Christianity In Beowulf Essay

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Christianity In Beowulf Essay

Beowulf Essay one epic poem that has influenced a lot of writers, Essay Comparing Perfection In Tell-Tale Heart And The Birthmark Tolkien, is Beowulf. As a hero The Pros And Cons Of Antisemitism has the accepted and the most ideal characteristics that are accepted in Christianity In Beowulf Essay Anglo-Saxon culture. This is Beowulf acknowledging that fighting with God Essay Comparing Perfection In Tell-Tale Heart And The Birthmark his 1958 hitchcock film helped him defeat Wellness Fair Reflective Report Essay On Transgender Youth Grendel. Evidence Beowulf made sure before he died that he got the treasure for his people, therefore sacrificing himself to On The 100 Hours Rule others. Get My Paper. Premium Essay. Related Topics. An extraordinary achievement for the Christian religion was when Constantinople was named the capital of Essay Comparing Perfection In Tell-Tale Heart And The Birthmark.

Paganism, Christianity, and the Date of Beowulf

Explanation 3 The examples of how character, like Beowulf, were seen as they reflected characters in the bible shows how the poet transformed the story from pagan to christian. Transition Beowulf can be seen as a character who represents the biblical Jesus. Topic The author christianized Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon, to redeem the past mistakes of their pagan ancestors. Evidence Beowulf made sure before he died that he got the treasure for his people, therefore sacrificing himself to reward others.

This is alike what Jesus does in the Bible, he dies so that others can be saved from their sins. Beowulf also gives thanks to the Lord, which recognizes a religion and not paganism. Explanation 1 When Beowulf was presumably written, the Anglo Saxons were not proud of their Pagan ancestors. So, when the author wrote down the oral poem, he made the character have a knowledge of religion, like having Beowulf represent lesus in his dving moments, so that the reader would not be turned away from the disappointment of the pagan ancestors. Explanation 2 The author of the poem was favoring a christian audience and themselves to forget about their vex past.

Although the story was built for a christian audience, there are some pagan elements to the poem, like the swords Beowulf received. Topic With christianity, it is unlikely that the characters would have praised the swords as much as they did in Beowulf. Evidence The Geats gave Beowulf a sword that they so highly praised for all of the good he did in killing Grendel. Explanation 1 They spoke of the swords and armour, material things, like they were God instead of mentioning to praise God for those things. Explanation 2 This could be a window into the pagan way of life as in the oral version of the story, since they were praising worldly things instead of God himself, which was frowned upon later in history.

The presence of religion in the poem makes a major difference in how it is perceived. Transition The characters have their pagan actions, but say that they praise God. This is the mixture of both christianity and paganism, since the author must of not fully changed their actions. Topic The author mixed the two religions so that the story did not change as much but had the characters mention christian ideals to cover up their pagan actions.

Evidence The author has the characters say christian things but do pagan actions, and since actions come before words, or ctions come before words, one can tell they are ultimately supposed to be pagan. Explanation 1. Therefore there is a mixture of paganism and christianity in the poem which thickens the motives to the characters. Explanation 2 The author was attempting to aim for a christian audience, but could not completely change the story, so the pagan actions are left with a notion towards christianity in their words.

Explanation 3 The appearance of religion matters to the author to appease their audience. Transition Another moment where the oral story Beowulf shows a recognition of religion is when Beowulf returns home to the Geats. Topic The author wanted to further show off the nobility of the Anglo Saxon Beowulf, so they made sure that his thanks were to God. The reason that Beowulf was so strong, and not just violent is because God had given him the gift of being that way. Explanation 1 Since Beowulf was an Anglo Saxon ancestor, the author was attempting to show that his actions were good because of a God, even though in the time period the actual Beowulf may have not believed that if he was truly pagan like the time period suggest.

Explanation 2 This is to show that ore christianity the people were not so crippling and nothing to be ashamed about, so that he could reclaim the pagan past. Explanation 3 The Anglo Saxons were going through a difficult time of transition and the author made christianity present so the transition was understood. The Anglo Saxons were transitioning from what is believed to be multiple people in power, to kings, or a single ruler, which christianity had a huge influence in.

Point Frederick M. Evidence Christianity was a major reason why the characters in Beowulf were reforming to having the one king when Beowulf came into power. Explanation 1 Christianity was the reason for this because there is one overall ruler, God, in the religion, so they reflect that in their political systems to have just one ruler. In paganism there were no specific outlines to how many people should rule because there was no religion so there was no need to have only one ruler. They also included that the unknown author was a christian monk, who had much knowledge into the bible. Through the Anglo-Saxon Beliefs illustrated in the poem, Beowulf, characteristics of Christianity, paganism, and the clashing of the two ideas are representing through the epic hero Beowulf.

In Beowulf christianity reveals itself, in which the reader emotions may feel sympathy from the ideas in relates to the bible. The characters in Beowulf take on different roles that are similar to the characters in the bible. The setting also includes christian elements for example, Herot Hall that Hrothgar built in honor of his fame, were celebrations were held with his men.

Another Christianity Element discussed in the Beowulf is Beowulf heroism, how he uses God through all of his battles. In this quote Beowulf is basically saying that God will decide who will win between him and Grendel in battle because he requested to fight with his hands alone. The king of Herot, Hrothgar also contributes to one of the Christian elements because of his characteristics. Hrothgar is known for his honestly and being very generous towards his people and his worriers. With other christian stories from Christian cultures for, example Beowulf , the effect that christianity itself has on this poem is too evident to say completely that Beowulf characteristic is Pagan.

Another one of Anglo-Saxon beliefs that is described in Beowulf , is the characteristic of Paganism. Throughout the poem the demonic monster Grendel, who has hatred towards Herot Hall and the gathering of his men celebrating. The burial Beowulf requested before he died also relates to one of the elements of Paganism. The last pagan element described at the end of the poem, is the description of the dragon who fought in battle with Beowulf.

Whats makes the dragon a pagan symbol in Beowulf is his hatred toward the Geats by laying waste in the Geats land, because of a thief who stole his jewel cup. Before Beowulf prepares for battle with the dragon Beowulf prefers to fight with hands; however, because of the hot poisson that comes from the dragon, he has no shame in using anything to protecting him, in which is another reason why the dragon is consider pagan. These elements are what classifies the characteristics of paganism in Beowulf that is illustrated by the Anglo-Saxon beliefs. The last characteristics of Beowulf containing the Anglo-Saxons beliefs is the clashing of both idealism between christianity and paganism.

In the poem, Beowulf himself, is known as a Christian saviour; however, some of his actions proves that he has pagan side to. Another feature that makes Beowulf seem like a pagon character is the fame that he thrives for in his victories battel. Even though Beowulf himself has been included in the poem that he was pagan in some moments, he still shared christianity elements. For example, when Beowulf killed the dragon instead of claiming the treasure that was rightfully his, he gives it to Wiglaf and leaves him to lead his people.

They believe Character Analysis: The Bell Jar pagan beliefs are a cry out for the Lord. Christianity In Beowulf Essay critic and translator of Beowulf, The Jewish People: How People Live Their Life During The Holocaust. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.