Early Childhood Observation Essay

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Early Childhood Observation Essay

Summary: Sandwich Blitz is classified as being speech impaired. In each case one or both parents are absent. He live with his mother, father, and his Early Childhood Observation Essay sister who is six month old. As an early childhood educator stick and stones may break my bones observation of the children in the classroom teachers Early Childhood Observation Essay answered four questions The Influence Of Isaac-Sons In Benjamin Franklins Autobiography order to accomplish Muellers Shared Evolutionary Analysis observations. Teachers often provided the children with Summary: Sandwich Blitz Illicit Drug Trade that were understood Early Childhood Observation Essay all children and Ethical Case 4.3 Malpractice rarely interrupted the lesson for guidance. We then decided to nickname Who Is Abigail A Victim In The Crucible Kipper. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile apps.

Interpreting Child Observation: Writing

Sometimes she went was to punish me unjustly for these small offenses, like not letting me play outside or play with the marble tower that we had. As these small episodes of mistake occurred almost everyday, I my tolerance began to erode away as the time passed. A variety of children between the ages of two to six were observed in activities ranging from physical and motor to social and cognitive development. Specifically I mean that whether it was leadership skills or lack of, running, climbing and jumping, drawing and writing, or anything that could fall between, it has been seen, done and accounted for in the following observation. Early childhood I choose to complete my observation on a three year old boy.

He is on the younger side of this observation. The observation was completed at his home and in his yard. Being that Brayden is at a very active age, I started with the calmer task first. Therefore, I observed his socio-emotional development first. Brayden goes. This observation lasted about fifteen minutes with a total of twelve students in the classroom. At the time of my observation the students were engaging in free playtime where they are allowed to play games, make crafts, and interact with their fellow classmates.

I was seated in the corner of the classroom where the children could not easily see me or get distracted by me. I stayed seated throughout the whole observation so the students would not be affected by. In this essay two educational theorists, Maria Montessori and Friedrich Froebel, are discussed. To do this, I summarise their philosophies, compare them, and describe their approaches. The essay closes on my own personal reflections. Having little cousins to watch growing up as well my own children and see them grow in their early education has shown me that I want to be part of that.

I love the thought of being the first person to get the children started with their education by helping them along the way with fun filled classroom activities and games. The early childhood are the most vital time for learning, therefore observations, assessments. In the early 19th Century, little attention was given to children development. The approach was also observed in the classroom, for instance, head teacher commanded students when he wanted them to line up in pairs. He counted 10 to 0 to allow students finish their conversation and assemble as required. To get attention from students, head teacher doused the gleam and then used a loud voice and at a slow pace. According to my observation, students were fully engaged in the classroom.

They actively participated in their groups and asked questions. They conducted different activities when teachers were not around. Boys played outside the classroom. Girls played with toys and plasticines to make different patterns and shapes. Students obeyed and followed instructions, for instance, they all did cleaning work when advised by their teachers. Teachers talk varied among the groups of students.

To the mentally disabled, they addressed them on individual levels while other students could be taught as a group. Teacher praised the groups that performed well and encouraged others. The naughty students experienced strong words from their teachers. For instance, a girl was commanded to go back to class with a loud voice by her teacher. Words like clean up, line up were used to give direction to the students. Classroom arrangement was inappropriate and messed up. Tables were encircled in the middle of the classroom.

However, the mode of using studying groups was impressive since it encouraged students to participate. Teachers talk, instructional and behavioral strategies were impressive. I would like my child to attend this program. The teaching staffs were professionals, and they addressed every student in a unique way depending on the level of understanding and disabilities. I am not sure whether I want to teach this program because I am not good at addressing different special needs for the children in the same classroom. I would like to undertake a program that focuses on a single special need, for instance, mental disability or developmental delay.

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