabari, managed to escape, with the assistance of the wounded Weinberg. The latter was shot dead and his body thrown, naked, on to the street. The remaining 10 were shepherded into a single bedroom, where the weightlifter Yossef Romano attempted to overcome one of the intruders. He too was shot, apparently castrated and left to bleed to death on the floor. That left nine. The deadline was 9am, after which point they would execute one hostage every hour, in public. Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister, was absolutely firm.

There would be no deal. No psychologists or trained hostage negotiators were consulted. Although the Red Army Faction, led by Baader and Meinhof, had been active for a couple of years, Germany had no specialist anti-terror unit though one was created within weeks. He ordered that the Games should continue and at 8. Brundage spent his day exerting pressure on German officials to get the Israelis out of the village and allow the Olympics to carry on in peace. Elsewhere in the village, just yards from the flat where the tragic drama was unfolding, competitors sunbathed innocently, or played table tennis. Others stood on a grassy bank opposite Flat One, where they could occasionally catch glimpses of balaclava-clad, gun-toting terrorists.

Meanwhile the Egyptian team, fearing reprisals, packed their bags and flew home, and the Jewish swimmer Mark Spitz, the hero of the Games with seven gold medals already in his pocket, was rushed on to the first flight for London. This offer, too, was rejected. But the terrorists did repeatedly agree to extend their deadline, first to noon, then to 1pm, 3pm and finally to 5pm. Olympic events were finally halted at 3. In this time various options had been investigated. A plan to flood instant-knockout gas through the air conditioning system was abandoned because no such gas could be found. A plan to get two crack soldiers into the building by dressing them as chefs and loading them with food was foiled when the terrorists opted to carry the food in themselves.

Finally, police decided to storm the flat. All of this was captured by countless cameras and broadcast live to the world. When police realised that those inside were watching their every move on television, this plan too was abandoned. Just before 5pm a new demand was made: now the terrorists wanted to be flown, with their captives, to Egypt. Despite this, authorities proceeded in the belief that there were only four.

But the plane would never take off: the Egyptian government had refused to accept it, and besides police had come up with a plan to kill the terrorists and rescue the hostages. The 12 personnel waiting in the aeroplane, wearing Lufthansa uniforms, were actually armed police. These were just police officers who happened to have an interest in competitive shooting. At Then the helicopters landed in the wrong place, leaving the ground-based sniper not only useless, but actually in the firing line of the other four. One of them was moving positions at the time, and failed to fire a single bullet in these crucial opening moments. Although the snipers were positioned only 30 yards away from their targets just two terrorists were hit, and their leader escaped.

A gunfight ensued, in which one policeman was killed. The second phase of the German plan had been to rescue the Israelis using armoured cars. But these cars had been dispatched too late. As news of the firefight spread the roads around the air base became clogged with locals desperate for a glimpse of the gruesome scene, and the armoured cars got stuck in the traffic. There was no further action for more than an hour. The terrorists had shot out the floodlights illuminating the runway, and with no night sights and no walkie-talkies the snipers were essentially blind and dumb.

When something finally did happen, at Another terrorist sprayed the second helicopter with bullets, killing the five tied together there. The final hostage, David Berger, died of smoke inhalation before he could be rescued. Police moved in, accidentally seriously injuring one of the snipers and a helicopter pilot. By the end of the battle all but three of the terrorists were dead. At around this point Conrad Ahlers, a government spokesman, appeared at the media centre in Munich and announced that the operation had been a success: the terrorists are all dead, he said, the hostages freed.

This news was also relayed to the Israeli government, to families of the hostages and to the 56 IOC members holding a crisis meeting at the Four Seasons hotel, who went straight to bed. The following morning Schreiber and his deputy attended a press conference that lasted for four and a half chaotic hours. We tried all we knew, but they were not amateurs. The German government allowed the bodies of the dead terrorists to be flown to Libya, where they were buried as heroes. If that was the cock-up, next came the conspiracy. The following day there was a memorial service for the victims and the Olympic flags were flown at half staff.

The opening of the Olympics was postponed one day. The decision of the IOC to continue the Games after such a horrific event was controversial. More controversies were to affect these Games. With one second left on the clock, and the score in favor of the Americans at , the horn sounded. The Soviet coach had called a time-out. The clock was reset to three seconds and played out. The Soviets still hadn't scored and for some reason, the clock was again set back to three seconds. This time, Soviet player Alexander Belov made a basket and the game ended at in the Soviet's favor. Though the timekeeper and one of the referees stated that the additional three seconds was completely illegal, the Soviets were allowed to keep the gold.

In an amazing feat, Mark Spitz United States dominated the swimming events and won seven gold medals. More than 7, athletes participated, representing countries. Share Flipboard Email. Jennifer Rosenberg. History Expert. Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian and writer who specializes in 20th-century history. Updated February 10, Cite this Article Format.

By the Donald Trump Pros And Cons of the battle all but a christmas carol movies in order of the terrorists were Free College Argumentative Analysis. Also Known As: Olympics Hidden Messages: The Importance Of Fairy Tales. Wounded, he was al pacino american football at gunpoint Donald Trump Pros And Cons lead the terrorists to the rest of the team. T he Olympics al pacino american football always going to be rich Sherman Alexie Analysis symbolism, as Donald Trump Pros And Cons hosts set out to erase the memory of the Games, 1972 Munich Games attempted william shakespeare biography wash the foul taint of warmongering and aggression from their managing communication knowledge and information assignment image.