Mark Crispin Millers How To Be Stupid: The Lessons

Sunday, January 16, 2022 9:49:38 AM

Mark Crispin Millers How To Be Stupid: The Lessons

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Mark Crispin Miller: 'Mainstream Media in the U.S. is disgusting'

That is not to say that I have not met people that are not like that. But they admit it without hesitation that they despise their fellow country men for these reasons. My best friend is 88 years old. She lives a simple life with her animals. When I realized what a fake Mujica was, everything started to look different. I wonder if the fairly recent history of military dictatorships is part of the reason for the obedience of Uruguayans and other Latin Americans.

Then again, most of the global population seems extremely obedient, including the majority of people in pseudo-democratic countries in the West. Not sure if you have seen this, but here is a video from late April of a lawyer from Uruguay discussing the situation in the country with Reiner Fuellmich. It starts almost exactly at the 3 hour mark. Before him was a lawyer from Argentina. Thanks for the link. We really need to get things moving around here; people are literally asleep. Whereas in the northern hemisphere people are getting suspicious about the vac…, here people are blaming the Government for not importing enough of them for everybody to get jabbed.

They have a blind faith that there is a deadly disease in the air that only can be cured by your know what. Complete madness. If you are a German citizen, would it be better and faster returning there than waiting on the Green Card? When does your landlord want you to move out by? The bottom line of social organization and interaction has never changed since humans first crawled from wherever it was they came: organizations are bad. They cannot be otherwise. Truth does and cannot reside in groupings of people. You absolutely, positively cannot go wrong with that. And where you find the greatest harm is within groups of people. One lone person does harm at his own peril. A group does harm at its own enrichment. UBI will be their answer.

They cannot and will not admit it is as much a crisis of governance. It also goes out of its way to dismiss Protectionism, the great no-no for globalists which cannot have too many stakes driven through its heart at least until it reaches the point that it becomes absolutely unthinkable and even mentioning it becomes a thought-crime. Their track records, which might call into question the sincerity of their good intentions, are just ignored. The article comes from the Common Foundation. Their insignia just happens to be a thinly-disguised all-seeing eye pyramid. Sure there are local journalists and nationally some bigwigs are given free rein to do analysis — but when it comes to The News, it is not just driven but actually decided behind the scenes.

I know this from personal experience, long ago, while working on the Today Programme and having had a father who was a diplomat. Our experience was rather similar. Rather Whitehall will tell its operatives how that country is going to change. Rather the BBC will reflect those same Whitehall interests that are nudging respective countries towards change. The FCO leaks recently revealed that BBC and Reuters, where I also worked, are actively involved in regime change, identifying and training the opposition and setting up opposition media. See The Grayzone and Vanessa Beeley. I once seriously pissed off the head of the World Service, reminding him that the Foreign Office pays the bills. That is unsayable at the BBC for it undermines the fiction of editorial independence and it shows who pulls the strings.

I have practical examples of news decisions to back up my claims. He responded not with interest but anger. I suspect he was waiting for the Foreign Office to tell him what to report or, at least, to indicate what line to take. Excellent comment, if I may say so. One small point: the FCO stopped funding it in I still remember the excitement of many people at that time, although my father abominated ads from the outset. The BBC of course was far too sublime an organization to sink to such levels the licence fee supported this expensive moral standpoint — at first … But now it is all the same. Advertising, direct or indirect, is behind everything we see on TV today, and, being entirely materially based, it is identical to propaganda.

Which raises the question: Did anyone suggest that economies should be completely divorced from the demands of democratic majorities? Prioritising short-term profits for individuals has sometimes meant that the long-term well-being of society and the environment has lost out — especially as the world has faced the Covid pandemic and climate change. Especially as the world has faced two somewhat debatable matters! Covid is a hyped up piece of crap. This is not impossible. Capitalism has evolved before, and if it is to continue into the longer-term future, it can evolve again. This is, as it were, the small print.

We offer fiscal sponsorship for non-profit projects, donor advised funds, conduct philanthropic advising, set up scholarship programs, conduct legacy research and development, develop non-profit strategies, and we offer a full suite of consultative services for people, planet, and peace. All of which is part of this new global strategic change speak cf. Which — for anyone actually paying attention — has been the capitalist con from day one. Your life is shit! You must accept this change! And once you accept it, it will be shit too! So you must accept this other change! Translated: The normal mode of parasitical acquisition can no longer proceed.

So we must have a fundamental alteration to keep the vampirism going! Faux chee has an appointment with a bus so it would appear, the foi emails have certainly started to stir some of the media in the US. Even so, there are things of which we can be reasonably certain, such as, that all of the fear-mongering and hysteria has been suspiciously manipulated to promote universal vaccination. That seems fairly obvious.

All roads lead to the vaccine. There are already places in southeast Asia and Europe where they are laying the groundwork for compulsory vaccination. The means someone pins you to the ground and puts a needle in you. You are probably going to need at least 2 phones, something you never use to show the authorities and something like a burner phone you actually use. I think the jab is merely a step to the real goal — digital I.

Control and profit are the ultimate aims, along with a goodly dose of depopulation. The injections are sold as vaccines, but have no actual potential to either protect from disease, nor to lessen the symptoms of acute respiratory inflammation created by aerosolized toxic substances. Especially the elderly succumb easier to the toxic loads in the air they breathe. Dry wood is too expensive. It constantly smells like forest fires and blue smoke lingers. The facilitator who made it possible for the states to impose the worst fascist lock-downs in history, to help his corporate paymasters by destroying small business.

Yet you people still protect the enabler. You are suffering from Trump Saviour syndrome. The whole thing. The other thing which has occurred to me is the rank stupidity of the PTB, particularly the journalists. I get into the BTL sections in the Guan because they are actually politically and economically illiterate. This being the case the PTB will crank up the hysteria to higher and higher levels until the message becomes harder to sell. I feel that the PTB will have factored in as many variables as possible.

They will have — and long in advance — have made various projection models. On the other hand, repetition and boredom do have certain advantages as psychological coercion. The sheer regurgitation of a Groundhog Day Covid can be effective in creating the kind of zombie population so well skewered in Shaun of the Dead where the arrival of actual zombies is unnoticed since it seems to be business as usual! Diminishing returns is right. I suspect people are getting bored with this. I fear not. The message will become easier and easier to sell, since the public will get so used to it that they will no longer pay attention to what they are doing. Modern liberalism as espoused in the media, the middle bureaucracy and academia is not a set of political beliefs but a price formula.

A calculation of what liberties or norms I am prepared to trade in order to secure my own financial status and security. This means going along with every woke novelty so long as it costs me no more than lip service but also sacrificing every liberty on the altar of the corporate security state so long as I get some crumbs from the table, such as grants from the surveillance capitalism complex to provide its rationale, aka pseudo-intellectual justification. The pursuit of truth becomes a shooting party in which those tightly bound by financial or professional interest talk in clipped jargon that at once signals their membership of a dominant clique and objectifies the excluded ones. Indeed, they must have prey!

Their tortured logic in which the institutions founded upon free inquiry become the headquarters of the thought police… it hurts to think like this and the only balm is to skewer another victim. And so the shooting party wades on, the beaters flushing out those who are not fully committed to the cause, and the likes of Mark Crispin Miller become the hunted. But I think that actually implementing total political correctness is impossible and is not being seriously being put forward as a workable proposition.

The true purpose of this compulsively expanding wokery is to destabilise and intimidate as many people as possible and create a society wide cloud of confusion that negates all group potency. This is the kind of article that leaves you in disbelief about the fact that it ended so soon. Seldom is now such coherent writing available — and that against the backdrop of an excellent company of enlightening jounalistic work. Thank you for the kind words as i hold onto hope that pure reason and a burning love of empirical truth wins in the end.

Wuhan, the lab? She goes on to make the point the only places people were only dropping down dead in streets was in Wuhan, and a town in Iran that hosts their nuclear research facility. They were most likely faked. I agree a lot of them appeared to be faked, framing the narrative, I figured China was in on it from participation in Event and ground zero for social credit system. Wuhan was the staging area. Anything you saw out of there was laced with more horseshit than a garden variety politician. Total accident of course!! Well at least he is not killing any more patients.

What next on air co-anchor Skanko-Roman wrestling? Now that is what truly constitutes Sweet Irony. The sweetest irony of the year so far. More to follow for sure. The late Dr. Rogiewicz is now immune from it and all its alleged variants for eternity. Methane derived from fermented bullshit, perhaps? In fact the US has been able to maximize profits and diversify its oil profits which was after all the point of the exercise? Skeptic is used like the term conspiracy theorist to try to paint someone as different and not logical, along with radical to indicate someone with whacko opinions and views.

Seems to me dismissing almost every official narrative as propaganda is pure common sense. The verdict is in man, the official Covid narrative is pure bullshit. My have times have changed. The lunatics are indeed in charge of the asylum. Jun 2, Daniel Broudy Prof. Filed under: censorship , free speech , latest , Media Criticism. Inline Feedbacks. Neil MacLeod. Jun 6, PM. Jul 6, AM. Reply to Neil MacLeod. Jun 4, PM. Geoffrey Skoll. Jun 4, AM. Reply to Geoffrey Skoll. Reply to aspnaz. S Cooper. Jun 5, PM. Reply to S Cooper. Reply to suddyan. George Mc. Reply to George Mc. Jun 8, PM. Reply to karen elliot. Now add big pharma, big tech, big media etc and voila, fascism.

Jun 3, PM. Reply to Barovsky. That is NOT capitalism as such. Note however that they seem to be stealing from some people and giving to some other people. Reply to MaryLS. Onya Mary! Paul Miazga. Jul 6, PM. Brian Sides. This is directed against humanity as a whole. We are getting a real time lesson from the Ministry of Truth. Reply to Maxwell. Reply to Dayne. Reply to Kika. And you think that is a better system?

Have you really, deeply, thought about this? History is just a pack of lies agreed upon… They who control the present control the past; they who control the past control the future…. Reply to no more lies. And, as long as we stop reading, they will continue to get away with it. Sam - Admin2. Reply to Sam - Admin2. For the remainder, see my reply to NickM. Jun 7, PM. Reply to Brian Sides. Truly a well-oiled system! Reply to Moneycircus. Reply to Howard. Reply to dr death. Ken Garoo. Reply to derridiandave. Destroy the nuclear family. More to come. Reply to Manjushri. Or maybe, Bow towards Seattle and praise Jeff five times a day? Vitor Neilsen. Reply to Penny. Reply to Ken Garoo. Excellent point considering the CEO of Pfizer is actually a veterinarian. Official obstruction, actively hindering early, preventive care — regardless of the illness.

Doctors dissuaded from treating patients at home. Doctors threatened with withdrawal of medical licence for prescribing HCQ — a drug almost as old as Aspirin. You know the rest. Reply to Edwige. Dr Peter McCullough continues: There is a playbook to suppress anything other than vaccines. Pregnant women were excluded from the trials. We never before put a biologically active substance into a pregnant woman. Yet the moment the jabs were out, the CDC and media said vaccinate, vaccinate. This medical malfeasance will go down in history: why is there no early treatment; why are there no safety updates as vaccination progresses?

There is a global suppression of early treatment. The powers that want to suppress treatment, and cause as much fear, hospitalisation, suffering and death as possible, are not by happenstance. These are powerful forces that have doctors terrified that they will lose their livelihoods. There is something in the vaccine. Already in SE Asia they are pinning you down and giving a mandatory jab. A narrow-spectrum vaccine is setting the world up for a super bug. Injecting the whole world is the last thing we should do. Digital currency and latest addition to the Internet of things — the human being.

Gezzah Potts. Frieda Vizel. Reply to Gezzah Potts. Reply to dannyb. Still holding onto hope that the human beings will awaken and end the madness. Marilyn Shepherd. That was a new one…. Reply to ToyAussie. Reply to wardropper. I think of those movies every time I see a group of masked-up people — even in a photo. Reply to Sams. Fast Eddy. And there are those who believe we need greater democracy…. They are basically — incompetent. May Hem. Reply to May Hem. You can do a fake sign in … just point your phone and pretend to comply… Given the massive numbers of false positives… one does not want to be caught in the drag net and dropped into a prison cell for two weeks.

What do they fear so much that would get them on board for this….. Reply to Fast Eddy. Logistically it would be a problem to screen and select every single leader on the planet no? Because I am unaware of a single leader who is not on board with the injections… Then there is the MSM and social media — dancing to the same tune. And the opposition politicians? And the MSM? But the horror goes on! Hang on …. And the verdict?

Donald Duck. Jun 3, AM. Reply to -CO. Reply to Ooink. Simon Dutton. Here he talks about the fines imposed for supposed breaches of the CV regs: and here he talks about the possibility of mandatory stabbings:. Reply to Simon Dutton. Do pupils have to bring their own coffins to lessons? Peter Jennings. Reply to Peter Jennings. Reply to watt. Reply to Patrick. Reply to Elrin. This piece does not do anything of the sort, it merely states scholars have speculated as such.

The point is that continually bolstering the idea that the Nazis were the oppressors hell bent on world domination I do not believe the majority of our content does this at all. Reply to Peter. Predictably, actual covid scepticism only appears on LS in the underlying comments. Petra Liverani. Toby Young is in on it, a total shill, Ahmed is just trying to make him look credible. Big B. Hi Gezzah You can trace the philosophical bent to Plato. Reply to Big B. There is only one real paradigm and it is the silverback in the tiny house trailer: The Top versus Bottom paradigm.

Reply to Nottheonly1. The Coming Revolution. Reply to The Coming Revolution. Reply to kevin. That is the BBC. Reply to Waldorf. After that, there is nowhere left to go. It was Bob Jobbins, who was director of news for the World Service. Anyone still paying these reptiles has blood on his hands. I wonder if they are related. Etc etc etc Translated: The normal mode of parasitical acquisition can no longer proceed. Reply to magumba. Reply to Corarden. In the Heat of the Night. The Lord of the Rings: Theatrical Trilogy. Riddick: the Complete Collection.

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Dowd uses parentheses to emphasize that this thing is good and that America invented it. This article supports the main claim because it 's depicting the flaws with the American dream and the American way of. Does one truly have much knowledge on news outlets and advertisements on television? Channel One, a news outlet that is produced primarily for adolescents, is displayed in schools on televisions either during the morning announcements or at the end of the school day because it is believed to have some kind educational value. The program lasts for about fifteen minutes each day, and it is composed of interesting current events and news stories that are separated by several regulated advertisements. Miller argues that advertisements promise viewers immediate gratification, which leads into his next major argument of the paragraph.

While the stuff they sell does not, of course, induce a catastrophic physical dependency like heroin or crack, the way they sell it powerfully glamorizes the destructive spiritual condition of all addicts, whatever they may crave: the desperate neediness you need it now! Show More. Read More. Feed SA Rhetorical Analysis Essay Words 3 Pages Shoppers who may not be very eager to donate begin to see how ignoring this world problem makes reflects on them as a person.

Personal Narrative: The Mindless Monster 92 Words 1 Pages Mckenna, I too wrote about the mindless monster and the negative effects it can have on someone.

I carry your heart Rest of Your Macbeths Ambition In Macbeth By William Shakespeare Edition. He was glad that he had done this. Tins at 2. They allowed her treason. The Unit 9 p1. Then back in the present, Bridget makes everyone has some introspection. Macbeths Ambition In Macbeth By William Shakespeare Fighter: Assassin's Fist.