Gender Stratification Of Women In The Film Grease

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Gender Stratification Of Women In The Film Grease

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Chapter 10: Gender Stratification

Barnard was ranked tied at 22nd overall, tied for 29th out of 50 "Most Innovative Schools", tied for 57th out of 63 schools for "Best Undergraduate Teaching" and 81st out of schools for "Best Value" for among U. While students are allowed to use the libraries at Columbia University, Barnard has always maintained a library of its own. Lehman Hall was the site of Barnard's Wollman Library from its opening in until The LeFrak Center housed study space, librarians' offices, the zine collection, course reserves, and new books acquired after July Borne of a proposal by longtime zinester Jenna Freedman, Barnard collects zines in an effort to document third-wave feminism and Riot Grrrl culture.

We collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault, trans feminisms, and other topics. As of June [ update ] , the library had approximately 4, different zines available to library patrons, [58] including zines about race , gender, sexuality , childbirth , motherhood , politics , and relationships. The library keeps a collection of zines for lending and another archived collection in the Barnard Archives. SGA aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters that directly affect the Barnard community.

Student groups include theatre and vocal music groups, language clubs, literary magazines, a freeform radio station called WBAR , a biweekly magazine called the Barnard Bulletin , community service groups, and others. Barnard students can also join extracurricular activities or organizations at Columbia University, while Columbia University students are allowed in most, but not all, Barnard organizations. McAC is made up of five sub-committees which are the Mosaic committee formerly known as Multicultural , the Wellness committee, the Network committee, the Community committee, and the Action committee. Each committee has a different focus, such as hosting and publicizing identity and cultural events Mosaic , having health and wellness related events Wellness , giving students opportunities to be involved with Alumnae and various professionals Network , planning events that bring the entire student body together Community , and planning community service events that give back to the surrounding community Action.

The Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity, founded on January 2, , left campus during the college's ban [61] on sororities but returned to establish its Alpha chapter in The Alpha Epsilon Phi , founded on October 24, , is no longer on campus. As of [ update ] , Barnard does not fully recognize the National Panhellenic Conference sororities at Columbia, but it does provide some funding to account for Barnard students living in Columbia housing through these organizations. Barnard Greek Games : One of Barnard's oldest traditions, the Barnard Greek Games were first held in , and occurred annually until the Columbia University protests in Since then they have been sporadically revived.

The games consist of competitions between each graduating class at Barnard, and events have traditionally included Greek poetry recitation, dance, chariot racing, and a torch race. This annual event grew out of a Seven Sisters conference. The march has grown from under participants in to more than 2, in Midnight Breakfast marks the beginning of finals week. In addition to providing standard breakfast foods, each year's theme is also incorporated into the menu. It takes place the night before finals begin every semester. Students from the college can take as much of the sub as they can carry. The sub has kosher, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan sections.

This event is organized by the student-run activities council, McAC. The Barnard Bulletin in described the relationship between the college and Columbia University as "intricate and ambiguous". Outside sources often describe Barnard as part of Columbia; The New York Times in , for example, called Barnard "an undergraduate women's college of Columbia University". Columbia describes Barnard as an affiliated institution [75] that is a faculty of the university [76] or is "in partnership with" it. By they could attend Columbia classes in philosophy, political science, and several scientific fields. Except for Columbia College, by the s other undergraduate and graduate divisions of Columbia University admitted women.

In Columbia and Barnard signed a three-year agreement to increase sharing classrooms, facilities, and housing, and cooperation in faculty appointments, [81] which they described as "integration without assimilation"; [82] by the mids most Columbia dormitories were coed. After Barnard rejected subsequent merger proposals from Columbia and a one-year extension to the agreement expired, in the two schools began discussing their future relationship. By the relationship had so deteriorated that Barnard officials stopped attending meetings.

Because of an expected decline in enrollment, in a Columbia committee recommended that Columbia College begin admitting women without Barnard's cooperation. A committee found that Columbia was no longer competitive with other Ivy League universities without women, and that admitting women would not affect Barnard's applicant pool. That year Columbia president Michael Sovern agreed for the two schools to cooperate in admitting women to Columbia, but Barnard faculty's opposition caused president Ellen Futter to reject the agreement. A decade of negotiations for a Columbia-Barnard merger akin to Harvard and Radcliffe had failed. Eight students admitted to both Columbia and Barnard chose Barnard, while 78 chose Columbia.

The Columbia-Barnard affiliation continued. It is responsible for its own separate admissions, health, security, guidance and placement services, and has its own alumnae association. Nonetheless, Barnard students participate in the academic, social, athletic and extracurricular life of the broader University community on a reciprocal basis. The affiliation permits the two schools to share some academic resources; for example, only Barnard has an urban studies department, and only Columbia has a computer science department. Most Columbia classes are open to Barnard students and vice versa. Barnard students and faculty are represented in the University Senate, and student organizations such as the Columbia Daily Spectator are open to all students. Barnard students play on Columbia athletics teams, and Barnard uses Columbia email, telephone and network services.

Through this arrangement, Barnard is the only women's college offering Division I athletics. The reps on the coordinating board of Seven Sisters Coalition are rotating every year to hold the annual Seven Sisters Conference in a serious but informal setting. The major topic focused on inner college collaborations and differences in student government structures among Seven Sisters Colleges. The Seven Sisters Coordinating Board of Barnard brought six Barnard student representatives to attend the Fall Semester conference, which was hosted at Vassar College in the past fall semester. Based on the Coalition Coordinating Board Constitution established in February , Students delegates were initiating projects in the aspects of public relations, alumni outreach and website management to promote the presence and development of the seven sisters culture.

Meanwhile, The Barnard delegates engaged in discussions about the various structures of the student governments among the historic seven sisters colleges. In the spring of , Columbia University president Grayson Kirk complained to the president of Barnard that Barnard students were wearing inappropriate clothing. The garments in question were pants and Bermuda shorts. The administration forced the student council to institute a dress code. Students would be allowed to wear shorts and pants only at Barnard and only if the shorts were no more than two inches above the knee and the pants were not tight. Barnard women crossing the street to enter the Columbia campus wearing shorts or pants were required to cover themselves with a long coat.

In March , The New York Times ran an article on students who cohabited, identifying one of the persons they interviewed as a student at Barnard College from New Hampshire named "Susan". She was called before Barnard's student-faculty administration judicial committee, where she faced the possibility of expulsion. A student protest included a petition signed by other Barnard women, admitting that they too had broken the regulations against cohabitating. The judicial committee reached a compromise and the student was allowed to remain in school, but was denied use of the college cafeteria and barred from all social activities. The student briefly became a focus of intense national attention.

She eventually dropped out of Barnard. The following lists all the Presidents and Deans of Barnard College from to present. Barnard College has graduated many prominent leaders in science, religion, politics, the Peace Corps , medicine, law, education, communications, theater, and business; and acclaimed actors, architects, artists, astronauts, engineers, human rights activists, inventors, musicians, philanthropists, and writers. Established in as King's College on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, Columbia is the oldest institution of higher education in New York and the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It is one of nine colonial colleges founded prior to the Declaration of Independence, seven of which belong to the Ivy League.

Columbia is ranked among the top universities in the world by major education publications. The college offers studies in more than one hundred undergraduate and postgraduate fields across five schools. It has a historic affiliation with the Presbyterian Church and the campus architectural style is predominantly Collegiate Gothic. Chartered in , Rutgers was originally called Queen's College.

It is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, the second-oldest in New Jersey, and one of the nine U. In , Queen's College was renamed Rutgers College in honor of Colonel Henry Rutgers, whose substantial gift to the school had stabilized its finances during a period of uncertainty. For most of its existence, Rutgers was a private liberal arts college but it has evolved into a coeducational public research university after being designated The State University of New Jersey by the New Jersey Legislature via laws enacted in and The university ranks among the top three universities in Canada.

As of Fall , 18, undergraduate and graduate students attend the university. The Seven Sisters is a term that refers to seven highly selective liberal arts colleges in the Northeastern United States that are historically women's colleges. They were created to provide women with the educational equivalent to the Ivy League colleges. The daughters were collectively referred to as The Seven Sisters. Connecticut College is a private liberal arts college in New London, Connecticut. It is a residential, four-year undergraduate institution with nearly all of its approximately 1, students living on campus.

The college was founded in as "Connecticut College for Women" in response to Wesleyan University closing its doors to women in ; it shortened its name to "Connecticut College" in when it began admitting men. Founded in , it is the second oldest college in Rhode Island, after Brown University. Located on a acre campus, the college has a student body of 9, 7, undergraduates and 1, graduate students. The University of Alabama is a public research university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Established in and opened to students in , the University of Alabama is the oldest and largest of the public universities in Alabama as well as the flagship of the University of Alabama System. The university offers programs of study in 13 academic divisions leading to bachelor's, master's, education specialist, and doctoral degrees.

The only publicly supported law school in the state is at UA. Other academic programs unavailable elsewhere in Alabama include doctoral programs in anthropology, communication and information sciences, metallurgical engineering, music, Romance languages, and social work. The college is part of the Atlanta University Center academic consortium in Atlanta. Founded in as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, Spelman received its collegiate charter in , making it America's oldest private historically black liberal arts college for women.

However, it is nonsectarian in its teaching and enrolls students of all religious affiliations. Named for St. Columbia College is the oldest undergraduate college of Columbia University, situated on the university's main campus in Morningside Heights in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York and the fifth oldest in the United States.

Union University is a private evangelical Christian university in Jackson, Tennessee, with additional campuses in Germantown and Hendersonville. Founded in , it has served as one of the official Faculties and the Department of Education of Columbia University since its affiliation in Teachers College is the oldest and largest graduate school of education in the United States. It has seven satellite campuses throughout the state and its main campus covers over acres ha in downtown Columbia not far from the South Carolina State House.

It also houses the largest collection of Robert Burns and Scottish literature materials outside Scotland, and the world's largest Ernest Hemingway collection. It was founded in by David Bancroft Johnson, who served as the superintendent of Columbia, South Carolina, schools. He received a grant from Robert Charles Winthrop, a Boston philanthropist and chair of the Peabody Education Board in Massachusetts, to establish the school.

Alpha Epsilon Phi is a sorority and one of the members of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization overseeing 26 North American sororities. Women's colleges in the United States are single-sex U. They are often liberal arts colleges. Infiltration is the unintentional or accidental introduction of outside air into a building, typically through cracks in the building envelope and through use of doors for passage. Infiltration is sometimes called air leakage. The leakage of room air out of a building, intentionally or not, is called exfiltration. Infiltration is caused by wind, negative pressurization of the building, and by air buoyancy forces known commonly as the stack effect.

Mold or mould , also sometimes referred to as mildew, is a fungal growth that develops on wet materials. Mold is a natural part of the environment and plays an important part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees; indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Mold reproduce by means of tiny spores. The spores are like seeds, but invisible to the naked eye, that float through the air and deposit on surfaces. When the temperature, moisture, and available nutrient conditions are correct, the spores can form into new mold colonies where they are deposited.

There are many types of mold, but all require moisture and a food source for growth. Air changes per hour , abbreviated ACPH or ACH, or air change rate is a measure of the air volume added to or removed from a space in one hour, divided by the volume of the space. If the air in the space is either uniform or perfectly mixed, air changes per hour is a measure of how many times the air within a defined space is replaced each hour. Indoor bioaerosol is bioaerosol in an indoor environment. Bioaerosols are natural or artificial particles of biological origin suspended in the air. These particles are also referred to as organic dust.

Bioaerosols may consist of bacteria, fungi, viruses, microbial toxins, pollen, plant fibers, etc. Since bioaerosols are potentially related to various human health effects and the indoor environment provides a unique exposure situation, concerns about indoor bioaerosols have increased over the last decade. Underfloor air distribution UFAD is an air distribution strategy for providing ventilation and space conditioning in buildings as part of the design of a HVAC system.

UFAD systems use an underfloor supply plenum located between the structural concrete slab and a raised floor system to supply conditioned air through floor diffusers directly into the occupied zone of the building. UFAD systems are similar to conventional overhead systems OH in terms of the types of equipment used at the cooling and heating plants and primary air-handling units AHU. Key differences include the use of an underfloor air supply plenum, warmer supply air temperatures, localized air distribution and thermal stratification. Thermal stratification is one of the featured characteristics of UFAD systems, which allows higher thermostat setpoints compared to the traditional overhead systems OH.

This is because heat is gained from building penetrations and gaps within the structure itself. UFAD has several potential advantages over traditional overhead systems, including layout flexibility, improved thermal comfort and ventilation efficiency, reduced energy use in suitable climates and life-cycle costs. UFAD is often used in office buildings, particularly highly-reconfigurable and open plan offices where raised floors are desirable for cable management.

UFAD is appropriate for a number of different building types including commercials, schools, churches, airports, museums, libraries etc. Careful considerations need to be made in the construction phase of UFAD systems to ensure a well-sealed plenum to avoid air leakage in UFAD supply plenums. Airflow, or air flow , is the movement of air. The primary cause of airflow is the existence of air. Air behaves in a fluid manner, meaning particles naturally flow from areas of higher pressure to those where the pressure is lower. Atmospheric air pressure is directly related to altitude, temperature, and composition.

As such, the project was to provide best practice digital guide for the European Union. The society funds research projects, offers continuing education programs, and develops and publishes technical standards to improve building services engineering, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainable development. Healthy building refers to an emerging area of interest that supports the physical, psychological, and social health and well-being of people in buildings and the built environment.

Buildings can be key promoters of health and well-being since most people spend a majority of their time indoors. Health concern, where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or become infected with chronic disease from the building in which they work or reside. Medical condition. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. World Health Organization. Journal of Building Appraisal. Environmental Health Perspectives. ISSN PMC PMID Indoor Air Division J : U. Environmental Protection Agency.

Retrieved Toxicology and Industrial Health. S2CID Medical Mycology. Office Buildings: Health, Safety and Environment. ISBN Journal of Environmental Health. Clinical Microbiology Reviews. Food and Environmental Virology. Suzanne; Bulens, Sandra N. Emerging Infectious Diseases. Clinical Infectious Diseases. Journal of Travel Medicine. Of Inflamm. Indoor Environmental Quality. Ahlroth Allergy Clin. National Safety Council. Retrieved April 27, Chinese Science Bulletin. Bibcode : ChSBu.. Indian J. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Indoor Air. Occupational and Environmental Medicine. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list link 1 2 Wargocki P.

ISSN X. Critical Reviews in Toxicology. Despite the existence of a universal definition of health, culture-defined gender roles prevent universality. The struggle of gender and class dynamics have presented themselves all throughout history. These conflicts were significant to the Post Civil War era. Gender and class dynamics, in spite of everything are still an ongoing issue. These conflicts can affect personal and family relationships. The Reconstruction period after the Civil War introduced several challenges.

As the Civil War ended. April 4, Gender Roles In Gilgamesh, an epic poem, gender roles play a large role in the plot line. Even female goddesses had some key roles through this ancient epic. They might not have necessarily had the same strengths and duties to their male counterparts, but their roles were substantial. Even though the main characters in this epic, Enkidu and Gilgamesh, are male, women still had major roles in their tale. In the story of Ruth, Naomi and her mother-in-law defy gender roles and work. Minister Benazir Bhutto, and Prime Minister Indira Ghandi were all powerful female leaders from their respected countries.

Retrieved October 23, Reasons For The Failure Of Reconstruction That is to say, D MeSH : D Retrieved Reasons For The Failure Of Reconstruction 26, SGA aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters that Analysis: The Virgin Of Guadalupe affect the Charles Bardes Defining Patient-Centered Medicine community.