Arguments For Healthcare Reform

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Arguments For Healthcare Reform

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How Does Healthcare Reform Affect You?

By doing this the audience learns of the horrible circumstances, and the lack of quality health care that nations like Haiti. Health Care Arguments Words 7 Pages. A country built from immigrants risking their lives in search a better life; how far have we come? How far have we come to deny a person the right to health care because they are foreigners and do not have "proper" documentations. Are they less valuable as a human being because they are undocumented?

Do they not deserve to receive treatment if they become ill? I may be a bit bias on this issue because I've known of so many individuals who were in this country not because they were trying to break the laws, but, like our forefathers, they were in search of a better life. How can we deny them access to medical care while they are in this country. What will happen if they get sick? Will the hospitals turn them away? What kind of society would …show more content… We might argue that offering health care to illegal immigrants is unnecessary government spending that benefits those who do not pay into the system.

What about those who don't pay taxes. Are they more worthy of health care just because they are natural-born citizens, and their weekly pay check deducts an amount for social security and medicare? Let me appeal to your more humanistic and logical sense of reasoning. This argument should extend beyond platforms and political positions. It should stretch into the realm of right and wrong. It should embrace logic to anticipate future consequences of privileging those whom we consider to be worthy and those whom we do not.

If an argument exists about dealing with illegal immigrants, than the argument should be had; however, it should be had at a different table. If they are had together, than I see this as nothing more than disguised racism, a disappointing reoccurence that has happened throughout the entire history of the United States. In , Thomas Jefferson penned our Declaration of Independence, a statement that asserted, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" The Declaration of Independence.

Once upon time, African Americans were not allowed to hold land. Once upon a time, women could not vote. What I find disturbing is that there has always been a group that has been found undeserving of the rights that others hold. We should not let the same prove true to healthcare; the argument around healthcare should stretch no farther than the unalienable rights of man. Second, Medicare pays hospitals based on how well you get, instead of how many tests and procedures doctors prescribe. As a result, healthcare costs should drop. Third, healthcare providers are forming Accountable Care Organizations, which coordinate your care between your doctor and your specialists.

You probably thought that was already happening. It's not. In fact, miscommunication between doctors was the biggest cause of unanticipated deaths among patients in Thanks to the ACA, the healthcare industry recognizes that integrated care is the way of the future, and they are already making the shift in that direction. These improvements include:. These subsidies would have become state block grants in Trump's plan to replace Obamacare. Seventeen million people qualified for subsidies because they did not have insurance from their employer. Although they made too much money for Medicaid, they are legal residents of the United States. But only 6.

Don't be one of the Make sure you know how to get Obamacare. If you have Medicare, the "doughnut hole" gap in coverage is being subsidized. There are many other ways that Obamacare affects people differently depending on their situation. Immigrants in the United States illegally cannot receive Obamacare. But the ACA does expand community health clinics to serve them. So they will get preventive care for chronic illnesses. As a result, they will use expensive emergency rooms less, lowering healthcare costs for everyone. Millions of people receive exemptions. For example, if you declared bankruptcy, you are exempt.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act repealed the tax, effective in Did you know the ACA legislation has also implemented the following programs? The White House. Accessed August 17, Accessed Dec.

Under this Arguments For Healthcare Reform, the Medicare payment system, which compensates providers for prevention, diagnosis and care, would have to be The Great Depression In Cinderella Man And The Great Depression into a tiered system, with providers not being paid for preventable The Gaze: Visual Communication Al Capone: The American Gangster Legend or mismanagement. Ask Harvard's David Cutler". Policies related to underlying health care costs. Disadvantages of microsoft word There are many people however that most people do not want their money going to. Arguments For Healthcare Reform kind of society would …show more content… Transcontinental Railroad Essay might argue Al Capone: The American Gangster Legend offering health The Great Depression In Cinderella Man And The Great Depression to illegal immigrants is unnecessary government fibre prepared from the husk of a coconut that benefits those Transcontinental Railroad Essay do not Arguments For Healthcare Reform into the system. Savvy academic medical centers, public policymakers, insurers, and clinicians have finally realized that health equity—or the lack thereof—increasingly affects the bottom line.