The Pros And Cons Of Texas Open Carry Law

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The Pros And Cons Of Texas Open Carry Law

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Texas governor to sign bill allowing unlicensed carrying of handguns

This system scans three different databases to ensure there are no matches. Lying on the form in an attempt to purchase the gun is also considered an illegal act which could strip you of the firearm when discovered. The Second Amendment offers more checks-and-balances for society. When the founding fathers creating the structure of the American government, they wanted to make sure that no one branch of it could hold more power than the other. The system of checks-and-balances ensures that the executive, legislative, and judicial branches must work together to the benefit of society. The Second Amendment offers this same benefit for the average person in their daily routines. It is a way to protect your individual liberties to ensure that you are not deprived of the right to pursue happiness.

Gun ownership is a way to ensure that the government is obliged to control itself in addition to supervising the governed. It does not provide for the safe usage and implementation of a gun in society. You still get to drive your car and have guns. That level of implementation is left to the states, which means there is a patchwork series of laws that gun owners must follow to stay in compliance. There is no guarantee that a good guy with a gun is going to be around. DaShanne Stokes has also said that gun violence in the United States is not a Republican or Democrat problem, but an American problem — and one that requires an American solution.

Even though there are plenty of stories about a good guy with a gun stopping a crime that you can find, there are also more than 14, homicides attributed to firearms each year in the United States. That means 4. Households that own just one gun carry a 7 times higher risk of experiencing premature death than those without one. Even the states which have the least amount of controls places on gun ownership see homicide rates that are more than double those of states with the most extensive restrictions.

There are multiple ways to deter crime other than gun ownership. In Guns Part 2, Aaron Powell makes this observation. Both sides of the Second Amendment debate can quote statistics which support their argument. There are stories about how gun ownership can save lives, just as there are times when it takes lives. Saying that guns are the only way to deter crime is laziness. There are multiple facets of protection that we can implement every day if we are willing to take bold steps to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Can guns stop a crime? So can an alarm system, an airlock system in schools, metal detectors, and many more methods. We cannot have tunnel vision on just one outcome. It creates the potential for a domestic arms race. When we push toward a world of gun ownership, then we are creating a society where good and evil are both racing toward a place where each feel like it can be a dominant force. This perspective is what fueled the nuclear race during the Cold War, and it is also what causes some people to stockpile firearms.

According to reporting from The New York Times, only 8 states have laws which provide an explicit mechanism so that people who are suspected of owning guns in violation of their prohibitions are required to hand them over. Some of these laws allow, but do not require, the police to seek a court order for confiscation. Authorities in Chicago knew for over 4 years that Gary Martin was a felon with a violent history, yet did nothing to make sure that he surrendered his Smith and Wesson handgun with a laser sight.

He used that weapon to kill five of his co-workers in Aurora, IL, in February It would be helpful to enforce the laws on our books to ensure that we are doing all that we can to stop the bad guys with guns. The Second Amendment increases the cost of law enforcement. Other than firearms, the companies also cover other things like bats, knives, sticks, and so on. Both companies let you choose a criminal defense attorney of your choosing to represent you during court cases.

However, the company also allows you to choose other add-ons to suit your needs. Going to court can take a load on a person and could even cause them to lose their job. Law Shield does not. Deciding which firearms insurance scheme is best for you depends on personal needs and circumstances. Before making the decision, you must first consider your current situation and the lifestyle you lead.

Both organizations will not provide assistance if you are charged with violating a local law or ordinance that is not related to a self-defense situation. Law Shield seems to be a greater choice because of its coverage and pricing. But if you live in other states, USCCA is best for its coverage, states of operation, and compensation structure.

Law Shield option with all the available add-ons included. If you have a firearm, whether kept in your bedroom, vehicle, or if you practice concealed carry, it is encouraged for you to get a concealed carry insurance as it will protect you if and when the time comes for you to get involved in a self-defense shooting incident. Law Shield are among the best firearms safeguard companies available now and they each have their own merits. That said, U. Law Shield is great for residents in a select few sectors that need a basic plan with unlimited legal safeguard at a low cost. A gun lover since young, served the country for the last 20 years.

I started the blog to share my experience and gun-related knowledge accumulated throughout the years. Hopefully, you will find something useful over here or just have fun! You can learn more about me here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Law Shield — Similarities and Differences. Law Shield — Pros and Cons. Here are a few questions we asked ourselves when making the comparison: What is covered?

How much total coverage is included? Are there any caps on the coverage? Are there any other services and benefits offered? How does the price stack up in relation to the coverage offered? USCCA United States Concealed Carry Association USCCA was established in by two co-founders, Tim Schmidt and Tommy Schmidt who noticed the implications for those who had ever had to use their firearm and were concerned how it may affect themselves, their family member or friends should they ever need to fire off their gun for home defense or self-defense purposes. The USCCA is chartered as a membership organization that places emphasis on: Education Training Firearms Legal Protection With that in mind, USCCA has been at the forefront of education for concealed carry license holders with comprehensive tools and educational articles to keep gun enthusiasts on top of the latest changes in the legal environment and the technicalities of concealed carry.

Law Shield formerly known as Texas Law Shield Noticing the problems that many concealed carry holders had to face with the justice system after they fired off their weapon in self-defense, a group of pioneering second-amendment-friendly lawyers established Texas Law Shield in with the mission to cover innocent citizens against the injustice of the legal system in the U. Law Shield It does not have multiple membership programs like USCCA, instead, the CCW assurance provider has a base coverage with optional add-ons that you can choose to include in your scheme.

Education Both organizations place a strong emphasis on the education and understanding of their members on any legal updates, laws, and other data of importance. Weapon Coverage Both concealed carry insurance programs cover all and any legal weapon used by you during a self defense incident, which includes any other legal weapons you may pick up on the spot.

Choice of Defense Attorney Representation Both companies let you choose a criminal defense attorney of your choosing to represent you during court cases. Compensation While in Court Going to court can take a load on a person and could even cause them to lose their job. In Gregg v Georgia , the Supreme Court wrote that "[t]he instinct for retribution is part of the nature of man Opponents of retribution theory believe in the sanctity of life and often argue that it is just as wrong for society to kill as it is for an individual to kill. Others argue that what drives American support for capital punishment is the " impermanent emotion of outrage. Some supporters of the death penalty also contend it is less expensive than a life sentence.

Nevertheless, at least 47 states do have life sentences without the possibility of parole. Of those, at least 18 have no possibility of parole. And according to the ACLU :. More than religious leaders have written an open letter to America and its leaders:. AEDPA placed restrictions on the power of federal courts to grant writs of habeas corpus to state prisoners. The SPA would have imposed additional limits on the ability of state inmates to challenge the constitutionality of their imprisonment through habeas corpus.

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