Best Of Friends Worlds Apart Analysis

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Best Of Friends Worlds Apart Analysis

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The Yellow Wallpaper" is a widely read work that asks difficult questions about the role of women, particularly regarding their mental health and right to autonomy and self-identity. Her obsession with the yellow wallpaper in her bedroom marks her descent into psychosis from her depression throughout the story. The narrator of "The Yellow Wallpaper" begins the story by discussing her move to a beautiful estate for the summer. Though her husband believes she will get better with rest and by not worrying about anything, the narrator has an active imagination and likes to write.

He discourages her wonder about the house, and dismisses her interests. She mentions her baby more than once, though there is a nurse that cares for the baby, and the narrator herself is too nervous to provide care. The narrator and her husband move into a large room that has ugly, yellow wallpaper that the narrator criticizes. She asks her husband if they can change rooms and move downstairs, and he rejects her. After hosting family for July 4th, the narrator expresses feeling even worse and more exhausted. She struggles to do daily activities, and her mental state is deteriorating. John encourages her to rest more, and the narrator hides her writing from him because he disapproves. In the time between July 4th and their departure, the narrator is seemingly driven insane by the yellow wallpaper ; she sleeps all day and stays up all night to stare at it, believing that it comes alive, and the patterns change and move.

Then, she begins to believe that there is a woman in the wallpaper who alters the patterns and is watching her. A few weeks before their departure, John stays overnight in town and the narrator wants to sleep in the room by herself so she can stare at the wallpaper uninterrupted. She locks out Jennie and believes that she can see the woman in the wallpaper. John returns and frantically tries to be let in, and the narrator refuses; John is able to enter the room and finds the narrator crawling on the floor. She claims that the woman in the wallpaper has finally exited, and John faints, much to her surprise.

The author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, was a lecturer for social reform, and her beliefs and philosophy play an important part in the creation of "The Yellow Wallpaper," as well as the themes and symbolism in the story. Charlotte married Charles Stetsman in , and her daughter was born in She suffered from serious postpartum depression after giving birth to their daughter, Katharine. Her battle with postpartum depression and the doctors she dealt with during her illness inspired her to write "The Yellow Wallpaper. She later wrote "The Yellow Wallpaper" in , while she was in a relationship with Adeline Knapp, and living apart from her legal husband.

Eventually, Perkins Gilman got officially divorced from Stetsman, and ended her relationship with Knapp. She married her cousin, Houghton Gilman, and claimed to be satisfied in the marriage. She toured Europe and the U. During Perkins Gilman's lifetime, the role of women in American society was heavily restricted both socially and legally. At the time of its publication, women were still twenty-six years away from gaining the right to vote. This viewpoint on women as childish and weak meant that they were discouraged from having any control over their lives. Writing itself was revolutionary, since it would create a sense of identity, and was thought to be too much for the naturally fragile women. The prevailing wisdom of the day was that rest would cure hysteria, when in reality the constant boredom and lack of purpose likely worsened depression.

Upon its publication, Perkins Gilman sent a copy of "The Yellow Wallpaper" to the doctor who prescribed her the rest cure for her postpartum depression. Though there are only a few characters in the story, they each have an important role. The narrator of the story is a young, upper-middle-class woman. She is imaginative and a natural writer, though she is discouraged from exploring this part of herself. Her name may be Jane but it is unclear. He restricts her activity as a part of her treatment. John is extremely practical, and belittles the narrator's imagination and feelings. He seems to care about her well-being, but believes he knows what is best for her and doesn't allow her input.

Jennie seems concerned for the narrator, as indicated by her offer to sleep in the yellow wallpapered room with her. Jennie seems content with her domestic role. From what we know about the author of this story and from interpreting the text, there are a few themes that are clear from a "Yellow Wallpaper" analysis. Women were expected to be subordinate to their husbands and completely obedient, as well as take on strictly domestic roles inside the home. Upper middle class women, like the narrator, may go for long periods of time without even leaving the home.

As such, she has no say in anything in her life, including her own health, and finds herself unable to even protest. Perkins Gilman, like many others, clearly disagreed with this state of things, and aimed to show the detrimental effects that came to women as a result of their lack of autonomy. Throughout the story, the narrator is discouraged from doing the things she wants to do and the things that come naturally to her, like writing.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. First Prev 4 of 5 Go to page. Qurupeke Member. Oct 25, 1, Ascenion One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 4, Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Angie said:. Minus writing. No gaming conpany is close to Pixar yet, when it comes to visuals and writing. Click to expand Disney and Pixar lean hard into storytelling and vocal performances, occasionally mature themes as well as leading the industry in the tech sense. Nintendo is very much gameplay first to the point where the devs apparently don't even consider videogames to be art.

I don't even know what to compare them to. They're not even trying to compete hardware wise. Some kind of impressive but simplistic unvoiced short films? Oct 25, 30, Chip Chanceworth said:. Disney were and are still the best at stories and characters in the animation field. Chip Chanceworth Member. Oct 28, 1, Are they? Satoshi Kon's and at one point Ghibli films were on another level of consistency imo.

Outside of Japan, Tomm Moore's recent trilogy of movies are consistently great, as well as other collaborative European animated films. Aardman Animations films are endearing, same with Laika carrying one of the less common animation techniques, as well as some of the films 3 Mills Studios worked on. Its still kind of a bummer that Disney basically shifted entirely into 3D movies, and their tv shows have a very different digital look too.

Last edited: Sep 5, Ehoavash One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 28, 5, The story in ratchet and clank is play it by the book and safe as fuuuck though like super dryyy storytelling, not even DreamWorks plays it that safe lol. Jul 20, Narrativly speaking yeah, theres very little to read into or get invested in. NippleViking Member. May 2, 2, Ehoavash said:. STech Member. Sep 24, 1, I can't stand the Psyconauts design. The game is great and fun but those characters and overall desing… are too much for me. SuperFakerBros Member. Oct 26, 9, If the conversation is what franchise best reflects Disney in the gaming space, there are rare cases were Mario would be in the conversation in my opinion. Its very inconsistent from an art and story prospective and the characters have very little to do with the world around them.

If we must tag Nintendo as being the Disney of gaming, its not because of Mario specifically. Those games have so much damn charm and character to them and in the case of Zelda theres actual stakes to the world. It can be both funny and emotional. Luigis Mansion is just damn charming and very Disney "short" like. Yggfk Member. Oct 28, 1, Brazil. Footos22 Member. Oct 25, 2, NippleViking said:. Rift Apart it amazing, but the story plays itself so straight and flat that they're more Illumination i. Psychonauts 2 being Nickelodeon is much more apt, though I feel like Laika would be an even more fitting comparison tonally, humour, aesthetic; hell, even down to them being a company of wacky creatives with little financial success that's had the lights kept on by big daddy bucks.

MisterGrey Member. Oct 27, 1, I guess? Yes and Mario is Disney. Oct 21, Mario games are pretty soulless outside of their great gameplay. Comparing it to modern or classic Disney is insane. Confused Cheeseburger Member. Both are excellent games. MisterGrey said:. DanteSparda Member. Nov 2, 2, Birmingham, AL. Or, and hear me out on this, they are both Pixar experiences. I hope snyder makes a crash movie. The franchise deserves it. Oct 30, I feel both are quite same budget. Rndom Grenadez Banned. Dec 7, 3, And Pixar has more duds than hits. Zweisy1 Member. Mario is anything but soulless Mario's characters and mushroom Kingdom are extremely iconic, instantly recognisable and also quite unique design wise.

Just finding it funny that Mario is the one being called soulless in a thread that's partly about Ratchet the Lombax, the dull furry antromorphic platforming character number Now Ratchet is technically beautiful game with some gorgeous visuals and fun gameplay in that kind of combat heavy platformy kinda game way but characters and story are pretty unremarkable and "soulless" to me.. Have to admit Nintendo definitely could be more ambitious when it comes to writing and narrative too, it doesn't have to be at cost of gameplay or mechanics either..

I hate how people act it should be one or the other. Oct 25, 9, Androidsleeps Member. I dunno but Psychonauts 2 definitely felt like an older charming cartoon inspired by Tim Burton, that's pretty well written and fun to watch. The game is a modern take on a PS2 era platformer done right.

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