Orthopedics Career Goals

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Orthopedics Career Goals

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Orthopaedics As A Career

Residency Programs Anesthesiology. Diagnostic Radiology. Emergency Medicine. General Surgery. Internal Medicine. Medical Physics. Obstetrics and Gynecology. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Plastic Surgery. Podiatric Surgery. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Resources Download the Program Brochure. Orthopaedics at Cooper. Contact Information Program Director. Associate Program Director.

Contact Name. Phone: Med Ed Blogs Read More. Hospital Main Number David Patterson, with additional faculty coverage from Drs. Siegel and Lien. Other UM orthopaedic faculty are available for special cases and clinics as needed. Residents rotate at the VA during their 2nd and 5th year. The goal of the VA orthopaedic rotation is to provide a comprehensive resident-directed clinical. The VA service provides resident training in community trauma, routine hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty, general and complex hand, as well as sports medicine and joint preservation. At every level of education, the goal is for there to be an increase in knowledge, skill, judgment, and independence. Goals of the Rotation : The goal of the Operative Orthopedics rotation is to allow senior level residents to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of different subspecialty areas prior to their PGY5 year.

This rotation will allow residents to focus on preoperative planning, communication and honing technical skills in the operating room. Since residents rotate through all services except orthopedic oncology prior to their PGY-4 year, they will have some experience working with all faculty. The possibility of operating on doing an ACDF one day, a revision total hip the next followed by fixing a scaphoid fracture the next will be an experience that will require a new set of skills and preparation.

Goals of the Rotation: We recognize that each resident has their own career goals and expectations. A main goal of our program is to help our residents prepare for whatever career path they are on. Residents are free to choose rotations in any of the subspecialty areas, in all practice locations and are even free to choose additional research time as long as all standards for graduation are on track to be met. We also encourage residents to plan off-site rotations if they would like in order to enhance their experience. Goals of the Rotation : Prior to graduation, residents are required to complete a publishable quality research project, which can be either a clinical or basic science project.

Residents in their 3rd year are given two months to work on clinical or bench research, or an anatomy project may be completed. This fits in with our overall research curriculum where dedicated time during the PGY-2 year is spent designing and starting a project. Some residents choose to use this time in the lab, in data preparation or even in writing and submitting their manuscript. This resident does not have clinical responsibilities during this time, but are responsible for assisting in our anatomy curriculum. Residency Program. Overall Strategy Program Intro. Welcome to our Program! The goals of the rotation schedule are to:. Allow for experiences in all subspecialties prior to finishing the PGY-3 year. Provide adequate time on service to learn more about diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions and work to improve surgical technique.

We have found 2 month blocks to be ideal for this purpose Allow for elective time in the PGY-3 and PGY-5 years to explore specific areas of training and progress towards career goals. Flexibility in rotation options to adequately cover all services while putting residents in areas to maximize training opportunities. Junior residents and senior residents working together as much as possible. Site Locations. Where We Train. Structure of Rotations PGY-1 year Our intern year is designed to provide first-year residents with the foundation they will need to become orthopedic surgeons.

Income was not selected as the deciding factor by respondents in either group. Conclusions: Although faculty contacts and third-year clinical rotations played an important role in student selection of specialty training, they were less influential for those choosing an orthopaedic career than for those choosing other disciplines. Many students choosing orthopaedics made this decision prior to medical school. We believe that increased exposure to positive clinical role models and experiences during medical school would enhance medical students' options for choosing orthopaedic surgery as a career. Anticipated income did not play a deciding role in career selection.

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