The Happy Warrior Beowulf Analysis

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The Happy Warrior Beowulf Analysis

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Beowulf Analysis (Anglo-Saxons \u0026 Heroic Epic Poetry)

Seeing the destruction of the Geats, Beowulf again girds up his loins and battles the dragon in which he himself receives severe injuries, dying a bit later. The writing style of the epic, Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney is quite plain and simple. The language, however, is rich with different types of images and other literary devices. Yet, it preserves its grandiose style that is fit for such classical epics. Antagonist : Beowulf shows Grendel, his mother, and the dragon as antagonists of the epic as they kill the people mercilessly just to satisfy their instincts.

Allusion : There are various examples of allusions given in the epic such as;. These two allusions are the biblical allusions taken from the religious setting to shed light on the existing setting. However, the third one is a historical allusion. Conflict : The conflict in the epic, Beowulf, is between the good and evil on one level and between the representative characters on the other level. Beowulf stands for good and Grendel, his mother and the dragon stand for evil. Characters: Beowulf presents static characters. The reason is that all the characters stay almost the same from the first to the last, representing either good or evil such as Beowulf, Grendel, the dragon, Hygelac, and Hrothgar.

Climax : The climax occurs when Beowulf fights the demon and his mother. Foreshadowing : The epic shows the following examples of foreshadowing ;. Hyperbole : Hyperbole or exaggeration occurs in the epic at various places such as;. Imagery : Imagery means using images such as given in the novel. For example,. Litotes : The epic shows the example of litotes. Metaphor : Beowulf shows good use of various metaphors such as;. These examples show that Onela is compared to balm, Hrothgar to the helmet, and bones to recoils. Mood : The epic, Beowulf, shows festive mood and enjoyment in the beginning but then it turns out tragic in the middle and the end.

Motif : Most important motifs of Beowulf are the monster, the oral traditions, Heorot, the sea, and the dragon. Narrator: Beowulf has been narrated by a third-person omniscient narrator. Personification : Beowulf shows the use of personifications such as;. Point of View : The epic has been narrated from the third person point of view based on the views of the omniscient narrator. Protagonist : The Geatish hero, Beowulf is the protagonist of the epic. The epic starts with his entry in Denmark and moves forward as he fights the demon, his mother, and finally the dragon until his death. Rhetorical Questions : The epic shows good use of rhetorical questions at several places. Plot Summary. LitCharts Teacher Editions.

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Themes and Colors. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Beowulf , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Related Themes from Other Texts. Compare and contrast themes from other texts to this theme…. Find Related Themes. Christianity and Paganism ThemeTracker The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Christianity and Paganism appears in each section of Beowulf. How often theme appears:. Prologue Lines Grendel Attacks Beowulf Arrives A Feast at Heorot Beowulf vs. Celebration Line A Second Fight L New Celebration Beowulf at Home The Dragon Lines Facing the Dragon Beowulf and Wigla Wiglaf Speaks Li Christianity and Paganism Quotes in Beowulf Below you will find the important quotes in Beowulf related to the theme of Christianity and Paganism.

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