Responsible Health Promotion

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Responsible Health Promotion

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What We Do. Health Systems Strengthening. Cervical Cancer Prevention. Our Services. What our clients say I thank Mlango Project for their support, in identifying us as HIV positive, linking us for treatment and now giving us support to start our income generating activities, we now feel like being part of the community B. S Former Drug Addict. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic, caring profession. The next time you are in the presence of a nurse, read a health-care article or are part of a health related discussion, think about nursing and the impact the occupation has on the health and wellness of our society.

Hospital News. Home Long Term Care The role of the nurse in health promotion. Long Term Care. Reimagining long-term care with lessons from the pandemic. In LTC homes, the conditions of work are the conditions of care. Analysis finds unexplained Comments are closed. Latest News. New book shares stories of resilience and loss from suicide October 8, Reimagining long-term care with lessons from the pandemic October 7, Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy: Should we alter our perception of psychedelics for clinical October 6, We are stronger together October 1, Job Seekers.

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Current Print Issue. Past Print Issues. About Hospital News. She decides her priority will be unemployed people, who are known to be at increased risk of suicide. She consults with stakeholders. Her strategy is to network with existing community groups, and to recruit and train volunteer counsellors. Health promoters usually have no problem in finding things to do which seem reasonable. Work areas are inherited from others, delegated from more senior members of the workplace or demanded by clients. It is possible to be kept very busy reacting to all these pressures, and planning health promotion interventions may seem a luxury or a waste of time.

However, there are sound reasons for planning health promotion or being proactive in your work practice:. Planning takes different forms and is used at different levels. It may be used to provide the best services or care for an individual client, as in the nursing process, or planning may be for group activities, such as antenatal classes. Planning may also refer to large-scale health promotion interventions targeted at whole populations. The degree of formality of the planning process also varies. When planning a one-to-one intervention, the process is informal and may involve no one else.

Planning for a group intervention may involve liaising with other professionals as well as the target group, to find out what their aims and objectives are and what sorts of methods and resources are available and acceptable. A written plan may be produced to act as a guide and a statement of agreed outcomes and methods. Planning a large-scale intervention will usually involve more long-term collaborative planning. Often a working group or taskforce or local forum will be established early on to identify interested groups and gain their support and expertise. A written plan will usually be produced, outlining not only objectives and methods but also a timescale of what is to be achieved when; funding details and a budget; who is responsible for which tasks; and how the intervention will be evaluated and the findings reported back.

There has been much greater emphasis on systematic planning in recent years due to a need for greater economic accountability, more focus on targets and their achievement, and the need to include evidence as part of project development. It is particularly important for practitioners to be clear about the rationale for interventions, the goals and the approach adopted. Planning involves several key stages or logical stepping stones which enable the health promoter to achieve a desired result. The benefit is being clear about what it is you want to achieve, i. Planning entails:. Some planning models are presented in a linear fashion. Others show a circular process to indicate that any evaluation feeds back into the process, as illustrated in Figure This seemingly rational and simple approach describes how decisions should be made.

It does not take into account that there may not be agreement on objectives or the best way to proceed and that in real life, planning is often piecemeal or incremental. There is no grand design, but circumstances dictate many small reactive decisions. Figure What do you think would be the best starting point for planning an intervention or programme? Think of any planned activities you have been involved with.

What was the starting point? The underlying causes and contributory factors that led to the problem and the areas that will need to be addressed are then identified. Turning the problem, in this case antisocial activity by young people in a neighbourhood, into a positive statement gives a purpose for the intervention. Addressing the causes of the problem identifies outputs and activities. The aims and objectives can then be clearly stated. This provides a number of options for intervention and at this point many other issues come into play such as resource availability, capacity and potential obstacles. These issues will then be considered alongside any evidence of effective interventions. The actual intervention or programme and its methods can then be selected.

The practicalities of implementation will need to be explored and the evaluation and monitoring plans put in place. This simple model can be applied to all levels of planning activities, from large-scale strategic planning, to middle-scale project planning and small-scale interventions with clients. Strategy tends to be used as an umbrella term to cover a broad programme. It may therefore have several different objectives and projects.

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