Observations About The River

Monday, October 11, 2021 4:50:08 AM

Observations About The River

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Some days they might give. Some days they might bear your weight and you might haul your self up and catch your breath on the bank under the gentle sun. You might be resurrected there, amongst the bullrushes and the long grass. Feeling strong enough to start the long walk home, through peaceful villages and friendly towns you used to know. But then, one night at home, in the floorboard-creaking, dripping-tap darkness, it calls again and out of the door and through the deserted streets you return to the poison water. At a fold in the river, under the burning canopy, where trailing branches dip below the surface, when you are rotten and wasting, look out for the boatman. He will cary you home and he will give you the cure.

The water is poison. Every day it kills you. Over and over again. Every dam will fail. Every bridge collapses. The river is cold and cruel. Our Montessori education is place-based and grounded in our acre campus, where students gain experience in animal behavior and husbandry, organic gardening, forest restoration, study of native plants and wildlife, and environmental and social justice. Support our Acre Trails and Restoration Project. We are better together! Thank you for supporting the transformative work that we are so proud to do! Learn how your gift can make an immediate impact in our community. Give Now. About Us. Details and Information List of 3 items. We schedule observations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings anytime starting at through a.

Please contact us to schedule your observation. At this time CRMS does not have an internship program. We hope to add this as a possibility in the future. Please contact us if you have an interest.

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