Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus

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Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus

Xena hurls Puritan Parenting: Taking Advantage Toward Educational Processes chakram, lacerating Gabrielle's scalp and putting her in a coma. The ones that The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey him though suddenly outlive their usefulness. The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey four of them track Grindl to it's lair, where they hatch a plan to take her down. Despite still being partially crippled Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus Ceasar crucifying her, she moves quickly through The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey forest, evading The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey highly-skilled Queen. Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus Playing God Analysis. Then let them use us well: else let them Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus, Rhetorical Analysis Jimmy Carter Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus we do, their ills instruct us so. Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave? Come, let Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus feast! Unlike most examples, Why Did Julius Caesar Betray Brutus is trying to be leader of a heroic organization.

Marcus Junius Brutus: History's Most Infamous Betrayal

Let us grant, it is not Amiss to tumble on the bed of Ptolemy; To give a kingdom for a mirth; to sit And keep the turn of tippling with a slave; To reel the streets at noon, and stand the buffet With knaves that smell of sweat: say this becomes him,-- As his composure must be rare indeed Whom these things cannot blemish,--yet must Antony No way excuse his soils, when we do bear So great weight in his lightness. If he fill'd His vacancy with his voluptuousness, Full surfeits, and the dryness of his bones, Call on him for't: but to confound such time, That drums him from his sport, and speaks as loud As his own state and ours,--'tis to be chid As we rate boys, who, being mature in knowledge, Pawn their experience to their present pleasure, And so rebel to judgment.

Enter a Messenger. Give me to drink mandragora. Hast thou affections? Stands he, or sits he? Or does he walk? O happy horse, to bear the weight of Antony! Do bravely, horse! The demi-Atlas of this earth, the arm And burgonet of men. He's speaking now, Or murmuring 'Where's my serpent of old Nile? Think on me, That am with Phoebus' amorous pinches black, And wrinkled deep in time? Broad-fronted Caesar, When thou wast here above the ground, I was A morsel for a monarch: and great Pompey Would stand and make his eyes grow in my brow; There would he anchor his aspect and die With looking on his life.

Mark Antony In Egypt sits at dinner, and will make No wars without doors: Caesar gets money where He loses hearts: Lepidus flatters both, Of both is flatter'd; but he neither loves, Nor either cares for him. But all the charms of love, Salt Cleopatra, soften thy waned lip! Let witchcraft join with beauty, lust with both! Tie up the libertine in a field of feasts, Keep his brain fuming; Epicurean cooks Sharpen with cloyless sauce his appetite; That sleep and feeding may prorogue his honour Even till a Lethe'd dulness!

Here comes The noble Antony. My Octavia, Read not my blemishes in the world's report: I have not kept my square; but that to come Shall all be done by the rule. Good night, dear lady. Good night, sir. Attendants The music, ho! What was't That moved pale Cassius to conspire; and what Made the all-honour'd, honest Roman, Brutus, With the arm'd rest, courtiers and beauteous freedom, To drench the Capitol; but that they would Have one man but a man? And that is it Hath made me rig my navy; at whose burthen The anger'd ocean foams; with which I meant To scourge the ingratitude that despiteful Rome Cast on my noble father.

Thus we are agreed: I crave our composition may be written, And seal'd between us. I have heard that Julius Caesar Grew fat with feasting there. Aboard my galley I invite you all: Will you lead, lords? Music plays. Enter two or three Servants with a banquet First Servant Here they'll be, man. Some o' their plants are ill-rooted already: the least wind i' the world will blow them down. Second Servant Lepidus is high-coloured. First Servant They have made him drink alms-drink. Second Servant As they pinch one another by the disposition, he cries out 'No more;' reconciles them to his entreaty, and himself to the drink. First Servant But it raises the greater war between him and his discretion.

Second Servant Why, this is to have a name in great men's fellowship: I had as lief have a reed that will do me no service as a partisan I could not heave. First Servant To be called into a huge sphere, and not to be seen to move in't, are the holes where eyes should be, which pitifully disaster the cheeks. A sennet sounded. A plain in Syria. Bear the king's son's body Before our army. Caesar and Antony have ever won More in their officer than person: Sossius, One of my place in Syria, his lieutenant, For quick accumulation of renown, Which he achieved by the minute, lost his favour.

Who does i' the wars more than his captain can Becomes his captain's captain: and ambition, The soldier's virtue, rather makes choice of loss, Than gain which darkens him. I could do more to do Antonius good, But 'twould offend him; and in his offence Should my performance perish. Thou wilt write to Antony! On there; pass along! Why, he's the Jupiter of men. The god of Jupiter. O thou Arabian bird! His love to Antony. But as for Caesar, Kneel down, kneel down, and wonder. Trumpets within. Enter the Messenger as before. A more unhappy lady, If this division chance, ne'er stood between, Praying for both parts: The good gods me presently, When I shall pray, 'O bless my lord and husband!

But, as you requested, Yourself shall go between 's: the mean time, lady, I'll raise the preparation of a war Shall stain your brother: make your soonest haste; So your desires are yours. The Jove of power make me most weak, most weak, Your reconciler! Wars 'twixt you twain would be As if the world should cleave, and that slain men Should solder up the rift. Provide your going; Choose your own company, and command what cost Your heart has mind to.

EROS There's strange news come, sir. EROS Caesar, having made use of him in the wars 'gainst Pompey, presently denied him rivality; would not let him partake in the glory of the action: and not resting here, accuses him of letters he had formerly wrote to Pompey; upon his own appeal, seizes him: so the poor third is up, till death enlarge his confine. Where's Antony? More, Domitius; My lord desires you presently: my news I might have told hereafter.

Bring me to Antony. EROS Come, sir. His sons he there proclaim'd the kings of kings: Great Media, Parthia, and Armenia. He gave to Alexander; to Ptolemy he assign'd Syria, Cilicia, and Phoenicia: she In the habiliments of the goddess Isis That day appear'd; and oft before gave audience, As 'tis reported, so. I have told him, Lepidus was grown too cruel; That he his high authority abused, And did deserve his change: for what I have conquer'd, I grant him part; but then, in his Armenia, And other of his conquer'd kingdoms, I Demand the like. He is already Traduced for levity; and 'tis said in Rome That Photinus an eunuch and your maids Manage this war.

He's basically Starscream's human counterpart, though more composed and mindful. Starscream : Ah, intending to go behind your father's back, are you? I am no stranger to ambition. Valentine, who barely gets a few lines, is replaced by Martin, who now fancies himself the ruler of Thorn Valley. In Monsters, Inc. Waternoose there will not be witnesses to their plan in a manner that implies he intends to eventually betray Mr. Nefarious is this to Chairman Drek. By the end of the film, he turns him into a sheep, and forcibly sends him off into space, and then takes over the Deplanetizer in an attempt to destroy the entire star system.

In Treasure Planet , Scroop, the second-in-command to the pirate Long John Silver, seems more like the main antagonist of the film than the cyborg. Scott Evil takes over Dr. Evil's empire at the end of Goldmember. A variation in that he only gradually becomes this over the course of the series, as his suggestions are constantly ignored and he attempts to earn Dr. Evil 's approval. It's only at the end once Dr. Number Two of the Austin Powers franchise is a very rare sympathetic example. Satan serves as one to God himself, proving that this trope is Older Than Dirt. Jesus, being the son of God, was aware that Judas was planning to betray him but let it happen Because Destiny Says So. The Adventure Zone: Balance : Yeemick the goblin has a vendetta against Klarg the bugbear, who he claims is a Bad Boss , and blackmails the party into trying to kill him.

His plan lasts exactly long enough for the party to tell Klarg, who kills him in a spectacular fashion. Pro Wrestling. Bruno Sammartino and his feud with Larry Zbyszko. In a twist of this trope, "The Living Legend" was very much a face and was grooming Zbyszko to become the next megastar of wrestling. But the trope kicks in wherein Zbyszko grows more and more frustrated that his time in the spotlight is still coming, and eventually asks for a challenge match against his mentor. The famous match saw Sammartino counter Zbyszko's moves at every turn, and every complaint that Zbyszko had that Bruno wasn't giving him a fair chance was ignored. Eventually, Zbyszko lost his patience and brutally beat Sammartino into a bloody heap.

When Lawler was hospitalized in a football game however Hart announced he was putting the proverbial bullet in Lawler and crowned "Precious" Paul Ellering as the King. Lawler put Hart back in his place rather easily after healing. The Rock became this for Faarooq in The Nation of Domination , and eventually took over and retooled the stable to his own liking. First it was Shane McMahon usurping power right out from under his own father to form the Corporate Ministry. Then it was Vince McMahon taking said power away from his wife in a double swerve orchestrated with his own son, thus rendering the previous insurrection moot.

CZW has one in Maven Bentley, since the fed remains a sister company to his Association despite his open attempts to take over. Ring of Honor has an incredibly long chain of them. Alex Shelley was betrayed by Austin Aries , who was betrayed by Roderick Strong , who was betrayed by Davey Richards, who was betrayed by Kyle O'Reilly, who was betrayed by Adam Cole though in the latter case, Cole had already surpassed O'Reilly but was afraid O'Reilly might be catching back up to him.

Abismo Negro had his own Starscream when Mr. Eventually, Angle got fed up with Sting not being evil enough and usurped his control of the group. When the Nexus was in a situation where all of the members faced other WWE superstars and Barrett told the other members to either win or be kicked out of the group, Otunga was quick to point out this applied to Barrett as well. He expressed his desire to win a battle royal to determine the 1 contender to Randy Orton 's WWE championship, which didn't impress Barrett. On the same night, he tried to make friends with John Cena , knowing that Cena was unhappy being a part of the Nexus and was the most likely member of the group to turn on Barrett.

This backfired, as Cena was able to eliminate Otunga and justify his actions by telling Barrett what Otunga was trying to do. He led the Nexus on an invasion of WWE Smackdown without Barrett and failed miserably, with Barrett pointing out that the next time he decides to undermine his leadership, he should be successful about it. Barrett for his part seemed well aware of Otunga's discontent, and on a number of occasions put him in some really bad situations because of it, such as forcing him to forfeit the Tag Team Titles to Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, or forcing him to wrestle Edge with the stipulation that he'd be fired if he lost. He seemed to have the rest of the Nexus on his side of the struggle; all of them left Barrett to be beaten down by Cena alone.

Interestingly, he didn't seem to have a problem when CM Punk became the new leader of the Nexus. It became quite clear that he was behind the scenes trying to make Triple H look like the bad guy by having members of the roster come to him with their issues, and sucking up to the Board of Directors in order to be appointed as the head of Raw after they decided to take Triple H off due to the walkout. Even Vince McMahon himself was displeased that Triple H, the guy who took over his operating duties, was being overruled by the board.

After Kenny Omega forcibly took over Bullet Club, it was decided the best way to handle the longstanding Cole problem would be to appease him by throwing their entire support behind making him ROH Champion. Himself being a Bastard Understudy , Omega probably should have known this wasn't going to work and Cole turned out to be much more blatant in his power grabs than Omega ever had been, going so far as to delay Omega's reentry into the United States so he could keep lording over the ROH Bullet Club members unopposed. To this end, Cole was kicked out in favor of another Bullet Club enemy, Marty Scurll , who they believed could be appeased with money, and the more loyal Cody was moved into Cole's position.

Martinez had never really spoken well of Velez and despite joining her Sicarias stable, continued to try to win Velez's title and relied on her own Trifecta without the other Sicarias. This clear potential threat took attention away from a more covert but active one as Amber O'Neal of the rival C4 stable was turning Amanda Rodriguez into a mole within Las Sicarias. Only Thea Trinidad voiced any suspicions but she didn't think to raise them to the other Sicarias until after Rodriguez attacked Rosa Negra with a chair to distract Velez from LuFisto.

Backstabbing continued to define Kenny Omega's Bullet Club, as the "more loyal" Cody himself soon set his sights on usurping the usurper. At that point the illusion was shattered and Cody began to see Kenny for what he really was; an erratic, psychotic glory hog that had to be eliminated for the good of everyone else. Bullet Club originals Guerrillas of Destiny and Underboss Bad Luck Fale themselves got fed up with the Omega driven dysfunction, but rather than side with Cody they decided to take over themselves, leading to an Enemy Civil War that had Marty Scurll depressed.

Puppet Shows. Kingdom Adventure : Dagger voiced a desire to take Pitts' place as Magistrate while Pitts was struggling in a life-threatening situation, though downplayed in that Dagger generally doesn't actively scheme to take Pitts' place. Tai Huang-chun to his own master, asking him to kill the the Big Good with his own life as payment, and then planning to take on whoever survived the epic battle. This trope is not limited to the Sith in Star Wars. They get blown up before they can put their plan into effect, obviously, and it's unlikely they would've succeeded in any case. A variation in Survival of the Fittest : Hayley Kelly was playing the game in v4 mainly to protect her ex-girlfriend, Ema Ryan.

However, when it came down to the wire, almost 30 students left, Ema Ryan decided she could do the rest on her own and killed Hayley, went on to become a late-game player who killed almost the same amount of people Hayley did about eight, including Hayley herself , but ultimately died of her injuries when there was less than ten students left. Tabletop Games. Mephistopheles is one to Asmodeus, while Levistus and Baalzebul are former cases still undergoing the terrible punishments Asmodeus subjected them to. Indeed, this seems the typical way to climb up the ladder in infernal nobility. Geryon is a subversion: a subordinate of Asmodeus who was punished for placing his loyalty to Asmodeus above his own ambition, because loyalty is weakness in Baator.

Which is ironic, because Dante's Geryon was the "Beast of Fraud". One of the most powerful darklords, Azalin the lich-king, actually used to be a Starscream, before he left Strahd's domain and service. In so doing, Azalin gained his own domain, so that one was a draw. The vampire Kas was this to Vecna. The attempted coup didn't really work at least not in the long term , although Vecna did lose his hand and eye. It's rare to find one in a position of leadership that didn't gain her position by betraying her predecessor. Mothers generally expect that their strongest daughter will eventually assassinate them and take over the family. Different noble houses will betray each other to rise in the power structure, individual drow will try to murder and overthrow their superiors, make alliances with enemies and double-cross allies, and so on.

That said, they will set aside their bickering and unite against a greater external threat, or simply when their demonic goddess Lloth orders them to, because no one disobeys the spider goddess. Lolth herself, in 4th Edition, has an exarch named Enclava who has betrayed her not once, but twice. Amazingly, Enclava has not been punished and is still Lolth's exarch, possibly because Lolth can't help but admire her audacity. Leuk-O was a battle mage and warlord who found the Machine in a castle belonging to the ruler of a nation his army conquered. Being somewhat of a prodigy with mechanical devices himself, he learned how to use the terrible device, and became more of a threat than ever, using it to unleash cataclysms and hordes of monsters upon foes.

Eventually, however, his second-in-command, General Leuk-O became jealous of his lord's power, and found a second artifact that seemed connected to Lum's Machine in some way, the Mighty Servant. Eventually, the two fought using their artifacts, until a dimensional rift apparently sucked them both into oblivion. Lum and his machine were later part of the module The Vortex of Madness , where it is suggested that the ultimate goal of the Machine is to locate the Servant again, for some mad reason.

It would seem that these two devices are sentient beings that are fated to either oppose each other or combine their powers in some way; the reason can't be good. It's gotten to the point where fans sometimes refer to them as "Princess Starscream and the First and Forsaken Megatron. Half the charms in the Broken Winged Crane book are dedicated to allowing the GSPs to break free and to become something even more powerful than the Yozis.

Sometimes one Starscream just isn't enough, so the New Phyrexia set from Magic: The Gathering gives us the Black Phyrexian faction - The Seven Steel Thanes, which is seven Starscreams, each with their own personal army and each trying to out-stab the other six, as well as any other Phyrexian higher-ups that happen to stand between them and the position of Father of Machines. Magic: The Gathering loves these. Storyline-wise, Tezzeret is turning into one. But more gameplay-wise, you get your choice of the Lord of the Pit and Force of Nature. Arabian Nights gave us four djinn who do this. All of which are creatures that are powerful, at least for the cost to summon them, but use up a resource or hurt their controller directly. Most new players will still react to such things as "Any card that hurts you is bad," but many experienced players have been more than happy to deal with the drawbacks of creatures like these.

There's also Vhati il-Dal , the ambitious first mate of the Predator, who was placed in charge of the ship when his commander Graven il-Vec was personally overseeing the boarding of the Weatherlight. Fed up with Greven's brutal leadership and hoping to usurp his rank, he fired on Greven while he was still on the Weatherlight. This decision proved ruinous for Vhati. He has four lieutenants, and all but one of them is planning to usurp him and betray each other. Mormus's well aware of this, but he lets them continue their machinations just because it amuses him. If you're playing a Ventrue in Vampire: The Requiem , and you're not ruling a city, you're conniving and plotting to destroy and replace the current ruler. The Ventrue see the Daeva as this and they have good reasons for thinking this way.

The Skaven in Warhammer. If a Grey Seer doesn't honestly believe his ascent to the Council of Thirteen, usually by betraying everyone in sight, isn't the only hope for the Skaven race, he's been trained wrong. The primary weakness of the Skaven is that the vitally important role of The Starscream is given to everyone though since the race breeds like rats, it's probably a vital form of population control. Find the next most powerful Marine, next biggest Ork, next most powerful Dark Eldar, or next highest-ranking noble. That said, although they are viciously competitive, the Dark Eldar will set aside their personal ambition and grudges when it comes time to execute a realspace raid for captives and plunder — they're scheming bastards, but they aren't stupid enough to sabotage their Kabal's success and risk their own lives by screwing up the battle plan.

Incubi are also less likely to do so to their clients- their loyalty is based on salary among each other it still applies, as they practice Klingon Promotion. The Chaos God Tzeentch is hope embodied, and thus presides among things like change, magic, mutation, and backstabbing to the point where he has plans that depend on a previous plan failing. Any Chaos leader hiring a sorcerer without expecting them to betray him at any second honestly deserves everything that happens to him. In Paranoia , of course a bunch of your subordinates are plotting to take you down and take your place, or at least cut you out of the loop so they can wield the real power. In Jasper In Deadland , Mr.

Lethe is furious that he was only given dominion over his namesake river while the other gods got better deals, and plans to overthrow the Roman pantheon starting with his boss, Pluto. Cassius in William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar. Macbeth in Shakespeare's play of the same name, although we really don't learn enough about Duncan to determine whether he could be considered the Big Bad or not. Macbeth succeeds, but never manages to completely control Scotland and is himself overthrown. The Ring of the Nibelung , when Alberich has taken over the Nibelung his brother Mime plans to overthrow him, which Alberich is aware of. Westeros: An American Musical : Due to the play parodying A Song of Ice and Fire , the Bolton-Stark dynamic is depicted as part of the story in the form of Roose Bolton killing Robb Stark himself all while having plans to seize the Stark lands from a common enemy who invaded them.

Web Animation. Dreamscape : Keela became The Dragon of the Master of the Dammed so she could betray and kill him when the opportunity was just right. It's discovered at the end of Volume 4 that he's planning a coup against the leader of the White Fang, which he carries out in the second episode of Volume 5. Gloog from A Game of Fools is constantly trying to undermine Captain Sepultra's authority and at one point manages to briefly overthrow him , mainly because Sepultra won't allow some of Gloog's more sinister antics.

O'Halloran's constant attempts to usurp the Chairman in Building 12 certainly qualify. Drowtales : Suu'be Nori'fu is this to Quain'tana, since Suu'be resents Quain for making her own daughter Koil'doarth no longer be the heir. Rosof says that if Quain were to let her heir Ariel train under Suu'be Ariel would probably die in an " accident " and Word of God is that Suu'be would try to get rid of Quain if she thought she could get away with it, while on the other hand Quain knows that she can't get rid of Suu'be, leaving them in a state of constantly pulling at each other. Finally reaches a head in Chapter 50, when Suu'be attempts a coup and tries to wipe out Quain's bloodline, ending with Quain herself delivering a Neck Snap to her traitorous Dev'ess.

Sene'kha was also this to Kiel's mother Ven'ndia , and it's heavily implied that it was Sene'kha who coaxed Kharla into killing her. After Sene'kha took over Starscreaming seems to have become S. And collectively, all three Sharen sisters, Snadhya'rune, Sarv'swati and Zala'ess, pulled this on their mother, though she didn't know until the moment of the actual betrayal. General Izor, of Dubious Company. Given that his boss is a Psychopathic Man Child Evil Overlord that throws hissy-fits involving conquering yet another country, and wants to become a god of war by sacrificing Sal , could you blame him? Izor : Think about it. You could end the constant Kreedor aggression, help sow peace between various nations.

Melissa: You had that look on your face again. Gilgamesh: We'll make a game of it! Web Original. On top of being a Dirty Coward , Twp'atwt from the Protectors of the Plot Continuum reveals himself to be this during the Black Cats' attack on HQ; while he had previously appeared loyal, it turns out that he and his lover - Serna Tjan - are planning to overthrow the Bracket Fungus and the rest of the Cats after they've taken over, leaving Twp and Serna as leaders of the PPC. Unfortunately for them, they run into Blue Photon and the Mysterious Somebody respectively shortly after this revelation, resulting in their Karmic Deaths.

This was also hinted at in the prior story, The Reorganisation , when Twp'atwt attempted to blackmail the Nightshade and Orchid into making a clone of the Mysterious Somebody that would obey Twp's every command. Babylon Bee : Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are often spoofed to have a relationship like this with articles in which Harris is reviewing her own VP picks right after just having become VP Pick herself and musing about having him involuntarily euthanized after he twisted an ankle. Web Videos. Atop the Fourth Wall : At the end of Linkara's Lord Vyce story arc, it is revealed that Linksano was actually this all along, spying on Vyce for Linkara so that he could be the conqueror of universes.

It is left ambiguous whether he succeeds or not, but Word of God is that the Shadow killed Rupert. When The Nostalgia Critic becomes the president of Kickassia , his Distaff Counterpart The Nostalgia Chick becomes an ambitious Sarah Palin lookalike vice-president who tries to assassinate him every five minutes or so. Fortunately for the Critic, he obliviously dodges every murder attempt she makes.

Western Animation. The sentient tomato Zoltan is Dr. In the second season, Zoltan and his five goons actually dethrone Gangreen and took over the world from him. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ozai to Firelord Azulon. To precisely what extent he masterminded his father's death is uncertain, though he was deeply pleased with the results; his initial intent was to maneuver one-up on his brother, the heir Iroh, his father's favorite. Then Zuko becomes this to his father after being crown prince for half of season 3. Like his father before him he does this by out-manoeuvring the favoured child. Abomination is an interesting example since before joining Zemo, he was a loyal Dragon to the Leader.

Paxton Powers in Batman Beyond was an odd case. You could technically say he was a successful Starscream killing his father Derek or so it seemed and taking over Wayne-Powers as CEO, even though he really only did so because he lucked out. The thing is, Paxton became a rather pathetic replacement , not at all like the dangerous and ruthless tycoon his father was. Squandering his newfound position on wine, women, and song, neither Bruce Wayne nor Terry took him seriously at all, and when he eventually got greedy and double crossed the Royal Flush Gang after hiring them to steal artifacts, he was hauled off to jail.

And he pretty much ruined the Royal Flush Gang's once stellar reputation in the underworld in the process. Paxton did threaten to buy the courts and have Barbara Gordon and the rest of the police department working in the sanitation department when his lawyers were done, but that was likely an empty threat. The important thing is, Wayne was finally able to regain full control of his company again.

Ben immediately calls him out on his bullcrap, believing that the real Vilgax isn't loyal to anyone but himself. Ben is completely right. Vilgax also manages to be a successful Starscream, tricking Diagon into attacking an energy absorbing device — bad news for Diagon since he's an Energy Being — sealing possibly killing him. BIONICLE : Makuta Icarax believes that Big Bad Teridax's the Makuta plan to take control of the universe by putting the Great Spirit asleep and then reawaken him once preparations are complete to be too convoluted, and prefers to batter people into submission instead. When Teridax was temporarily unable to monitor the actions of his whole Brotherhood, Icarax decided to speed up the process by going to war.

He had already claimed some areas when Teridax arrived and beat him up, but those ambitions simply are put on the shimmer. He's only kept alive because of his talent at fighting and the fear he inspires in his foes, and being their best physical fighter nobody aside from Teridax wants to actually tangle with him if they can avoid it. His first actual appearance in the books has him not only sitting on Teridax's throne in Destral like he owns it, he's wearing their leader's personal Mask of Power and becomes nearly murderous when it's mentioned he needs to follow The Plan. After being deevolved by Toa Ignika, he later gets killed by some of his fellow members when he tries to ruin The Plan, making him a historical Starscream. The ones that killed him though suddenly outlive their usefulness.

Roodaka has at least attempted to betray nearly everyone she's worked with. The Piraka. Every one of them, as they all betrayed the Dark Hunters for power, and then most of them schemed and attempted to betray each other throughout their time working together. Only two of them actually managed to keep a handle on it: Zaktan because he found it stupid to betray the others when they hadn't even obtained their prize , and Vezok because he was just satisfied fighting or killing anyone who got in his way , and in fact was all too eager to throw down with any traitors.

The Shadowed One of the Dark Hunters went so far as to invoke this trope with the Hunter Darkness , whose mission was to watch over him at all times and kill him if he ever showed weakness to ensure he wouldn't grow soft in ruling his merry band of thieves, murderers, and madmen. Glove from Bionic Six. Which is most amusing since Glove, like Rasp, was voiced by Frank Welker , the original voice of Megatron. Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys : Rhesus-2 sometimes shows a rebellious attitude towards Nebula. When Nebula is incapacitated in the series finale, he doesn't hesitate to take control for himself. When he uploads his brain patterns into the Holo-boon generator, turning them evil, they turn against him after driving off the Space Monkeys.

Castlevania : Almost as soon as she arrives on the scene in Season 2, Carmilla starts plotting to usurp Dracula's role as leader of the vampires. After recruiting Hector to help, she tricks him into sending the castle to a town now controlled by her loyal forces, so that they can ambush Dracula's loyalists and invade the castle. The arrival of the heroes cuts the fighting short, and after Dracula's resulting death fighting them, Carmilla prepares to fill the void left behind.

Zero, on Challenge of the GoBots. Zero had been the leader of the Renegades, and Cy-Kill stole the job from him after defecting from the Guardians. Zero had every reason to resent Cy-Kill, and he wanted his job back. In Chaotic , Lord Van Bloot is a lieutenant of Chaor, supreme ruler of the Underworld, that really wants the bigger chair. The latest sets in the card game reveals that he has allied with the M'arillians to achieve his goals of ruling the Underworld even thought that would just make him a mere governor if the M'arillians succeed in taking Perim. He pulls it off, too; his actions not only inadvertently save the city , but also cause the deaths of Von Richter and possibly Cyber Six herself, as well as the end of the series. Rasp from Dino-Riders , although not to the consistency of the trope namer.

Interestingly, his voice actor was the same who did the voice of the original Megatron, Frank Welker. He also voiced the Big Bad , Krulos. This more-or-less means that he was trying to backstab himself. Urpgor from The Dreamstone intends to claim the titular MacGuffin for himself, betray and overthrow his master Zordrak and crown himself Lord of Nightmares.

A very unusual kind of character from a show that has been accused of tasting too sweet. Urpgor is a more subdued example. Though he really does dwell over the possibility of Zordrak expiring and leaving him ruler of Viltheed, his betrayals are more often to preserve his job as right hand man, sabotages any schemes or resources Zordrak comes into possession of that would render him redundant knowing from experience that the demonic overlord would turn on him the moment he doesn't need him anymore. He did make an attempt to take possession of the Dreamstone with his Auntie, though an argument over power led to him betraying her, considering even working under Zordrak a more tolerable position.

Unfortunately, Skarr's Butt-Monkey status means his schemes are utterly hopeless. Skarr got a taste of his own medicine in "Day of the Dreadbot", where he manages to overthrow Hector by reprogramming Hector's new robot army to be loyal to himself, only for his robot son Junior to re-reprogram them to be loyal to Junior. Skarr was proud of Junior for overthrowing him, however. In Exo Squad , Draconis regularly plots against Phaeton, but his plans always come to naught. Phaeton eventually gets rid of him anyways. Typhonus also has a Starscream moment in the first season finale, when he responds to Able Squad taking Phaeton hostage by reminding them that everyone is expendable. It doesn't work out well for him either.

He promptly gets "unmade". Though he eventually comes back as a One-Winged Angel , the true villain of the special. Herriman's unjust rules and the whole house leads on Frankie, who offers generosity and compassion, to defeat Herriman in the upcoming election as the new president of the house. Bloo serves as the Starscream, as he also joins the election to overthrow Herriman in wanting to abolish all rules and shower everyone with candy and money if they keep him in power. Joe : Rampage in G. Joe Extreme. Rampage has his sight set to SKAR's leadership to the point he even mutters "Things won't be satisfactory until I'm in control of SKAR" right in front of Iron Klaw and undermine Iron Klaw's authority by stockpiling weapons, running his own operations and disobeying orders to not attack Inter-Alliance targets.

Iron Klaw is fairly quick to catch on to Rampage's treacherous nature and only keep him around due to him being useful as a weapon supplier. When Rampage finally makes an over attempt to take control of SKAR, Iron Klaw lets him rot in prison when his attempt to attack Fort Knox fails and is deeply opposed to the notion of freeing him when representatives of SKAR's other division propose to do so. Hilariously enough, this is what Cobra Commander becomes after Serpentor becomes head of Cobra in season two of G.

Joe: A Real American Hero. However, Serpentor was more than willing to leave Cobra Commander behind to be either captured by the Joes or to die in the miniseries in which he Serpentor first appeared. Cobra Commander then pointed out that sooner or later that the rest of the Cobra would realize that Serpentor was not perfect and that a scapegoat would be needed when things fail. Also, Serpentor usually never finds out about Cobra Commander's attempts to kill him. The closest Serpentor got to finding out was in the episode where Cobra Commander summoned an Eldritch Abomination to kill Serpentor, though Serpentor thought that the Joes were the ones behind the attack in the end.

The Baroness gets a moment of this as well in the episode where she obtains a power to subjugate men. Mindbender, practically plays this trope to the hilt. Nearly every episode has their schemes foiled by G. Joe because one of them decides to hijack the scheme for their own ends and leave Cobra Commander out in the cold, causing him to foil the scheme in an attempt to take back the credit in the process! He-Man and the Masters of the Universe : Evil-Lyn, who many a times has worked behind Skeletor's back for her own purposes. There's even been a few times when Skeletor was aware of her treachery.

Unlike Megatron, Skeletor doesn't take kindly to this and usually attempts to make her pay with her life. However, Evil-Lyn usually gets lucky and manages to get a little leverage over Skeletor that forces him to accept her back into his ranks. In the version , her betrayal almost cost her her life and her soul. The show seriously compromised the Never Say "Die" policy when Skeletor tried to punish her by sacrificing her to an Eldritch Abomination which seem to have more than a few things in common with the things you see in Cthulhu Mythos. She survived because her dad told He-Man that Skeletor was planning a Human Sacrifice that would make him more powerful, conveniently leaving out the fact that it was Evil-Lynn.

He saved her anyway when he saw it was her commenting to himself that "I'm probably going to regret this later. Skeletor later changed his mind, admitting that he somewhat admired her for taking the initiative although he did threaten a worse punishment if it happened again. And that may well have happened if the series had continued. She made plans to ally herself with Hordak that, unfortunately, were never resolved due to the cancellation of the series. Trap-Jaw could be considered a serious Starscream too or at least he was once if the origin given in his issue of the Icons of Evil limited series comic book based on the updated version of the cartoon could be considered canon.

In the plot of the story, he is depicted as far more clever than he is in the cartoon, and he raises an army of warriors from stragglers in the Dark Hemisphere to wage a coup against Skeletor, but fails, the loss of his jaw and right arm resulting in the cybernetic replacements resulting from a brutal and bloody showdown with Skeletor himself, which he loses. At the end of the story, he's working for Skeletor again, and when Evil-Lynn asks him why, his response is, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

According to Word of God , if the incarnation hadn't been yanked due to the network fouling things up , Skeletor would've been a successful Starscream. In the '80s version, both Beast Man and Clawful had Starscreamish tendencies. Beastman only passively resented Skeletor and intended to wait for a good moment, but Clawful threatened to overthrow Skeletor to his face and then laughed off his threats. Of course, Clawful was dumber than a box of hammers, especially in the remake. Clearly, he wasn't a threat. Grimian of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is an incredibly persistent Starscream, his constant attempts of usurping command from Kalus almost becoming a Running Gag.

His last attempt at taking over is heavily implied to be his last. You can only push Kalus so far

Easter Island Case Study tells Gabrielle that Athletes Acupuncture In Sport still Easter Island Case Study made an appearance, possibly because she can't, leading to the conclusion that she may be vulnerable. The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey shakes and Aphrodite's heart breaks. When he returned, a fierce battle was waged. Marvel Comics ' Fabian Cortez plays the trope straight, betraying Magneto and " killing " him. This game revolves around choices you make. It was Interpreted In Shirley Jacksons The Lottery them that Synthesis Essay On Canines History The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homers Odyssey the Roman Empire was written.