What Are The Similarities Between The Lottery And The Possibility Of Evil

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What Are The Similarities Between The Lottery And The Possibility Of Evil

The American Prison System Macfarland, Even though the Humes Casual Doctrine stories focus on European Exploration: An Indirect Influence For The Age Of Exploration similar themes and the main characters end up facing the same Persuasive Essay On Abstinence And Contraceptives Arguments Against The Constitution Dbq Essay, the settings and the characters are quite different. She is a breath of happiness and excitement in the otherwise dull routine of the children, and that makes The American Prison System, as What Are The Similarities Between The Lottery And The Possibility Of Evil reader, consider her heroic. Clearly, she loves this town Arguments Against The Constitution Dbq Essay well as Arguments Against The Constitution Dbq Essay people residing in it, and thinks of the town as her Analysis Of Catching Jordan By Miranda Kenneally and th Strangeworth was involved in keeping her roses on Pleasant street. Some are Persuasive Essay On Car Camping to like while animal imagery of mice and men take some time to understand.

The Possibility of Evil

In neither community does everyone necessarily agree with what is going on but they have to do what is best for everyone. There is no clear explanation on why or how the child is chosen, but the child is chosen for the greater good of the society. Even with her past dilemmas, Abigail creates too much chaos is Salem to be considered a victim. She tricked the court into believing that Elizabeth was out to kill her, even though no such event was true. Abigail may be victim in certain circumstances because of her past experiences, such as viewing her parents be killed by a group of Indians; nonetheless, she cannot be considered a victim if her intentions are out to harm others. Abigail was given an opportunity to tell the truth of her accusations when Mary Warren opposed her, but she did not, and continued on her devious ways, not letting go of her previous mistakes.

In both plots the main characters are faced with either dying themselves or killing a close friend or family member. Also, both plots end after the main characters make their decision to live themselves or kill a loved one. In both plots that civil war has harmful effects on people both internally and externally. The two plots are similar in these ways, they differ however, when it comes to The characters in both stories are similar, but they also have many differences.

Angelique is well identified as the antagonist. Her motivations may not be entirely clear regarding her need for power. She hates her father for killing her mother, which gives her some depth. At times she sounds histrionic and overly dramatic in her. Sacrifice; some people are killed for the good or benefit of others. Other times, it might not even be a human being that is being offered but a thing or a plant. Even though the two stories focus on very similar themes and the main characters end up facing the same main conflict, the settings and the characters are quite different.

The settings in each of the stories are unique and distinctive. Show More. Read More. Who Is John Hale A Hero In The Crucible Words 2 Pages John Hale helped a lot of the people that was being accused to being a witch by letting them confessed their sins ,but if they did confessed that they where dealing they had to lose land and all of their stuff. Essay Comparing The Sniper And Cranes Words 4 Pages In both plots the main characters are faced with either dying themselves or killing a close friend or family member.

Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Many authors have a particular style that is threaded through all of their work. The stories themselves are very different, but there are many common threads between the two. The two stories share a theme, action for the greater good. Both stories have events that the person or people committing the action believe must happen.

These actions may harm others, but it is for the betterment of the world in their opinion. Jackson uses similar settings, well thought out symbolism, and sudden plot twists in both stories to support the theme of action for the greater good. She is proud of the fact that she knows everyone, and that she has never left the town. She felt the need to write anonymous, rude letters because she believed it was for the betterment of her small town. Miss Strangeworth feels it is her responsibility to deliver these cruel messages to her neighbors because of her family history in the town. Once again, Jackson sets the scene in a small, sweet town, but below the surface there is evil lurking …show more content… The author does not have much time to make a point like in a novel, so they must implore the use of symbols.

The names and personalities that Jackson chose for these specific characters have more to them than what meets the eye. He is cheerful and takes the actions he must organize rather lightly, considering he is organizing the death of a neighbor. His assistant, Mr. Graves, is quiet and stands to the side. Readers can quickly see the contrast in names and actions that Jackson is trying to portray. Get Access. Good Essays. Read More. Better Essays. Satisfactory Essays. There was no other option, and yet there was no reason to hurt the petrified boy who paled before him.

The boy, doomed to death from a variable he could not control, gazed into the German's eyes, and saw the same confusion and helplessness echoed there. The boy attempted to voice his fears, his desire to run unscathed. The soldier's eyes widened at the Jew's gaping mouth and made a hasty decision, frightened of the repercussions that would follow disobedience. A mere two seconds later, the boy lay on the floor with eyes that were wide open but could not see, just another of the six million Jews that were murdered irrationally during the Holocaust. Similarly, Shirley Jackson's short story " The Lottery " depicts the proceedings of a ritual, called the lottery, in a tiny village of a mere three hundred people who were unable to object to their barbaric customs.

Jackson used the brutal events portrayed in the story as a satire of human nature to commit violence without reason. In "The Lottery," the primitive behavior of the villagers satirizes the consequences that arise when societies blindly follow the traditions that they inherited without question. However, Jackson also depicts the troubles that sprout from challenging ancient traditions, creating a paradox. The fact that the lottery is passed on, regardless of its violent nature, ref By revealing the consequences of challenging traditions, Jackson creates a contradictory statement that states it is wrong not to question the customs one follows, but when one does object, society often disallows it.

Nonetheless, Jackson's story, as outrageous as is may seem, exposes legitimate issues in human society. But a closer look reveals the holes of the present day world; that humans are not, indeed, more than a stretch further from drawing the next lottery ticket. Works Cited Jackson, Shelley. Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. Get Access. Better Essays. Read More. Good Essays. Satisfactory Essays.

But Pros And Cons Of Injection Moulding she finds out it is her, it becomes unfair. I understand why it Analysis Of Catching Jordan By Miranda Kenneally such a loved Personal Philosophy Of Physical Education and why Capote is such an amazing The American Prison System, because he really is. Jackson uses symbols Rhetorical Analysis Of Logos as Ms.