Victor Rushs Assassination Methods

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Victor Rushs Assassination Methods

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Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- : In the final dungeon, Felmut creates a seal on a portal that can only be lifted by fighting stronger versions of every non-humanoid boss. You can face each boss individually, or face them all in a row ending with a Bonus Boss fight against either an incredibly powered up version of Bowser known as "Bowser X" Bowser's Inside Story , Bowser Jr. Dream Team also features an alternate mode where you face off against the game's Giant Bosses again. Mega Man : All of the Mega Man Battle Network games aside from the first and fourth, despite being RPGs, have a boss rush towards the end of the main story that is split into multiple sections. The sixth game in particular has two, with the second being a repeatable straight boss rush in the Bonus Dungeon that is required in order to challenge the Bonus Boss again.

Similarly, the fourth and fifth games have the same setup, where the six bosses you gained Double Souls have dark counterparts that must be defeated to reach the Bonus Boss. In the fourth game, it's one-time-only fights, which eventually lead to a battle with Mega Man's Dark Soul. In the fifth game, going off to face the Chaos Lord warrants a rematch with the Dark Soul Navis each time you return to fight again — though depending on the average time it takes to defeat the Navis, Chaos Lord will assume the form of Nebula Grey, Bass, or Mega Man's Dark Soul.

The Battle Network games also had a habit of throwing waves of viruses at you in gauntlet-style battles, the circumstances depending on the situation involved. Sometimes, the virus fights could be as lengthy as 20 battles in a row! The third Battle Network had two unique situations of boss-rushing. One involved earning ranks to rise up in status in the Undernet, where Beastman shows up suddenly for a rematch, getting deleted again earlier than the other enemy Navis and not during the final stages of the game. To prevent a third fight, Wily terminates his operator, Inukai. The other instance of boss-rush beyond the norm is a series of battles against 15 Omega Navis, the strongest forms of all the Navis in the game, including post-game bosses save for Bonus Boss Punk , accessed by a secret code when you have surmounted five stars.

These fights are punctuated with 3 battles against Omega-level viruses, then a battle against the Omega Navis. To find them, you have to stumble upon their hidden data on the Net. Beating them and earning seven stars causes Final Boss Alpha to morph into a respective Omega form. Although the first game made the player go through similar dungeons from earlier in the game. The only thing that was missing was a boss at the end of them. And the 4th game only had only 2 non-final bosses you were guaranteed to face, with one of those bosses not really counting as a boss fight until the post-endgame anyways and the other boss isn't ever faced until the room before the final boss. And yes, it is beatable. Another E-tank, onii-chan? Maybe that's bad to say, for reasons.

Mega Man Star Force has all the FM-ians revived to face off with you as you progress through to get to Big Bad Cepheus — save for Gemini, who shows up earlier for a rematch. How they can assume the forms they took when merging with a human by themselves is handwaved by the fact they can copy the memory of these forms in their bodies, then mimic them perfectly. In Star Force 2 , there are two boss rushes of sorts. The first is the normal one where you fight all the bosses who aren't your friends the usual type, while the second is in the Bonus Dungeon , where you fight heavily upgraded versions of nearly every boss, friends included, as well as some new ones, ending with the Bonus Boss.

Star Force 3 also does the same thing. Mega Man Legends : The second game features a rematch against the Reaverbot bosses that guarded the keys to Elysium's inner chamber, each one relegated to their own floor as you descend. For whatever reason, the rematch against one of the bosses has increased gravity, restricting your jump. The Tower of Dread in Miitopia has the Miis fight the powerful bosses of each of the eight New Lumos districts in a row. In 3 Ultimate , these missions become the largest part of the final High Rank chapter 9 stars in the Village route, and the most common in all of G Rank in the Guild route. In 4 Ultimate , many quests of this kind have the monsters infected by the Frenzy Virus, making them more difficult to hunt.

To ease the pain, large monsters in multi-monster quests tend to have less health; a monster that typically takes you 15 minutes to slay normally can take only 10 minutes or even five. Odin Sphere : The final chapter consists of challenging the five prophecied disasters that bring about the end of the world. In the remaster there is a post game dungeon, Churning Rift of the World, that has you fight through EVERY boss in the game, including the new bosses from each area. There's also the World Leaders Tournament, a bigger tournament with opponents from all regions, and the Champions Tournament. Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale has a Boss Rush of each dungeon's roster unlocked for beating it — useful for farming boss drops.

Riviera: The Promised Land has one in the final section of the game where the player needs to fight 5 Dark Progenitors, basically boss of previous chapters except Ledah before facing Hector , and then face Seth-Ra. You do fight MBlack 3, but that is after the main Boss Rush. The Primal Cataract from Sands of Destruction is populated by mechanical reconstructions of the various beastlords you've fought.

They're Random Encounters , though, so you probably won't encounter them in order and will almost definitely encounter them more than once — they're Degraded Bosses , but this is the only place you fight them and they're the only enemies in the area, making the level a variation of the traditional boss rush. Secret of Mana comes close to this trope with the Pure Land, an area near the end of the game featuring six bosses, many of them upgraded versions of earlier bosses. While you can leave at any time to heal or restock, doing so forces you to retrace your steps through a tough area replete with powerful enemies in order to make additional progress.

These bosses have the exact same stats as when you fight them the first time, meaning the first few will probably fall to your auto attacks, but the last few can end your run of you're unlucky. Also, because the game has different final bosses depending on what ending you've obtained, you won't fight literally all bosses until you have unlocked all endings. It's then that main Joshua challenges Another Neku to an reduction chain battle against just about every boss in the game. The only worthwhile prize to be gained from this asides from a chance at the bosses' own individual drops multiplied by eleven, useful if you're having difficulty chaining them elsewhere is five 10K Yen pins and the Angel Feather, which is Awesome, but Impractical , but at least it's redoable.

The start of the hidden story path in Way of the Samurai 4 is this. If you managed to initiate the requirements of the hidden path, you will fight in this order: Akagi, Melinda, Kotobuki and the three Kinugawa sisters. What makes it difficult, is that you probably do not have access to healing items, as this fight takes place at the start of the game. The only healing items you might have are dropped by Prajna members fought during the tutorial fight. Oddly, you're allowed to simply run past them if you're not in the mood for fighting. Fighting Game. Later teams would feature original boss-level characters like Chris, Shermie and Yashiro. The final battle of Nowel's route in Magical Battle Arena has you fighting everyone you've fought along the way, except the Gadget Drones and your clones.

The bad: Since this is a Fighting Game , Nowel is still as strong as she was then as she is now. The worse: You have to fight all of them at the same time with no allies. The worst: They're not handicapped in any way. Luckily, you get take a break after each victory to train or save the game. Super Smash Bros. Melee : The All-Star mode is introduced to the series in this game, and in it the player fights all characters in a random order, in matches that start in 1-vs.

Recovery between battles is allowed, with up to three Heart Containers present in the Rest Area. Brawl features this mode again, sorting the character order by the date of origin of their franchises. In 4 , the order is based on the date of origin of the characters themselves straight in the 3DS version, reverse in the Wii U version. Brawl : During the final level of the Subspace Emissary, The Great Maze, there's a Boss Rush which is a combination of the All-Star and Boss Rush modes, seeing as you have to not only fight all characters gained in the story but all the bosses as well.

The Great Maze is also a Game Rush, since not only you have to fight all the other characters and the bosses gained and beaten previously but you also go through bits of most of the levels previously cleared in a single Metroidvania level. This page actually explains this part of the game, saying that the Great Maze is assembled with the pieces of the world taken to Subspace with the Subspace Bombs, and that the revived bosses and shadowy clones are the result of the Subspace Army's extensive analysis.

Upon completion of the Subspace Emissary, the mode Boss Battles is unlocked. It borrows the same format as All-Star Mode, allowing recovery between battles by providing up to three Heart Containers. The final co-op Event Match in Brawl and For Wii U is two players against the game's playable roster, similar to All-Star Mode minus the breaks or recovery opportunities.

Ultimate : As part of the path towards facing the True Final Boss in the "World of Light", the player must refight six bosses Giga Bowser, Ganon, Marx, Rathalos, Dracula, and Galleom , which is immediately followed with the final battle against both Galeem and Dharkon. Sephiroth's Classic Mode route has him fighting nothing but bosses, only excluding the Big Bads of World of Light to prevent spoilers.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has three consecutive in the Arcade Mode. The four bosses are also Final Bosses in the Tekken series. First-Person Shooter. The two penultimate levels of Batman Doom take place in the Arkham Asylum in the middle of an outbreak mirroring the part from the comic book storyline Knightfall. All the inmates from Batman's Rogues Gallery — which is to say, the bosses you've fought throughout the game — are fought one by one throughout these two levels.

Happens at the end of Blood , where you have to fight the three bosses you defeated earlier before finally facing the Big Bad. Before fighting the game's final boss, you must first defeat previous three in rapid succession. At the climax of Half-Life 2 : Episode Two , you have to face a small army of tripodal Striders which served as bosses in the two previous games , and two to three Hunters which were used as bosses earlier in the game accompany each one! This is made significantly easier than it sounds, though, since with a bit of skill you can one-hit kill both of them.

The final stage in Ken's Labyrinth has you fighting the bosses of episodes 1 and 2 before fighting Ken. In the third-to-last level of Prey , just before you fight the Disc-One Final Boss , you're pitted in an arena fight against practically every enemy type in the game, including the game's previous two boss characters. In the last level of Will Rock Mount Olympus you have to fight waves of enemies, among the others several Cyclops and Eaphesti , a revived Medusa and finally Zeus himself. Hack and Slash.

Bayonetta has degraded bosses show up as early as two levels after you kill the bosses they're based on, but in the final lengthy level of the game you wind up fighting all of them over the course of the stage, as well as Boss in Mook Clothing Golem and Joy s. Devil May Cry 3 , 4 and 5 have one level almost entirely devoted to this. Then again, they ARE Capcom games.

Also, the penultimate boss of Dante's scenario in 2 is a mishmash of most of the bosses you've fought up till that point, including one from the first game. Dynasty Warriors 4 sees this in the Battle of Jianye, which is the final stage should Wu be the last kingdom to fall. When it starts, it seems normal for a battle against Wu, with Sun Jian as the commander. However, once you slay him, the stage does not end, as his eldest son, Sun Ce , will declare himself as the new commander. In The Force Unleashed , the fight with Proxy resembles this. Every few times you hit him, he changes into a different boss that you have fought, before finally settling on Darth Maul.

It only doesn't count as a Boss Game because there are mooks in the stage and you are supposed to kill a whole lot of them before seriously engaging the boss. Or you can try your luck, but that tends to end badly. Light Gun Game. House of the Dead : The first game has you fighting previously fought bosses again. During the last level, you face off with the bosses of the first two levels.

Chariot is the same, though Hanged Man is a little easier. You battle the first three bosses of the game again, as well as the final boss of the first game, throughout the last two levels, with some variations. Finally, when fighting the last boss, Emperor, his second attack strategy is actually to summon up transparent clones of the first four bosses, who attack once before fading away. In City of Heroes you can fight the archvillains of the Council individually in different parts of the game. In City of Villains you fight a gauntlet of them all in a single mission near the end of the game. Interestingly, you face the toughest ones early on in the boss rush. The Lord Recluse Strike Force in the level range of City of Villains features three boss rushes in which you fight all of the present elite Heroes simultaneously.

Of course, since this is a MMO, "simultaneously" just means "be careful with the pulls". Its heroic counterpart, the Statesman Task Force, has three boss rushes, each one higher up the Arachnos chain of command. The middle one takes it literally, as players have to defeat each member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad at a time to get to the next floor, before about a billion Mooks catch up. Final Fantasy XIV has Ultimate Trials, which pits you and seven others against a sequence of bosses in a theme before you take on a special version of the final boss made for this fight. Be forewarned though, Ultimate is absolutely merciless , requiring nigh-perfect execution and coordination with your team to clear the fight with absolutely no checkpoints in-between.

Wipe anywhere in the encounter? Back to square one with you! MapleStory has Mu Lung Dojo, where you fight 39 various area and party quest bosses in order of weakest to strongest, with another boss at the end. Phantasy Star Online has the quest "Towards the Future", which is a boss rush of Episode I with a few rooms of enemies in between each boss. It's also the only thing anyone ever plays. Phantasy Star Online 2 has the limited quest "A World Engulfed in Shadows" which has no trash mobs but every boss from every ultimate area and like the Phantasy Star Online example above has the player play through a small section of each ultimate area.

First, in ultimate Naberius Forest the player must fight a Dual Boss against Plosiorgles and Bayaribbles followed up with a fight with Diablo Igrithys. Then they progress to ultimate Lilipa Mines where they fight a dual boss against Falke Leone and Vilma Leopard after which they must defeat Zeta Guranz. After that they move on to ultimate Amduscia Caves where they must fight a dual boss against 2 Box Duvals before having to fight Drago Deadleon and then fight Greuzoras Drago. After that the player moves on to ultimate Naberius Ruins where they must fight a dual boss against Anga Fundarge and Dio Hunar. Vindictus has battlequest Prepare for Counterattack in the first boat and The Unveiling Truth in the second. The bosses in these spawn on a timer 3 minutes apart, which means that if any fight lasts longer than that it becomes a Wolfpack Boss.

The first fight of said Coliseum in the raid version pits the players against three different bosses in rapid succession. On heroic mode, each boss even comes with a set time limit before the next arrives, even if the previous one is still standing. The Crusader's Coliseum was Blizzards answer to players asking for less trash mobs between bosses after Ulduar. No trashmobs at all. No instance either, just a big circular arena. Party Game. Mario Party has one in two games, both of which require story mode to be completed at least once to prevent spoilers: Mario Party DS has this as a "Boss Bash" Minigame, where you get to fight the bosses in order as a Time Trial.

You don't have to worry about restocking or having to fight the bosses on reduced health — but you DO have to beat them all in a row or you'll fail the entire minigame. Mario Party 9 allows the player to choose between fighting only minibosses, only main bosses or all of them. Since bosses can't kill characters their attacks only reduce scores , the challenge is based on which of the challengers deals the most damage in each battle. The character with the highest overall rank is declared victor. Platform Game. This can be bought with targets in Assassin Blue , after the game is completed. In Athena , before facing the Final Boss , you have to defeat every previous boss in order, with short segments in between. Another Mega Man successor, Azure Striker Gunvolt Series , meanwhile, not only has boss rushes in both the last stage of the story mode of each of its games as well as its unlockable modes, but they even brings justifications for the story mode boss rushes: Azure Striker Gunvolt has one of the bosses being a necromancer.

Complicating the matter somewhat is that said boss has triple Split Personality. In addition, when the bosses die the first time, their Transformation Trinket warps away, but the second time, the trinket falls and breaks apart. Despite this, however, the copies do possess the same personalities as their originals and even act the same with The Dragon 's copy attempting a Taking You with Me on Gunvolt for the Big Bad who is his adoptive sister. This second death animation also applies to the unlockable boss rush mode. Luminous Avenger iX boss rush copies in the story mode are physical holograms with no personality and different death animation from their originals; The original bosses die in an explosive flurry of feathers, while their boss rush copies glitch out and fade away.

The technology behind this is the very same technology the Big Bad uses to create a copy of his old human form to fight Copen for the first phase of the final battle, while several more of said copies showing up in the ending. As a break from the previous games, the unlockable off-story boss rush mode serves as the game's Hard Mode, where the bosses behave slightly differently than when you fight them in story. Blinx: The Time Sweeper 's last boss forces you to beat the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th bosses in one run, and then proceeds to fight you itself. Bomberman Hero : The final level; Garaden Star. After Bagular's revival, he brings back his four devils of Garaden previously fought by Bomberman in each world on new stages and different elements. The second-to-last stage of Bonk's Adventure involves fighting the bosses of the first four worlds all over again, the same as before.

Bonk's Revenge 's final stage is a Hub Level leading to four mini-levels each ending with one of the first four bosses. After clearing these, you fight the Round 6 boss and the Final Boss in sequence. Castlevania : A bonus Boss Rush mode is a common unlockable feature in later games. You battle all the bosses in a row, aiming for the quickest time, often to unlock special weapons and equipment for the main game. Quite often given a bit of extra replay value though allowing you to use the bonus characters from the game as well. He can't double jump or dash, but he is much tougher, dealing far more damage and having far more hit points. Castlevania: Bloodlines features at the start of its Boss Bonanza final level, a fight against Death.

While Death is normally a recurring staple of the franchise, before he's fought the player has to pick off cards that summon previous boss fights in reduced abilities from the levels, in a monochrome backdrop. Devil Survivor has a form of this in one of the Multiple Endings ; the Final Boss , before you can even touch him , will summon all Bel bosses. Sure, some of them are much easier due to the difference in levels. The first is called Boss Rush which has Hat Kid fight all of the world bosses and the possessed outhouse in sequence. I Wanna Be the Guy unlocks a boss rush mode when you complete it. The Kirby series tends to feature an unlockable bonus Boss Rush mode. The first is Helper to Hero, where you play as one of Kirby's numerous sidekicks through a shortened, pre-set order Boss Rush ending with new boss Wham Bam Jewel; and The "True" Arena where you fight the new bosses and minibosses added by the game's new subgames; the standard bosses and mini-bosses are in random order, but the arena ends with the "Final Four", consisting of Masked Dedede, Wham Bam Jewel again, Galacta Knight, and a True Final Boss exclusive to the True Arena — a souped up version of Marx named Marx Soul.

The healing items are also much less effective, making one of the most frustratingly difficult challenges in the entire series. Kirby's Return to Dream Land continues the trend of having both a standard Arena and a True Arena: The Arena features bosses from the game's regular mode, while The True Arena features their powered-up forms from the extra mode and saves the five most powerful bosses for the end. Like Ultra , one of those five is actually exclusive to The True Arena , though this time it's not a stronger version of the final boss - instead, you fight Galacta Knight. The Kirby series has had a couple of mandatory Boss Rushes as well. In the first game, you had to fight the four bosses again before you could battle King Dedede, going through short recreations of each stage before fighting the stage's respective boss.

In Kirby's Dream Land 3 , Kirby's Adventure , and several others, there's a level near or at the end where you face off with all the mini-bosses of the game again. In Kirby: Triple Deluxe , two of the stages in Royal Road feature rematches against the five main bosses, with slightly reduced health and a different attack order compared to their initial battles. Beating them unlocks a new miniboss: Buzzy Bat, who is regarded by many as the hardest miniboss in the game. Immediately after beating them, you fight the Final Boss, Skullord. Beating him with all of the Rainbow Medals, however, unlocks the real final area Oh, and you get a more complete Boss Rush of most of the minibosses and bosses by getting all of the Medals and talking to Daroach.

This time, however, the boss exclusive to The True Arena is a stronger version of the game's original final boss having been absent from the extra mode , with an additional phase , entitled "Soul of Sectonia". Aside from the two arenas, Triple Deluxe has mandatory rematches against all five of the bosses in the final world, spread out across two levels. Their attack patterns are different from in the original battles to make them a bit more difficult. The last leg of the final level has a miniboss rush with a twist; you're in Hypernova , and proceed to one-shot multiple DX versions of the minibosses, ending with a third rematch with the game's first boss, Flowery Woods, that Kirby swallows whole in seconds.

Kirby: Planet Robobot mixes things up a bit by having you face the game's bosses in a fixed order rather than randomized, and gives you healing items periodically instead of from the start. Like Triple Deluxe , its version of The True Arena also ends with a True Final Boss battle against a stronger version of the original final boss, with an additional phase. The second boss of the game is also a small Boss Rush in itself, being a hologram projector creating four weaker versions of bosses and minibosses from previous games.

Kirby Star Allies gives The Ultimate Choice, a mode of variable difficulty that allows you to decide how many bosses you face in a row. Like with more recent Kirby games, the higher difficulties give you recovery items that heal less health and pit you against tougher bosses, with the final battle of Soul Melter difficulty being exclusive to the mode: a stronger version of Void Termina's last phase, Void Soul. After beating that and Heroes in Another Dimension, you unlock Soul Melter EX , which has more powerful variants of almost every boss, though it has better healing items to compensate.

The Legend of Dark Witch 's final stage features a boss rush level similar in style to the Mega Man games, where you fight the bosses from all of the other stages except the one from the Forest. The Mega Man series is the Trope Codifier , and almost every game in the series uses this albeit not always in the same way. A Boss Rush is typically placed in the second-to-last or last level in the game, although the initial game in the first two series dispersed the Boss Rush throughout the last few levels. Another bonus is the fact that the game typically gives you health powerups after each battle, so you fight each boss on more even terms.

In fact, it's so ingrained into the Mega Man identity that they continue to do it even when, for most games, most gamers do not like the Boss Rush as part of the main game anymore. Mega Man Zero 1 skews the boss rush out of focus, picking out the four strongest of the Neo Arcadian Reploids in the final stage for a rematch, then pulls a Subversion by having rematches with the Four Guardians themselves, who actually haven't been destroyed yet. Then the trope is downplayed , when Hidden Phantom decides to pull a suicide attack. The return of the bosses is handwaved in retrospect — being a technological Mecca, Neo Arcadia can rebuild their Mutos Reploid warriors with ease.

Mega Man 3 had Doc Robot, an enemy who copied the attack patterns of the bosses from the previous game. Two of them appeared in four of the stages once you beat the eight Robot Masters. Mega Man Zero 2 throws the player for a loop by changing the attack patterns of one of the bosses in the boss rush entirely, by throwing in the brother you killed in the previous game. It's like they were feeling spiteful and wanted you to lose. Also, the return of these bosses is handwaved by the fact Elpizo used the power of the Dark Elf to bring them back — though with heavy brainwashing in effect. One of those bosses also has an attack that invokes this, where he lifts Zero into the air and attacks him with phantom images of previous X -series bosses Vile , Agile , Bit , and Colonel.

Even more stunning — no less than four bosses return to fight you from the first game, all with brand new powers! If that wasn't enough for you, Copy X, the Big Bad of the first title, is one of them! However, he's now stuck with a Verbal Tic , and to prevent him from using his Seraph form and rebelling against Dr. Weil and effectively becoming a case of final boss deja vu , Weil's rigged him with a self-destruct mechanism that goes off when he tries to transform. He can summon the eight bosses from the previous game to quickly perform their signature attack before vanishing.

Luckily, they don't have to be destroyed. And so does Mega Man X8 , where the "revived" bosses are actually Reploids who have shapeshifted into them. ZX , in addition to a normal mandatory Boss Rush, has optional rushes through eight select bosses of Zero 3 and 4 the first 4 fought in the final stage of 3 note Blazin' Flizard, Childre Inarabbita, Devilbat Schilt, and Deathtanz Mantisk , and the upper floor of boss teleportation chambers in the final stage of 4 note Sol Titanion, Fenri Lunaedge, Pegasolta Eclair, and Noble Mandrago , in order to get the Model O note Omega. Enjoy using up the subtanks. Also in ZX Advent , there is a Boss Battle Mode, where you go through every boss of the game, without breaks in between.

Good luck! And then you have the classic Boss Rush expected from the game, later on. In Mega Man V for Game Boy there are two boss rushes: the first one is a sequential one with the Mega Man Killers and Quint, and the other one is a typical teleport one for the 8 Stardroids. Mega Man Unlimited , true to Mega Man tradition, has one of these in the fourth endgame stage. However, there is an added twist: Before you fight each boss again, you have to traverse a mini-stage based on the obstacles and enemies in that boss's original stage.

It even has refills in the resting area and a method of travelling to the boss arena. Rockman 7 EP forgoes the usual teleporter room and forces Mega Man to fight the eight bosses in sequential order a la ActRaiser. In Metal Storm , you fight all of the bosses you've met so far, then you fight the final boss. Mighty No. Miracle Girls : Tomomi to Mikage no Miracle World Adventure has rematches with all the bosses at the end of the game, though all of them are still Mini Games. Along the way, you meet all four of the major bosses that you've killed before, kill them in hell, fight the evil ninja who started the whole damn thing, save the girl, and THEN you get to the final boss. What makes this example interesting is that, depending on which boss or bosses you battled in the six initial stages, some will change up during the rush.

In the aformentioned Sweet Palace, he decides to sic Cyberclops on you instead of rematching. If you already beat Cyberclops by choosing the stage fifth or last, it gets upgraded to 2. In Sweet Palace, she calls up her twin sister, Chi, to assist her in the fight. If Anise the Cat Witch was involved in any way including the 3 on 1 midnight battle , she faces you alone. Prinny's sequel changed things up: while the bosses in the second-to-last stage were pre-determined, meaning it didn't matter much which stages you did in a particular order, they were also monochrome "Junkie" doppelgangers, which gets Lampshaded by the originals as they square off before you intervene.

In turn, this stage caps it off with an endurance match against Junkie Prinnies! Happens at the end of Rayman , where the final "boss" is in fact three boss fusions fought back-to-back. Ristar has "Boss Rush" available through a code. RosenkreuzStilette , a doujin clone of Mega Man , obviously has this. In Shovel Knight , when you complete the Ascent stage of the Tower of Fate, you literally drop in on the bosses' dinner party, and they each attack you one by one. The order is different each time you face them. In the case Plague Of Shadows , you literally drop in on the bosses' dinner party, but then Shovel Knight drops in on you, and he ends up in the chair where Plague Knight would normally sit. The bosses attack you one by one, again with the order being different, but then you fight Shovel Knight as the final opponent in the Boss Rush.

Also, Mario has to do it without power ups. Interestingly, due to slight alterations of sprite proportions and Jump Physics between the Sonic games, the difficulty of the two nostalgia bosses here is inverted from their original difficulty. The first Sonic Adventure featured a boss rush for the regular six characters that you can access in Trial Mode after beating their stories. Amy and Big's "rushes" consist of only one boss since that's all they have, and Gamma's rush only has his first and last bosses since his other boss fights are actually part of levels.

Also, none of the battles against other playable characters were included in the boss rushes. Sonic Adventure 2 had an optional extra three Boss Rushes: a rush of all the boss battles in the Hero Story when that story is complete; a rush of all the boss battles in the Dark Story when that story is complete; and a rush of all the boss battles in the game when Last Story is complete. Beating each rush is worth one Emblem. The final level X Zone of Sonic Advance is a miniature Boss Rush of classics — specifically, the first bosses of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 , before the real final boss shows up. XX Zone, the final level of Sonic Advance 2 is a Boss Rush of all the prior bosses from the game, although they take half the hits to beat. After all that you reach the final boss.

This is also a literal example as all the bosses in the game are rushing away from you and you have to run to it. There are two modes in this boss rush: "Time Attack", which gives you infinite lives and checkpoints and rings between the bosses, and "Survival" which gives you three lives and no checkpoints or rings. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I has the game's final zone, E.

Station Zone. It consists of fighting the game's previous bosses before fighting the final boss. The final "regular" boss of Sonic Mania alternates between fighting Eggman and going through upgraded versions of the Hard Boiled Heavies. Spanky's Quest repeats every previous Boss Battle in the final tower. In the final level of Street Fighter , you have to beat every previous boss and the final boss all within the same time limit. Not helped by the time limit still counting down through the cutscene before the final boss. Strider : The last stage of the arcade game intersperses the majority of the bosses and mid-bosses from throughout the game, some of them fought simultaneously, with the boss of Stage 1 ultimately carrying the player to the scene of the final battle.

Strider's Spiritual Successor , Cannon Dancer , does it in the final stage. In order: the game's first two bosses, a Mirror Boss and the entire Quirky Miniboss Squad , who are now all fought at the same time. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Odyssey has this in the Dark Side of the Moon, where Mario has to fight all four Broodals one by one as he climbs to the top of Rabbit Ridge, where in turn Mario fights them together as they pilot the RoboBrood. In the Sega Genesis version of Wardner , towards the end of the final level, you fight all the bosses from the previous five levels again. They're just as tough as before, but you're probably much stronger now. Of course, if you take the wrong path and get sent back, you have to fight them again.

And there are no continues here. Racing Game. At least they don't drop TNTs per lap anymore. The Big Bad of Need For Speed Carbon hired the three last bosses where you have to at some point beat them, but individually. However, the final race requires you to defeat all three in a canyon race and a street race before taking on the Big Bad , then you can take him on in a street race and canyon run. That puts the end at four consecutive races. Ridge Racer V 's Battle Royal mode pits you against all four boss cars in a single race, and you have to use one of the boss cars to hulk them out.

Real-Time Strategy. Apparently the only remaining challenge for him was to have two dead bosses Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo come back from the dead, the leaders of the Three Kingdoms unite, and for almost everyone else in the game to dog pile ya. If you beat them all, though, they all come back from the dead in Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo 's case, again in Hyper Mode. Pikmin 2 : The Hole of Heroes is a Boss Dungeon , with some regular floors, some rest floors, but mostly boss floors, pitting you against most of the game's previous bosses, and ending with a boss exclusive to the hole: the Raging Long Legs.

Luckily, you DO get to save between levels. Rhythm Game. The Single version of the course always ends with Mei, and the Double version always ends with Quasar. Dance Central 2 has a final stage composed of 5 dances, which are the final or boss-type dances of each dance crew. All DanceDanceRevolution games have this in some form. The Wii games have a medley of bosses from each previous game, but most other games just have you play them back-to-back.

Parappa The Rapper offers a bizarre example: You're desparately standing in line for the bathroom with all the previous stages' bosses, and you have to out-rap them to get past them in line, otherwise you'll poop yourself. The sequel Parappa The Rapper 2 does something similar to this, in the form of a Food Court video game in a stage late in the game. In The Binding of Isaac : The Chest, the final level of the game , almost every room contains at least one of the game's bosses, which leads up to the final boss:??? AKA Blue Baby Rebirth introduces an optional challenge room that can be accessed if you defeat Mom in under 20 minutes.

What lies inside this room is a massive gauntlet against thirty bosses, two at a time. Fortunately, hearts always drop for every two bosses that go down on the Normal difficulty, and the arena itself is about four times the usual size of a boss fight area, giving the player a lot of room to maneuver. This is an example of a boss rush encountered relatively early in its game: Mom is the Disc-One Final Boss , and with all chapters unlocked, there is a total of at least four additional floors to get through after the rush opens. He spends half of his first form attacking and the other half hiding completely invincible, sending other bosses out at you. Said boss itself qualifies for this trope, as its main attack method is to simply transform into nearly any other boss encountered including the Disk One Final Bosses , shifting between bosses faster and faster as it gets lower on health.

The True Final Boss of Repentance and officially the entire game is a fight against six bosses back-to-back with only one small pause for a cutscene. It starts with a fight against Dogma, a multi-stage boss tough enough to be an end boss by himself. You then switch to a Shmup-style and fight the four Ultra Horsemen, beefed up versions of the Four Horsemen bosses. Finally, you take on The Beast. Downplayed with boss challenge rooms. They usually have a chest or item in them, and upon collecting them, the player has to fight only two or three depending on how far in the game the room is waves of bosses based on which floor the room is in.

Shoot 'em Up. Halfway into Battle Garegga 's fifth stage, a rebuilt version of MD "Nose Laughin", the bomber plane that served as the first boss of the game, returns to give you hell. The rebuilt incarnation of SF "Mad Ball", the hovercraft platform that served as the second boss, comes shortly after. Then you are confronted with a gigantic Slayer gunship carrying an important cargo.

And when you destroy the Slayer, it ejects the primary boss of Stage 5: a prototype stealth fighter codenamed G "Black Heart". Blazing Lazers has this in Area 9. Chariot , the Shoot 'em Up in the three-games-in-one Three Wonders , has the player facing off against all of the previous bosses in groups of 3 during the final stage. G- Darius has an optional Boss Rush mode, where you can pick which bosses you want to fight, the order you fight them in, and so on and so forth. Given each boss comes in two seperate flavours and there's fifteen stages, you could fight up to thirty bosses back to back if you wanted. You fight the bosses of the game at second-loop difficulty, and at the very end, you get something better than a True Final Boss : TWO of them!

Also, if you pick Leinyan as your doll and use her laser bomb, the bomb heals the boss! The final stages of both dai ou jou , and its sequel, DaiFukkatsu , also features rematch against the many bosses of DoDonPachi. The Fantasy Zone series always featured a boss rush immediately before the final boss. Said boss rush is made all the harder by the fact that you cannot go to the store to re-purchase useful items unless you die. A bonus mode in Frantic 2 lets you face all 30 bosses without breaks. Fraxy is a Boss Rush shmup where the bosses are user-created. Gradius : Each subsequent game in the main series features a variation — a rush of five or six bosses from the previous game.

Salamander the second game featured three of the Big Cores from Gradius , Gradius II actually the third game had up to four Salamander bosses. Gradiuses III, IV and V had all-new bosses mixed into the rush, but always included at least one boss from its immediate predecessor. V does it twice , first in Stage 2, then in Stage 6. As for the Gaiden Game , Gradius Gaiden , its rush consisted entirely of completely new bosses, though two Deaths make up part of one of the bosses.

The incredibly Nintendo Hard Salamander 2 doesn't have a boss rush. The Guardian Legend had a special mode where you ran through all of the vertical-scrolling shooter stages in a row, skipping the mazes and key-collecting. There's also the boss rush while escaping, where you fight many previously-encountered bosses, then just when you think it's over, "It", a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere , shows up, apparently in a final act of revenge for the destruction of Naju. Heavy Weapon has "Boss Blitz" mode, where you have only one life to take down all 19 bosses. Considering that 11 of them can kill you instantly regardless of shielding, it's pretty understandable why it's Nintendo Hard. Towards the middle of Hellsinker , the player is taken to a strange dimension and must fight through four or five difficult bosses as well as a strange midboss that looks like a giant bloody crystal but meows like a cat.

Oddly, you have infinite lives for this level, and are therefore at no risk of Game Over 'ing, but screwing up the boss sequence results in you losing pretty much all of your score. The last stage of Lightning Fighters includes rematches with the Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 6 bosses before the final two. Pixelvader : The bonus level has you refight all 10 previously defeated bosses, with seemingly all of them also having higher HP. The final levels of both Rez and Child of Eden do this. Each stage consists of a five-boss Boss Rush, and the 40 stages consist of 30 stages of pre-defined bosses and 10 stages of randomly-generated bosses.

Tally in the random stages and you have a near-unlimited number of bosses. Space Harrier 's eighteenth and final level Absymbel is solely a parade of six of the previous bosses, except that now they get names ; given the nature of the game, it actually turns out to be somewhat of a Breather Level. Touhou has one in the form of Phantasmagoria of Flower View's extra stage, in which you have to defeat every character in the game in succession. Additionally, the fans have composed a couple of amazing boss theme compilations, known as Last Boss Rush and Extra Boss Rush, which covers the Leitmotif every Final Boss and Bonus Boss through the 12th game, respectively.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is nothing but boss fights, what makes it interesting though, is that there will be over 70 bosses with unique patterns and fights, and who you face will be randomly determined. The original's Extra Stage 2 also features fights against the various minibosses from the other levels, in a rare example of a Miniboss Rush. Simulation Game. And the special appearance is only available on Ace difficulty, the hardest difficulty. And Mobius 1 is just as hard as you'd expect. Especially considering they made it Nintendo Hard by letting the AI have Improbable Piloting Skills , and can fire multiple missiles at once. ActRaiser has an extremely sadistic Boss Rush at the end of the game. The bosses are extremely hard, but can made simple by using all of your magic on them.

But facing them all in a row with no chances to heal or refill your Magic Meter in between makes this Boss Rush next to impossible. And all the bosses are sped up , and immediately after all the bosses are defeated, you'll fight the final boss. Warship Gunner 2 has a mode called Boss Rush you unlock once you beat the game. You fight the game's superweapons one at a time without being able to reload your weapons or repair your ship in between.

Stealth-Based Game. In Assassins Creed , during the final confrontation with Al-Mualim , the Piece of Eden is used to create specters of each of Altair's previous assassination targets to throw him off. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a one section where you fight clones of the bosses you've previously defeated right before fighting the de facto head of Desperado Inc.. Interestingly enough however, this happens just a little over halfway through the game and not at the end, there are a few more chapters and bosses after this.

Tenchu 3: Wrath Of Heaven offers one as the final Co-Op mission, pitting two players against 5 teams of two bosses each. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows has it as the last unlockable option in its Red Blade mode , which pits the player against all the game's bosses in quick succession. Strategy RPG. They've got names, insane stats, powerful weapons, some even have holy blood. Plus, before that, he sends out 3 frustrating Falcon Knights and right-hand lady Ishtar The church is located at Pioneer Road in Wausau. Worship is held at noon. The church is located at 7th St. While in Washington, the students learned rsthand what it is like to be involved in politics, how our government operates and about how and why electric co-ops were formed.

One highlight of the trip includ ed meeting their elected representatives in the U. House and Senate. Students also visited various monu ments and memorials in cluding the Vietnam, Jef ferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and more. While in D. This year marked the Electric Cooperative Youth Tours 50th anniversary. In , the National Rural Electric Cooperative Asso ciation began coordinating joint activities among state delegations and suggested that co-op representatives from each state arrange to be in Washington, D. The rst year of the coor dinated tour included about teens from 12 states. As word spread, the pro gram grew and grew and grew to what it is today. WFEC has participated in the Youth Tour program since , sending two stu dents to our nations capital each year since.

The Youth Tour program is open to all high school juniors whose parents or guardians are members of West Florida Electric Coop erative. The select ed representatives then go on to compete for the two slots available for the Na tional Youth Tour. If you will be a junior during the school year, see your schools guidance coun selor for more information about the Youth Tour or contact WFEC Youth Tour Coordinator, Candace Croft at ccroft westorida. Special to The News Heatstroke is the num ber one killer of children, outside of car crashes. Thats why Chipola Healthy Start joins with the Nation al Highway Trafc Safety Administration NHTSA to attempt to reduce these deaths by reminding par ents and caregivers about the dangers of heatstroke and leaving children in hot cars.

Last year 44 children lost their lives nationwide. As outside tempera tures rise, the risks of chil dren dying from being left alone inside a hot vehicle also rise, said Missy Lee, Community Liaison and Fetal and Infant Mortal ity Review Coordinator for Chipola Healthy Start. One child dies from heat stroke nearly every 10 days from being left in a hot vehicle, but what is most tragic is that the majority of these deaths could have been prevented. Chipola Healthy Start urges all parents and care givers to do these three things: 1 Never leave a child in a vehicle unattended; 2 Make it a habit to look in the backseat every time you exit the car; 3 Always lock the car and put the keys out of reach.

If you ever see a child left alone in a hot vehicle, call right away. Know the warning signs of heatstroke, which in clude red, hot, and moist or dry skin; no sweating; a strong, rapid pulse or a slow, weak pulse; nau sea; confusion; or acting strangely. If a child exhib its any of these signs after being in a hot vehicle, cool the child rapidly by spray ing them with cool water or with a garden hose, never an ice bath. Call or your local emergency number immediately. Childrens body temperatures can rise up to ve times faster than that of an adult, and heatstroke can occur in temperatures as low as 57 degrees.

On an degree day, a car can reach deadly levels in just 10 minutes. More than half of all vehicle-related heatstroke deaths in children are caused by a child acciden tally being left in the car, and 29 percent are from a child getting into a hot car on their own, Lee said. We want to get the word out to parents and caregiv ers, please look before you lock.

She offered these tips: Put your childs toy in the front seat with you as a reminder that your child is in the car with you. Put your purse or work bag in the backseat next to your child so that you have to go to the backseat to re trieve both your items and your child. Stick a reminder note on your windshield or in side your window. Set a timer on your phone to go off just before you expect to arrive at your destination. Simple steps like these could save a childs life. One arrested at WHTC on multiple charges: A newcomer from Detroit was arrested last week on grand theft and trafc charges after he allegedly tried to steal computer equipment from Washington Holmes Technical Center.

Because of an Article 5 unfunded mandate, civil legal representation for the indigent population will be the responsibility of county government. This charge will serve to pay for the extra expense. Vernon council approves controversial ordinance: If it is Vernon, the rule is council meetings must include a water issue or two. Monday nights meeting was no exception. A controversial ordinance dealing with water, sewer, and garbage deposits and subsequent bill collections was passed into law. Floridas Best recognizes programs showing exemplary work in build partnerships between businesses and educational institutions to create job opportunities for students.

Curtis Lendell Dale, 37 of Quincy was apprehended at approximately a. CVA to le suit against county: This is it. This is crunch time. Put up or shut up. These were the words the Citizens Voice Association President Aubrey Davis had for the fellow members Thursday at a meeting of the association. Davis told the members the CVAs attorney is prepared to le a suit against the county while warning that there were no guarantees except that the legal ght would require members to come up with a large sum of money. Local man survives shocking experience: Washington County resident Paul Croft considers himself a lucky man these days, after the adventure he had Saturday. The Department of Transportation employee was trying to take a tractor to shelter during the heavy rain that morning when he had a run-in with some power lines.

Your writer, author of the journalist piece, known as Perrys Prattle a weekly column in the Washington County News, has recently been on a roll for accolades, approving comments and an almost pleading to never stop writing the prattle. Leon Sexton and wife, Martha Jean Washington Sexton, are still selling his book, Wagon Tracks, a project which was well under way during the assimilation of the Heritage of Washington Book. His book was nished and off the press in a short time after the publishing of the Heritage Book. Wagon Tracks has enjoyed excellent acceptance and is still available. Hester and I have seen this couple twice in recent weeks at Dees Restaurant in Vernon.

Martha Jean continues to tell us how much she enjoyed accompanying Leon to our home to submit stories for the Heritage Book and for Leon to purchase copies of the book for friends and family. She still has high praise for this nished product of Washington County History. The two articles on Charles Whitehead, written several weeks ago, continue to bring forth approval from those who have read the writings. Brenda Taylor, longtime employee at the WCN, told me recently of having received a telephone call from a gentleman in Texas who gave a glowing report on the Whitehead columns and she believes he identied himself as a relative. I have waited for the person to call me, but nothing yet. Hopefully, he will now contact me upon seeing this mention. He is the only son of the family with ve sisters.

Vivid in my mind is when Jimmy Baxley, accompanied by his cousin, Nathan Sharron, retired Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, known from my Bay County years, came to our home in conjunction with the Baxley story. Jimmy told me recently at a funeral service just how meaningful the Charles Whitehead story was to him. He related one trip when he accompanied Governor Graham on a ight to Washington D. Charles Whitehead, Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party and then President, Jimmy Carter, were also on the airplane and all became chatty while en route to the nations capital.

He recalls Charles being warm and friendly to all those aboard the plane. At one point, the president stopped by Jimmys seat, sat down on the arm of the chair and asked; Where are you from Ofcer Baxley? He replied; Chipley, Floridado you know where Chipley is? He well remembers their conversation about the well-known auctioneer who also had an afnity for political involvement as well. Just days after that encounter, Mrs. Bell, who reared two sons along with our two younger boys, commented on how much she enjoys my writing and is always amazed at my ability to remember names and historical happenings of past years.

Later that day, the lady we rst knew as Mamie Berby, was seen in the post ofce. She, too, complimented by ability to remember facts of years gone by and put them in an interesting story easy to read and enjoy. She, along with husband, Jim Smith, arrived in Chipley from the far-a-way place called South Florida, became our faithful customers at Sears, Roebuck and Company and soon began their plumbing business here which is still ourishing after more than forty years in business. This was at the conclusion of the Third Thursday Chamber of Commerce meeting where Harold Bazzel was featured speaker for the June meeting.

Harold was hearing Johns approval of the Whitehead story and he, too, joined in with his knowledge of the history of this uncommon man, mentioning that he knew Paul and Silas Hodges, Bay County business men and cousins of Charles, who were included in the writing. Three of the four daughters of Corene Brock George and the late Rev. They complimented my efforts stating they keep in touch with news of our extended family from the pen of Perry Wells. Corene, age 92, joined Mary L. Anderson Vaughn, age 94, as the only two grandchildren of the honoree, Thomas Jefferson Brock, to attend this years gathering.

The three surviving daughters of O. Brock Harrell, Francis, Janie and Myrtle, are granddaughters, but missed the reunion this year due to a misunderstanding of the date of the event. As always, your writer appreciates every kind word of support as he continues this column, a source of personal satisfaction for him with each column written. See you all next week. This photo was found at the Washington County News ofce. Think you know who or where they may be? If so, please email wcnnews chipleypaper. Chasing Shadows is a new feature we hope to run each week. Do you have an old photo from Washington County youd like to have identied? Ask your neighbors for help by submitting it for publication! Email submissions to wcnnews chipleypaper.

In the June 25 Chasing Shadows feature, we asked local residents to identify these three Panhandle Watermelon Festival beauties from days gone by. Bill George. This picture is on page of the Heritage Book of Washington County. Most recently Smoke raced at Southland where he won 10 races and reached AA status. He schooled at Ebro on Tues day and won in a rather pedestrian time of AJN produced three schooling winners with Gabby Dee impressing with a He re cently competed in Grade A in Sarasota and could quickly assume that level at Ebro. RCK Big Red schooled in Untapable is unbeaten in three starts this year. She was installed as the favorite on the morning line and drew post posi tion 2. San Diego selected Whitson ninth overall in and negotiations went on into late summer.

The two sides were unable to agree on a contract and Whitson decided to pitch at Florida. He had a stellar freshman campaign for the Gators with eight victories before suffering a shoulder injury that erased his sophomore season. Whitson went in the 37th round to Washington last year. He pitched one more season at Florida, nishing 11 with a 3. It didnt quite work out the way that I would have wanted to with the master plan, but it worked out the way it was supposed to for me, Whitson told Masslive.

Whitson, who majored in family, youth and community services, has been assigned to Single-A Lowell, Mass. He has yet to appear in a game. Betts signed with Pittsburgh as a 36th-round choice. The righty has made two relief appearances for the Rookie League Bristol Va. He made his pro debut June Mars rst played on Tuesday for the Spinners, with three hits in his rst three at-bats. He had a double, triple, run scored and stolen base. He also played the following night and went 1 for 4.

The left-hander tossed two innings in a start with two strikeouts and three walks while not giving up any hits in a no-decision. He had one strikeout and no walks in one inning of a relief appearance on Wednesday. End of the road: Casey Rasmus, who competed for Gulf Coast, has retired from baseball at age The catcher was added to the voluntarily retired list on June 11 with no reason reported. Louis in Tommy Oliver also home to Top 10 series Tommy Oliver Stadium has welcomed a number of compelling events since it opened in Among them have been high-prole track and eld meets, not to mention soccer games, high school graduations, band competitions and, of course, high school football regular season and playoff games.

Therefore the urge to nalize a list of the 10 most memorable events to take place at the stadium located adjacent to the Bay High School campus. This is not intended to solicit nominations for what our readers might feel are shoe-ins for the 10 That Mattered series soon to be unveiled. The list already is complete, and surprise, it all came out of my head. So it isnt meant to be a rock-solid representation. Obviously there have been many more than 10 signicant occasions. And what might appear deserving one week, in another month might not seem so compelling. In short, there was no scientic process used in distilling more than 60 years of athletic excellence. Some of it represents individual brilliance, and other installments are more team specic.

Yet others just seemed too damned important in retrospect to leave off the list. While not tipping the hand as to what is forthcoming, a sampling of what did not make the cut possibly is more revealing. Among them is the football tie played by Bay and Rutherford in the rst meeting of the schools, which just happened to take place the evening of the day that JFK was assassinated in Likewise, the yard rushing performance by Escambias Danikiee Hollowell didnt make it, merely because Rutherfords defense was unable to force a third down conversion the entire game when the teams met last September.

The Gators either achieved a rst down or a touchdown on every rst down or second down snap. The lone exception was when Escambia spiked the ball on second down shortly before halftime so it could attempt a eld goal. So in a sense, Hollowell was penalized by Rutherfords lack of defense that evening in a defeat. Neither did Derrick Brooks terric performance against Mosley in qualify. Nor did splendid sprinter T. Rush of Mosley in , the year he won a national meter title. Rushs greatest track and eld achievements actually took place away from Tommy Oliver Stadium.

Also left off was Rutherfords shutout playoff performance against Merritt Island in , the night the lights on the visitors side of the eld delayed the start of the game for more than an hour. It could be argued that the most signicant occasions at TOS came during high school graduations. Alas, dont expect to see them in this section. To recap, its just one mans opinion, and likely could be challenged for some of the memorable performances that took place prior to , when a refugee from the Tundra rst landed here. They soon will appear daily starting with No. The intention is to entertain, not to diminish some events that werent recognized. Thats not to say that everyone is staying put.

But what has come under some scrutiny is a larger number than usual of local and area football talent showing up on major recruiters lists. Among them, in particular, are some football players at Bay and Vernon. Bay head football coach Jimmy Lon gerbeam said that ve Tornadoes al ready have received offers and another expects to play on the next level via an academic scholarship. A pair of rising juniors lead the way, with defensive end Janarius Robinson and offensive tackle Christion Gainer getting added attention off recent per formances at summer camps.

Gainer, who is , and expected to add a couple of inches and 20 pounds by the time he graduates in spring , is being recruited heavily by North Carolina and Tennessee and has more offers pending, Longerbeam said. Johns said the , pounder is being recruited as an athlete, but probably projects as an outside linebacker. Johns expects quarterback Tristan Porter, , to get attention and a pair of beefy linemen, Malik Sheppard, , and Alex Rosa, , may need to go the junior college route to play at the next level. Mosley coach Jeremy Brown said that Raekwon Jones, , , is getting a lot of attention as a hybrid linebacker or safety. Brown has been get ting some interest from Patriot League schools, and he could gain added atten tion if he adds a few inches on his frame and has a solid senior season.

He has the arm strength and doesnt make a lot of mistakes, Coach Brown said. He can make all of the throws. First-year Bozeman head coach Lyle Messer said that quarterback David Elmore has been generating the most interest from colleges of Bucks players. This isnt intended as a complete list of local and area players gaining recruit ing recognition, but merely reective of the area head coaches who recently re turned calls. Vernons Rosa played at Bozeman the past few years, but originally trans ferred there from Vernon so in a sense is returning home. Bay has added a pair of former Rutherford Rams, but other wise the transfer season hasnt been especially busy thus far.

Expected by some to assume the No. Liberty County coach Grant Grantham said his program has lost four players from families moving out of the area. Among them was starting guard Maze Holmes, but the other athletes were younger players, Grantham said. Longerbeam said that Javylon Wil son, who played mostly junior varsity football at Bay as a freshman, but was a key member of the Tornadoes basket ball varsity as a ninth-grader, will attend Mosley in the fall. Robert Michael Acree Arraignment, ee and elude police fail to obey law enforcement ofcer order to stop, operate vehicle without valid drivers license, resist ofcer or obstruct without violence Jimmy Lyn Alumbaugh Arraignment, aggravated assault with deadly weapon without intent to kill, resist ofcer or obstruct without violence Matthew Allen Bailey Arraignment, possession of controlled substance without prescription, operating while drivers license suspended canceled or revokes rst offence Sabrina Bradley Arraignment, possession controlled substance without prescription Sabrina Bradley Arraignment, possession of controlled substance without prescription Casey William Brock Arraignment, felony battery result from bodily harm or disability Kaleb Detroy Brock Arraignment, possession of controlled substance without prescription Barry R.

Miles Arraignment, possession new legend drug without prescription, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, drug paraphernalia possession and or use Matthew Joseph Miner Arraignment, drive with expired license more than four months Jo Anna Parsons Arraignment, battery touch or strike, trespass entry on property unlawfully Shedrick Lamar Patton Arraignment, resist ofcer or obstruct without violence Angela Peterson Arraignment, operating while drivers license suspended canceled or revoked rst offence Angela Peterson Arraignment, fraud impersonation or false identication given to law enforcement ofcer Virgina Deana Pettis Arraignment, battery touch or strike Robin Renee Randazzo Arraignment, petit theft rst offence Jefferson C.

Reynolds Arraignment, operate vehicle without valid license James Thomas Rickerds Arraignment, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, drug paraphernalia possession or use Vidal Rodriguez Arraignment, operate vehicle without valid license Thomas Francis Shatas Arraignment, battery cause bodily harm Terri Ruth Shefeld Arraignment, liquor possession by person under 21 years of age rst offence Freddie Lee Simpson Jr.

Smith Arraignment, possession of marijuana under 20 grams Ester Marie Sutley Arraignment, permit unauthorized person to drive Sammy Celeste Thomas Arraignment, petit theft rst offence William Richard Vathis Arraignment, possession of marijuana under 20 grams Cindy Warren, Arraignment possession of marijuana under 20 grams Jacob David Wood Arraignment, battery touch or strike Diane M. Ci ti ze ns living in the Flor ida Pa nhand le 59 ye ar s and older not pr esentl y under our car e. We parked more cars than ever before, Crews said. We parked them in areas that weve never had to use before. Festival Chairman Judge Colby Peel said attendance isnt the only thing thats grown; local support has reached record numbers as well.

The support of the community and local sponsors has been tremendous, Judge Peel said. We have people from other festivals calling and asking how were able to do this for free, and we tell them we just have great support. Its important to provide a quality free event for our community. There are many who cant afford to take their family to Panama City or Dothan for a day out. Giving them a family-oriented event like this at no charge is how were able to measure our success. Last week, they were at the Grand Ole Opry. This week, they were playing at the Ag Center in Chipley, Fla. Thats pretty neat to me. The watermelon auction held Saturday is another crowd favorite. All proceeds go to funding next years festival, which the committee is already planning.

Chickens, Horses, Cows, Cats 2 Surveys say Roman candles are the most favorite type of reworks for the 4th with what the least favorite? Firecrackers, Smokeballs, Pinwheels, Snaps 3 Where is Rebildfest billed as the largest celebration of American independence held outside the U. Robert E. Several activities were available for children Saturday as well. The antique car show, held all day Saturday at Washington-Holmes Technical Center, was a popular attraction. Current festival Chairman, Judge Colby Peel gives a wave to spectators at the annual watermelon parade. Judge Perry Wells, who served as the festival chairman for 30 years, still shows his support for the event.

The Shriners were out in full, colorful force with entries like this one by the Shaddai Directors staff. The Chipley Garden Club was one of many local organizations with watermelon themed parade entries. Local gospel group Crossroads performed at the Ag Center Saturday. John Anderson was the main attraction, performing his signature hits, Swinging, Seminole Wind, and more. Jim Dean was one of several to compete in the 5K Hot Trot. These children were just a few to enjoy games at Pals Park Friday night while waiting for the concert to begin. Jeremy Branch, 31, was arrested by Tallahassee police on a charge of mis demeanor battery.

According to court records, two men ac cidentally bumped into Branch at Bajas Beach Club about 2 a. After they apologized, Branch punched one in the face without provocation. The victim contacted police, who observed dried blood on the mans shirt and nose. He told police he wanted to press charges because he was punched for no reason. Witnesses corroborated the victims story. Court records show Bajas secu rity staff escorted Branch out of the club. When he was confronted by police, he refused to give details of the incident and repeatedly said, Im a county commissioner in Jackson County, dont you put your hands on me. Branch said in an inter view, While Im certainly not the first North Florida man to get caught up in a barroom tussle, Im sorry it happened and Im em barrassed I put myself in that situation.

Branch said he was at the bar for a birthday cel ebration and had drank alcohol, but not to the point of intoxication. His seat on the commis sion is up for re-election in November, but Branch announced prior to the incident he would not be running again. He has an August court date. The victim, Kevonte Ford of Tallahassee, said in an interview his nose was broken and he was having corrective surgery today. Branch is taking the in cident seriously. I lost my temper and I shouldnt have, he said. I understand that public officials are held to a high er standard than most. Thats not an excuse. I dont believe it will hinder my ability serve Jackson County. This program is free to all school age students and will include breakfast and lunch. Bring a covered dish and a healthy appetite for a day full of family, fellowship, food and fun.

The center is 2. Please bring a covered dish to share. Also, bring any photos and family history to share. For more information, call Carol at B raves vs. New York Mets, Saturday, Sept. The bus will leave Chipley at p. To insure seat on the bus, call Vicki Lamb at or by July The church is on River Road. For more information, call Bertha Padgett at Snacks and drinks included. Children will need to bring a sack lunch. Registration will remain open until July 11, Bring a covered dish to share at lunch.

Please bring any old pictures to share with the family. For more information, call Ruth Taylor at If you would like to pictures of our summer reading mix, please check out the kids blog at wcplkidsrule. For more information, call Zedra Hawkins at All programs will be held at the library except the program for Friday, July 25, which will be held at the Holmes County Agricultural Center. Programs will begin at 10 a. On July 11 during the Mad Scientist program, children will have the chance to participate in games and activities that involve experiments. On July 18, Balloon Man will be at the library to make balloon animals and tell stories. The nal program on July 25 and will be a day of food, fun, and games with friends and family. Free nicotine replacement patches, gum and lozenges are available.

Class covers all forms of tobacco. For more information, contact Leann Jones at ext. Sensory impaired or limitedEnglish prociency patients will be provided with necessary aids and interpreters at no cost by calling Fran Amerson at ext. Classes are available at 10 a. Sessions include eight minute classes, which meet Monday through Thursday for two weeks. Lessons are based on a combination of nationally recognized methods. For more information, call or visit www.

For those who have wondered who they are and why theyre here, and how they can nd out free of charge: two sister missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are hosting a weekly class providing introduction, instruction, and assistance in using the Churchs free family history website, FamilySearch. For more information, call the sister missionaries at If no one answers, be sure to leave a message. All classes are free. The classes will be held at 12 p. The classes will offer healthy cooking tips and alternatives for everyday meals.

Food samples will be served. No registration is required. Extension programs are open to everyone. For persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations, contact the Holmes County Extension Ofce, , TDD, via Florida Relay Service, at least ve working days prior to the class so that proper consideration may be given to the request. For more information, contact Leann Jones at x I understand that public ofcials are held to a higher standard than most. Jeremy Branch Jackson County commissioner Staff Reports Emma Grace Fowler is the current Future Lit tle Miss Holmes County, but while shes a rein ing beauty queen, shes also showing others the beauty of giving back through civic service.

I like helping others and my community, she said. Fowler will be com pete at the pageants state level in September. All funds received will be used to buy the food items for donation. Hwy 90, Bonifay -1 13 57 Bric ky ard Rd. Wa ukesha St. Chiple yF L www. The menu is fried catsh llets, smoked chicken, baked beans, cheese grits, coleslaw, hushpuppies and dessert. We will begin serving at p. Refreshments will follow the concert. The church is at the corner of Oklahoma and Kansas in Bonifay. For more information, call Pastor Randon Carroll Sunday, June 29, at the Recreation Complex in Bonifay.

Immediately after the singing of the National Anthem, booths offered free food, games, desserts and other items will open. Later in the evening, a special patriotic video was presented. The event also had a spectacular reworks display. The jam will begin immediately after refreshments. For more information call Monday, July 21 through Friday, July 25 at the church. At the art day camp, children will celebrate those gifts that are directly related to the visual arts, drawing, painting, sculpture and so on. The camp is limited to 20 students ages 8 to Students must be registered by July The church is at 5th St. For more information or to register call Anne Catholic Church at 5th St.

The church is 11 miles south of Chipley on the Orange Hill Highway. For more information, call Lori at Breakfast is free, but donations to the ministry are accepted. For more information, call Johnathan Taylor at July 14 through July This years theme is Sons Surf Beach Shop. Blue Knights motor cycle riders, ofcers and deputies, family, friends and residents were gath ered at the park for the Summit for Heroes, also known as Cops on Top.

The annual summit is a nationwide event held the last Saturday in June. Law ofcers and other participants climb to the highest point in the state and hold a memorial cer emony to recognize those who have lost their lives in the past year. As we read those names, we are reminded that the safety we provide sometimes comes at a devastating price, Wal ton County Sheriffs Maj. Brian Schultz said during the ceremony. The names of the 11 men, women and K-9s killed in the line of duty in and so far this year were read. Sheriffs Lt.

Id like to one day have a ceremony here where we dont have any names read, he said. However, he said law ofcers always know that they might go to work one day and not return home. This is more of a me morial service, Rodri guez said. Thats more of appreciation. He said when the event started in Florida in it drew about 10 people. Now, thanks largely to the Blue Knights, who got involved in , that number has more than quadrupled and con tinues to grow. The Blue Knights are made up of current and former law ofcers. Bill Brandenburg, president of Florida Chapter 31, said the riders are just there to help. We want to make sure it doesnt get forgotten, Brandenburg said. Its very near and dear to me. He said they hope to put some sort of monu ment at the park that rec ognizes the fallen ofcers year-round.

W ith your paid obituar y family and friends will now have unlimited access to uploaded photos fr ee of charge. Find Obituaries. Shar e Condolences. Memorialization was by cremation with Peel Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Kelly S. Born Monday, Aug. A funeral was at 10 a. Ike Steverson and the Rev. Gary Taylor ofciating. The family received friends from 9 to 10 a. Broward A. Nunery Mrs. Moore was born in Jefferson, S. She grew up on a farm, the youngest of nine children. She came to Sanford, in to work with her sister and brother-inlaw and later had the opportunity to work for the U.

Weather Bureau and U. Army Air Corp in Lakeland. While in Lakeland she met her future husband, a chaplain in the U. Army Air Corp. Later she also worked in Tallahassee, and Meridian, Miss. After her marriage, she served alongside her husband in his positions as a pastor and director of missions in Florida and North Carolina. After their retirement, they made several volunteer mission trips, including a year in St.

Vincent, Caribbean, and a year in Togo, West Africa. She was preceded in death by her husband, the Rev. A celebration of life service was at 6 p. Stephen Moore and the Rev. Tim Folds ofciating. Burial was at 2 p. Julia M. George D. Hofmann T ony A. Holley Sr. Tony Alton Holley Sr. Tony was born Oct. He lived in Washington County, coming from Apopka in A funeral was at 4 p. The family received friends from 6 to 8 p. Obert Funeral Home of Chipley directing. Frances D. She was born Jan. On July 4, , she married Joel Byron Lovett, deceased. The pair, married for 63 years, lived in Port St. Joe from to before retiring to their farm in Washington County.

Survivors include two children and their spouses, J.

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