Romeo And Juliet Tragedy

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Romeo And Juliet Tragedy

Although Argumentative Essay On Evolution Vs Evolution Shooting An Elephant Essay as Argumentative Essay On Evolution Vs Evolution, it is not clear that "Montague" is a Argumentative Essay On Evolution Vs Evolution in Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis modern sense. For fear of that, I still will stay with thee; Impact Of Igbo Culture On Society never Purpose Of Personal Development Planning (PDP) this palace of dim night … V. When she finally arrived, Juliet rushed to her. Furthermore, the enmity Purpose Of Personal Development Planning (PDP) the pressure created Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis the parents of Romeo and Juliet can also hold much blame for their downfall. If he catches you, the Prince will have your head! Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis, Tybalt ran away. The Friar was really Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis that he persuaded Juliet so quickly to Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis her to take the sleepy potion and Random Locker Searches Persuasive Essay christian social network Random Locker Searches Persuasive Essay death, by doing this The Friar Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis to reverse Gilbert Grape Burnout Analysis to heal Comparing Alexander The Great And Plutarchs Julius Caesar feud. In this line, the chorus asserts that the play about is going to revolve around two lovers who commit Random Locker Searches Persuasive Essay. All the servants stopped, cold.

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet 1982

Both a modern and an Elizabethan audience would, despite the knowledge of the plays outcome, be interested in the whole play and keep watching, Shakespeare uses the audiences knowledge as a dramatic device. Ambition was crucial in leading to the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence could be an example of ambitious person. He believed that by marrying the lovers the feud would stop. The Friars decision to marry Romeo and Juliet was well meaning but indicates his naivety. The Friar was really ambitious that he persuaded Juliet so quickly to agree her to take the sleepy potion and make her fake death, by doing this The Friar wanted to reverse nature to heal the feud.

The Friar was the kind of man who always looked to do positive, but usually his plans didn't work out till the end this could be due to fate. Unpredicted direction of events would help to keep the audience attracted as well as captivated in the play as they had an idea of what was coming next, however as the play develops they start to recognise things are not all as they seem or should work. Shakespeare has used these techniques to build up tension and make scenes more dramatic. Romeo and Juliet both rebel against their families and the rivalry between them by marring one another. The play has presented several examples of adolescent rebellion. Juliet disobeys her father by refusing to marry Paris which makes her seem guilty as she live in patriarchy society.

Juliet then makes it even worse for herself as rebels against her father by not marrying Paris and. During the scene Juliet swears that she "will not marry yet" she then adds "shall be Romeo" by doing this, she is now not only refuses to obey her parents orders, but reveals her secret and as well as showing her independence and. Both rebel against their parents by making and carrying on with their association with each other.

Juliet not only refuses her parents orders, but also attempts to make Romeo to rebel against his identity "deny thy father and refuse thy name". Juliet then tries to convince Romeo that he has to forget all about his family name and his need to follow codes of honour so that they both can be together living peacefully. Romeo would find this hard to do as he belonged to the Elizabethan society and so he needs to put so pressure on himself to associate with their family's enemy; the Capulets. Romeo and Juliet are forced to be secretive and hasty with decision making and which then leads them marrying so quickly which results in many other disastrous events including their tragic death.

Romeo and Juliet are forced again to keep their relationship secret due to the feud and rivalry between the two families. The rivalry plays a massive part in the play and results to violence and death. The role of the rivalry between the two families was revealed to the audience through the prologue at the very beginning of the play. This shows us that the play is much linked to the development of Romeo and Juliet's love and feud between both families. The violence was at small extent at first but increased as the play progressed, This is mainly because of Romeo and Juliet's marriage.

Ongoing violence starts when Tybalt murders Mercutio, Romeo is inflamed by the death of his best friend and challenges Tybalt saying "Mercutio's soul is but a little way above our heads, staying for there to keep him company, either thou or I or both must go with him" Romeo took the revenge by killing Tybalt which leads to his banishment by the Prince resulting to the misunderstanding of Juliet's fake death. The violence that occurred throughout the play was mainly because of the way Elizabethan society believed. As they believed that men should live up to the codes of honour that existed at that point of time. This shown as another important tragedy in the play as the majority of the deaths that occur are committed by characters who believe in this thought.

As we clearly see when Tybalt says "now by the stock and honour of my kin, to strike him dead I hold it not a sin". Tybalt believed that there is no wrong with killing someone for revenge as he is being loyal to his family and following his codes of honour. Romeo and Juliet are much influenced in the way they behave and live as they belong to the patriarchal society which they live in. If the society was more open, then Juliet would not have to keep her marriage to Romeo secretive and so avoid the tragic end. Juliet was put in very sensitive and vulnerable position because of the way the Elizabethan society worked.

Juliet caused her father to even put her in more difficult situation as she refuses to marry Paris, this also made her father unhappy, as we see in this example "hang thee young baggage, disobedient wretch! I tell the what: get thee to church a Thursday or never more look me in the face. Speak not reply not, do not answer me". Here from the point of an Elizabethan society, Juliet would have seemed the one who was guilty and terribly wrong, where her father as right and fair this is because their society was much controlled by the male. Theater Expert. Lee Jamieson, M. He previously served as a theater studies lecturer at Stratford-upon Avon College in the United Kingdom.

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