Pl Travers Mother

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Pl Travers Mother

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PL Travers The Real Mary Poppins - Part 1 of 6

The less-attractive, harsher version was written by author P. Travers, who had a seriously wild life. Here's everything you need to know about Travers' real life and how it inspired the world's most beloved nanny. Despite being known for her distinctly British book series, Travers was born and grew up in Australia , according to The Telegraph. She adored her father, even as he suffered an alcohol addiction that threatened his job.

Her father eventually died when she was 7. Shortly after, her now-single mother threatened suicide but didn't go through with it, The Telegraph reported. Travers spent much of her childhood trying to be the stable family member for her younger sisters and telling them fantastical stories to take their minds off of things. It was the beginning of a life spent creating magic through words. The New Yorker reported that she also wrote poetry and erotic stories. Before her writing career began in full, she was also a dancer and actress , per the New York Times. It was during that time period that she changed her name from the given Helen Lyndon Goff to Pamela Lyndon Travers, taking her father's first name as her last, per The Telegraph.

According to the New York Post , Travers is rumored to have had relationships with both men and women. She never married. According to the Sydney Morning Herald , Travers' child was a twin , but Travers only wanted to adopt the one child. As a believer in the mystical, she asked an astrologer which twin to pick and was advised accordingly to pick Camillus. The Herald reported that Camillus didn't know he was adopted or a twin for many years. Maria Morehead Birth Mother. Travers Robert Goff Age 42 approx. Born Dec Died Other Partners Professional Partners. His Other Children. Children Together Barbara Goff born aft. Cicely Goff born , age presumed dead. Her Other Children. Age 42 approx. Who's In The News?

Daniel Craig Daniel's 5th outing as Bond gets bums back on seats in the cinema. Donald Trump Donald asks the courts to let him tweet. Elon Musk Space-X continues to reach for the stars. Play Sound. Trivia The movie ends without showing Travers' reaction to the film, other than indifference before the film begins. In real life, she lambasted the film to the point that her last will and testament stated that no Americans be allowed to adapt her work. In , she softened on her opinion of the film stating "I've seen it once or twice, and I've learned to live with it.

It's glamorous and it's a good film on its own level, but I don't think it is very like my books. Categories Characters Saving Mr. Banks characters Characters based on real people Live-action characters Disney characters Females Anti-heroes Reformed characters English characters Australian characters.

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