Masturbation: A Textual Analysis

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Masturbation: A Textual Analysis

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Types of Qualitative Data Analysis [Purposes, Steps, Example]

For instance, sexual urges may be given sublimated expression in the form of intense religious longings. A related neologism is defence mechanism which is a psychic procedure for avoiding painful admission or, recognition. Thus, for psychoanalysis, the unconscious is not passive reservoir of neutral data; rather it is a dynamic entity that engages us at the deepest level of our being. Later in his career, Freud suggested a tripartite model of the psyche, dividing it into id, ego and superego. The id, being entirely in the unconscious is the most inaccessible and obscure part of our personality. It is the receptacle of our libido, the primary source of our psychic energy.

Its function is to fulfil the primordial life principle, which is the pleasure principle. It is entirely without rationality and has a tremendous amorphous kind of vitality. Ego, governed by the reality principle, is defined as the rational governing force of the psyche. It is mostly conscious and protects the individual from the id. It is the site of reason and introspection. It is the intermediary between the world within id and the world outside superego. The superego, which is another regulatory agent, protects the society from id.

It is partly conscious and in moral parlance, can be called as the conscience of the individual. Being a repository of pride, self esteem etc. This is exemplified in his postulate of infantile sexuality. Drawing from mythology and contemporary ethnography, Freud proposes his theory of psychosexual development critiqued for its explicit phallogocentrism in which the infant passes through a series of stages, each defined by an erogenous zone of the body.

The stages of psychosexual development include:. During this stage, the principle source of pleasure for the infant is the mouth and the pleasure is derived through sucking, biting, swallowing etc. A person fixated at this stage will be prone to obsession with oral activities like eating, drinking, smoking, kissing etc. Pleasure is derived from the phallic region, through behaviours such as masturbation and through fantasies. Through both fantasy and overt behaviour, he exhibits his sexual longings for the mother. Many forms of inter-generational conflict are seen by Freudians as having oedipal overtones, such as professional rivalries, often viewed in Freudian terms as reproducing the competition between siblings for parental favour. Electra complex , the female version of the phallic conflict about which Freud was less clear is more complicated.

During phallic stage, the father becomes the object of her desire, as she identifies that both her mother and herself are castrated and powerless a severe critique of this Freudian concept is one of the concerns of Feminist psychoanalysts. Freud further states that the female heteronormative relationships are tinged with a certain degree of penis-envy as she seeks a surrogate father for such bondings. Even though there are social conflicts, they are minimalised through the use of sublimation. Freud described dreams as the royal road to the unconscious, as they provide a better understanding of the repressed desires in the unconscious.

They are considered as the symbolic fulfillment of the wishes of the unconscious. According to him, dreams are symbolic texts which need to be deciphered, since the watchful ego is at work, even when we are dreaming. The ego scrambles and censors the messages as the unconscious itself adds to this obscurity by its peculiar modes of functioning. Thus the latent dream content is not vividly displayed within the manifest one, but is concealed within complex structures and codes, which is called dreamwork in Freudian neologism.

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These are, of course, themes reflected Informative Essay: More Technology In Schools Dylan Foley Research Paper length by Derrida, and Dylan Foley Research Paper have Masturbation: A Textual Analysis immediate consequence on the meta-theoretical level. Mirror Kabuki Theater Analysis View this site from another server:. Memoires: for Paul de Mantrans.