Marine Hermit Crabs

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Marine Hermit Crabs

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Hermit Crabs care guid for beginners. A reef tank clean up crew essential

Marine hermit crabs live in the ocean and land hermit crabs live primarily on land. Land crabs are more active at night and spend their days hiding from the sun. Land crabs are the ones kept as pets. The hermit crab is not like other crabs. To protect the abdomen, a hermit crab inhabits an empty snail shell. The shell also stores water for the crab. Hermit crabs have gills that need to remain moist in order for them to breath. There are two main types of hermit crabs available as pets. There is the purple claw crab and the Ecuadorian crab. The purple claw crab is naturally found from Florida to as far south as Venezuela and can be found miles from the ocean.

It is reddish in color with dark red or purple claws. The Ecuadorian crab is found from California to Chili and lives on beaches and in tropical forests. It is smaller than the purple claw crab and is usually a brown or gray color. Hermit Crabs As Pets Hermit crabs make great pets that are fun and entertaining to watch. They are easy to care for and inexpensive.

Groups of crabs tend to be more active than individual crabs since they are social animals. Mangroves are trees that live along tropical coastlines, rooted in salty sediments, often underwater. Like seagrasses , mangroves are flowering plants, but unlike seagrasses, most of the plant lives above water. The upper trunk and all of the branches and leaves of a mangrove tree live completely above the water line, while the lower trunk and the very large system of aboveground roots called prop roots are often covered by seawater.

This structure creates an intricate network of habitat for numerous amphibious and marine animals. Mangroves are some of the only coastal plants that can live in saltwater, and when conditions are favorable, they cover the coastline in dense patches known as mangrove forests or swamps. As the primary species involved in forming mangrove forests prefer very warm, wet conditions, they are restricted to tropical and warm temperate latitudes around the world. Indonesia, Thailand, and Mexico are some places with particularly large areas of mangrove forest. Like reef-building corals, mangroves are ecosystem engineers — they form their own ecosystem and provide habitat for several other species.

Importantly, networks of these sediment-trapping forests buffer the coastline against wave-induced erosion and provide coastal ecosystems and coastal communities a vital line of defense against strong, tropical storms. Mangrove forests also provide important nursery habitat for many species of fishes and invertebrates, including those that are commercially important fisheries species, which later move to coral reefs and other ecosystems as they mature.

Without the protection that mangrove forests provide the juveniles of these species, their adult populations and the fishers who rely on their capture suffer. Furthermore, mangrove forests are a primary habitat for mature individuals of many species of seabirds and waterfowl and some terrestrial animals as well. The dual services of coastal protection and habitat for commercially important species make mangrove forests one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world.

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