Transition From High School To College Essay

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Transition From High School To College Essay

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Transition from Highschool to University

Becoming a father was not the hardest part of it, but the time it consumed out of my study time. As such, when I recently had to devote time and energy into my little one, it seemed like indirectly proportional to my grades. My grades were falling ever so radially, like if a boat was skinning faster and faster. Trying to balance being a father, work to support my family, and school to escape the spiral of poverty in my community was difficult to do. In the course of the year, due to the Peer Leadership program, I feel much more motivated. At the beginning, I was insecure and unable to carry out the responsibilities successfully. Many times I found myself out of place and expressing myself was a challenge since I did not feel confident.

But I have been able to feel part of a group for the first time in a class at school. I can share with other peers and unwind more easily in front of them and out of class as well. The transition from middle school to high school was a big change for me. The 3 reasons why the transition was a big change for me was because I don't have classes with my friends, I don't have effective teachers, and my curfew was extended when I entered high school. Having to adapt to this change has been hard for me, but slowly I am getting used to it. Having different classes from my friends is one of the reasons why the transition from middle school to high school was a big change for me. For example, in middle school, I had all my class with my best friends.

The USA was the dream place for me, and the land of opportunity not only because it was a beautiful place but also I was thinking of starting my career in this competitive country. I had dreamed of the US since I was young, those big city-center towers, people walking in the big streets and in the streets filled with cars. Now, after almost one and a half years living in America, I still remember the day I left my country.

It was very difficult to leave my family, even though I said goodbye to all the best friends. Finding new friends was not easy for me, because people here are not friendly, but in my culture we usually do not make new friends with ease. There are many things that a college student finds out about themselves, such as their work ethic, how well they manage their time, and how to live away from home. Students have a much heavier and intense work load than they did in High School, which teaches students how to manage their time well.

Going to college is an enjoyable part of ones life where they learn new things about themselves at the same time making new friends and learning new. The prospect of leaving everything that was familiar to me and forming new friendships in an unfamiliar environment was a challenge. Through each of these moves however, I met people from differing backgrounds and learned to cross cultural barriers. I became accustomed to. As a student always seeking high standards in academics and influenced by pressures of family and friends, I made an assumption that community colleges was not as efficient and was a place for students that failed to find a fairly better college or university to attend to.

My family has significantly influenced me and shaped my worldview into their expectations. However, this assumption is gradually altering as I have become one of those students that was rejected from those higher rank universities. I grew up in an Asian stereotype family, what can you expect from this? It has been long since I realized my family has high expectations and standards for me. If anyone even tries to go to a school that is outside their socioeconomic class than they are at such a large disadvantage for making friends with anyone.

Bobby Allyn wrote an article about his experience as a working class man going to a very prestigious college. But for me, it has been a time of social readjustment. Everyone has been in this scenario, more than once. Many jobs today are requiring a secondary degree for hire, which makes candidates with just a diploma unskilled for the job. A college degree gives graduates many options of opportunity both within your field of study and outside of it.

The more emotion or thought I put into a paper, the more my teachers know that I understand the material and am not just reciting it back to them. College can only be stressful if you over-think and apply yourself too much. Your perception of college can ultimately deter you or drive you forward; however, I choose for it to move me ahead. Using work as a motivation for success, I look at every assignment as just another bump in the road. Also, giving yourself more time to complete the work will take added stress off and allow you to work the way to want to. High school teachers always preached about the transition into college, adding how they were preparing

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