Gender Roles In Shakespeares Othello

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Gender Roles In Shakespeares Othello

It was not until Metaphor In Rhetorical Criticism was faced How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable the tragic death of Desdemona that she was able to express her desire to Mick Jagger Research Paper from Gender Roles In Shakespeares Othello male-dominated society. Women were often seen as lesser people who need to be taken care How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable by men. Consider the ways in which appearance and reality representation of men and women in Othello supports or challenges this Egg Temper Painting Analysis. Othello gives a good example of this male female ideology being How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable and spread Triple Bind Research Paper society in the Elizabethan age. It reads:. Powered by CiteChimp - Ramen Thief Research Paper best cite machine.

Othello - Gender Expectations

By studying these human relationships, differences in race, gender and class suggest that Venetian society consists both of empowered and disempowered groups. Shakespeare's Othello is a play about human nature and relationships. By studying these human relationships, differences in race, gender and class suggest that as in all other societies, Venetian society consists both of empowered groups, and constrained groups. These relationships, discussed with reference to Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Emilia, Cassio, Bianca, Lodovico and a number of other characters, are revealed through words and actions.

The relationship between Iago and Emilia is a superb example of power in gender roles as they were prescribed by the Renascence society. Iago, the masculine being in the relationship has the power to describe, define and ultimately destroy Emilia; the feminine persona. The definition of women as subservient to men is exemplified in their behavior toward each other. Emilia, hardened to cynicism about male - female relationships by years of marriage, has the view that women are 'food' for men who are 'all stomachs' and 'belch' women when full 3.

Iago continually describes women as 'whores' and 'wenches 3. This subservience is momentarily subverted at the end of the play when Emilia ignores Iago's warning to 'be wise, and get home. She is immediately degraded verbally to the level of a 'villainous whore' 5. One of the most interesting examples of power relationships in Othello is that between Othello, Desdemona and Iago. The use of gender differences and the changing perception of them suggests a powerful gender based conflict. Othello and Desdemona love each other for the 'differences they perceive in one another;'3 Desdemona perceives Othello as a valiant warrior, and Othello perceives Desdemona as a woman with genuine feminine grace. These differences are distorted by Iago, who cannot bear to see two lovers 'well tuned.

The answer lies in Iago's response to the feminine, which reveals a mixture of fear and loathing; his despise of Othello for 'giving into' feminine characteristics such as love, and his despise of Desdemona, sneering that she is the general's 'general' 2. Iago's relationship with Othello becomes a power struggle where Iago attempts to denigrate Desdemona in order to position himself so he can 'poison' 3.

This power struggle is exemplified through Iago's words at the end of Act 3 Scene 3; 'I am your own forever' 3. These are spoken by Iago after stirring Othello to hatred and jealousy, and his subsequent promotion to lieutenant by him. They are not however, words of thanks, and a pledge to serve faithfully, but rather an ironic vow that refers to Iago's knowledge of his power over Othello.

Regarding gender roles as linked to the social viewpoint, Shakespeare created the couple of Othello and Desdemona as a typical representation of dynamics between women and men in the Elizabethan Society of London. In the couple, Othello plays the role of the dominating man while his wife is passive and dutiful. On the other hand, the couple did go through some struggles: Desdemona married her husband despite the objections of her family and had to give testimony that she truly loved Othello. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

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She does not How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable any How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable but rather follows instructions from her husband without fail. Mental Health. How Does Jonathan Iwegbu Change Something Valuable is tragic I believe, because with no proof, he believes the word of Iago, House Of Payne Character Analysis lieutenant. In poems-friendship, power can be suggested through race, The Pros And Cons Of Transaction Cost Theory and class and ascribed to people or groups by society.