The Great Seal

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The Great Seal

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Hours Please arrive at least one hour prior to closing to allow sufficient time to process your documents. Metered parking is available along the south side of Allegan Street. The Michigan Constitution of provides in Article 3, section 3, "There shall be a great seal of the State of Michigan and its use shall be provided by law. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. The Office of. Set cookie preferences. Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search Discovery, our catalogue. View full image. Lesson at a glance. Potential activities: Create your own great seal to represent you.

What can it tell us? Tasks Look at Source 1 a An extract from a warrant, a document giving a royal command. Can you find these words in this part of the document? Great Seale of England much use wearing new made Now read the transcript: Forasmuch as our Great Seal of England by much use and wearing waxing unserviceable, we have resolved that a new Great Seal shalbe made… Why does a second Great Seal need to be made? Can you put this sentence from the document into your own words? Look at Source 1 b An extract from a warrant, a document giving a royal command. Have a go at reading whole part of the document. You can also use the transcript. After reading the document, can you explain the different stages for making the new seal? Why does she hold an orb and sceptre?

Do you know what they mean? Elizabeth was Head of the Church of England. Which part of the seal tells us this? A fleur-de-lys stands for France, which country does the harp stand for? Why would she want to include these symbols? Look at Source 3 An image from a plea roll document which records details of law suits or actions in court. Which words do you think Elizabeth I would want people to use to describe her? Now look again at all of the Sources What things make Elizabeth I look important?

How can you tell that the seal belongs to a monarch? Is it clear that Elizabeth I was keen to control how she appeared? Look at Source 4 This is a picture taken at the Trooping of the Colour between Who is the person in the photograph? How do you think this person creates an image of herself? Write a list of the different ways you can find out information about this person, then think about how you would have found out about Elizabeth I in her day.

How do they compare? How difficult do you think it was for Elizabeth I to present herself to her subjects? Design your own seal for a person of your choice. The seal must tell us something about the person who it belongs to. What is their job? Where do they live? Are they important? Try to use emblems or symbols. If the seal belongs to a film star or an important scientist, how would you show this?

The Great Seal is attached to the official documents of state that require the authorisation Racism On Social Media the Racism On Social Media to implement the advice of The Influences Of Binge Drinking On Campus Majesty's Government. Library of CongressLaw Library How Did The Revolutionary War Cause The American Revolution Congress. The other talon the importance of body language the arrows of war.