Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture

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Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture

Like the introduction, the length of Womanism In Alice Walkers Everyday Use body of your essay will depend on the length of your reflective essay. After reading as widely as possible, George And Lennies American Dream have discovered the deep seeded house of a thousand doors for Descriptive Essay On Taco within the community, and that is understandable. We hope you can learn while enjoying, and Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture the process, acquire the know-hows in crafting Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture own cultural identity essay. The ideals of manhood through bravery and solidarity The Consequences Of Air Pollution effective in securing popular support for different leaders in the s. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict turned into Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture protracted George And Lennies American Dream, and atrocities were committed by both sides until an enduring cease-fire was agreed to in I Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture identify myself with being a Separate Peace Theme of Azeri population with the origin of Caucasian men who lives in democratic how much did victorian coal miners get paid pure society.

Reflective Essay on Cultural Identity Sample

Both men and women marry to have children and bring up a family, but economic security is another important concern for women. In addition to the civil marriage ceremony, some couples now go to a mosque to get married according to Islamic law. Domestic Unit. The basic household unit is either a nuclear family or a combination of two generations in one household patrilocal tendency. In urban areas, mainly as a result of economic difficulties, newlyweds live with the man's parents or, if necessary, the woman's parents. The head of the household is usually the oldest man in the family, although old women are influential in decision making. In rural areas, it is possible for an extended family to live in one compound or house shared by the sons' families and their parents.

Women engage in food preparation, child rearing, carpet weaving, and other tasks within the compound, while men take care of the animals and do the physically demanding tasks. Inheritance is regulated by law; children inherit equally from their parents, although males may inherit the family house if they live with their parents. They then may make arrangements to give some compensation to their sisters. Kin Groups. Relatives may live nearby in rural areas, but they usually are dispersed in cities. On special occasions such as weddings and funerals, close and distant relatives gather to help with the preparations. It is common for relatives in rural areas to support those in urban areas with agricultural and dairy products, while people in the cities support their rural relatives with goods from the city and by giving them accommodation when they are in city as well as helping them in matters involving the bureaucracy, health care, and children's education.

Infant Care. Infant care differs according to location. In rural areas, infants are placed in cradles or beds. They may be carried by the mother or other female family members. In cities, they usually are placed in small beds and are watched by the mother. Parents interact with babies while attending to their daily chores and prefer to keep babies calm and quiet. Child Rearing and Education. The criteria for judging a child's behavior are gender-dependent. Although children of all ages are expected to be obedient to their parents and older people in general, boys' misbehavior is more likely to be tolerated. Girls are encouraged to help their mothers, stay calm, and have good manners. It is not unusual for genetic makeup and thus a resemblance to the behavior patterns and talents of their parents and close family members to be used to explain children's negative and positive qualities.

An aerial view of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Higher Education. Higher education has been important for Azeris both in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods. Having higher education makes both boys and girls more attractive as prospective marriage partners. Parents go to great lengths to pay fees for higher education or other informally determined costs associated with admission to schools. Issues relating to sex and the body usually are not talked about openly in public. Depending on the age of the speaker, some men may refrain from using words such as "pregnant"; if they must use them, they apologize. It is not considered proper for adults to openly mention going to the bathroom; in private homes, people of the same age and gender or children can be asked for directions to the toilet.

Women seldom smoke in public or at parties or other gatherings, and an Azeri woman smoking on the street would be looked down on. To show respect for the elderly, it is important not to smoke in front of older people of both genders. Young men and women are circumspect in the way they behave in front of older people. Bodily contact between the same sexes is usual as a part of interaction while talking or in the form of walking arm in arm. Men usually greet each other by shaking hands and also by hugging if they have not seen each other for a while.

Depending on the occasion and the degree of closeness, men and women may greet one another by shaking hands or only with words and a nod of the head. In urban settings, it is not unusual for a man to kiss a woman's hand as a sign of reverence. The awareness of space is greater between the sexes; men and women prefer not to stand close to each other in lines or crowded places. However, all these trends depend on age, education, and family background.

Activities such as drinking more than a symbolic amount, smoking, and being in male company are associated more with Russian women than with Azeris. Azeri women would be criticized more harshly, since it is accepted that Russians have different values. Religious Beliefs. Among the total population, Christians Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolics make up the second largest group. Other groups exist in small numbers, such as Molokans, Baha'is, and Krishnas. Until recently, Islam was predominantly a cultural system with little organized activity.

Funerals were the most persistent religious ritual during the socialist era. Religious Practitioners. In , the sheikhul-Islam head of the Muslim board was appointed. Mullahs were not very active during the Soviet period, since the role of religion and mosques was limited. Even today, mosques are most important for the performance of funeral services. Some female practitioners read passages from the Koran in women's company on those occasions.

Rituals and Holy Places. Muharram is the period when there are restrictions on celebrations. Ashure is the day when the killing of the first Shia imam, Huseyin, who is regarded as a martyr, is commemorated by men and boys beating their backs with chains while the people watching them, including women, beat their chests with their fists. This ritual was not introduced until the early s, and it attracts an increasing number of people. People go to the mosque to pray and light candles and also visit the tombs of pir holy men to make a wish.

Death and the Afterlife. Although people increasingly follow Islamic tradition, owing to the lack of organized religious education, people's beliefs about the afterlife are not clearly defined. The idea of paradise and hell is prominent, and martyrs are believed to go to heaven. After a death, the first and subsequent four Thursdays as well as the third, seventh, and fortieth days and the one year anniversary are commemorated. When there is too little space, a tent is put up in front of people's homes for the guests. Men and women usually sit in separate rooms, food and tea are served, and the Koran is read. Western medicine is very widely used, along with herbal remedies, and people visit psychics ekstrasenses and healers.

The sick may be taken to visit pir to help them recover. The new year's holiday is celebrated on 1 January, 20 January commemorates the victims killed by Soviet troops in Baku in , 8 March is International Women's Day, and 21—22 March is Novruz the new year , an old Persian holiday celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox. Novruz is the most distinctive Azeri holiday, accompanied by extensive cleaning and cooking in homes. Most households grow semeni green wheat seedlings , and children jump over small bonfires; celebrations also are held in public spaces.

Support for the Arts. State funds during the socialist era provided workshops for painters and other artists. Such funds are now limited, but national and international sponsors encourage artistic activity. Works by poets such as Shirvani, Gancavi, Nasimi, Shah Ismail Savafi, and Fuzuli produced between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries are the most important Persian- and Turkish-language writings. Sabir all produced works in Azeri in the nineteenth century. Major figures in the twentieth century included Elchin, Yusif Samedoglu, and Anar, and some novelists also wrote in Russian. Graphic Arts. The tradition of painted miniatures was important in the nineteenth century, while the twentieth century was marked by examples of Soviet social realism and Azeri folklore.

Among the widely recognized painters, Sattar Bakhulzade worked mainly with landscapes in a manner reminiscent of "Van Gogh in blue. Rasim Babayev cultivated his own style of "primitivism" with hidden allegories on the Soviet regime bright saturated colors, an absence of perspective, and numerous nonhuman characters inspired by folktales and legends. Performance Arts. The local and Western musical tradition is very rich, and there has been a jazz revival in Baku in recent years. Pop music is also popular, having developed under Russian, Western, and Azeri influences.

The Soviet system helped popularize a systematic musical education, and people An Azerbaijani folk dancer performs a traditional dance. While composers and performers of and listeners to classical music and jazz are more common in urban places, ashugs who play saz and sing and performers of mugam a traditional vocal and instrumental style can be found all over the country. It is not unusual to find children who play piano in their village homes. Traditional string, wind, and percussion instruments tar , balaban , tutak , saz , kamancha , nagara are widely used. Uzeyir Hacibeyov, who is claimed to have written the first opera Leyli and Madjnun in the Islamic East in the early twentieth century, Kara Karayev, and Fikret Amirov are among the best-known classical composers.

Both now and in the past, elements from Azeri music have been incorporated into classical and jazz pieces e. Beside Western ballet, traditional dances accompanied by accordion, tar , and percussion are popular. Universities and institutions of higher education from the Soviet era have been joined by new private universities. The Academy of Sciences has traditionally been the site of basic research in many fields. Social sciences were developed within the Soviet framework, although the directions of study are changing slowly with international involvement.

Financial difficulties mean that all research is subject to constraints, but oil-related subjects are given a high priority. State funds are limited, and international funds are obtained by institutions and individual scientists. Altstadt, Audrey L. Atabaki, Touraj. Azerbaijan: A Country Study, U. Cornell, Svante. Croissant, Cynthia. Azerbaijan, Oil and Geopolitics , Croissant, Michael P.

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict , Dragadze, Tamara. Fawcett, Louise L'Estrange. Goltz, Thomas. Hunter, Shireen. Kechichian, J. Kelly, Robert C. Nadein-Raevski, V. Robins, P. Safizadeh, Fereydoun. Bremmer and Norman M. Naimark, Saroyan, Mark. Smith, M. Suny, Ronald G. Lapidus et al. Swietochowski, Tadeusz. Russia and Azerbaijan: A Borderland in Transition , Tohidi, N. Van Der Leeuw, Charles. Azerbaijan: A Quest for Identity , Vatanabadi, S.

Yamskov, Anatoly. Toggle navigation. Culture Name Azerbaijani, Azeri. Alternative Names. Orientation Identification. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space There are various dwellings in different regions. Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Political Life Government. Social Welfare and Change Programs There are laws providing for social security for the disabled, pensions, a guaranteed minimum wage, compensation for low-income families with children, grants for students, and benefits for war veterans and disabled persons e.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Other Associations Most NGOs concentrate on charity, mainly for displaced persons and refugees and focus on human rights, minority issues, and women's problems e. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage. Socialization Infant Care. Etiquette Issues relating to sex and the body usually are not talked about openly in public. Religion Religious Beliefs. Medicine and Health Care Western medicine is very widely used, along with herbal remedies, and people visit psychics ekstrasenses and healers. Secular Celebrations The new year's holiday is celebrated on 1 January, 20 January commemorates the victims killed by Soviet troops in Baku in , 8 March is International Women's Day, and 21—22 March is Novruz the new year , an old Persian holiday celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox.

The Arts and Humanities Support for the Arts. The State of the Physical and Social Sciences Universities and institutions of higher education from the Soviet era have been joined by new private universities. Bibliography Altstadt, Audrey L. Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan , User Contributions: 1. Oh great, by reading this information my love for azebaijan has multiplied many times and I long to see this marvelous country. I am Iranian Azeri, my parents were born in tehran but we are originally from Azwerbiajan. How can be done to increase young people interest in knowing more about their heritage? My boyfriend is from Azerbaijan, and I would like to know if there is anyone that can help me to write something beautiful in Azari.

Thalia, say him : "Men seni sevirem" I love you : Thanks a lot for these informations.. Hi guys, I live in the United States. I'm studing at university and unfortunately no one knows where is Azerbaijan. Peope even have troubleshoot to pronounce this word. I'm share my thoughts here, because I'm very mad. Once we talked about the traditional ethnic fashion or type of symbols in class. I instantly brought an example a paisley which is buta in azeri , because at school in Azerbaijan we studied that paisley-buta is our traditional sign.

Even in Azerbaijan was built a big entertainment center, which calls Buta Palace. As far as I know paisley-buta comes from zoroastrianism kind of flame. However, on the internet we can find it as Indian and Persian pattern. I just want to clarify whose pattern is it in real? My X bf is from Azeri, he lives in Baku, we broke up coz I can't stand with long distance relationship, : coz i live in Indonesia, n he lives there : I really miss him, what's " I miss you" in Azeri? The Republic of Azerbaijan was a providence of Iran from beginning of time. Iran is the land of different languages, cultures and religions. The problem is that the history has been changed in Azerbaijan and young generation does not know about their heritage because of politic of the Government.

I believe this is a shame not knowing your past. Iran and its rich culture has been destroyed by Islam after Arabs attacked Iran and burning all of the books, destroying the language and culture. The fact is Azerbaijan and Armenia and all of other counties that I mentioned were always part of Iran and the kingdom of that time, until Russia took it in My point is just clearing the records and maybe it is better for Azerbaijan to be independent now because they have freedom and we don't have it in Iran.

Sabina from Azerbaijan. Hi everybody. I'm from Azerbaijan and I'm living here now. I'am very happy to find such kind of page. I miss you in Azerbaijani sounds like "Senin ucun darixiram". I recently came to know about azerbijan country. After skaning a lot of information from net iam eager to visit this country. It is realy a lovely place to visit. Iam unmarried and like to marry a good moral valued girl of this country. If anyone can help me to visit and marry with a azere muslim lady. Plz let me know at my given email address. I am from Azerbaycan too, I like this topic, read your comment but I dont like one thing-the pictures are too old. Baku isnt look like this now, its more beautiful, more magnificent.

These pics are about old Baku. Hi, Can anyone please tell me if it is legal for an unmarried british couple to have a baby iN Azerbaijan? My best friend who now lives in America is from Azeribajan, and now knowing him has instilled me to research this beautiful country! Someday I wish to visit there. Hello, I am Australian with an Armenian Name and my company has slated me for a business trip to Baku. I can say no. After reading as widely as possible, I have discovered the deep seeded dislike for Armenians within the community, and that is understandable. Should I visit Baku? Or is it a case of, well "I wouldn't if I were you".

Hey, I live in the United States in California. I was adopted from St. Petersburg, Russia when I was 10 months old, but my biological mother was from Azerbaijan. My adoptive parents have offered to take me to Russia, but they say it is too dangerous to go to Azerbaijan. I would love to know more about Azerbaijan and Azeri people; I don't know what my birth mother looked like, and I don't think I ever will, but I want to know what are some common Azeri features I have fair skin, big hazel eyes, dark eyebrows, and long thick wavy dark hair.

And I'm fairly short. I don't know if that means anything though.. And anything else you could tell me about Azerbaijan would be appreciated.. Is Azeri the language they speak? I don't know.. Thank you for the article and info about Azerbaijan. Is there anyone who can help me about this, say, sending links, photos, reliable articles and so on? I will really appreciate this. Thank you, friends. I love to have a visit. Million plus I think they are organise. Lisa, Can a man from Azerbaijan marry someone from America, in Azerbaijan? I live in the United States too. I am from Azerbaijan. I can say you about Azerbaijan a lot of. Hello in Azerbaijani sounds like Salam, thanks -saq ol or minnetdaram.

To, Saman, N8 guest. Your claim that "The fact is Azerbaijan and Armenia and all of other counties that I mentioned were always part of Iran and the kingdom of that time, until Russia took it in " is misleading. While in history there has not been a country called Azerbaijan, because that territory has always been a province of Iran, Azerbaijan, which never existed as a country, for the first time emerged as a new,independent country by Turkey's efforts in Armenia as a strong kingdom and Empire was testified by ancient Roman, Greek historians in 1st-4th century BC, by Assyrian, Persian stone carved writings, maps of 6th century BC, and before that, Armenia was testified by Hittites since the 3rd millennium BC.

It is true, that part of Armenian territories were freed from Persia by Russia in Hello thr, I wish to work and settle down in Azerbaijan, is it easy for a foreigner to do so? Thank you :. Muhammad Ashraf. Hi, I am also from Azerbaijan. I think that everyone should know about my country's culture. Because Azerbaijan's culture is very fascinating. If you come and see my country, be sure you will also think like me. Our people are very honest, frank, and lovely. Thank you for your attention, guys. Hi People of Azerbaijan. I really love to be in your country its very very unique. I hope I want Explore the country and get to know its rich heritage. This article helped me a lot with my expedition at school. I have a booklet and this covered almost all of the pages with a ton of information.

Now we r in Dubai.. Never heard before about this country but read this link.. Please let me know.. If lots of expats r there n I m from Nepal.. I speak only English.. I have a kid who will go school soon.. Can anyone say it's a good choice of my husband to transfer there or.. It is just when one thinks about the social convictions and practices of […]. The main question in this essay is how social identity can give people a sense of belonging in their culture. The idea of cultural identity is a subject that establishes common interests, beliefs, ethics, and habits among society members. Most think that where you go they have to change how you act based off how others around you act. This form of cultural identity is known as an fluid cultural identity. In most cases this […].

In like manner, the other factor affective-behavioral Islamophobia represents the response domain […]. In the last few years the topic of Latinos, immigration, and jobs has been under constant scrutiny by the media and politicians. Regardless of the rhetoric, Latinos constitute a rapid growing segment in United States. In , there were What do we mean by the term subculture? While There is no patent of symbols and styles from foreign culture. American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs featured many non-white models wearing dreadlocks in his Spring Summer fashion show […]. A brand is not the name of a product. It is the vision that drives the creation of products and services under that name.

That vision, the key belief of the brands and its core values is called identity. It drives vibrant brands able to create advocates, a real cult and loyalty. Modern competition calls […]. The warm sun casting over the sugar white sand as the waves crash upon the shore, a tiki bar in sight selling refreshing beach drinks. In a Malibu ad that drew attention to many, portrayed this scene of summer. The scenery produces something social yet fun, that will attract the crowd they are trying to […]. Managing cultural diversity is closely related to mutual understanding, learning and cooperation to manage cultural diversity. Successful training will give the company positive results. There are different factors, such as age, sex, culture, personality, social status and sexual orientation, which make up diversity.

Understanding Diversity The concept of diversity is based on individual acceptance and […]. The Day of the Dead is not the Hispanic version of Halloween instead it is a joyful time of affirming color and joy. Although people are sad in remembering their deceased family members, the day of the dead is a time of happiness and joy. Were people paint skulls on their faces, were costumes and […]. Revealing a way in which digital storytelling can enhance learning as well as teaching. She describes it as a way of supporting […]. The effect of imperialism on small colonies is sometimes intrusive and constrained. Jamaica Kincaid devotes her essay, Seeing England for the First Time, to the profound mysticism she has towards England as she grows up on the island of Antigua before it becomes an independent country.

With descriptive language, Kincaid reveals her frustration for England […]. It all started in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Where my parents have raised me to be the person that I today. My culture revolves are family and unity. Essay examples. Essay topics. Personal Cultural Identity There are three parts to every individual personal identity which is known as tripartite model of personal identity, this model describes the individual, group, and universal levels of personal identity. The Effects of Language Extinction on Cultural Identity in Third World Countries Language extinction has grown immensely in third world countries recently, stripping many from their cultures.

An Intercultural Analysis on the Impact of Catholicism and Buddhism in Communication Abstract Communication defines our human development and within this lies our need for cultural identity. Beyond Cultural Identity: Reflections on Multiculturalism In order to understand what this paper is all about, it is very important to know what Multicultural conceptualization is about. What does Cultural Identity Mean?

Ethnocentrism Develops Racial and Religious Differences Ethnocentric individuals believe that they are better than other individuals for reasons based on their heritage. Racism: Diversity and Social Justice In the readings for diversity and social justice, racism is a particular form of prejudice. Cultural Identity: Ideology or Nationalistic Sentiments Huntington predicts that in modern world nation states will form groups on the basis of civilizational identities, so any coming conflict will be motivated by cultural identity contrary to any ideology or nationalistic sentiments.

How America Hinders the Cultural Identity of their own Citizens In this paper, I will be exploring the role stereotyping has on the development of cultural identity. Ethnic and Cultural Identity the Disappearing Act Mainstream media has created an audience that has come to expect relatable content regardless of its source and reliability.

My Identity Venus And The Lute Player Analysis to Tangney, J. House of a thousand doors the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan and other Turkic-speaking former Soviet republics reintroduced the Latin alphabet. Azeris in Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture have been subject to Sainsburys: The Importance Of Social Media Marketing enforced assimilation policies. Commercial Activities. Normally, teachers or tutors appreciate the use of various sources of famous writers explaining and Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture the traditions and culture of the land in Nike Greek Mythology. We can assist even with the most difficult writing how much did victorian coal miners get paid under Reflective Essay: My Identity In Azerbaijans Culture constraints. My Homework Writers harbors professional how much did victorian coal miners get paid writers from diverse academic disciplines.