Reasons Why People Should Not Drink Cows Milk

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Reasons Why People Should Not Drink Cows Milk

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The Truth About Dairy - Milton Mills, MD

Traditionally, our grandmas gave us a mug of warm milk before going to bed. However, those who are lactose intolerance cannot drink milk. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt convert lactose to lactic acid, which reduces the amount of lactose in yogurt. So, most lactose-intolerant people can have yogurt in moderation. A good digestive system goes a long way in building and maintaining good health. Many of our health issues have a connection with our gut health, including immunity and thyroid issues.

So, developing good gut health is essential. Probiotics are essentially gut bacteria or the normal flora of the intestine. They are present in the gut lining from birth and aid in the digestion process. Milk and milk products such as yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk are natural probiotic foods as they contain good live bacteria. Eating yogurt at bedtime reduces gastrointestinal symptoms.

It is easy to digest and abundant in nutrients, making it a good bedtime snack. What you put in your body before bed and throughout the day affects your weight. Yogurt is a relatively low-calorie food to satisfy your late-night cravings. Eating yogurt before bed is healthy and will also not make you gain weight. But, you should also monitor what you eat during the day. Proteins help in lean muscle development. Yogurt is rich in proteins and having it before bed may help prevent muscle loss during sleep and keep them in good shape. Yogurt has good quality proteins with all the required amino acids. An eight-ounce serving of yogurt provides 11 grams of proteins. We know that tryptophan helps induce sleep. To enhance the production of tryptophan, you should combine proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Having yogurt with carbohydrates clears amino acids from the blood and helps tryptophan reach the brain quickly and efficiently. However, you should be careful about eating yogurt before bed as not all yogurt may help you sleep. Yogurt that has high amounts of sugar can spike the blood sugar level and disrupt sleep. You should opt for plain yogurt or those varieties with a low sugar content. To make plain yogurt sweet, you can add naturally sweet foods such as berries or dried fruits. These alternatives are often vegan-friendly and can be suitable for people who are allergic to milk, or intolerant of it. The runner-up in the series of The Apprentice UK ran a flavoured nut milk business. This relationship dates back thousands of years, and it has had a lot of ups and downs.

When you think about it, milk is a weird thing to drink. In many cultures it is almost unheard of. Back in , China launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to consume more milk and dairy products for health reasons — a campaign that had to overcome the deep suspicions of many older Chinese people. Cheese, which is essentially milk that has been allowed to go off , can still make many Chinese people feel sick. Milk is poured at a dairy farm in Russia. Set against the ,year history of our species, drinking milk is quite a new habit.

Before about 10, years ago or so, hardly anybody drank milk, and then only on rare occasions. The first people to drink milk regularly were early farmers and pastoralists in western Europe — some of the first humans to live with domesticated animals, including cows. Today, drinking milk is common practice in northern Europe, North America, and a patchwork of other places. Milk contains a type of sugar called lactose, which is distinct from the sugars found in fruit and other sweet foods. But after we are weaned in early childhood, for many people this stops. Without lactase, we cannot properly digest the lactose in milk.

As a result, if an adult drinks a lot of milk they may experience flatulence, painful cramps and even diarrhoea. So the first Europeans who drank milk probably farted a lot as a result. But then evolution kicked in: some people began to keep their lactase enzymes active into adulthood. It is the result of mutations in a section of DNA that controls the activity of the lactase gene. The lactase persistence trait was favoured by evolution and today it is extremely common in some populations. The same is true in a few populations in Africa and the Middle East.

But there are also many populations where lactase persistence is much rarer: many Africans do not have the trait and it is uncommon in Asia and South America. A woman purchases soy milk in Hong Kong. Dairy can make many people feel sick in Asia, where the lactase persistence trait is uncommon Credit: Getty. The obvious answer is that drinking milk gave people a new source of nutrients, reducing the risk of starvation.

The IGF levels in the AquaBounty salmon and regular salmon are comparable, although consumer advocates say the studies that determined this are too small to be reliable. Milk in general—and the proteins, sugar, minerals, and non-IGF hormones it contains—may somehow cause the human body to make more of its own IGF, Dr. Willett says. Next Page: Sex hormones and early puberty [ pagebreak ] Sex hormones and early puberty IGF isn't the only hormone found in the food supply. Ranchers have been fattening up cattle with sex hormones—most notably estrogen—since the s. Today most beef cows in the U. These hormones are not given to chicken and pigs because they don't have the same growth-promoting effect in these animals, although antibiotics are given to all three species for similar growth-promoting reasons.

One concern is that such hormones may spur earlier puberty in children , who are, on average, entering puberty at a younger age than they did a generation or two ago, for reasons that are unclear. But Ann Macrina, PhD, a researcher in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Pennsylvania State University, says that the amount of estrogen found in meat is vanishingly small compared to the level in our bodies. A three-ounce serving of beef from an estrogen-treated cow contains less than a billionth of a gram of estrogen, a level around , times lower than estrogen in women and nearly , times lower than that in men.

However, even miniscule amounts of estrogen could affect prepubescent girls and boys, says Dr. A study found that children who consumed the most protein from animal sources entered puberty about seven months earlier than those who consumed the least. Still, hormones added to the food supply are probably not the biggest culprit behind early puberty. It's more likely that meat, milk, and similar foods help trigger earlier puberty because they are rich in protein, calories, and nutrients, says Marcia Herman-Giddens, an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, in Chapel Hill, and the lead author of an influential study on early puberty in girls. However, Herman-Giddens cautions that more research is needed to untangle the many factors involved.

For instance, she says, rising rates of overweight and obesity —and the processed foods, high-calorie drinks, and lack of exercise driving them—are "probably the biggest reason" for the trend toward earlier puberty. Fat cells stimulate the body to produce estrogen. Pesticides, flame-retardants, plastics, and other chemicals in the environment that can disrupt hormones may also be partly to blame. Next Page: Organic or no? Organic beef and dairy products certified by the U. They also come with a much heftier price.

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