Online Activism: The LGBT Civil Rights Movement

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Online Activism: The LGBT Civil Rights Movement

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An unsung hero of the civil rights movement - Christina Greer

Discuss the pros and cons of such an argument. Citizen Journalism is an argumentative concept by its very nature and one which is particularly hard to define. It involves non-professional, un-trained locals reporting on news themselves and using social media as a platform to do so, in a basic sense. Stereotypes form from a young age and follow a child to adulthood. Stereotypes can indeed affect how a women feels about the STEM field, and also what others think.

Stereotypes play a big role in this concept, and so does the common idea that the STEM field not all that inviting to women, As said by Mrs. There are several factors that make careers in STEM more challenging for women. For many people their identities have been altered because, people ask them questions on social media that causes some to reflect on how they perceive themselves. We come to see our identities as those we would like to have as seen on social media or that we want people to see rather than who we really are. We then feel compelled to promote these identities through social media. The line between person and persona, private and public self become blurred or erased completely and the so-called self-identity becomes a means of our acceptance and status.

In relation to the topic of how modern technology has altered our identities, nowadays modern technology has replaced many humans; technological machines have now taken some jobs which used to be done by humans. Furthermore, Messner also explained that girls in school are channelled away from playing sport. From my understanding in relation to safeguarding standard 5, Women are not given the same chances as. Single-sex schools prevent disturbance for students. Due to the raging hormones during puberty and growth, they naturally get attracted to the opposite gender, which brings distraction.

Students will inevitably get drawn back from their school work and other important materials they need to work on. Furthermore, girls tend to mature much faster than boys, so eventually, girls will be held back because of boys. Boys attending co-ed schools will be more likely to make outrageous decisions to impress the girls. Social Media is a modern day technology used not only as form of expression for many, but also as an outlet for cries of injustice. Through these articles and by analyzing the movements BlackLivesMatter and the Ice Bucket Challenge we can figure out how and when is change really possible.

The introduction of the internet has changed the way individuals communicate and interact. Michael W. Ross goes a step further and suggests that the internet has helped to shape sexual culture , p. Often times individuals who are attracted to the same-sex may have negative experiences out in the world, but the internet can provide a place. Law enforcement agencies understand that social media can help them as well as cause them more problems, usually by what the law enforcement agencies release to the public which can lead the communities to take justice into their hands, but social media is also increasingly used by criminals and make law enforcement jobs that much harder.

When law enforcement agencies catch on to a new trend that criminals use on social media, they may have already moved on to another chapter in their crime spree. This makes it extremely hard for law enforcement to investigate crimes because they are having problems getting the particular information needed to prosecute because they may require a search warrant for a company in another state or country. Although there is ultimately a need for safety and protection, change does demand action. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. The spread in popularity of social media has not only created safe spaces but has clearly produced an uprising of cyberactivism. The base of LGBT activism, in particular, is that at the root of all things — people are all people.

Humans are all connected in some way and this connection is particularly noticeable through online relation chains. Activism over the internet is conducted by real, physical people and, just by that fact, effects the physical world by impacting the people who live within it. Online activism gives a chance for people who may not be in the traditional stream for politics to become increasingly involved with it by speaking to an increasingly growing audience.

People who may have given up on the state of mainstream politics may find rekindled hope in online activism. Eckstein was also an early activist in the black feminist movement of the s and was involved with the organization Black Women Organized for Action. According to historians, she viewed the fight for civil rights and LGBTQ rights as intrinsically linked. Jordan, a civil rights leader and attorney, became the first African American elected to the Texas Senate in , and the first woman and first African American elected to Congress from Texas in Jordan was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton in for her work as a political trailblazer.

While Jordan never explicitly acknowledged her sexual orientation in public, she was open about her life partner of nearly 30 years, Nancy Earl. Marsha P. Johnson — who would cheekily tell people the "P" stood for "pay it no mind" — was an outspoken transgender rights activist and is reported to be one of the central figures of the historic Stonewall uprising of Along with fellow trans activist Sylvia Rivera, Johnson helped form Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries STAR , a radical political organization that provided housing and other forms of support to homeless queer youth and sex workers in Manhattan.

Miss Major is black transgender woman and activist at the forefront of the fight for trans rights. She faced many hurdles during her life — including homelessness and incarceration — and it's these challenges that fueled her activism. She has often spoken out against the prison system, which she says contributes to the incarceration of transgender individuals, particularly trans people of color and those with low incomes.

When Oden was elected mayor of Palm Springs, California in , he made history by becoming the first openly gay African American man elected mayor of an American city. Jenkins made history in November by becoming the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office in the U. Jenkins, a Democrat, was one of two openly trans people to win a seat on the Minneapolis City Council in She is also a published poet and an oral historian at the University of Minnesota.

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