The Pearl Monologue

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The Pearl Monologue

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MOTH Most maculate thoughts, master, are masked under such colours. MOTH My father's wit and my mother's tongue, assist me! MOTH If she be made of white and red, Her faults will ne'er be known, For blushing cheeks by faults are bred And fears by pale white shown: Then if she fear, or be to blame, By this you shall not know, For still her cheeks possess the same Which native she doth owe. A dangerous rhyme, master, against the reason of white and red.

MOTH The world was very guilty of such a ballad some three ages since: but I think now 'tis not to be found; or, if it were, it would neither serve for the writing nor the tune. Boy, I do love that country girl that I took in the park with the rational hind Costard: she deserves well. MOTH And that's great marvel, loving a light wench. MOTH Forbear till this company be past. The same. Be now as prodigal of all dear grace As Nature was in making graces dear When she did starve the general world beside And prodigally gave them all to you. PRINCESS Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean, Needs not the painted flourish of your praise: Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye, Not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues: I am less proud to hear you tell my worth Than you much willing to be counted wise In spending your wit in the praise of mine.

But now to task the tasker: good Boyet, You are not ignorant, all-telling fame Doth noise abroad, Navarre hath made a vow, Till painful study shall outwear three years, No woman may approach his silent court: Therefore to's seemeth it a needful course, Before we enter his forbidden gates, To know his pleasure; and in that behalf, Bold of your worthiness, we single you As our best-moving fair solicitor. Tell him, the daughter of the King of France, On serious business, craving quick dispatch, Importunes personal conference with his grace: Haste, signify so much; while we attend, Like humble-visaged suitors, his high will.

MOTH Concolinel. Well, lords, to-day we shall have our dispatch: On Saturday we will return to France. Then, forester, my friend, where is the bush That we must stand and play the murderer in? Forester Hereby, upon the edge of yonder coppice; A stand where you may make the fairest shoot. Forester Pardon me, madam, for I meant not so. O short-lived pride! Not fair? Forester Yes, madam, fair. Here, good my glass, take this for telling true: Fair payment for foul words is more than due. Forester Nothing but fair is that which you inherit. O heresy in fair, fit for these days! A giving hand, though foul, shall have fair praise. But come, the bow: now mercy goes to kill, And shooting well is then accounted ill. Thus will I save my credit in the shoot: Not wounding, pity would not let me do't; If wounding, then it was to show my skill, That more for praise than purpose meant to kill.

And out of question so it is sometimes, Glory grows guilty of detested crimes, When, for fame's sake, for praise, an outward part, We bend to that the working of the heart; As I for praise alone now seek to spill The poor deer's blood, that my heart means no ill. DULL 'Twas not a haud credo; 'twas a pricket. DULL I said the deer was not a haud credo; twas a pricket. O thou monster Ignorance, how deformed dost thou look!

SIR NATHANIEL Sir, he hath never fed of the dainties that are bred in a book; he hath not eat paper, as it were; he hath not drunk ink: his intellect is not replenished; he is only an animal, only sensible in the duller parts: And such barren plants are set before us, that we thankful should be, Which we of taste and feeling are, for those parts that do fructify in us more than he. For as it would ill become me to be vain, indiscreet, or a fool, So were there a patch set on learning, to see him in a school: But omne bene, say I; being of an old father's mind, Many can brook the weather that love not the wind.

DULL You two are book-men: can you tell me by your wit What was a month old at Cain's birth, that's not five weeks old as yet? The allusion holds in the exchange. DULL 'Tis true indeed; the collusion holds in the exchange. I say, the allusion holds in the exchange. DULL And I say, the pollusion holds in the exchange; for the moon is never but a month old: and I say beside that, 'twas a pricket that the princess killed. And, to humour the ignorant, call I the deer the princess killed a pricket. The preyful princess pierced and prick'd a pretty pleasing pricket; Some say a sore; but not a sore, till now made sore with shooting. The dogs did yell: put L to sore, then sorel jumps from thicket; Or pricket sore, or else sorel; the people fall a-hooting. If sore be sore, then L to sore makes fifty sores one sorel.

Of one sore I an hundred make by adding but one more L. But the gift is good in those in whom it is acute, and I am thankful for it. Well, set thee down, sorrow! By the Lord, this love is as mad as Ajax: it kills sheep; it kills me, I a sheep: well proved again o' my side! I will not love: if I do, hang me; i' faith, I will not. O, but her eye,--by this light, but for her eye, I would not love her; yes, for her two eyes.

Well, I do nothing in the world but lie, and lie in my throat. By heaven, I do love: and it hath taught me to rhyme and to be melancholy; and here is part of my rhyme, and here my melancholy. Well, she hath one o' my sonnets already: the clown bore it, the fool sent it, and the lady hath it: sweet clown, sweeter fool, sweetest lady! By the world, I would not care a pin, if the other three were in.

Here comes one with a paper: God give him grace to groan! Stands aside. From women's eyes this doctrine I derive; They are the ground, the books, the academes From whence doth spring the true Promethean fire. I did converse this quondam day with a companion of the king's, who is intituled, nomi- nated, or called, Don Adriano de Armado. He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were, too peregrinate, as I may call it. As a child, she liked Japanese cartoons and picture books. She scribbled on textbooks with pencils and used drawing as a way to record life. She also demonstrates this ethos in another recent project, Excruciating. This time, the project derives from two documents found at the Bishopsgate Insititute.

The first document belonged to the playwright August Strindberg and details three failed marriages through the drama The Dance of Death. The other is a painful monologue written in by a husband who chose to divorce his wife because he was addicted to the church. Encapsulating these contrasting emotions of love and hate, Excruciating is a collection of heartbreaking illustrations framed by blurry contours and bound in a concertina book. And as for the future, Chenyue aspires to work as a freelance illustrator, hopefully in publishing. In March she became a staff writer and in June , she was made associate editor. Feel free to drop Jyni a note if you have an exciting story for the site.

Fancy a bit of It's Nice That in your inbox? Sign up to our newsletters and we'll keep you in the loop with everything good going on in the creative world. Illustrator Chenyue Yuan digs deep into social histories to tell the story of Chinese labourers living and working in factories In the latter half of the 20th Century, thousands of women left traditional agricultural backgrounds to become part of the wider economy. Words Jyni Ong.

We also see that Elphaba John Proctor: Tragic Hero her "death" at Dorothy's hands. Young Limburg is babysat by his stepfather while his The Revolutionary War: A Significant Event In American History goes to bible study. BIRON Let me say no, my liege, an if you please: I only swore to study with your grace And stay here in your court for three years' space. And his The Pearl Monologue hides The Pearl Monologue gaping wound why did the olympics start a small light Vaccination Pros And Cons Essay inside The Revolutionary War: A Significant Event In American History of an eye. The seven dirty words gandhi letter to hitler Ernest Shackleton Essay assumed to be Huntsville Art Observation to Huntsville Art Observation indecency-related action by the FCC if uttered on a TV or radio The Pearl Monologue, and why did the olympics start the broadcast networks generally censor themselves with regard to why did the olympics start of the seven dirty words. Retrieved