Reflection On My Literacy Journey

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Reflection On My Literacy Journey

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They learn that they can change their behavior, make different choices, and see different results. Psychologists call this perspective having a sense of agency and consider it a very important aspect of a positive, healthy development of self. Another way young children learn to think about themselves is through the memories others share with them. Have you ever noticed how much toddlers and preschoolers love seeing pictures of themselves when they were babies and hearing stories about when they were younger? Their fascination reflects their growing understanding of their own history. He is recounting memories that form his autobiography—his remembered self.

These personal stories and memories help him understand himself in the contexts of relationships and experiences, which will become an increasingly important factor shaping how he thinks and feels about himself in the years to come. On the other hand, the person she is also influences the relationships she builds and the group as a whole. The concept of personal possession stems from a very healthy, normal advancement in their understanding of self. As anyone who has been around toddlers for long knows, they begin to take personal ownership very seriously!

To even have the idea an object belongs to me and not you! This strong sense of connection to people, places, and things can create struggles in a group setting where there are people e. For some children it can be even more difficult. The challenge of knowing how to help motivate young children to share people and things when appropriate is a real one for educators. For all of us, our connections to emotionally significant people and things are an important part of who we are. Infants and toddlers are only beginning the process of trying to make sense of the strong attachment they feel toward certain people and things and to understand what and who belong to them versus what and who are shared.

Understanding them can help educators be more intentional and positive in that role. If it looks just like mine, it is mine. Author Unknown. It is that sense of confidence you have as you are working alongside them as they are trying to get through a tough situation that conveys that you are utterly confident that they can succeed. Children at this very early stage are absorbing implicitly a sense of themselves by how educators act in relation to them, and with them and along side them, in relationship with them. We know that young children are developing a sense of themselves as it is reflected in how they are relating to people who matter to them.

It is the reflection of their evaluation that children take into themselves and incorporate into their sense of who they are. And this begins very early. A child who had a secure attachment to their parent at 4 years old had a very positive sense of self at 5. On the other hand, a parent who was reporting a lot of stress or depressive symptomology at 4, that child had a more negative sense of self at age 5. One of the remarkable experiences of a baby or toddler in an early education setting is that now they are part of more groups than the family.

They are part of a play group, a classroom group, where they are connected to other adults and to other children. Part of the looking for it is recognizing that they are enthusiastic and excited to be there. Parents will talk about getting ready for a tearful goodbye but the child is already heading off to the play group to join their friends. So if a child becomes distressed, for example, a toddler may, with their limited vocabulary, or maybe even with a sign, ask why is that child crying?

Practice-based online courses for infant-toddler educators and professionals who support them are now available online through our Learning Center. The research is clear—the most critical element of an infant-toddler program is YOU, the educator who interacts with babies and toddlers throughout the day. Learn More. This course provides opportunities to observe, understand, and reflect on critical interactions with infants and toddlers that support and nurture their social-emotional, cognitive, and language and literacy development and learning.

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