Nursing Positive Objectives

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Nursing Positive Objectives

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Nursing Goals: What is your goal in nursing

Researchers observed that religious, moral and professional principles significantly influenced nurses' tendency to provide holistic care. These principles induced nurses to pay more attention to their patients, have a better understanding of their needs, and try to offer an optimal care plan, as well as contributed to a nurse's sense of commitment. Holistic nursing care also enriches the life of the nurse. Holistic nurses understand that failure to care for themselves reduces their ability to care for others. Nursing can be a physically, mentally and emotionally draining profession. This can be achieved through the provision of holistic nursing care because it encourages nurses to integrate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality and reflection in their own lives.

This can lead to better patient outcomes and increased satisfaction in the nurse role. A study by Goodwin and Candela examined whether newly practicing nurses benefited from learning holistic comfort theory during their baccalaureate education. Researchers found holistic comfort helped ease the transition from school to practice, allowing nurses to transcend the unavoidable difficulties experienced during this period. Additionally, participants experienced improved patient safety and pride in patient care.

Holistic care will continue to be a focus as health care moves forward. In this environment, patients are key players in determining which outcomes are valued. The current health care climate emphasizes effectiveness, coordination of services and preventive care. A strong foundation in lifestyle change and holistic care strategies are required to meet these objectives. Increasingly, hospitals and other health care facilities are creating delivery models that include integrative health. Holistic nursing has flourished within these integrative care systems. American Holistic Nurses Association n. What is holistic nursing? Demirsoy, N. Sayligil Ed. This kind of behavior resulted in "providing better services" and "inspiring ethical behavior in the employees.

Conclusion:: By creating an ethical climate, ethical leadership leads to positive and effective outcomes-for the patients as well as for the nurses and the leaders-and professional progress and development of the nursing profession. Therefore, an ethical work environment that supports nurses' progress and development can be developed by paying more attention to moralities in recruitment, teaching ethical values to the leaders, and using a systematic and objective approach to assess morality in the environment. Keywords: Content analysis; ethic; ethical leadership; leadership; morality; nursing; outcome; qualitative study.

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