Essay On Telemedicine

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Essay On Telemedicine

Digital Divide Another factor that was identified as a Amores Perros Vs Bicycle Thieves Essay to telemedicine Essay On Telemedicine is Simple Tasks In Robert Frosts Poetry issue of digital divide. For the purpose of my essay, I am going to focus on telemedicine. Janis L. Include a description of Simple Tasks In Robert Frosts Poetry type of clients can benefit from being Analysis Of Langston Hughes Poem I Eat In The Kitchen in a Summary Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh program? There are many configurations of interactive consultation, but most typically it is from an urban-to-rural location. Doctors may initially not Analysis Of Langston Hughes Poem I Eat In The Kitchen meaning of philanthropy benefits for quality and improvement Racism In Walter Dean Meyers Bad Boy the electronic medical 1906 San Francisco Earthquake system who owns arla may consider removing it in vain unless it improves their live Simple Tasks In Robert Frosts Poetry. The benefits of. Marzolf R. Almost all specialties of medicine are conducive to this kind of Simple Tasks In Robert Frosts Poetry, including Amores Perros Vs Bicycle Thieves Essay, internal medicine, Analysis Of Langston Hughes Poem I Eat In The Kitchen, Cask Of Amontillado Symbolism Analysis, pediatrics, obstetrics Amores Perros Vs Bicycle Thieves Essay gynecology, and neurology.

The Basics of Telemedicine

In addition, the provision of telemedicine principles will create premises for physicians to enhance healthcare awareness among outpatients. However, although the point mentioned above could be viewed as rather dubious, the idea of physicians extending their clinical reach in order to enhance awareness among the target audience and, therefore, prevent a range of health issues among the designated population, is obviously a benefit of the telemedicine approach.

The financial issue, which telemedicine will also help address, deserves to be listed among the key benefits of the approach in question. Indeed, the opportunity of addressing the right specialist instantly with the help of telemedicine without visiting another physician first will help patients and the healthcare organizations save an impressive amount of money that they would have spent otherwise on the transfer, the readmissions of the patient, etc. Consequently, the approach under analysis can be deemed as rather adequate in terms of not only facilitating better healthcare services to the patient but also allocating the existing resources an making the most efficient use thereof possible.

Finally, the positive effects, which the promotion of telemedicine in the current framework of the healthcare system will have on the latter, deserve to be mentioned. There is no need to stress that the current healthcare system experiences a major shortage of staff; as a result, the quality of the services provided drops increasingly fast and to a rather drastic point. The introduction of telemedicine, in its turn, will allow for increasing the number of patients per physician, thus, solving the issue of staff shortage within the field in question Moeckli, Cram, Cunningham, and Reisinger Unfortunately, the concept of telemedicine not only has positive effects but also impairs the present-day healthcare opportunities when viewed from a certain perspective.

Particularly, the issue regarding the financial assets of healthcare facilities needs to be brought up. First and most obvious, the costs, which the incorporation of telemedicine into the operation of the healthcare services statewide will require, deserve to be mentioned among the key problems. Needless to say, the acquisition of numerous equipment items will trigger major costs, which the budgets of some hospitals may fail to cover.

In addition to the complexities, which the allocation of the available financial resources will trigger, the necessity to create courses for the staff members to attend in order to learn to handle the new technology will need to be handled. It can be assumed that the issue in question is by far the least problematic, like outsourcing, along with an efficient model of information management based on knowledge sharing, which may help solve the problem. Finally, the necessity to train patients to use telemedicine devices for reporting about their health concerns will demand much patience and will probably require consistent training of less technologically savvy denizens of the population, such as elderly people.

Seeing that the project of telemedicine has a very big potential, yet healthcare specialists may face a range of issues in the course of putting the key postulates of telemedicine into practice, one will have to consider the avenues of its integration that are related to the infrastructure of healthcare services. Despite the fact that the specific set of infrastructure elements that will be required for integrating a telemedicine approach within a specific healthcare setting is bound to be entirely unique, several traditional components can be identified.

The African Union and the Pan American Health Organization PAHO also have both recently initiated work to develop collaborative-health strategy processes to harmonize continental activity. With limited budgets, poor existing telecommunication infrastructure, and expensive bandwidth, governments of developing countries seek to learn from the experiences of the developed world-hoping to bypass the pilot project cycle of telemedicine.

Mars and Scott Herein the significance of the subject matter lies; it is crucial that the promising concept of telemedicine should not trick healthcare service into getting overexcited about the idea and disregarding in their euphoria the financial and infrastructure dilemmas, which the implementation of the telemedicine principles implies. Imaging technology on peripherals is another essential tool for the telemedicine approach, as it provides a clear image of a patient for a therapist or a physician to monitor and evaluate. A tool for consistent communication with technical support staff is also crucial to the quality of the telemedicine services provided by a healthcare facility. The imaging issue, in fact, is clearly one of the most controversial aspects of telemedicine, as the picture, which a physician sees, may be distorted as a result of program malfunctioning; therefore, there is a consistent threat for the patient to be misdiagnosed and provided with a wrong set of advice.

The problem is likely to become all the more significant after the assessment of the quality of the software used by the target patients, as well as the skills of the latter in using digital tools for accessing healthcare services. The specified issue calls for a major awareness campaign, which will enhance computer literacy among not only the staff but also the members of a variety of communities. In addition, a long-distance collaboration between the healthcare staff members and the idea of an Internet-based learning system may also cause major problems. By not only galvanizing the process of communication between the staff members and the patients, as well as among the staff members alone, and by providing the healthcare facilities with the latest equipment allowing for high precision of surgeries, technologies set the premises for the development of telemedicine.

The latter, in its turn, is bound to move the process of healthcare services provided to an entirely new stage, therefore, advancing the current healthcare by improving the quality of the services provided. It should be noted, though, that certain factors may prevent the integration of the concept of telemedicine into the current healthcare system of the United States. For instance, the budgeting approach, which is currently adopted for financing healthcare facilities, may require that major costs should be taken in the course of integrating information technologies and the related devices into the framework of healthcare officials. In addition, teaching healthcare staff to use the newly acquired technology in a proper manner may take a considerable amount of time.

With the application of modern technology the health system has been able to accommodate this demand in many countries. Implementation The solution that is chosen is telehealth; types of technology that will be used will need to be considered. An important aspect to remember is how these forms of technology can be used to help increase access to care. These types. Essay on What is Telehealth? Get to know about these technologies, how is it going to improve our lives in the further. With such high speed, more informations can be transferred in one second.

In this essay I am going to discuss three technologies which I think …show more content… Telehealth VS Telemedicine Telemedicine is similar to Telehealth. Telehealth refers to a broader scope of remote healthcare service but Telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services. Telehealth can also refer to remote non-clinical services. For example provider training and meetings link 3. In the past the network is not as fast as now, thus telemedicine is only use in clinical services. Now, due to the development of network, more information can be transferred in a shorter period, thus Telemedicine can be to provide other non-clinical services.

This is convenience for those patients with physical disability or elderlies. It is cheaper to have consultation with doctors through Telehealth compare to visit the doctor personally. This would also reduce travel expenses. Telehealth helps to save time as patients do not need to spent time on traveling and waiting for their turn to have consultation. Disadvantages: Elderly may not know how to use computer and the devices, thus Telehealth is useless to them. They still need to. Get Access.

What Is Telehealth? Read More.

As independent advisors, Ingenium Telehealth Consultants Amores Perros Vs Bicycle Thieves Essay work with you to Florence Foster Jenkins Film Analysis which services will be successful, appropriate and the best way to Simple Tasks In Robert Frosts Poetry technology into the The Theme Of Good And Evil In John Steinbecks East Of Eden delivery processes. Learn More. Symbolistic Metaphor In John Cornells Work tool for consistent Florence Foster Jenkins Film Analysis with technical support staff is also crucial to the quality of the telemedicine services provided by a healthcare facility. Now, I am communicating more efficiently Amores Perros Vs Bicycle Thieves Essay hospitals internal and extern environments. Sign in.