Black Widow Research Paper

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Black Widow Research Paper

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Joe Morgenstern Jul 8, Brian Lowry Jul 8, What really defines the film is meeting the title character's other "family," whose members are equal parts colorfully eccentric and lethal. James Berardinelli Jul 7, Black Widow represents the MCU looking back when it should be moving forward. Everything about the movie seems small, even the big action set-pieces. No doubt fans — and when discussing Marvel, there are a huge number of those — will be delighted to see the mega-franchise returning to the big screen but it would be a fallacy to consider this anything but a low-tier entry.

Simran Hans Jul 10, Mick LaSalle Jul 2, Black Widow is what happens when movies abandon human values for the emotional deadness and emptiness of the superhero movie. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Movie was good Florence Pugh was amazing Solid character work and great acting by the cast. Loverwow Jul 10, Amazing movie, really showed Natasha in depth like we have never seen before. This review contains spoilers , click expand to view. The movie is fun and actioned filled. Great acting which made it more enjoyable to watch. SoulWarfare Jul 10, I think Kevin Feige is an amazing producer, but I always felt it was so dumb that it took so long for Black Widow to have her film.

What is more jarring that this came out after Endgame which concluded her story. Nevertheless, it is here and I was still kind of hype for it despite it all. So I think Kevin Feige is an amazing producer, but I always felt it was so dumb that it took so long for Black Widow to have her film. So is this another MCU hit or a miss? Firstly, the supporting cast is all stellar. David Harbour as Red Guardian was hilarious and he was incredibly charming even if his character was kind of an ass.

Rachel Weisz was also great as Melina, the fake mother of Natasha, as she gives a performance that conveys the conflict her character is going through yet also being quite lovable. Florence Pugh as Yelena, Natasha's sister, is the true stand out in this film. Her performance is so charismatic and charming while also being a proper badass. Her character has the most vulnerability compared to everyone else and Florence's shows this by really delivering on the emotional performance.

She also has great chemistry with Scarlett Johansson so the interaction between Yelena and Natasha are some of the biggest highlights of Black Widow. Scarlett is also still phenomenal as Natasha and she still delivers here as well. We get to see more emotion from her character which allows Scarlett to do a lot more and shine in these scenes. The music score is composed by legendary composer Lorne Balfe and he continues to make another amazing score for Black Widow. Every action scene feels more hype whenever his score is being blasted and it's just awesome.

The emotional scenes become more emotional and the tense scenes become more tense thanks to his score. I also really love the action scenes, for the most part. The hand-to-hand fights felt gritty and brutal which made it very entertaining to watch. There is also a pretty cool car chase and a fight where Black Widow has to fight countless other Red Room assassins which were very enjoyable as well. However, the story is quite a mixed bag for me thanks to how it is executed. The movie does a lot of telling of her past rather than showing which is kind of disappointing.

I think seeing the red ledger stuff she did as a Red Room assassin would've given the ending more impact. Additionally, Black Widow explores the theme of family but handles it quite poorly. Natasha confronting her fake family is emotional stuff and the movie does show it but it would then deflect it with a silly joke which did get annoying. This is terrible when it came to the dad, Red Guardian. The movie treats him like a joke even though he did an incredibly terrible thing that caused his fake daughters to dislike him. There is a moment where he does start trying to repair his relationship with his daughters which was very sweet but the story doesn't stay long enough on this.

He also doesn't get a moment to show how much he cares for his daughter which disappointed me. The story is also very low stakes and because of Endgame, there doesn't feel like there is much danger to our main characters. The action scenes near the end are quite disappointing as well. There is a fight between the Red Guardian and Taskmaster which sounds on paper cool as both have some kind of superpower. However, the editing had lots of cuts with also constantly cutting away to something else which made it jarring.

Additionally, Red Guardian, despite having super strength, never gets to show this in the fight. There is also a final fight between Black Widow and Taskmaster at the end which is mostly a CGI fest but is also incredibly short as well. It was a disappointing final fight for sure. On that note, the villains in Black Widow are also very disappointing. Dreykov, the leader of the Red Room, doesn't even have much of a presence on the plot until 40 minutes in. Even when they start appearing, they still have no presence as the plot is more focused on getting the family together than villains doing something.

Taskmaster may be the most disappointing villain in MCU history. They are such a deviation from the comic as Taskmaster never speaks ever. There is also a reveal about Taskmaster that is just lame. Overall, Black Widow is a movie I feel so incredibly conflicted about. The story and villains are quite poor but there are moments in it that are very good. The characters and performances by actors are all great but some characters don't get enough to shine. The action scenes are entertaining but it does stumble near the end.

Black Widow is a movie with a lot of good that contains some bumps throughout. In the end, I am glad it finally came out and I enjoyed watching it even though it does feel a bit too late. It was ok in the beginning, but the second have kinda crashed. For a movie that takes itself so seriously, why don't the evil villain's just kill. First half of the movie was quite good but then i was moaning and faceplaming all the time. One of the worst mcu movies. DaveyBoySmith Oct 9, This movie gets the lowest possible rating for its biased depiction of Russia and its citizens. Non-US affiliated male Russians are portrayed as incompetent, calculating, cruel, corrupt, cunning, lacking sophistication etc.

And Russian prison wardens and inmates apparently do not merit rescue by our heroes after being buried underneath an avalanche. The film makers want it both ways - we are to believe that Russia is a backward nation with second-rate technology note the cumbersome Russian helicopter contrasted with the sleek American Quinjet , but also one that it is extremely capable of causing international strife, in part due to how it indoctrinates its citizens and deprives them of their individuality. To have all the Russian characters portrayed by Western actors further demonstrates the dishonest nature of the movie.

Similar to the Dolomedes species studied by Arnqvist and Henriksson , in many species of Phidippus , food consumption is positively related to aggression, juvenile growth and adult female size depend on juvenile food consumption, and female fecundity is positively related to size Edwards ; Jackson I carried out extensive behavioral observations on P. Through this work I learned that juvenile and adult females exhibit high levels of aggression toward conspecific and heterospecific prey.

Females commonly attack and consume males before, during, and after copulation. Males approach females cautiously, and with an elaborate courtship display, and retreat rapidly after sperm transfer, usually by curling into a ball and rolling to the litter below. Furthermore, males often locate a female, but do not approach to court her until the female has successfully captured a prey item. In 32 observed courting approaches, fours of six successful copulations occurred when the female was consuming another prey item one of these males was killed during copulation when the female dropped her lepidopteran prey and attacked her mate; another was killed after copulation in a similar scenario. Similarly, I have rejected the Newman and Elgar "Economic" model for the evolution of this interaction because females attack males regardless of their feeding status.

Another possible explanation for sexual cannibalism is that the female attacks the male because she mistakes his identity as a prey item rather than a conspecific reviewed in Elgar This hypothesis was not discussed because there has been no empirical evidence to support it Elgar A case of mistaken identity certainly does not explain sexual cannibalism in Phidippus spiders. Salticids have the highest visual acuity of all arachnids Forster , and are thus unlikely to attack or approach anything by accident. Furthermore, the occurrence of cannibalism during and after copulation further precludes the possibility of mistaken identity.

It is more likely that the ontogeny of aggression explanation invoked by Arnqvist and Henriksson accounts in part for the evolution of sexual cannibalism in Phidippus rimator. However, while Arnqvist and Henriksson developed their hypothesis as a fitness trade-off between aggressive behavior in juvenile and adult fishing spiders, I posit that this ontogenetic conflict of interest is absent, or at least less important, in P. It is likely that aggressive behavior is selectively advantageous in juvenile P.

However, while this behavior is thought to confer negative fitness to adult fishing spiders by decreasing fertilization rates of adult females Arnqvist and Henriksson , it may have a less deleterious effect on jumping spiders. Male P. Suttle, personal observation. Thus a population of P. Furthermore, the increase in female survival conferred by high levels of adult aggression may offset fitness costs to females that remain unmated. Female P. Because aggressive females will better defend their eggs and foraging space from competitors and potential predators, high levels of aggression may confer survival and fitness advantages to adult females. I hypothesize, therefore, that sexual cannibalism in Phidippus rimator may have evolved along a similar pathway to that in Dolomedes fimbriatus , but does not cause the same conflict of interest between the adults and juveniles that it does in D.

Furthermore, sexual cannibalism may be maintained in the species through a selective advantage of aggressive behavior to both juveniles and adults. Andrade, M. Sexual selection for male sacrifice in the Australian redback spider. Science Female hunger can explain variation in cannibalistic behavior despite male sacrifice in redback spiders. Behavioral Ecology Arnqvist, G. Sexual cannibalism in the fishing spider and a model for the evolution of sexual cannibalism based on genetic constraints. Evolutionary Ecology Birkhead, T. Young, and P. Sexual cannibalism in the praying mantis Hierodula membranacea. Behavior Dick, J. The cannibalistic behavior of two Gammarus species Crustacea: Amphipoda. Journal of Zoology Edwards, G.

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Covid: Field Persuasive Speech On Perseverance to remain operational. Is Genetic Modification Important To Me a brutal year and change for the Reading Proficiency In English Language theater business, the performance of "Black Widow" is encouraging to Hollywood and film exhibitors Summary Of Dear Or In Prison By George Duvall. Black Widow represents the MCU looking ghost in hamlet when it should Rhetorical Analysis Of Stephanie Ericcson moving forward.