Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch

Saturday, January 08, 2022 10:41:20 AM

Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch

Thursday 12 August The Pentateuch Thesis, after another listen The Pentateuch Thesis retract my former criticisms. I think people Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch going a bit tooo deep into this song. Tuesday yasmin alibhai brown racist July Harrison Vonnegut Analysis 4 The Pentateuch Thesis

Lupe Fiasco - Adoration Of The Magi feat. Crystal Torres [MUSIC VIDEO]

The kids of now will not appreciate this song for many reasons. It has vast elements of reverse pyschology and cos the kids just depreciate truth. This is Lupe in all his essence. Lyricism and a message, great song! You think this generation is bad? Thank you for risking your career to get a message out to the world. It could have been executed better. It sounds like he was in the studio just trying to be complex and artistic and it came out unfinished and subpar. U can do better Lupe. This song is so out of left field on you mufucks!? Soak it up Bitch Bads!? Lupe the God. Very few people will actually listen and understand what the big homie is on. Really glad we have some one like Lupe making positive music cause all these drug dealers and players are really played the fuck out.

Reminds me of Jay with that offkiltered but still on beat a bit delayed each time. Like Jay on Renegade. This is a laid back track and flow which is dope to me. Nice work. Sure he dumbed it down a little but it was a dope story. This song opens up the current state of our culture so much in a dope way its ridiculous. One thing I will say is that I love with every lupe release it brings forth debate and challenges the mind of all listeners. Are you targeting Japanese market? If you want reach to more than 20, Japanese, check this out? This is lupe people were looking for when lasers dropped…. Good message…….. Point blank lupe teaches to much, just make music damn. It sounds like he finds everything wrong in the world and raps about it. Well its good and bad thing but hey he doing him.

Just dnt expect me to ride for him or his music. Concept and all was good, but the song was just awkward. I like Andre , but sometimes his flows were awkward too. My not liking the song doesnt mean I missed the cnocept, etc. The way lupe raps from a boys perspective in the first verse, […]. Lupe does everything he does on this track for a reason. Good Concept…………Terrible Song tho. Lupe needs to stop teaching and just make music…. Call me crazy…. Something about records like these come across as contrived, condescending, and down right preachy. Women and men alike need to be taught self-respect. When I first heard the song I loved it but I admit I was confused about the chorus.

Bitch bad… yeah, I get that. Woman good, we are in agreement. Lady better… well, what is a lady but a woman who behaves in a way that society expects her to? Good Post, I could totally hear you reading it. Okay, after another listen I retract my former criticisms. Ultimately, they are all misunderstood because of the conflicting messages they are receiving in our culture which, to lupe, cause a lot of the gender strife in the particularly urban black community. It is about time someone tells it like it is. I think people are going a bit tooo deep into this song. We must admit the young women growing up towards are missing the charateristics of being a lady.

This may come across a bit like a rant, but I really can not understand the problem. And as for the woman who got beaten by her boyfriend, where did she post the pictures via twitter? His message is to encourage a certain type of woman who is at her lowest and probably does not realise it. Race coming into it raises a whole other debate. You really need to spell these things out sometimes. You only get a few mins in each song which is not enough time to cover all the issues. He did a stellar job. First of all I love the posting!!! Awesome work lady!! Although I understand our society has placed or are trying to place people in boxes, there are differences amongst the titles that you give to yourself; and with those differences comes different treatment.

I would have liked the song even better if he spun it and sent the same message to men as well…. By the way, the tweet with the abused woman posting pictures on twitter.. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading

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