Vietnamese Youth Gangs

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Vietnamese Youth Gangs

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The fighter on the street in Hanoi, Vietnam

Cassidy, a private investigator who is an expert on Vietnamese crime. For Mr. Cassidy as for other experts on Vietnamese gangs, the brutality of last Thursday's hostage-taking in Sacramento was familiar, although other features of the incident were not. Four young Vietnamese men held about 30 people hostage in an electronics store for more than eight hours. They made extravagant demands with political overtones, including safe passage to Thailand to fight Communists. An 'Unusual Occurrence'. In the gun battle with sheriff's officers that ended the incident, three gunmen and three hostages were killed and 11 hostages were wounded, with six remaining hospitalized today, one in critical condition.

For another, the political content was unusual. Experts in Asian gangs said there was typically very little ideology among the alienated young men who join Vietnamese gangs. Then they come here without any guidance or help. Experts say the alienation that often leads members of other ethnic and racial groups into gang membership is heightened for the Vietnamese by the difficulty of adjusting to American society and by a childhood shaped by the aftermath of war.

The gangs themselves usually depart from the classic pattern in that their memberships are small and unstructured and instead of defending their turf the gangs take interstate highways as their territory. They travel to distant cities and then pick a target by linking up with local contacts, often friends from the refugee camps where they spent part of their childhood, or by ripping the page with the name Nguyen from the local telephone book, gang experts say. When they invade, they spend one to four hours in a home, climb back into their cars and move on. Lee, Multicultural Perspectives, Vol. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Authors Kevin D. Front Matter Pages i-xv.

Pages In Western Australia they are involved in the drug trade. One Hell's Angels associate member was beaten to death in plain view of witnesses at the airport, and police estimated as many as 15 men were involved in the violence. Police documents detail the brawl as a result of the Comanchero and Hells Angels Presidents being on the same flight from Melbourne. The head of the Comancheros was initially sentenced to 21 years jail for the murder after a nine-month trial, but in May he was granted a retrial.

Including two murders in the capital city, 4 people were killed in the space of a week in Canberra and in Sydney. A growing percentage of the crime attributed to outlaw motorcycle gangs since around has not been committed by known bikie members. Much of the crime has been committed by non-riding members or associates of these gangs, that way the core members of the bikie gangs can be more easily protected from the more aggressive police tactics and the tougher laws. Australia's bikie gangs continue to increase their campaign to completely corner the illicit drug trade in every state and territory. In , Derek Wainohu of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club successfully obtained a declaration from the High Court that the Crimes Criminal Organisations Control Act NSW , which empowered the Supreme Court to make control orders against individual members of organisations and prevented them from associating with one another, was invalid.

The High Court held, by majority, that the Act was invalid on the basis that s 13 2 placed no obligation on the eligible judge making the control order to provide reasons when making a declaration of a control order. As such, the section contravened the institutional integrity of the Supreme Court. On construction, it was held that the validity of the whole Act relied on the validity of Part 2, which contained s 13 2 , and therefore the whole Act was held invalid. The state of New South Wales was ordered to pay Wainohu's costs. In contemporary Australia, "youth gangs" are perceived to be an increasing problem, but this notion is has been claimed to be not founded upon any extended body of empirical evidence and does not identify to whom the alleged gangs are a problem.

Chris Cunneen's investigation into the stereotyping of ethnic gangs revealed that during the same period, not only Asian, but Lebanese and Pacific Islander youths were subjected to unnecessary discrimination by police. In November , a series of Daily Telegraph Mirror stories generated sufficient public concern about alleged crime levels in Sydney that it gave NSW Labor Party leader, Bob Carr , the opportunity to mount a political campaign based on gang violence. Three days later, NSW Premier, John Fahey, introduced the Children Parental Responsibility Bill which made parents criminally liable for the offences of their children and gave police the power to detain "at risk" or offending children for a period of 24 hours.

The police and the media "fed off each other" linking the crime to ethnicity. The media dutifully circulated police descriptions of racial phenotypes which clearly linked Lebanese males to crime and gangs, while the major NSW political parties took the opportunity to focus upon the forthcoming state election and to begin to out-bid each other on law and order issues. An alternate opinion is that youth gangs have flourished throughout many of the large cities of Australia, especially Melbourne and Sydney. As well as ongoing battles in Sydney's and Melbourne's Western suburbs, as well as Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs.

Australian youth gangs grow in accordance to general population growth. Unsubstantiated speculation persists that an increased level of youth violence has attributed to increased incarceration numbers in Queensland's South East. There are groups of mainly young males who band together and become involved in criminal behaviour, but they are quite different from the criminal gangs that operate in the US. In , three youths were charged with assault following the attack reported to be gang motivated on two other youths from a neighbouring school.

There have been numerous laws passed which aim to specifically "crack down on gangs", in some way - but these have often been successfully challenged in the courts. A review tabled in the NSW Parliament in concludes that such laws: " From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Criminal gangs in Australia. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

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