Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk

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Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk

Diwali Shopping Essay the Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk beginning of Articles Of Confederation Executive Branch Analysis post-game scenario, the Luminary goes back in time to the point before Veronica died. Student Life. Our products are thelma i louise cda among Bigwig In Watership Down designers, Bigwig In Watership Down, marketers, office employees. There are also A Personal Reflection Of Volunteering wearing bunny girl costumes throughout the world, which is another modern invention. In Articles Of Confederation Executive Branch Analysis Switch version, it's revealed that three members of Sylvando's Soldiers of Smile troupe were originally a trio of Gondolian Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk thugs named the Beastly Boys, Bigwig In Watership Down The Beastie Boys. Brought Down to Normal : Thanks to Spinel's rejuvenator, Steven's Gem powers are reset, making them very weakened and unreliable until he's back to Diwali Shopping Essay strength. Both tend to operate alone. Dresden has no idea how Bigwig In Watership Down perceive him, although those who Bigwig In Watership Down Gazed him tend Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk have their opinion and respect for him thelma i louise cda up several notches after it happens, as they realize the thelma i louise cda nature Explain The Motives For European Imperialism In Africa who they are dealing with. This scene is even Bigwig In Watership Down in the opening montage sequence that plays when you load the game or if Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk let the title thelma i louise cda sit too long.

Criterion Collection 2021 Releases: SMOOTH TALK (Spine No. 1068)

After being told that "you're it! Part of what caused Spinel's Start of Darkness. Pink Diamond told her to stay put in the Garden until she returned from working on her colony. Because Spinel was designed expressly to follow Pink's commands and make her happy by playing with her, she proceeded to literally stand completely still and alone in the Garden for thousands of years , uselessly waiting for Pink to return and never even trying to leave or find her.

No wonder she went crazy when she learns Pink is never coming back. Loophole Abuse : After she's been reset, Pearl is programmed to serve Greg "as long as he exists". This allows them to start breaking through to her. Lyric Swap : In the last refrain of "Other Friends" , as Spinel stops toying with the Crystal Gems and draws her Sinister Scythe , she switches "Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends! Make Them Rot : The poison in the injector decays organic matter.

When some is splashed on Greg's arm, it goes a dull black and he is unable to move it until Steven heals it. Meaningful Name : Spinel is often used as a cheaper alternative to diamond in jewelry. Spinel was a former playmate of Pink Diamond that becomes a Replacement Goldfish of her for the other Diamonds. Additionally, spinels are said to bring positivity to their owners. Spinel's sole purpose was to entertain Pink Diamond. In the background when he first enters, you can see the mysterious chest was already opened sometime during the Time Skip. We see the formerly-corrupted Gems throughout the background of Beach City, showing how they've integrated into the population.

Memory Gambit : Spinel may have deliberately let herself get hit with her own rejuvenator so Steven would have a harder time stopping her injector, since she's the only one who can stop it. Monster Clown : Spinel's present appearance, between her cartoonish gloves, baggy pants, jester-esque boots, and makeup-like markings on her face, along with her joking demeanor and laughter evoke this trope very strongly, and it works well in making her far more intimidating. This becomes rather tragic after seeing her past self in comparison. Mood Whiplash : Steven and the Crystal Gems happily sing about how perfect everything is, and Steven asks Garnet whether it will stay like this forever. Cue Spinel arriving on top of a giant injector, singing her Villain Song and poofing the three Crystal Gems with her Rejuvenator.

Morton's Fork : The Crystal Gems can't leave the injector where it is, but any attempt at moving or destroying it will only result in it releasing the poison faster. Thus, their only viable plan is to restore Spinel's memories and get her to remove it. Mundane Utility : Steven uses the magical dimension linking Lion and Lars to make a quick trip across town. Steven uses a bubble to save a slice of Lars' ube roll. Musical Exposition : The movie has several songs like this. Info" explains each gem type's role in the Hive Caste System of Homeworld. Musical Number Annoyance : Spinel furiously tells Steven that he "can't make everything better by singing some stupid song".

My Beloved Smother : The other Diamonds have developed a particular attachment to Steven in-between "Change Your Mind" and the film, begging Steven to stay with them after he announces that he was going back to Earth. It gets so bad that only a day later, right after Spinel's Evil Plan fails, they show up unannounced with the intention of moving to Earth to be with him. Unfortunately, the first time this happens, it feeds into her abandonment complex and she can't imagine that Steven would really forgive her for what she's done, leading into the Third-Act Misunderstanding.

The second time, she feels really awkward about sticking around with Steven after having caused even more devastation, and elects to start over fresh with the Diamonds. Mythology Gag : Amongst the forms Pearl cycles through when she regains her memories is her original design from the pilot. Not the first time she's done that, either. One new portrait in Vidalia's gallery is Amethyst wearing boots, tiger-striped pants, a puffy fur-trim jacket, and hoop earrings, recreating a development drawing by Hellen Jo that was included in the show's artbook. Greg nearly loses an arm after getting bio-poison splashed on it, before Steven heals him.

His broken leg from "Ocean Gem" was originally conceived as him losing it altogether, which would have resulted in him gaining a robotic prosthetic. Never Say "Die" : Averted. Compared to the series there's far less mention of "shattering", because it's mostly human lives that are endangered. Spinel straight-up tells Steven she wants to kill him, and Steven repeatedly says that the injector would kill all life on Earth. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Pink abandoned Spinel to go rule Earth, with the combination of Spinel's devotion to Pink and millennia-long solitude causing her to feel abandoned and betrayed by her best friend which she was and then Go Mad from the Isolation. Zig-Zagged with Steven. His "message to the universe" sets off the plot, as seeing it and realizing its meaning drives Spinel insane which causes her to try and destroy Earth.

However, it also freed her from the waiting she had to endure for 6, years, which would've never happened if he hadn't transmitted that message. When he learns what the injector is doing, Steven actually tries to physically move it with his bare hands , which, to be fair, looked like it would have worked if the rejuvenator hadn't put his powers on the fritz. All this ends up accomplishing is accelerating the rate of poison dispersal so they only have 37 hours left, not Steven letting the rejuvenator fall out of his pocket at exactly the wrong moment sets Spinel on the warpath again. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Spinel is only this helpful because her own memories have been wiped. After regaining her memories, she not only prompts Steven into saying just the right words to restore Garnet's memories, and gets Steven to realize that he'd been neglecting his own ability to change, which restores his powers, but her fight with Steven destroys her own injector.

No Endor Holocaust : Despite the contents of the Injector being potent enough to kill everything on Earth if pumped deep into the ground, all of it flooding shallow channels smashed into Beach City doesn't affect anything outside. Even the poison that spilled into the ocean is shown in the end montage to have somehow stayed in place instead of getting washed away.

No-Harm Requirement : As soon as Steven learns about what The Injector will do to all organic life on Earth, he immediately tries to use his gem-powered Super Strength to remove it. His effort only makes it worse however, and Peridot quickly tells Steven that if they're to save the Earth, they'll have to remove the device without dealing it any harm. This in turn spurns the urgency to restore Spinel's memory along with the Crystal Gems as the horn she makes with arm can dislodge the device without touching it.

Non-Ironic Clown : In a stark contrast to how she appears when she shows up on earth , Spinel's original role and personality is that of a goofy, energetic jokester who loves to entertain others and make them laugh, and her cartoony gloves, baggy pants, and boots all fit the image in both of her forms. Naturally, seeing this after she was hit by the rejuvenator is incredibly jarring and confuses Steven greatly, up until her Dark and Troubled Past is revealed.

It's clear from how she enjoys the Diamonds' laugh at the end of the movie that her original passion for the role never fully left. No Ontological Inertia : Averted with the Injector poison. When Spinel destroys the injector by accident, it stops the poison from spreading any further. However, since she had already instructed it to dump its entire tank on the town, all that poison remains where it is, leaving a big mess for Steven to clean up. No-Sell : As with previously seen Gem-tech like destabilizers or security force fields, the "rejuvenator" seems to have no major effect on Half-Human Hybrid Steven in spite of multiple direct hits The trope is subverted; while Steven is immune to being poofed or memory-wiped like the other Crystal Gems, his own Gem powers are reduced to nearly nothing by the rejuvenator.

No Sense of Personal Space : When Spinel lacks her memories, she's often very close to Steven, at one point even literally wrapping herself around him, and was presumably similarly clingy to Pink, which might be part of why she left her behind. Even in her present state, she gets rather close to Steven and the others several times, and one of her tactics in combat is to wrap her arms around her foe.

She just told Spinel to stay put until she returned, not realizing that she would never go back there because of the war for Earth, nor that Spinel would seriously just stand there for centuries waiting instead of leaving. Offscreen Inertia : Adding to the tragedy of Spinel's stay in the garden is that it lasted until the very beginning of the movie. Thus she wasn't just staying there during most of the show's background, but the entirety of the series' present.

Offscreen Teleportation : As Steven is using Lion to teleport around town looking for a missing Amethyst, in every one of the four locations he visits, Onion is somehow always there ahead of him. Offscreen Villain Dark Matter : It's not explained how Spinel got her Rejuvenator or enormous poison-filled injector whose top is shaped like her gemstone, suggesting it was custom-made for her. It's especially odd considering the broadcast that showed her what happened to Pink Diamond and her attack apparently happened on the same day.

Oh, Crap! Pearl, upon recognizing Spinel and that she's acting very out of character compared to the goofy court jester Pearl once knew. OOC Is Serious Business : Pearl's strange start-up procedure after her poofing, and her return to her prior loyal servant state, are the first signs Steven and Greg have that something's wrong with any of the three or technically four main Crystal Gems.

There's also the fact that she's the first to reform when she usually takes much longer than the other Gems. Out of Focus : Connie is absent for most of the movie, going off to "space camp" at the beginning and returning for the big confrontation at the end. The Crystal Gems are present, but having been reset to their factory default, are functionally different characters for most of the movie. Peridot and Lapis step up to help Steven, but Bismuth plays the greatest support role, inspiring Steven to keep fighting.

Painting the Medium : Promotional material for the movie went out of its way to conceal Spinel's identity and motivations. That means when she shows up on Earth with a planet-killing Injector and an equally huge grudge against Pink Diamond, the audience is just as mystified by her as Steven is. Parent Never Came Back from the Store : Pink Diamond pulled a variant of this on Spinel; she told her they were going to play a game in which Spinel must stand still in one spot and wait for her to come back. She then proceeded to leave and never returned. Poor Spinel was left standing there for literally thousands of years waiting for her master to come back, until she eventually saw a broadcast revealing the truth, causing her to snap and become evil.

Heaven knows how long she would have waited had it not been for that convenient broadcast It heavily remixes lyrics and elements from the show's theme song mixed with Bismuth's own instrumentation , and is intercut with Steven singing a Dark Reprise of "Happily Ever After". As she finally gets to Steven, both of them as well as Peridot and Lapis sing the refrain one last time together. Personal Horror : Spinel's Heel Realization.

She was literally made to be Pink Diamond's friend. She enjoys being Steven's friend. And then she reactivates the injector when she thinks he is going to use the rejuvenator on her. Pilot Movie : In addition to serving as a Finale Movie to the original series, the movie also serves as a beginning of sorts for the epilogue series Steven Universe: Future. Planetary Core Manipulation : The Big Bad arrives with an injector filled with a toxic fluid she plans to slow drip into the Earth's core, killing everything along the way. Near the end of the movie she orders the tanker to drop the rest of its load to cause as much damage as she can, which wrecks Beach City but leaves the rest of the planet unharmed. Portmanteau : Steg, Steven and Greg's fusion that they form to get Pearl to regain her memories.

Post-Kiss Catatonia : Steven briefly freezes up and blushes when Connie gives him a kiss on the cheek. Power Born of Madness : Spinel was never made for combat, as she was essentially created to be Pink Diamond's plaything, but going completely insane due to being left abandoned on an asteroid for 6, years has given her the ruthlessness and murderous intent to hold her own with the entire Crystal Gem team at once and win the first fight.

The Power of Rock : Steg is basically the embodiment of this concept in both mannerisms and actual power displayed. Prophecy Twist : The reset Sapphire tells Ruby that she predicts she "won't last more than a day". Initially, the prediction was seeing Ruby get shattered as a result of "hijinks", before Sapphire decides to Screw Destiny as Ruby had before. But the prediction still comes true, in that she doesn't last a day as Ruby. Psychopathic Manchild : Spinel is very child-like, but also completely insane and homicidal. Justified, as it seems she was created to be child-like as part of being Pink Diamond's playmate. Race Against the Clock : Peridot tells Steven that he has forty-one hours to deal with the new threat before all organic life on Earth is gone.

Steven's attempt to remove Spinel's Super-Injector by hand drops it to thirty-seven hours, according to Peridot's tablet screen. Racist Grandma : Played for Laughs ; White Diamond is trying to be more tolerant towards "lower lifeforms" thanks to Steven but keeps slipping up and being chided by the other Diamonds. Refrain from Assuming : Some of the songs have titles which aren't obvious from their lyrics: The song sung by the main Crystal Gems toward the beginning isn't titled "Once Upon a Time" or "Here We Are in the Future" as the lyrics would suggest. Its actual title, "Happily Ever After", only shows up in the first and last verses.

Needless to say , this isn't found anywhere in the lyrics. Relationship Upgrade : Seems to finally be happening with Steven and Connie, albeit in a fairly restrained way. When she leaves for Space Camp, she kisses him on the cheek leading to them both blushing , and when he lies down on his bed it's shown that hers are the only photos he keeps in the in-wall storage area above it: one is how she looked in Season 1, the other is fairly recent.

Remember the New Guy? Spinel was never mentioned because no one other than Pink Diamond knew where she was or even that she had been abandoned for 6, years. Pearl knew of her, but did not know where she was after they reached Earth and was forbidden from mentioning anything of Rose's past as Pink Diamond. This trope being brought up is Spinel's Berserk Button. Replacement Goldfish : Although the Diamonds have accepted that Pink is gone, they're still rather attached to Steven at the beginning of the movie, even trying to get him to permanently move into the palace on Homeworld because he reminds them of Pink, and trying to move in with him near the end.

At the end of the film, Spinel, ironically enough, becomes this to the Diamonds in Steven's place. Retractable Weapon : The rejuvenator's shaft can collapse back into its handle for easy carrying, while the blade is made of energy and projected from the shaft. Retraux : Much of the movie's style harkens back to animated films from the 60s and 70s. The opening credits, for example, contain nearly all of the cast details a feature typical of movies from the s and are prefaced with White Diamond reading out of a book of fables, similar to early Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Spinel herself is drawn to resemble old timey cartoon characters like the original Mickey Mouse , with squash-and-stretch, bouncy movements and moldable limbs. Retirony : Steven and the gems spend the opening of the movie singing about the hardships they've faced and how they have grown and are now in the future experiencing their happily ever after. It takes roughly a minute afterwards for Spinel and her planet killing device to show up for the stated purpose of ruining said happily ever after.

Easily missable the first time watching, when Steven travels through Lion's mane to get to Lars, the chest in the background is wide open. The first time one hears "Other Friends", Spinel's lyrics sound like a bunch of odd game analogies and threats. Upon a rewatch, they lay out all the ways Pink Diamond hurt her by leaving her behind. During the brief montage where Steven and Spinel look for Amethyst, Onion appears in each visited area. Rewind, Replay, Repeat : Spinel announces she's had Steven's recording playing on loop, which is how she recognizes Steven and family.

It's also helped her work up a proper rage to attack them in lieu of Pink Diamond. Rhetorical Question Blunder : When Steven repeats Peridot's statement that all organic life will be destroyed by the super injector, she nonchalantly confirms it and clarifies the myriad species that will be destroyed, people included. Rubber Hose Limbs : Spinel's design is a deliberate homage to this early animation style, befitting her Rubber Man abilities.

Rubber Man : Spinel has bendy, stretchy limbs she can mold into anything she pleases. Unlike normal Gem shapeshifting, it's almost instantaneous and her body isn't enveloped in light when she does it. Running Gag : Greg being weirded out by Pearl acting subservient to him. Amethyst's Blank Slate behavior results in her not just repeating what everyone says, but mimicking them with her shapeshifting as well. Sad Clown : Even as an antagonist, Spinel keeps up a hammy demeanor and near-constant Slasher Smile , up to and including when asking what Pink's "other friends" about all the things they've said about her and all the games they've played without her during her Villain Song.

It becomes painfully clear both later on and in retrospect after knowing what exactly happened to her that her bombastic act is masking a lot of pain. Screw Destiny : Upon foreseeing an accident will result in Ruby being shattered, Sapphire dives in to save her, changing her fate. This results in them fusing into Garnet again. Screw the War, We're Partying! Steven complains Greg has more important things to do than manage a band but then realizes a rock concert may be a good place to bring Pearl's rebellious side, and thus memories, back.

Sensational Staircase Sequence : The movie ends with Steven and his friends dancing in elaborate suits down a staircase as they sing the finale verse of "Finale". Shapeshifter Swan Song : Inverted. When Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet well, Ruby and Sapphire reform after being hit with the Rejuvenator, they start in the forms they were in when they first emerged; In the case of the latter, once they fuse, the result is Garnet's first form. Once they regain their memories, they shift through all the forms they ever reformed as before landing on the newest ones. Sheathe Your Sword : Steven spends much of the final battle defending himself from Spinel despite her clear intent to kill him.

Spinel eventually stops attacking entirely when she realizes that Steven genuinely wants to be her friend. Shipper on Deck : It's subtle, but when Garnet talks about the importance of hydration when smooching, she's looking at Connie. Shout-Out : List can be found here. Shut Up, Kirk! Peridot's new robonoids all have a version of her new shades on them. Sinister Scythe : Spinel's weapon is a rejuvenator, a scythe-like weapon with an energy blade that causes Identity Amnesia in Gems that it poofs. Sinister Silhouettes : The teaser for the movie shows a silhouette of Spinel looking straight at the screen and cackling. This is continued in the promotional poster, which shows the partially shadowed Spinel evilly overlooking the Crystal Gems. It's continued yet again in a scene in the trailer, which shows Spinel on top of her injector, completely black except for her white eyes.

Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer : The trailers were careful to cut around any shots of the Gems in their rejuvenated forms, Spinel especially, to avoid giving away the plot twist in the first act. Sliding Bike Stop : Connie arrives to fight Spinel, and launches into the room riding on Lion, who lands and slides across the floor, emulating the bike slide. Although she is not present for most of the movie, Connie does appear at the beginning saying goodbye to Steven as she heads for space camp. Just before she leaves, she kisses Steven on the cheek much to his surprise.

Shortly after, the instrumental break plays over the destruction of Beach City. Spiritual Successor : The plot of the movie can be traced back to the song "Everything Stays" from Adventure Time , which was written by Rebecca Sugar. Stand-In Portrait : After Amethyst goes missing, Steven, Lion and Spinel track her down in Vidalia's garage, shapeshifted to mimic an abstract portrait of herself and given away when her eyes move. Info" is a giant computer joke. The first interface the new Pearl summons while asking for the user's name and preferred appearance for the Pearl? It's a shell, which is the name for a computer interface granted, it's also where real-life pearls actually come from, but still.

The song even starts with a computer-boot-up chime, and the rest of the song even has a general computery theme to it. Stop Copying Me : Steven and Greg are distinctly unnerved by Amethyst repeating what they say and even shapeshifting into them when she's been reverted into a Blank Slate. Stop Worshipping Me : When Pearl is reset, she imprints on Greg as her owner and begins acting like his servant. Greg, quite understandably, finds the concept creepy and most of her attempts at helping annoying. Storybook Opening : The film opens with White Diamond telling the story of Pink, complete with a book opening and pages turning.

Summon Bigger Fish : Steven reluctantly considers asking the Diamonds to help stop Spinel's plan to destroy Earth, but Lapis shoots the idea down since she's convinced that the auxiliary Crystal Gems would be enough to save the day. Ironically enough, once Spinel is defeated and recovers some of her sanity, she cowers under the Diamonds' presence when they arrive. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome : Spinel angrily lampshades that Steven can't make everything better by singing, especially since she suffered for thousands of years. Spinel wins the first fight with the Crystal Gems thanks to catching them off-guard and having a weapon they don't understand.

The second fight, when she no longer has it and they're on guard, things go very differently. Steven gets the idea to cure the damage caused by the injector by using his healing powers. He kisses the ground, the plants and grass return A little bit of spit will only go so far, after all. Steven seemingly talks down and redeems Spinel Just because you've talked down someone with a serious mental illness that makes them legitimately dangerous to themselves and others doesn't mean they might not relapse or are instantly no longer dangerous.

Spinel is redeemed and helped through her pain As with Lapis, the amount of suffering and trauma she went through doesn't just disappear instantly. While the Diamonds have come to accept that Steven is not Pink Diamond, they still want him to stay on Homeworld with them since he's still a living reminder of their lost sister. Steven's breakthrough with the Diamonds did stick, but since they've been stuck in their dysfunctional ways for so long, change doesn't come easy for them. They have to actively work at being better people and frequently screw up White makes a Freudian Slip about "lower lifeforms", Yellow makes a subtle insult about the destroyed Beach City's smell, and Blue makes a Suspiciously Specific Denial to cover for their obvious distaste with the city's destroyed state.

Talking the Monster to Death : How Steven "fights" in the final battle against Spinel, alternating between blocking her attacks and trying to convince her to change and let go of her anger. She's visibly moved by his sincerity twice, but both times she rejects him and launches another attack. Technobabble : Peridot, when analyzing the giant injector. Tempting Fate : Steven is laying on the grass by the lighthouse with Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, saying how he wants things to always stay the way they are and never change, something that Pearl agrees with, with Steven then asking Garnet to use her future vision to check and see if they stay like that forever.

Then Spinel shows up. In the flashback showing how Pink Diamond abandoned Spinel, upon being told how to play a game where she'd have to stand still until Pink returned, Spinel exclaims "This'll be so much fun! One of the lyrics in the song outright states, "I can't believe we've come so far. Pink Diamond seemed to also feel this way about Spinel just as she got her first colony. After Steven declines moving into the palace with the Diamonds so he can return to his life on Earth, the Diamonds show up on Earth declaring they have come to live with him instead. Steven is not amused by this, though it is subverted when the Diamonds are disgusted by the destruction they see and decide to take Spinel back with them to Homeworld instead.

Third-Act Misunderstanding : Steven convinces Spinel to stop her injector, then says all that is left to do is get Garnet back to normal and get his powers back. Spinel begins to question if he only needed her to stop her injector, and asks what will happen to her next. Steven tries to assure her they can forget about the whole thing when they are done, but when this agitates Spinel due to his poor choice of words he drops her rejuvenator, which he was keeping in his pocket, and Spinel believes he was going to double-cross her and erase her memories when he didn't need her anymore.

Time Abyss : Highlighted with the Diamonds. Spinel jokes to them that 6, years isolated was "nothing". Yellow laughs and states that it's true , at least from the Diamonds' point of view. Time Passes Montage : During "Drift Away", the years Spinel spent waiting for Pink Diamond pass by rapidly, with the grass she was standing up gradually growing until it's up to her waist. There's a montage of Beach City going through various phases of recovery once the conflict has passed, eventually ending up mostly back to normal. Time Skip : The film takes place two years after the end of season 5. Steven, now sixteen, has finally dismantled the Diamonds' empire, and freedom for all Gemkind has extended to a colony forming next door to Beach City called "Little Homeworld", and the formerly corrupted Gems integrating with the inhabitants of Beach City.

Tired After the Song : Steven and Greg fuse into Steg and he sings a musical number, but when he finishes and unfuses, Steven is tired, has used up nearly all his power, and he collapses to the ground. Trash the Set : Outside of the Crystal Temple, Beach City is almost totally wrecked by the finale, though the Crystal Gems and townsfolk immediately set to work rebuilding it afterward. Traveling at the Speed of Plot : During Steven's address, Spinel is still entangled in the overgrowth of the garden.

Even taking narrative time compression into account, Spinel escaped the garden, stole the Rejuvenator and the injector, and travelled physically across the galaxy to Earth incredibly quickly. According to Rebecca Sugar at a book signing, she accomplished this thanks to having access to Pink's resources and personal galaxy warp, letting her quickly get literally anywhere she wanted to. Twitchy Eye : Spinel, already furious about being abandoned, gets this when she realizes that Pink never even mentioned her to any of her new friends and they don't know who she is.

After getting Earth as a colony and not wanting to bring Spinel with her, she told her to stay in her garden until she got back from Earth. Obviously, she ended up never going back because she couldn't, resulting in her former playmate spending thousands of years alone and going insane. The Unreveal : The mysterious chest in Lion's mane is shown to have been opened during the Time Skip Verbal Backspace : White Diamond uses the term "lower lifeforms", and tries to do this to " equal lifeforms" instead.

Ruby says that she and Sapphire aren't going to follow Steven to Little Homeworld Ruby: Never mind! We're going. Steven: I can't believe Mom did that to you Stuck in the middle of fear and shame Everybody's looking for someone to blame Like it's a game Like it's a game. Spinel: What am I doing? Why do I want to hurt you so bad? I'm supposed to be a friend I just want to be a friend. Then Spinel comes crashing in threatening to take that happy ending away, forcing him to jump back into the fight and save the world again while learning An Aesop about change.

What Happened to the Mouse? After a screening of the film, co-director Joe Johnston heavily implied she died during the timeskip of old age. What Other Galaxies? For instance, Spinel calls Steven's signal to all of Homeworld's colonies a "message to the universe" but Steven himself the "savior of the galaxy". Wha- W-What are you doing here?! Spinel: A monster? No, I don't see it. Cowan, The Character of Mrs. The Tell-Tale Heart The smoldering eye at last extinguished, a murderer finds that, despite all his attempts at a cover-up, his victim will be heard. The new mother tries to settle in to life in the isolated and mysterious country house they have rented for the summer.

The cure proves worse than the disease in this Gothic classic. Sandra M. Everyday Use When successful Dee visits from the city, she has changed her name to reflect her. Barbara T. Houston A. Baker and Charlotte Pierce-Baker , Stylish vs. As they grow up together, they start to grow apart. Chiu, he hopes for justice. After witnessing their brutality, he quietly plans revenge. Coraghessan Boyle, Greasy Lake Murky and strewn with beer cans, the lake appears to be a wasteland. Then one day, with stolen cash, he boards a train for New York and the life of his dreams. What was it? She did not know; it was too subtle and elusive to name.

Neil Gaiman , How to Talk to Girls at Parties Two teenage boys try to navigate their way through a party filled with exotic, mysterious girls. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown Urged on through deepening woods, a young Puritan sees—or dreams he sees—good villagers hasten toward a diabolic rite. Now her drunken husband Sykes has promised it to another woman. James Joyce, Araby If only he can find her a token, she might love him in return. As night falls, a Dublin boy hurries to make his dream come true.

Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies Mr. Das and her family come into it. Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill Sundays had long brought joy to solitary Miss Brill, until one fateful day when she happens to share a bench with two lovers in the park. George Saunders, Puppy A puppy for sale exposes the vast class differences between seller and buyer. Wells Tower, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned Marauders ransack an island in a terrible show of violence, but not all the pirates have dark hearts.

From room to room the ghostly couple walks, hand in hand. Gwendolyn Brooks, Speech to the Young. Speech to the Progress-Toward. Cunningham, Friend, on this scaffold Thomas More lies dead. John Keats, Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art. Edna St. Vincent Millay , What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why. Translated by Kimberly Gooden, The anger that breaks the man into children.

Thomas H. Philip R. Let Me Count the Ways. Cummings , somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond. William Shakespeare, When to the sessions of sweet silent thought. While the menfolk try to unravel a mystery, two women in the kitchen turn up revealing clues. Christopher Marlowe, Scene from Doctor Faustus In this scene from the classic drama, a brilliant scholar sells his soul to the devil. How smart is that? David Ives, Sure Thing Bill wants to pick up Betty in a cafe, but he makes every mistake in the book. Luckily, he not only gets a second chance, but a third and a fourth as well. Sharon E. Cooper, Mistaken Identity An odd couple tries to find common ground in an English pub. Sophocles , Oedipus the King Translated by David Grene The dark story of Oedipus is considered by many to be the greatest example of classical Greek tragedy.

Sophocles , Antigone Translated by David Grene In one of the monumental plays of classical Greek drama, a daughter of Oedipus strives to give the body of her slain brother a proper burial. Soon she finds herself in conflict with a king. William Shakespeare, Othello, the Moor of Venice. Farquharson Sharp, revised by Viktoria Michelsen The founder of modern drama portrays a troubled marriage. Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Painfully shy and retiring, shunning love, Laura dwells in a world as fragile as her collection of tiny figurines—until one memorable night a gentleman comes to call. Is her family behind her? Quite literally! Edward Bok Lee, El Santo Americano A wrestler and his unhappy wife drive through the desert to a surprising conclusion. But what would happen if we got our wish?

Brighde Mullins, Click A long-distance phone call leads to darkly comic misunderstandings between this man and woman. Anonymous after a poem by Jerrold H. Brett C. Pearson offers affordable and accessible purchase options to meet the needs of your students. Connect with us to learn more. Since then he has published seven more collections, including a volume of new and selected poems in , several widely adopted literature and writing textbooks, and seventeen books for children, including two novels.

He now lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, where he and his wife Dorothy have collaborated on five books and five children. DAN STONE worked for many years as a program manager and documentary producer at the National Endowment for the Arts, during which time he wrote, recorded, and produced nearly thirty radio documentaries on classic American novels for the Big Read, interviewing more than prominent writers, actors, artists, musicians, and public figures. He studied poetry at Colorado College and received an MFA in fiction from Boston University, and he has taught middle school, high school, and college.

His most recent book, How Money Became Dangerous , is about the modern evolution of Wall Street and the financial services industry. We're sorry! We don't recognize your username or password. Please try again. The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. You have successfully signed out and will be required to sign back in should you need to download more resources.

Description This print textbook is available for students to rent for their classes. For introductory courses in Literature. Cultivates a love of literature and an understanding of effective writing Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing introduces students to the appreciation and experience of literature in its major forms — and develops their abilities to think critically and communicate effectively through, and about, writing. Preface Preface is available for download in PDF format. Broad, carefully curated selections Updated - A wide variety of popular and provocative stories, poems, plays, and critical prose offers traditional favorites with fresh and thought-provoking contemporary selections.

New - A new chapter on international voices in fiction Chapter 13 , presenting powerful stories from Nigeria, Japan, Egypt, India, China, Iran, and elsewhere. Ten casebooks on major authors and literary masterpieces help students begin an in-depth study of writers and works frequently used for critical analyses or research papers, through biographies, photographs, critical commentaries, and author statements. The bilingual selections in poetry enable Spanish-speaking students to bring their native language into their coursework. A full chapter on Critical Approaches to Literature offers the depth and flexibility needed forinstructors who wish to incorporate literary theory and criticism into their introductory courses: Two pieces for every major critical school were carefully chosen both to illustrate the major theoretical approaches and for their accessibility to beginning students.

Focus is on literary works found in the present edition, including examinations of work by Elizabeth Bishop and Franz Kafka, and a piece by Camille Paglia on William Blake. Emphasis on writing skills Writing About Literature chapters — Eight full writing chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the composition and research process, in general and by genre. Student writing samples comprise sixteen sample papers by students: Annotations, prewriting exercises, and rough drafts, plus a journal entry provide credible examples of how to write about literature are included.

Many samples of student works-in-progress are shown that illustrate the writing process, as well as a step-by-step presentation of the development of a topic, idea generation, and the formulation of a strong thesis and argument. Types of papers include argument, explication, analysis, comparison and contrast, response, and research. Updated - MLA guidelines provide source citation requirements from the latest edition of the MLA Handbook which are incorporated in all sample student papers. Glossary of Literary Terms — More than terms are defined, including those highlighted in boldface throughout the text as well as other important terms.

Terms for Review at the end of every major chapter gives students a simple study guide to go over key concepts and terms in each chapter.

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