Hegels Three Stages

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Hegels Three Stages

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Hegel: Power Meets Purity

The Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel, published in , is based on a precious philosophical intuition: consciousness is not an completed institution, it is constructed, transformed to become other than itself. From this intuition, Hegel traces the epic adventure of the consciousness through its various stages, the evolution of consciousness, from sensitive consciousness to the absolute spirit.

The Phenomenology of Spirit is thus the history of consciousness in the lived world. This science of phenomena aims to capture the essence of things in the world. Hegel, who began to write this essay to twenty-seven years, attempts to describe and define all the dimensions of human experience: knowledge, perception, consciousness and subjectivity, social interactions, culture, history, morality and religion. Through Phenomenology, he will form a closed philosophical system, which aims to cover the whole of human existence, to answer all the questions about man, the world and God.

The difficulty of this book lies in its language, arduous, as Hegel had to create a new terminology to escape the idealistic semantics used by Kant. The method developed by Hegel is that the dialectic of contradictions and exceed via a new phase of the synthesis. This dialectical method will be decisive in the history of philosophy and influence Husserl , Sartre and especially Marx , who thinks the economic and social history in terms of the Hegelian dialectic. Hegel attempts to define the nature and conditions of human knowledge in the first three chapters. While Kant has an individualistic vision of knowledge, Hegel asks a component to collective knowledge.

In fact, according to Hegel, there is a tension between the individual act of knowing and the universality of concepts related to this act. The individual act designates a first moment, that of sense-certainty, refers to the attempt of the mind to grasp the nature of a thing. This pulse is hampered by the requirement of universal concepts, ie that different people can understand these concepts. This requirement leads to the second mode of consciousness, perception. With perception, consciousness, in its search for certainty, uses categories of thought, and language. Consciousness is always pulled in two different directions. Our senses tell us about the world and the categories make sense in the world.

The Hegel amps in comparrison sound very musical; fluid, detailed and engaging. They had enough PRAT to be hugely entertaining but leading edfges weren't quite so brutal and the experience much more relaxing as a result. Jonboi , Salamander , Torris12 and 3 others like this. To me, the Naim is doing a better job on rock and fast pace music while the Hegel is sweeter on acoustic guitars and female voices as well as soundstage. Gervais Cote , Jan 27, You should also consider the Leema Tucana ii and Primare i35 in this price range. Both excellent amps. SwapShop , Jan 27, I'd listen to the new Rega Aethos against my SN2. Kickerconsprcy likes this. Id throw in rega aethos and exposure S2D.

Can have tge exposure with a dac, MM or MC. Allaboutmusic , Jan 27, Off the radar a bit for sure, but TimF , Jan 27, JoeJoe , Jan 27, TimF likes this. Ideally you would find a dealer that sells both brands but that is not always easy. Thank you all the great advice! VVV , Jan 28, You can set the load resistance of motorcycle pickups between 33 and ohms, the capacitance of MM pickups can be set in seven steps from to pF, and 47 kohm. Hegel says that they have chosen discrete JFET transistors that should be extra quiet, and as many as four of them sit in parallel on the MC part to attenuate as much noise as possible. Bipolar transistors are selected in the amplifier stage, separated from the transformer by the open space visible from the underside of the phono stage.

You have to turn up the volume quite a bit to hear noise in the speakers, when a V10 is connected. But then a faint high-frequency whistling white noise is heard, which many other phono steps also have. Not Electrocompaniet ECP-2, but here the hissing is lower in frequency. Neither is as quiet as the Rega Aura MC, but the phono step which can only be used with the MC is almost four times more expensive.

By the way, the three have an advantage over many other phono stages, they have balanced outputs, which give a little less noise and a little more gain. The latter has Hegel V10 buckets and buckets. Tight, detailed, dynamic, and with powerful potent bass. The sound picture opens up more with the V10, compared to a simple phono stage of the type you often find in an amplifier. You notice the depth in the bass better here than for example with a Rega Aria phono stage, and the bass is tighter here than from ECP-2, but not as basement depth and dynamic as from a Rega Aria MC.

The drums at Dire Straits Private Investigations, however, get a powerful dynamic, and you feel the suction from the bass drum in the diaphragm. What the Hegel V10 is best at is the black, noise-free background that is painted behind the performers, and the neutral sound that lets details through so well. The differences are not big, you have to actively listen for them, they do not fall into your lap, but they are there after all. Perfect match with a Hegel amplifier.

Photo: Hegel. One wonders why it has taken them almost 30 years to come up with a phono step. Hegel V10 is a successful first attempt, which gives more taste V20, Bent? Not everyone may be happy with the mouse piano behind, and some may have a more romantic approach to how vinyl records should sound. But for those who want an open, dynamic, neutral and above all noise-free sound from the vinyl records, the sound quality from the Hegel V10 is as good as it can get in this class.

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