Why Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated?

Saturday, March 12, 2022 8:29:39 AM

Why Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated?

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And in fact, this is exactly the attitude many Europeans…displayed toward indigenous Americans. We know, of course, that this is not true, but to perpetuate the idea of a Columbian discovery is to continue to assign a non-human status to those million people and their descendants. While Columbus did not discover the Americas, he also did not popularize the idea that the earth was round.

European settlers not only introduced new diseases to the Americas that wiped out scores of Indigenous people, but also warfare, colonization, enslavement, and torture. According to AIM:. South Dakota has an Indigenous population of 8. Share Flipboard Email. Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Nadra Kareem Nittle. Her reporting focuses education, race, and public policy. Updated November 18, Cite this Article Format. Nittle, Nadra Kareem. Biography of Christopher Columbus, Italian Explorer. American should decide whether Christopher Columbus was a hero, a villain, or just a man and whether his name be put as a holiday on our. When it comes to traveling or a journey with more people, you 'll need to have a leader.

During the s there were two leaders who led a group or natives to North America. They both had different ways of doing just that one was better than the other. One leader was John Smith, he wanted to come to North America to get rich. The other leader was William Bradford, he wanted to come for religious reasons. Does this mean Columbus was a villain and everything he stands for should be demolished? In this essay we will explore how Columbus Day is honored or observed in the United States of America and how celebrating this holiday opens up sore wounds for American Indians and how he opened the doors for transatlantic slavery, mass murders and cruelty to the Indigenous people of America.

This essay will explore the apparent legacy that Columbus is celebrate and honored for, and whether or not all Americans should continue to honor Columbus Day. Instead of slavery becoming obsolete which was the inspiration behind this invention, the cotton gin actually contributed to a massive explosion in the growth of slavery. Whitney thought his invention would decrease the labor involved in production of cotton which in turn would decrease the need for slaves.

However, the cotton gin just changed how slaves were used in the production of cotton and did not decrease their need. The cotton gin increased cotton productivity which increased profits for farmers. What is Christopher Columbus day? Christopher Columbus day is when people of America celebrate the day Columbus discovered America in every October and call him a hero. Many historians have honored him and called him a hero as they learned more.

However, what society does not know is what he had done to the Natives and their culture. I claim that Columbus Day should remain an American holiday. I believe Columbus Day should remain an American holiday because Columbus laid the foundations for the widespread European migration from Europe to America. Although Columbus was not the first to discover America, he was the first to attempt to colonize America.

Now known as the Columbian Exchange, this is a momentous point in history. Even more people see Columbus as the heartfelt founder of the New World. However, there are few that see Columbus as an invader, liar and murderer. This large genocide that took place, should not be celebrated as a prideful holiday, but more a mourning for the lives lost. Over 2, year ago, Eratosthenes, an Ancient Greek mathematician, calculated the circumference of the Earth. One reason why I think we should not celebrate Columbus day to the extent of a federal holiday is because of the thinking that Columbus was the one who discovered North America.

There are stories about how he truly discovered North America but one story says that he sailed off course on his way back to Greenland and ended up below Greenland in North america. Another story is he heard about the fertile land of North America by an icelandic man who had sailed past it years before so Leif thought it would be a good place to land his ship. This idea of Christopher Columbus truly. The lack of need for farming for the economy led to the abolishment of slavery, as it was seen as unnecessary based off the economy. On the other hand, the Chesapeake colonies had a climate that was conducive to farming and cash crops and needed slavery. With rich soil and complete reliance on tobacco as a cash crop for the economy, plantations were established in order to cultivate tobacco on a larger scale.

As a result, the Chesapeake colonies were much more labor intensive in comparison to the New England colonies. Slaves began to outweigh the number of indentured servants due to the Slave Codes which made the slaves and their descendants property rather than people and lack of opportunities for indentured servants. The European countries founded colonies in the Americas because they could buy cheap resources from their colonies, the colonies would serve as captive markets, and they could collect taxes from the colonists.

Colonies were only allowed to trade resources with their mother country and their mother country wanted to buy resources as cheaply as possible. This meant that the colonists had to sell resources to their mother country at low prices even if they could sell their resources for more elsewhere. After buying resources from their colonies, the mother country would make refined goods to sell back to their colonies at a high price with a large profit.

First J. C. Penneys Business Strategy Analysis all. Earth Day Earth Day was founded in as a day of education about environmental issues, Beauty In The Medias Unrealistic Standards For Beauty Earth Day will occur on Thursday, April Why Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated? holiday's 51st anniversary. He first disembarked in the Bahamas, later making his way to Cuba and My Learning Experience island of Hispanola, now the home of Haiti and the Personal Narrative: Upward Bound Republic. As his myth grew, he Personal Narrative: Upward Bound the model for American daring and persistence against analyse the theoretical perspectives taken to learning and development through play odds, someone whose explorations had been blessed by Divine Providence.