Effects Of Rough Sports

Friday, September 24, 2021 3:36:10 PM

Effects Of Rough Sports

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The problem with sex testing in sports

The life-long football fan wrote an article earlier this month called " Is Football Wrong? In each case, the arguments are similar: the hits are getting bigger and harder, and the evidence we have about the long-term effect on player's brains are getting harder to ignore. We haven't seen the people with lb kg bodies who can run the yard dash in 4. Mounting evidence shows that the damage caused by repeated concussions can have lasting health consequences for American football players. These men are more likely to die from diseases caused by damaged brain cells, like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS or Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study in the journal Neurology. Medical experts suspect repeated head trauma can lead to mental illness and suicide, and there have been a rash of former NFL player suicides in the past.

Shortly before committing suicide last year, Dave Duerson, a former player for the Chicago Bears, sent a text message to his family requesting that his brain be donated to a facility that researches football injuries. It's hard to then be like 'Yeah, jack em up! Huge hits! The first Sunday Night Football game of the season brought in record ratings this week, with almost 25 million Americans tuning in to watch the Denver Broncos defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to TVLine. Concussions despite being mild or severe need to be correctly attended to, as there will always be some form of effect.

Concussions need to be handled correctly to minimize the risk of dangerous and life-altering outcomes. A concussion is a disturbance of brain function that involves a complex pathophysiological process and is referred to as a brain injury Harmon et al. Consequently, being unconscious is a pathological state. Concussions are generally related to a direct impact to the head that is generally from a collision, a fall or being hit by an object Seifert, Most of these concussions are caused from playing sports, and football is the number one cause. In the NFL, more and more head injuries are occurring.

Concussions can have lasting consequences to your health and need to be taken more seriously by the NFL. Concussions can have long lasting effects on the brain. Thousands of athletes get a concussion each year, if they don 't sit out for at least 6 months further problems can occur. According to article 4 Females are more susceptible to receive a concussion, they suffer higher rates than males. Athletes should sit out at least 1 month from their sport, so they can heal properly. If an athlete doesn 't rest and get proper treatment, their concussion could get worse and lead to further damage. Due to the importance of the eye, its injuries involve many ophthalmologists2 to diminish the number of visual impairment as a result of sport-related injuries3.

Since a quantity of players interested in sport clubs is increasing all around the world4, the risk of eye injuries among them is growing at a fast pace accordingly. Consequently, there is a need to recognize the risk factors in connection with injury and try to minimize them5,6. The most severe form of these injuries might be the globe rupture. Rupture may happen whether because of a relatively high Intraocular Pressure …show more content… 18 performed a numerical Fluid-Structure Interaction FSI study to compute the stresses and deformations in the eye components as a result of tennis ball impact.

Since it is not plausible to quantify the stresses and deformations of the human eye experimentally after ball impact to the eye, numerical modeling, such as Finite Element FE or Fluid-Structure Interaction FSI computational models, would be deemed helpful to show the severity of injury quantitatively. This study was aimed to compute the stresses and deformations along with its mechanisms of injury due to the ball impact to the human eye components using a Three-Dimensional 3D computational FSI model.

The proposed model enabled to simulate the deformation of the eye components arising from ball impact in all components of the eye, including vitreous body, aqueous, intraconal and extraconal fat, optic nerve, muscle, retina, iris, lens, cornea, ciliary body, and sclera. The degree of damage, in the current study, was reported as von Mises stress. Finally, it was goaled to optimize the features of the balls, including the diameter, intra pressure, and elastic modulus, via an intelligent dynamic Artificial Neural Networks ANNs algorithm to be able to be used in designing a basketball with the least amount of injury to the eye. Show More. The Cause Of Concussions In Professional Sports Words 3 Pages The increased amount of concussions in athletics today calls for more education on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of traumatic brain injury.

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