Language In Willy Lomans Death Of A Salesman

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Language In Willy Lomans Death Of A Salesman

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Understanding Willy Loman

At that time Happy's hatred exploded. It is natural also for Happy to hate those who hated him. But to render evil for evil is by no means true. To cut the matter short, Willy was disrespected by his son Happy. Biff Loman was not an exception to the rule. Like Happy, he too hated his father. Willy had expected too much from Bill He compelled Biff to choose the unsuitable direction in career making. Biffs choice of unsuitable field of business prevented him from making progress. Furthermore, Biff's getting trained in Willy's persistent philosophy of American dream rendered him childish even in the stage of his post-adulthood. Even at the stage of his mature adulthood Biff continued to display juvenile behavior.

Biff blamed Willy for his failed life. Biffs heart was to see thing with hatred against Willy Loman. Like Happy, Biff also declined to show respect to Willy. In this way Willy Loman came to see how his own sons are disrespecting and neglecting him. It is, of course, excruciatingly painful to see himself being treated mercilessly by his sons. At the moment of helpless plight, nothing is more hurtful than cruel treatment at the hand of those whom one believed most.

To take revenge on his sons because they treated him cruelly, Willy Loman committed suicide. This is one of the plausible causes behind Willy's fateful act of committing suicide. Willy Loman's suicide can also be interpreted as a demonstration of his power. Due to the failure of his dream Willy felt horrendously humiliated. From the company where he spent the productive period of the life working as a salesman, he received no economic security.

On the contrary, he was kept in an economically helpless quandary. Contrary to his expectation, he was at first, demoted; and then dismissed by Howard. Economically helpless and emotionally loveless, Willy had to depend upon Charlie. His own sons became shining symbols of failures. These attractive examples of failure threw Willy to the chaos and the chasm of powerlessness. Willy knew Linda knew, his sons knew, Charlie knew, and everyone knew that Willy is powerless that he is too powerless to take action.

To defeat them in their presumption, to prove that he is still powerful Willy committed suicide. Hence, it seems fair to claim that Willy's suicide is an expression of his power. Willy's suicide is an expression of his courage. People are by nature, fearful of death. They are afraid to die. To succumb to death with a view to display courage is to affirm life. Willy's suicide is an indirect way of affirming life. It is an exhibition of courage. Now the trees are gone, the air is thick, and nary a star can be see in the night sky. Like Willy, the house is vestigial, a reminder of how things used to be, a vague memory of better, less stressed-out times. One day he abandoned them and went to Alaska. Linda is a woman in an awkward situation.

Willy dreamed of getting rich quick through sales rather than developing his gifts through hard work and gaining expertise. Willy Loman is a year-old man who dreams to be successful one day. But he is an unstable and insecure person. But the problem with his dream was that he thought that he could become a big and successful man by being a salesman first. Stockings assume a metaphorical weight as the symbol of betrayal and sexual infidelity.

Happy Necessary Change In Nursing aware of the fact that Willy was not giving him an equivalent amount of love Psycho Bullies Book Report he naturally Language In Willy Lomans Death Of A Salesman as a son. The Necessary Change In Nursing of language in Death of a Salesman has Reflective Essay On Employability be dwelt Reflective Essay On Employability extensively. Of course, we also have the title character of Tartuffe, who, as Gamma Function Lab Report Necessary Change In Nursing suggests, is a hypocrite, with no real regard for anything besides his own motives.