Sinclair, Upton: Summary

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Sinclair, Upton: Summary

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Summary and Analysis

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Three-fourths of the things he said were absolute falsehoods. For some of the remainder there was only a basis of truth. In The Brass Check , Sinclair made a systematic and incriminating critique of the severe limitations of the " free press " in the United States. Among the topics covered is the use of yellow journalism techniques created by William Randolph Hearst. Sinclair called The Brass Check "the most important and most dangerous book I have ever written. According to the Brass Check , "American Journalism is a class institution, serving the rich and spurning the poor. The social body to which we belong is at this moment passing through one of the greatest crises of its history What if the nerves upon which we depend for knowledge of this social body should give us false reports of its condition?

This was a pamphlet [63] he published in as a preface to running for office in the state of California. In the book he outlined his plans to run as a Democrat instead of a Socialist, and imagines his climb to the Democratic nomination, and then subsequent victory by a margin of , votes. Between and , Sinclair wrote a series of 11 novels featuring a central character named Lanny Budd. The son of an American arms manufacturer, Budd is portrayed as holding in the confidence of world leaders, and not simply witnessing events, but often propelling them. As a sophisticated socialite who mingles easily with people from all cultures and socioeconomic classes, Budd has been characterized as the antithesis of the stereotyped " Ugly American ".

Sinclair placed Budd within the important political events in the United States and Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Budd in The novels were bestsellers upon publication and were published in translation, appearing in 21 countries. Sinclair was keenly interested in health and nutrition. He experimented with various diets, and with fasting. He wrote about this in his book, The Fasting Cure , another bestseller. Sinclair favored a raw food diet of predominantly vegetables and nuts.

For long periods of time, he was a complete vegetarian, but he also experimented with eating meat. His attitude to these matters was fully explained in the chapter, "The Use of Meat", in the above-mentioned book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with his contemporary, Sinclair Lewis , another American novelist. Baltimore , Maryland , US. Novelist writer journalist political activist politician. Socialist — Democratic — Meta Fuller. Mary Craig Kimbrough. Mary Elizabeth Willis. Active organizations. Defunct organizations. Related topics. The Autobiography of Upton Sinclair. My Lifetime in Letters. The Cup of Fury — An essay on economic interpretation.

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