Cultural Changes In Ecuador

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Cultural Changes In Ecuador

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The people of Dureno eat both storebought and gathered foods every day. They still consider themselves to be "forest dwellers," even though wage labor and outside commodities are now important parts of their way of life. She spends most of her days cooking food, washing clothes and dishes in the Aguarico River, and socializing with other women.

They crown their homes with zinc sheets rather than palm fronds. Under a metal-roofed basketball court, children listen to the cumbia and reggaeton music that erupts from nearby homes. Teenagers spend more time staring at cheap knock-off smartphones than each other. Both children and young adults play soccer and volleyball nearly every afternoon. But they are not a broken people. Their world is full of cultural continuity, despite the destructive forces pressing in on it.

They rely on shamans and plant medicines to maintain their health. Despite their devastated homeland, they continue to be hunters, fishers, and gardeners. They are also students, teachers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Perhaps more than anything, they are storytellers. And they have a wonderful sense of humor. They demonstrate the value of persistence, of adaptability, of sticking together and staying strong. After surviving centuries of violence, the last thing they plan to do is disappear. California desert town takes back the night, wins rare "Dark Sky" award. The U. On October 3, , protests erupted after President Moreno signed a decree establishing austerity measures that eliminated fuel subsidies.

Taxi and bus drivers, student groups, and thousands of indigenous people took to the streets in response, resulting in days of unrest. Some demonstrators engaged in serious acts of violence. In response, the government declared a national state of emergency, suspending the rights to freedom of assembly and association and later restricting the right to freedom of movement throughout the country. Some security forces allegedly used excessive force.

The state of emergency was lifted by President Moreno on October Massive Venezuelan immigration is posing urgent challenges. President Moreno has taken steps to restore freedom of expression, which was severely damaged under former President Correa. In , three Ecuadoreans investigating violence along the Ecuador-Colombia border for El Comercio newspaper were abducted by Colombian guerrillas, their bodies subsequently found in Colombia.

During the Correa administration, high-level officials and Judiciary Council members interfered in cases that touched on government interests, and in the appointment and removal of judges. Under President Moreno, a transition Council of Citizen Participation CCP , appointed after a popular referendum in , removed Judiciary Council members they determined to have created a system favoring government interests. The transition CCP was tasked with evaluating the performance of key state institutions and authorities and was empowered to replace them. During its review of the Constitutional Court, the transition CCP removed all of the existing justices and left their positions vacant for several months.

In early , following a rigorous selection process provided for in Ecuadorean law, a permanent Constitutional Court was appointed. In May, the permanent CCP, elected by popular vote, announced that it would review the performance and appointment of the new Constitutional Court justices. In response, the National Assembly removed four permanent CCP members from office, accusing them of exceeding their powers.

In July, the CCP reversed its decision. The permanent Judiciary Council then announced it would review the performance of National Court justices. The justices objected, but the review continued at time of writing. The legal framework that allowed for political interference in the judiciary under President Correa remains in place. For years, indigenous peoples have been saying they are not being duly consulted regarding exploitation of their ancestral lands. The court halted operations after finding that Ecuador had not complied with the constitutional duty to obtain free, prior and informed consultation from the Waorani.

Overcrowding, poor conditions, and violence inside prisons are longstanding problems. A truth commission created by the Correa administration to investigate government abuses from to documented gross human rights violations against victims, including 68 extrajudicial executions and 17 disappearances. A special prosecutorial unit created in has initiated judicial procedures in fewer than 15 cases. Final rulings have been rendered in only two. The remaining cases appear stalled. For illegal abortions, prison sentences range up to two years. Fear of prosecution drives some women and girls to have illegal, unsafe abortions and impedes access to services for survivors of sexual violence. In September, the National Assembly rejected a proposal to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape.

A government survey revealed high rates of gender-based violence, with an estimated 1 in 4 women facing sexual violence in the course of a lifetime. A high rate of rape of adolescent girls is of particular concern. Approximately 2, girls under 14 give birth in Ecuador each year.

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