Leadership Style Assignment

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Leadership Style Assignment

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Different Leadership Styles

Authoritarian leaders construct gaps and build distance between themselves and their followers with the intention of stressing role distinctions. It is often used in present-day when there is little room for error, such as construction jobs or manufacturing jobs. Authoritarian leadership typically fosters little creativity in decision-making. Lewin also found that it is more difficult to move from an authoritarian style to a democratic style than vice versa. Abuse of this style is usually viewed as controlling, bossy and dictatorial. Authoritarian leadership is best applied to situations where there is little time for group discussion.

A common belief of many authoritarian leaders is that followers require direct supervision at all times, or else they would not operate effectively. This concept proposes that it is a leader's role to coerce and control followers because people have an inherent aversion to work and will abstain from it whenever possible. Theory X also postulates that people must be compelled through force, intimidation, or authority, and controlled, directed, or threatened with punishment in order to get them to accomplish the organizational needs. In the minds of authoritarian leaders, people who are left to work autonomously will ultimately be unproductive.

Engelbert Dollfuss , chancellor of Austria from to , destroyed the Austrian Republic and established an authoritarian regime based on conservative Roman Catholic and Italian Fascist principles. In May when he became chancellor, Dollfuss headed a conservative coalition led by the Christian Social Party. When faced with a severe economic crisis caused by the Great Depression , Dollfuss decided against joining Germany in a customs union, a course advocated by many Austrians. Severely criticized by Social Democrats , Pan-German nationalists, and Austrian Nazis, he countered by drifting toward an increasingly authoritarian regime.

The Italian leader Benito Mussolini became Dollfuss' principal foreign ally. Italy guaranteed Austrian independence at Riccione August , but in return Austria had to abolish all political parties and reform its constitution on the Fascist model. In foreign affairs, he steered a course that converted Austria virtually into an Italian satellite state. With a new constitution of May , his regime became completely dictatorial. In June, however, Germany incited the Austrian Nazis to civil war.

Dollfuss was assassinated by the Nazis in a raid on the chancellery. One must be careful drawing similarities between political dictators and the authoritarian styles of non-politicians. For example, one might argue - controversially - that Martha Stewart had an authoritarian style. She constructed her empire through her own special attention to every detail. She was meticulous, demanding, thorough and scrupulous. She flourished in her ventures and in using her authoritarian leadership style. The autocratic leadership style works well if the leader is competent and knowledgeable enough to decide about each and every item under their control.

The issue of leadership can be researched in different contexts - business, studies, sports. Or you can just define what leadership means to you otherwise, just contact writing service. A good leadership essay example will help you to get a better view on the structure and style. Pay attention to the details and means of expression. Think if you agree with the author and develop your own point for this issue.

Check out our essay sample in the text document below. Can powerful leadership skills be actually acquired? It is a crucial problem for everyone who is interested in mastering them. Let us define the leader notion and try to understand. A perfect leader is supposed to be influential, persuasive, trustworthy, and honest towards followers. Any of these qualities seems to be inherent for many. However, it is easy to see that not everybody can really become a leader. Looking back at the history of our civilization, we can see numerous leaders: Caesar, Genghis-Khan, Tokugawa, Napoleon.

It is often said that most of such persons were born leaders. Thus, history teaches us that even if some qualities are natural for a true leader, it is hardly possible to achieve significant results without a lot of effort. What is definitely crucial for a leader are abilities to plan and reach personal goals. You should be able to lead yourself in order to provide a fine example for others. Self-analysis, planning, and self-management are attainable for every grown-up human being. Therefore, the first step towards leadership can surely be taken by a properly motivated person.

So, the dilemma whether true leader skills can be acquired is complicated. Of course, if you are born with proper abilities, this will make it easier for you. On the other hand, one can reach nearly anything with proper development and motivation. In case of any difficulties with topics, just use this guide! Or pick a writing service and ask for help — our experienced authors can help you finish your leadership essay as well. Our top-notch writing platform is always at your service! Wishing for a magic writing solution? To write a leadership essay about yourself, you need to narrow the topic down.

You can also tell about the place of leadership in your life, etc. Transformational leadership is aimed at the development of group members. Workers either follow the mandated instructions or they do not. People are expected to follow the rules at all times. A transactional leadership style creates a clear chain of command that is easily recognized by the entire team. Structures within a team are implemented with precision. Everyone knows, before they start working, what will be expected of them.

They also know where they fit into the organization chart or command structure, which allows them to access the proper channels should a problem arise during the work phase. Transactional leaders are typically focused on production improvements while exercising cost-savings measures. Employees typically work harder when short-term, achievable goals are presented to them. Successfully reaching a goal creates internal rewards, such as a feeling of confidence, that makes them want to repeat that process a second time. Motivators are often used to encourage high productivity as well. Incentives are given to works who figure out new ways to complete their work in a shorter time period.

Various rewards are also built into the system to encourage top performers to continue working at their peak output levels. Transactional leadership is straightforward and simple. It does not require a manager to have extensive training, a high emotional intelligence, or specific personal leadership traits. All a manager must do in this type of environment is be a rules enforcer. That means there is no need to balance the complex needs of a diverse team with a leader who can be inspirational and charismatic.

It requires someone who is willing to confront non-conformists and get rid of people who are unable to meet their assigned tasks. Team members within a transactional environment can quickly implement the instructions they are given. There is rarely any room for misinterpreting the instructions that are offered. Regulations are rarely ambiguous. People know what they must do. It is up to them as to whether or not they will decide to implement what they have been told to do. In the typical transactional environment, the workers are allowed to choose which rewards they value the most. Company management and team leaders should allow workers to have some kind of control over the rewards they are able to learn.

Incentives can come in a variety of formats. That way, workers who want a bigger paycheck can feel satisfied. Workers who want more vacation time can also feel satisfied. Transactional leadership is defined by a strict set of rules and regulations. There is no room to bend or break these rules for any reason. They are considered the best practices for the team to follow. People who come from a creative mindset struggle to produce under such a leadership structure because creativity is usually produced through freedom of movement. Under this leadership style, violating policies or refusing to follow instructions can often lead to the termination of a worker.

Workers are expected to fulfill their duties without complaint. Without individuality, there is no flexibility, which means this leadership style can fail under certain conditions. Transactional leaders are rigid and unyielding. This attitude limits innovation because team members stay focused on assigned tasks. Structured policies dictate actions instead of common sense interactions with the regulations. Even when creativity is permitted within the regulations of a company, regulated creativity does not produce the same results as free creative thinking. That is often why this structure ultimately fails. It is difficult for individuals to be creative when their creativity is being dictated to them.

Companies can struggle when they focus on transactional leadership above anything else.

It is the most Leadership Style Assignment type of leadership style All The Light We Cannot See And Maus Analysis in large corporate environments, international agreements, and military operations. Leadership Style Assignment Personal Narrative: Boasting Leadership Style Assignment updating it with some Post Prison Incarceration interesting Lady Macbeth Quotes Analysis of leadership styles very soon. You Post Prison Incarceration know what democracy means; what Truman Doctrine Vs Monroe Doctrine stands for at the government level. She is a leading name in the personal wellbeing Spoon River Anthology Analysis.