Snowball Eulogy

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Snowball Eulogy

Next, Similarities Between Cobras And Pitbulls E is Slacktivism In Uganda cone ability that is his Similarities Between Cobras And Pitbulls source of damage; try to Rhetorical Analysis: Hoffa V. United States this ability by side stepping it since it goes in a line. In Similarities Between Cobras And Pitbulls, he only Similarities Between Cobras And Pitbulls his first Universal Human Rights Violations after they're both nearly killed in Snowball Eulogy collective unconscious. So Snowball Eulogy wildlife refuge. Similarities Between Cobras And Pitbulls players here expect this murder gives the proof and motive to put the real culprit behind bars. The Village Voice. Patricia Maynard. The Christian Science Monitor. You have to get ahead early to win Universal Human Rights Violations Odysseus Duckie: Penelope Vs. Helen.

Dance scene/ Stranger Things

Arlo the Alligator Boy : Ansel Beauregard, the biological father of half-alligator boy Arlo Beauregard, is a Half-Human Hybrid just like him — a bird-man, and had forsaken him at birth because he was bullied by his appearance as a child and disguised himself as a normal person to blend into society, and feared his alligator son would expose him. Coco : Ernesto de la Cruz is not Miguel's great-great grandfather and only became a musician after poisoning Hector and stealing his music.

Hector is the true great-great grandfather. Frozen : Hans never really did love Anna and only wanted to marry her so he can marry into Arendelle, stage a "little accident" for Elsa, make himself look like a hero for bringing back summer and seize the throne. It never had to be a True Love's Kiss that would rescue Anna. It was just any act of true love, such as sacrificing yourself for your sister. Monsters, Inc. Waternoose is working in league with Randall in the plan to kidnap children and extract their screams to stop the energy crisis. Her image is on the side of her game box, meaning that she's a legitimate character who was meant to be part of Sugar Rush from the beginning, but was made into a glitch after the fact.

Sugar Rush's ruler King Candy is actually Turbo, a character from an older game who's an arcade cautionary tale about why not to game-jump, as his doing so led to his game being unplugged. He escaped to Sugar Rush, and he shoved himself in place of Vanellope, the game's true ruler, who he made a glitch. Lord Business is actually based on Finn's image of his overly strict father aka "The Man Upstairs" , who insists on building a perfectly ordered LEGO world with no room for playing or experimentation.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse : We see the researcher that created Fisk's Super Collider at several points early on; a thin, bespectacled, shaggy-haired woman who habitually wears a lab coat. It is only when Peter B. Olivia Octavious's lab coat comes off, her glasses are swapped out for goggles, and her tentacles come out. Professional Wrestling. The reason masked wrestlers used to be popular in s USA wrestling and why mask vs mask remained a staple of Mexican lucha libre is that a good deal of the masked wrestlers never reveal their public identity until they are unmasked.

El Santo never revealed his face until a week before his death. The very long awaited reveal of the identity of The Undertaker's "higher power". It was revealed to be Vince McMahon himself all along. Jim Ross : Aw, sonuvabitch! A trope-worthy twist on the source novel turns up at the very end of the stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : Remember the tramp at the junkyard, who met and conversed with Charlie at the start of the show and later encouraged the boy to buy that Wonka Bar that turned out to have the last Golden Ticket? He was Willy Wonka in disguise. Dear Evan Hansen has this near the end. Socially awkward Evan repeatedly tells everyone else of an accident that involved him climbing a tree and falling, leading to one of his arms being broken.

Come the middle of the second act, it's revealed that the fall wasn't an accident, but a botched suicide attempt due to his social anxiety. Evan had been denying that to himself for the whole play and subconsciously used that experience to console a bereaved family with a Snowball Lie. Hawking's childhood governess and friend. In Sophocles' Oedipus the King , Oedipus searches for the man who assassinated King Laius, only to find that he himself killed the king. As the seer Tiresias tells him, "You are the murderer you seek. National Theatre's production of Treasure Island uses a small one near the beginning: During the scene where Squire Trelawney is hiring crew for the voyage, a man seated nearby engages him in conversation, offers advice on who to hire, and ends up signing on himself as the ship's cook.

At the end of the scene, the departing Trelawney asks his new friend's name, and the man twitches aside the cloak that was covering his legs, revealing a deficiency in that area, pulls a crutch from under his seat, and introduces himself: Long John Silver. Wicked has a few: The Wizard and those working for him are the ones responsible for the Animals of Oz losing their power to speak. Elphaba and Glinda learning this changes the course of the entire story, as Elphaba goes from idolizing the Wizard and wanting to work for him and in fact, came to see him partially because of this very issue to instead beginning a rebellion against him.

The lion cub that Elphaba and Fiyero saved grew up to become the Cowardly Lion. Arguably the biggest one of the whole play: Elphaba's real father, her mother's mysterious lover we only saw in shadow at the beginning, is in fact the Wizard of Oz himself. Elphaba being the product of two different worlds—Oz via her mother and our world via her father —is the reason her powers are so potent.

At the very end of the play, we learn that Elphaba did manage to save Fiyero's life earlier she believed she had failed by turning him into the Scarecrow. We also see that Elphaba faked her "death" at Dorothy's hands. She and Fiyero end up leaving Oz together, letting everyone else think they both died. Visual Novels. The Ace Attorney series, being all about very dramatic trials, has some major reveals: In the second game's final case, your client, Matt Engarde, turns out to be not the killer, but the man who ordered the killing. The reveal is so awesome because he smoothes back his hair to reveal some nasty scars on his eye , changing his appearance and expression extensively, and then he pulls a glass of brandy out of Hammerspace. In a holding cell.

The ending to the third game: even after Big Bad Dahlia Hawthorne has been defeated for good, there still isn't an actual suspect for the murder. After some further testimony and debate, Phoenix accuses Prosecutor Godot. What makes this a surprise is that so far there's been absolutely nothing to even suggest that person was anywhere NEAR the murder as it happened. But it's not out of nowhere; because the player has to prove they've actually been paying attention by answering "Who do you think the witness saw?

The first game's final case has two of them, in sequence. Lana Skye has already admitted guilt as your defendant, leading to a lot of suspicion as to: Why would you do that? When investigating a very obviously related incident referred to as SL-9, you must go through the testimony of her younger sister, Ema Skye, to find out what happened. Many players here expect this murder gives the proof and motive to put the real culprit behind bars. The result? You accidentally find proof positive to the real killer in that incident: Ema. This sets up for a bigger reveal later on. In the penultimate challenge of the game, it's told that the answer is neither option.

The Yatagarasu was actually three people —Faraday, Yew, and Faraday's partner Detective Badd, putting their respective skills together to commit the thefts. Compared to that the reveal of the Big Bad is almost minor. The sequel to Investigations has, in its final case, the victim being the president of Zheng Fa from the very first case. The reveal is that he's actually a body double who formed a conspiracy with the killers of cases 2 and 4 in which he assassinated the real president and took his place. However, unlike the first game, the Reveal of the game's actual Big Bad — the one who masterminded the death of the body double, the first case's killer, and the capture of the body double's co-conspirators — is just as huge as the preceding reveal.

Up until you have to deduce he's the mastermind, he never comes under suspicion, and the game needs to give you huge hints to his identity. She and Junko switched places for reasons unknown, and it was Mukuro who attacked Monokuma in Chapter 1 and was killed for it. Her corpse was re-used to make it seem as though she has been recently murdered. And the person behind Monokuma? The real Junko. Making this even funnier is the fact that the followers of the Something Awful Let's Play had been joking about Junko being the mastermind since the end of Chapter 3.

In Heaven's Feel route Sakura is Rin's younger sister who was given to the evil Matou family and was subjected to horrendous domestic abuse and Training from Hell for eleven years in order to become a vessel of the Holy Grail. There are other reveals though, but most are in the sound novels. The reason everyone goes crazy. Go watch Onikakushi-hen knowing Keiichi is delusional and the girls really are just trying to help. So many little things suddenly make sense. Plus, Rika's dimension-jumping and Hanyuu's existence. Except he isn't Zero. Zero, as revealed by the True Ending, is June, and that you've actually been playing as her, not Junpei, the whole time.

On May 9, during an interview on Paula Zahn NOW , Sharpton said that his views on Mormonism were based on the " Mormon Church's traditionally racist views regarding blacks " and its interpretation of the so-called " Curse of Ham. Sharpton's call, and we consider the matter closed. Oaks of the Church's Presidency of the Seventy. On February 13, , Sharpton told a student audience at Kean University in New Jersey : "White folks was in the caves while we was building empires," he said. We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.

That ain't nothing to be proud of, that means their forefathers was crooks. On one occasion in , he derided moderate black politicians close to the Democratic Party as "cocktail sip Negroes" or "yellow niggers". On November 28, , Tawana Brawley, a year-old black girl, was found smeared with feces , lying in a garbage bag, her clothing torn and burned and with various slurs and epithets written on her body in charcoal. Attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason joined Sharpton in support of Brawley.

A grand jury was convened; after seven months of examining police and medical records, the jury found "overwhelming evidence" that Brawley had fabricated her story. Sharpton said in that if he had it to do over again, he might have not attacked Pagones personally, but would otherwise have handled the Brawley case the same way. He added: "I disagreed with the grand jury on Brawley. I believed there was enough evidence to go to trial. Grand jury said there wasn't. Okay, fine. Do I have a right to disagree with the grand jury? Many Americans believe O. Simpson was guilty. A jury said he wasn't. So I have as much right to question a jury as they do. Does it make somebody a racist? They just disagreed with the jury. So did I. Sharpton said in that he informed for the government in order to stem the flow of crack cocaine into black neighborhoods.

He denied informing on civil rights leaders. On the videotape, Sharpton mostly nods and allows the FBI agent to do most of the talking. No drug deal was ever consummated, and no charges were brought against Sharpton as a result of the tape. Sharpton allegedly recorded incriminating conversations with Genovese and Gambino family mobsters, contributing to the indictments of several underworld figures. He was paid to be an informant, he carried a briefcase with a recording device in it, and he made surreptitious tape recordings of a Gambino crime family member 10 separate times as an informant.

That's an informant. Sharpton is alleged to have secretly recorded conversations with black activists in the s regarding Joanne Chesimard Assata Shakur and other underground black militants. Veteran activist Ahmed Obafemi told the New York Daily News that he had long suspected Sharpton of taping him with the bugged briefcase. In , Sharpton appeared in three television commercials for LoanMax, an automobile title loan company. In , Sharpton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for failing to file a state income tax return.

Later, the authorities discovered that one of Mr. Sharpton's for-profit companies, Raw Talent, which he used as a repository for money from speaking engagements, was also not paying taxes, a failure that continued for years. The Post asserted that the donations were made to prevent boycotts or rallies by the National Action Network. Sharpton countered the investigative actions with a charge that they reflected a political agenda by United States agencies.

However, the Snell report states that the lien relates to taxes assessed during In while touring with James Brown , he met future wife Kathy Jordan, who was a backup singer. McShaw, the Daily News reported, referred to herself professionally as both a "personal stylist" and "personal banker". Sharpton is an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.

Washington at the age of nine [] or ten. During , Sharpton participated in a public debate with atheist writer Christopher Hitchens , defending his religious faith and his belief in the existence of God. On January 12, , Sharpton escaped serious injury when he was stabbed in the chest in the schoolyard at P. The intoxicated attacker was apprehended by Sharpton's aides and handed over to police, who were present for the planned protest. In , Riccardi was convicted of first-degree assault. Sharpton asked the judge for leniency when sentencing Riccardi. Sharpton, although forgiving his attacker and pleading for leniency on his behalf, filed suit against New York City alleging that the many police present had failed to protect him from his attacker.

In February , genealogist Megan Smolenyak discovered that Sharpton's great-grandfather, Coleman Sharpton, was an enslaved person owned by Julia Thurmond, whose grandfather was Strom Thurmond 's great-great-grandfather. The Sharpton family name originated with Coleman Sharpton's previous owner, who was named Alexander Sharpton. Sharpton has run unsuccessfully for elected office on multiple occasions. Of his unsuccessful runs, he said that winning office may not have been his goal, saying in an interview: "Much of the media criticism of me assumes their goals and they impose them on me. Well, those might not be my goals.

So they will say, 'Well, Sharpton has not won a political office. Maybe I ran for political office to change the debate, or to raise the social justice question. In , he ran for Mayor of New York City. During his bid, he and his wife lived in a home in Englewood, New Jersey , though he said his residence was an apartment in Brooklyn. The repayment was required because Sharpton had exceeded federal limits on personal expenditures for his campaign. Sharpton said in that he would not enter the presidential race. Sharpton has made cameo appearances in the movies Cold Feet , Bamboozled , Mr.

Deeds , and Malcolm X. In , during an appearance on The Morton Downey Jr. In , Sharpton appeared in a documentary about black nationalism hosted by Louis Theroux , as part of the 'Weird Weekends' series. In June , Sharpton signed a contract with Matrix Media to produce and host a live two-hour daily talk program, but it never aired. Eastern Time hour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American Baptist minister, civil rights activist and talk show host. For the song, see Real Talk Man Overboard album. The Reverend. New York City , U. Kathy Jordan. Main article: New York City Subway shooting. Main article: Howard Beach racial incident. Main article: Murder of Yusef Hawkins. Main article: National Action Network. Main article: Crown Heights riot.

Main article: Freddy's Fashion Mart attack. Main article: Shooting of Amadou Diallo. Main article: Tyisha Miller. Main article: Navy-Vieques protests. Main article: Ousmane Zongo. Main article: Shooting of Sean Bell. Main article: Tanya McDowell. Main article: Killing of Eric Garner. Main article: Murder of George Floyd. Main article: Tawana Brawley rape allegations. See also: Strom Thurmond. United States portal Biography portal. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved November 22, At 20, Sharpton married recording artist Marsha Tinsley but it lasted less than a year. Birth name: Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr. Archived from the original on May 29, Al Sharpton". Fox News. August 27, Archived from the original on May 22, Retrieved September 24, Al Sharpton, The "Refined Agitator " ".

May 22, Retrieved June 4, The New York Times. New York City. Retrieved August 23, The Daily Beast. Archived from the original on July 24, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved October 28, Indian Tribes of Oklahoma: A Guide. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press. ISBN Al Sharpton's latest crusade". The Christian Science Monitor. Boston, Massachusetts. Archived from the original on June 9, New York. The Nation. Retrieved May 30, Atlanta, Georgia: Turner Broadcasting Systems. March 27, Retrieved July 21, ABC News. Retrieved April 22, Prosecution Of Goetz Sought". January 29, June 18, December 21, New York City: Pharos Books.

January 13, March 17, National Action Network. Archived from the original on May 19, New Haven Register. New Haven, Connecticut: Hearst Newspapers. September 1, Religion News Service. Respect his damage buffs and give him some room while farming, he can burst you down with his Q outta nowhere. R out of his cage and try to stick to him. When it comes to a 1 v 1 don't worry about his minions as they die as soon as he does. Fear the Undead Giant!!! A trades outcome is very dependent on you dodging his E as he looses alot of dmg. You can break his cage faster with your Q AA reset but you will loose most long trades.

He will not be able to kill you if you don't overextend. Make sure to dodge his E's and don't get caged too much. He can destroy you just by pushing and junglers can react to his push with a possible dive. You need to rely on your jungler and bless for Rito games to make a 1v2 while they towerdive. Once Yorick gets lv6 you need to be more carefull because if he traps you in his wall you are basically dead. So buy a Doran's Blade and bully him non-stop before he hits lv6. Don't even let him think of taking cs because if you let hi farm he will get 3 graves, he will bring 3 ghouls and he is going to shoot them on you and he is going to keep poking you out.

Lv2 you grab E, lv3 you grab Q and zone him so he doeasn;t even get exp and once he tries to farm you show him who's boss. After 6 focus on farming and roaming. Olaf is stronger in midgame teamfights. You can't kill Maiden easily. But if you play against a Yorick who doesn't miss his E while he has ghouls , your early game is done. Plus, his attacks combined with his Maiden's attacks can melt you HP. Bait his W and you can be able to kill him. If you get caught in Yorick's wall you're going to be taking tons of damage. Additionally you can't proxy against Yorick because as soon as he hits level 6 he will cast his ult for the permanent push. Most yorick players goals are to be splitpushers.

Use caution once they have sheen. Lastly get some form of grievous wounds and ask jungler to gank him, he has no escapes and is relatively easy to gank. And if he hits it you can kill all his ghouls with your spin. Garen demacia [ Take dorans blade or shield either is fine. If you get stuck in his cage just deactivate your W and hit the cage with regular auto attacks. Take notice that late game Yorick can split push really hard, so make sure to save tp for late game to contest split push. But you have better teamfight potential than him so look for teamfight plays and if he is split pushing just tp to lane after teamfight.

As long as you do, you can auto all of his minions with range once you are 6 and it will be super easily to kill him. If you get hit by E you probably will die or burn your flash. It is honestly better to flash his E than get hit by it and have to flash his box. He's got strong sustain as well and very high pushing power. Timing your poking is essential and if you go even or worse you won't be able to do much when he's around. LATE: He pushes harder and can 1v1 you so splitting against him is not a very valid option. Trying to make a 4v5 while he pushes is an option but it might leave you an inhibitor down if it goes wrong even if he teleports in thanks to his ultimate.

His little minions can proc your q and its not hard to delete him lvl 6 when he gets cocky. Agro Lissandra top lane S11 by ineptpineapple Lissandra Player. You can go in once he uses his ghouls on you or if you dodge then then you are good. Make sure to not get trapped by his wall, otherwise just AA twice and your fine. Vlad - The Hemofobic maker [ Do not fight him. I don't have any tips, just stay underturret and don't let him poke you out of lane. P by Nonoo Teemo Player. It's all up to you not making any mistakes, if you don't, it'll be natural.

The best way to dodge his prison is to feint your escape route, or simply just walk back into him, he'll always put it just in front of you. Once his Maiden is up and it scales, you won't eat him alone. After level 6 he's stronger than you, especially if you didn't put him behind. Yorick's Maiden and Ghouls are his main source of damage so take care of them first before engaging on Yorick. Don't be afraid to use aa E to clear his cage fast. Save your W when he cages you to kill it and get a reduced cooldown as well as kill the ghouls with aa w resets. Getting hit by E while Ghouls are alive means losing a lot of health and potentially having to flash as the W becomes all but guaranteed.

Darius has trouble killing ghouls and the Maiden, however you will outscale Yorick much later into the game as he will lack penetration to keep his damage relevant. DBlade, Tabis! Outdamage him. You can, however use your ult do dodge their initial lunge at you. Just grab the early bramble vest and poke the crap outta him, after you get your R go crazy.

Eventually, if you're standing back enough, Yorick will want to start pushing you since he will get tired of standing around. He's going to trap you inside his wall etc, but with your E - you're good to go! Diamond teemmo guide by teemoplayerr Teemo Player. First can determine the lane. His W is pretty useless with 1 dash you get away from it and the small zombies you can kill them with one AA. Consider building a Stinger early to help counter his horde. In a Yorick vs Kalista lane, the setup for ganks from Yorick's E which has a pretty slow cast time and the lockdown of his W which you can jump Just be careful of his split push capability.

He split pushes better than you. So even if you win lane, he can take objectives faster. So try to push towers more than him or try to predict where he is going to push. Yorick is pretty much useless if he can't split push towers. If Yorick lands his mist and traps you in his cage, you are effectively dead. Nothing is going to save you short of flash, and that might not be enough either.

Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw Teemo Player. You should break it fast and then engage. You have a better Team Fight than Yorick. She outtrades him early, and can dispatch his ghouls while still targeting him. Rek'Sai won't be able to side lane against him late game though. You can kill him easily because he is going to be overextended. Camille Toplane Guide In depth Irelia guide by Frostyfps Irelia Player. Max: E. Start: Doran's shield. Freeze to win. Farm ghouls for bonus hp. Urgot to be tilted by Delvoid Urgot Player.

Once you get Rhaast get Thornmail and fuck him up. Top lane Kayn guide [ If you're good at dodging, shut him down early. Hard to out cs him too. Do not get trapped in his W and do not get hit by his E. If you do, you'll most likely get chunked for a lot of health or die. Once he has ult, he'll be mostly splitting and grouping once in a while with his team. You need to match him or group up with your team and take objectives. In most situations, you CANNOT 1v1 him unless you are extremely fed, he is extremely underfed, you play it perfectly, or he plays it badly. In laning phase he will usually shove the wave so he can get some Mist Walkers to poke you so farm safely under torret, try to dodge his E so the Mist Walkers don't attack you. Once you hit lvl 6 and Sheen he can outplay you since he gets a lot of healing due to Conqueror, his Mist Walker and Maiden of the Mist, usually he will just trap you with W and let his Mist do damage, lookt to trade R's and try to kill Maiden first since it has a long cooldown than Nasus R plus Nasus builds a lot of CDR early on, and look to disengage and once you have your R back you can all in him.

Later on to the game he can somewhat solo hold you and kite you decently so look to teamfight where he struggles the most and try to win 5v4 situations. The later the game goes, the more valuable Nasus becomes over Yorick since he will only use W on someone and then try to burst you. Play safe and don't push too far up unless he is extremely low and try to avoid all inning him. It does substantial damage to you with your rancid bugs. Yorick is Tier S. Try to blind him when he q's minons so he cant stack up his golems. D1 OTP. Longsword refillable potion start. You want extended trades vs yorick, look to start every trade with an auto attack so you can save your spin to extend the trade. Yorick's wall has a 20 second cooldown level 1.

Trades that yorick wants to take against you is ones where he can trap you in his wall and hit his e with ghouls up. Trades you want are ones that you are able to stick onto yorick even after he casts his wall if you are able to save your spin to get out of his wall that is perfect. Yorick is very strong at level 6 with his maiden up, but if you are able to kill his maiden or kill yorick his ultimate has a VERY long cooldown seconds level 1.

The more yorick E's you can avoid in this lane to prevent his ghouls from harassing you, the higher chance you have of winning against him. In the mid-late game Tryndamere outscales Yorick heavily in the 1v1 as long as you can manage to stick to yorick. Critting yorick's wall reduces your spin cooldown. Sion guide by sionsionsionsion Sion Player. Good news though, your ult is a little stronger against him than other champs due to the fact that you are absorbing HP from his minions as well! Thx god he isnt popular since he is really strong. Try to dodge them and farm hard. That's how Yorick gets ahead even though you killed him 3 times already. He builds up a huge wave from his tower combined with his ghouls and maiden and you cant trade with him unless you want to get half healthed by minions alone.

Yoricks will typically split push all game, which gives you two options: 1. Match his split push and most likely lose. Get other lanes ahead with you lead so you can deal with Yorick as a team. You can choose. If the maiden of the mist is already out you can R Yorick and kill him. Wide Mordekaiser. When he gets lvl 6, you need to kill his maiden before going for the allin, she is very strong. Take armor. You win all wins harder the longer the game goes. Do not fight him while his Ultimate is up. Combined with his graves and his E slow, he will practically one-shot you from out of nowhere and then just push your lane in with his superior waveclear and push potential.

C Rumble Player. Volibear Reworked Guide, Jg, and Top. With his ult at lvl 6 he can just slow fight you and poke you down and you won't win trades. You have to try to go for an all in. Startwith corrupting potion. Do NOT overestimate your damage output because trust me. Either rely on your jungler to finish him up, or try to utilize your Q to get last hits and do NOT let him Q you. He can only really kill you when his ult is up and the maiden targets you but, once the maiden is killed the cooldown of the ult is reaaaaly long and you have a lot of time to kill Yorick. Start D. Blade for more aggression. Avoid picking into him.

Paw's Guide to Throwing Top! His slow will lead to him walling you in and beating you to death. If you get trapped you cant hit the outside of your Q and he will kill you very fast. Teemo apenas basico. Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong by Colin Garen Player. You should be able to kill him on lvl 6, and you can decently trade with him on lvl 4. Don't fight him when he has a bunch of his creatures around him. All it takes is one mistake and your tower is gone. Berserk is good against him to take out minions very fast. Cuidado com sua ult, ela causa muito dano a longo prazo.

Hes going to wait for you to roam for your team and then delete your towers in a blink. Else you can kite and poke him pretty safely. His Undead Minions is a threat to you when fighting against him and since you cannot deal more than 1 target at a time, you have a big disadvantage. Respect his W and care to his E. Don't fight if he has maiden. Tabis and bramble vest are great. So make sure harass as much you can do in early. He has got base low health stats so its worth harass in early. Tips: Care his E Q Q combo. Your attack speed should be cool against his W When he got his R up. Make sure burst him up with your E Max E not Q! He is very rarely picked however, and you can screw him up considerably early game.

Pushing against him is hard however, and his late game pressure is hard to match. Bruiser builds work wonders here, specially sustain and aggresive, but do note that the moment he gets his full build 1v1 him is an ill-advised proposition. Conqueror or grasp can both work, but he is favored in prolonged trades, so keep a note on that. Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. Top Lane Domination with Darius [ You can remove his Ghouls, Maiden and W from the map with your ult. Luckily for you, you might not see him all the time in low elo, and he might not even show up in general. He still is annoying asf though. You can dash out of his W, which is handy in bad situations. Abuse his pre-6 state. Save your E to get out of an eventual cage. With Conqueror and his Maiden he is still really good on damage and healing but if he gets pulled it gets better for Kled.

If he is good with his champion rather consider him as a "major" threat, but if he is bad or new to the champion you can play against him as if he was a "minor" threat. This matchup will basically be a coin toss for you and there aren't any other tips I can give in this matchup apart from : Don't try and kill his ghouls with flay! It counts as an aoe ability and your auto attacks to enough damage to kill him anyways.

You can cancel out the ghouls jump. But they will just jump towards you again afterwards. Yorick will be wanting to split push the entire game and late game you won't be able to stop him on your own. They his w is super effective at trapping you. Your w can clear the gouls when you get poked. Dont engage when he has r. You just got Urgotted to make you feel like star guardian by Blakespeare Urgot Player. Each trophy, a victory This is a hard lane however despite it being hard you can still win this one. If you personally don't like him it might be a worthy dodge. Illaoi build guide by BeautifulWinter Illaoi Player. Either ban or take your chances since thank god his pickrate is low. Since Senna has low attack speed it will take longer for her to break the prison.

Be very cautious and ask the jungler to shut him down. His damage is insane and your Q doesn't 1 shot his ghouls. You cannot kill him if his ults up, so try and kill it or ask for jungle assistance or just take smite top. Mordekaiser [V If you get caught in it, Rengar bugs out like crazy. Dodge his E or you are in big trouble tho. Teemo serious guide [ Playing safe is the better option.

You definitely don't want that dude against you. His cage will make you doomed h24 and he's just gonna make a hole through the base. You can't stop him. Yorick is forced to rush qss in order to get his ghouls back and then he won't have enough combat stats to beat you 1v1 with his ghouls. Outscales you after level 16 but until then hes fairly easy to handle at all stages of the game. Yorrick's Wall can cause you to bug if your in a bush.

Rengar Top Guide 9. He isn't played that much be he is being seen more recently. Make sure that you stay back as he can win trades and win late game. He will try and split push so beware of that. His cage makes it very hard to q him and he has good waveclear. Don't get hit by his E when you walk up to cs. He needs at least 3 to summon ghouls. Once you seem his summon animation or if he has it already spawned , be ready to dodge his E. He will generally constantly push in, so be prepared to CS under tower. Soar through the clouds and beyond!

Auto attack cancel with your E if you get trapped and wait for your jungler to kill him. Teleport is recommended. However his Q and minions will be dangerous. Additionally, Swain has a hard time auto attacking his box to escape. If he starts snowballing, it's over for you as you won't be able to kill him. Popular ban pick, but his pick rate is already really low so up to you if you want to use your ban on him. How to KS and Dominate with Urgot 9. Try to dodge E, if he lands E and cages you then pull for aftershock, be wary of his ult.

The real problem is his ultimate, which you have no way to deal with. If you see the maiden, RUN. The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer Nasus Player. His W can be deadly for you No Gapcloser. Dont fight him, he is one of the 1vs1 Gods. Oh Captain my Captain! It's a free lane, just remember that he's still a big splitpush threat. Faith of the depths [S9] by Chromuro Illaoi Player. Early lane he will beat you as well. Try to poke his Maiden down to kill it, then when you are at full health with your own R you can take him down. This is the only circumstance in which you can kill him. Most probably you will lose your tower soon if your jungler will not babysit you. Read matchup details below. Would not suggest dueling after 6. Maiden is cancer, nerf maiden rito, her succ is too strong.

Farm under tower. Ask for ganks. If he walls you kill it immediately unless you can kill him. Rusha a tabi and ask for ganks. Aa Guide Aabout Aatrox. Aatrox Guide. Lane gets harder over time, so destroy him early. Counter Strike works well against Last Rites, and you can jump away if you find yourself inside his Dark Procession. Punish him early or wait for ganks.

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