Class Bigotry In Uncle Toms Cabin

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Class Bigotry In Uncle Toms Cabin

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UNCLE TOM'S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe Volume 1 - complete unabridged audiobook

Grace Hopper Celebration. New to feminism? Register Don't have an account? The Uncle Tom Principle. View source. History Talk 0. List of notable Uncle Toms: - Christina Hoff Sommers on feminism and gender issues particularly pernicious, as she identifies as a feminist and used to teach gender studies. Universal Conquest Wiki. One of the most prominent abolition activists, William Lloyd Garrison , had publicly burned a copy of the U. Garrison believed that the Constitution itself was tainted as it allowed for the institution of slavery to survive in the new United States.

To committed abolitionists, strident acts by people like Garrison made sense. But to the general public, such demonstrations were seen as dangerous acts by fringe players. The vast majority of Americans were not going to be recruited into the ranks of the abolitionists by extreme demonstrations. Harriet Beecher Stowe, who was involved in the abolitionist movement, began to see that a dramatic portrayal of how the enslavement of human beings corrupted society could deliver a moral message without alienating potential allies.

And by crafting a work of fiction that general readers could relate to, and populating it with characters both sympathetic and villainous, Harriet Beecher Stowe was able to deliver an extremely powerful message. Better yet, by creating a story containing suspense and drama, Stowe was able to keep readers engaged. Her characters, white and Black, in the North and in the South, all grapple with the institution of slavery. There are portrayals of how enslaved people are treated by their enslavers, some of whom are kind and some of whom are sadistic. The buying and selling of humans provide major turns in the plot, and there is a particular focus on how the traffic of enslaved persons separated families.

The action in the book begins with a plantation owner mired in debt making arrangements to sell enslaved people. As the story unfolds, some freedom seekers risk their lives trying to get to Canada. And Uncle Tom, a noble character in the novel, is sold repeatedly, eventually falling into the hands of Simon Legree, a notorious alcoholic and sadist. While the plot of the book kept readers in the s turning pages, Stowe was delivering some very forthright political ideas. For instance, Stowe was appalled by the Fugitive Slave Act which had been passed as part of the Compromise of And in the novel, it is made clear that all Americans , not just those in the South, are thereby responsible for the evil of slavery.

When it appeared as a book in , it sold , copies in the first year of publication. It continued to sell throughout the s, and its fame extended to other countries. Editions in Britain and in Europe spread the story. For many people, the reading of the novel became a communal act, and the twists and turns and emotional impacts of the story would have led to discussions within families. Yet in some quarters the book was considered highly controversial. In the South, as might be expected, it was bitterly denounced, and in some states it was actually illegal to possess a copy of the book.

In Southern newspapers, Harriet Beecher Stowe was regularly portrayed as a liar and a villain, and feelings about her book no doubt helped to harden feelings against the North. In a strange turn, novelists in the South began turning out novels that were essentially answers to Uncle Tom's Cabin. They followed a pattern of portraying enslavers as benevolent figures and enslaved people as beings who could not fend for themselves in society.

The attitudes in the "anti-Tom" novels tended to be standard pro-slavery arguments, and the plots, as might be expected, portrayed abolitionists as malicious characters intent on destroying peaceful Southern society. One reason why Uncle Tom's Cabin resonated so deeply with Americans is because characters and incidents in the book seemed real. There was a reason for that. Harriet Beecher Stowe had lived in southern Ohio in the s and s, and had come into contact with abolitionists and formerly enslaved people. There, she heard a number of stories about life in enslavement as well as some harrowing escape stories.

The Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin is itself a fascinating book, as Stowe compiled the testimony of enslaved people who had managed to escape. With readers relating very deeply to the characters, enslavement was transformed from an abstract concern to something very personal and emotional.

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